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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Even though I had just shot the biggest load of my life, my cock was still rock hard and throbbing as dad led me from the laundry room into the living room. He instructed me to lie down on the floor in front of the sliding glass door. The filtering sunlight quickly warmed my skin. I felt even more exposed lying there naked propped on my elbows in front of the glass with the sun acting as a spotlight. Dad stood over me, a few inches away from my feet, and looked me over from head to toe.

“When I walked in on you last week, I was sorry that I didn’t get to see what led up to that massive climax,” he said. I blushed as my cock jumped. “Do you think you can cum again?” he asked.

“Right now?”

“Yes. I want you to show me how you pleasure yourself.”

I took my cock in my hand and slowly began to stroke it. I looked into his eyes and bit my lip as he watched me stroke. I couldn’t tell if it was desire or pride in his expression as I masturbated, but it began to not matter as I only cared that he was watching me. I still felt a slight twinge of embarrassment, but that was overshadowed by the excitement I felt from exposing my most intimate and private self.

I laid back and closed my eyes, giving myself over to the pleasure. My free hand instinctively went to my nipple and began gently rubbing and flicking it, causing soft moans to escape my throat. Even with my eyes closed, I was still focused on my audience, wanting to give him a good show. I wanted him to see all of me, every inch. I continued stroking but let my other hand wander from my nipple down my stomach and to my thigh. I let it rest there for a moment while I summoned the courage to go a little further. Was I really going to do this? I asked myself. I had my answer as I slowly slid my hand under my thigh and tightened my grip. I wanted to see his reaction when I pulled my leg up, so I opened my eyes. I immediately froze. He was pointing his cell phone camera directly at me. He must have quietly slipped it out while I was lost in my pleasure. “What are you doing?” I asked as he lowered his phone.

“I want you to see how hot you look,” he replied without missing a beat. He turned the screen to me and I saw my naked self spread on the floor stroking. The video only lasted a few seconds, but it had captured all of me including my face.

“Dad,” I whispered.

“Keep going, son.” He brought the phone back up to position. “Just a bit more.”

My heart was racing and I felt flushed. This was a whole new level, performing for dad AND a camera. He already had one video and god knows how many pics so what did it matter? I felt a rush as I looked dead into the lens and started stroking again. My hand was still gripping the back of my thigh so I took a deep breath and pulled my knee up to my chest, exposing my hole to dad and the camera. I heard dad gasp and I remained in this position while I stroked, not being able to tell who was enjoying this more, me or him.

After a few more seconds, dad lowered his phone and slipped it into his pocket. My cock was lubed with massive amounts of precum and I felt the impending orgasm building. My fingers found their way between my ass cheeks and I began rubbing my hole and slowed my stroking so as to not cum too quickly. That’s it, son,” my dad whispered. “Finger your hole for me.” Eyes closing, I let out a deep moan as I pushed a finger into my into my hole. It felt so good. I imagined it was dad who was fingering me, exploring me, using me. As I continued fucking myself, I picked up the pace of my stroking, picturing it was Jacob from next door who was working my cock. The sensations mixed with the fantasy was enough to send me over the edge. “Dad, I’m gonna cum again,” I choked out between moans. “Go ahead, son. I’m watching.” güvenilir bahis With that, my balls tightened and I shot waves of cum, the first hitting my lips and the subsequent coating my chest and stomach. I licked my lips, tasting my sweet and saltiness, as I let my spent cock flop against my stomach.

I laid there for a few moments, panting and limp, dad still standing over me. I looked up at his smiling face and managed a smile of my own. “Good boy,” he said. “Now let’s get you cleaned up.” He held out his hand and pulled me up off the floor. He walked behind me as we headed to the bathroom. “What about you? Are you gonna get off?” I asked. He just squeezed my shoulder and assured me that he was satisfied for the moment. I cleaned up, dressed and we continued on about our day.

The morning’s events replayed in my mind throughout the day and I obsessed over every detail. There was something extremely exciting about being completely exposed in front of dad and the initial embarrassment became mixed with a desire I had never felt before. I wanted more. Each time I saw my dad, I had to fight the urge to take off my clothes and have him look at me, touch me, masturbate me and even fuck me. I wanted to please him with my body, however he wanted it.

When I said goodnight to him that evening, I lingered for a moment with pleading eyes and racing heart. He looked intently at me, grinned and said goodnight. I went up to my room and sat down on my bed, imagining him following me in there and stripping off my clothes for me. He would the pull me close to him, wrapping his strong arms around me, and kiss me gently. After a few moments, he would guide me into the bed, giving one last look at my naked body before pulling the covers over me and turning off the light. Back in reality, I stripped myself down and crawled into bed. I didn’t usually sleep naked, but I just didn’t want any clothes and thought I might rub one out because I was so incredibly horny. I resisted the urge, however, just in case dad had more plans for me the next day. I wanted to be sure I had a big load for him.

I ended up sleeping a little later than usual the next morning, probably due to all the activity of the previous day. The sun filled my room as I got out of bed, my raging hard on flopping freely. I stretched and reached for my shorts, but stopped myself. The bathroom was just down the hall and dad probably wouldn’t mind if he caught me. I slowly opened the door and peered into the hallway. Dad’s bedroom door was open so he was already downstairs with his coffee. I took a few cautious steps into the hall, paused for a couple of seconds and then headed into the bathroom. I left the door slightly ajar and stood in front of the mirror. I ran my hand through my hair and then rubbed my chest, tensing the muscles. My nipples were just as hard as my cock and I gave each a little flick before taking care of business. By the time I finished pissing, my erection had mostly subsided.

I didn’t bother closing the door while I showered, keeping a close eye on it for when dad peeked in. Unfortunately, I was alone for the entirety of my morning routine so I quickly finished up and was back in the hall, still naked and dad nowhere around. I paused as I was opening the door to my room. What if I didn’t get dressed? What if I just walked downstairs naked and poured my coffee, right in front of dad? My heart rate quickened and my cock began to swell. I let go of the door handle and slowly walked to the top of the stairs. I stood there for a moment, listening for movement downstairs, but the house was still. Maybe he had gone to the store or something, I thought. I cautiously started down the stairs, my nerves increasing with each step. By the time I reached the bottom, I was trembling. I quietly pushed forward to the kitchen, barefeet softly padding the wood floors. When türkçe bahis I reached the archway between the kitchen and dining room, I froze. Dad was in fact home and sitting at the kitchen table but he wasn’t alone. There was another man seated across from him, his back to me. Dad’s eyes widened when he saw me, followed by a slow grin. The dark-haired man began to turn around and I quickly side-stepped behind the wall. Shit! “Was that Justin?” I heard a familiar voice ask. It was Jacob. The stuff of my fantasies was only a few feet away and almost saw me completely naked. While the thought excited me a little, the fear of humiliation was much stronger.

“You want a cup of coffee, Justin?” Dad called to me, shaking me from my paralysis.

“Umm, just a minute,” I replied, my voice cracking. I started toward the stairs, but dad stopped me cold.

“Well at least come say hi to Jacob. Don’t be rude.” What the hell? Dad obviously saw me and knew I was naked, what was he trying to do? I peeked around the corner, to meet the gazes of dad and Jacob.

“Hey Justin,” Jacob said, smiling.

“Hey, Jacob.” I felt my face flush and I was trembling a bit harder.

“Why don’t you grab a cup of coffee and join us?” Dad said with a wink.

“Let me just run upstairs real quick and…”

Dad cut me off. “Just come in here, son. It’s fine.”

I felt like I didn’t have a choice. I slowly stepped into the archway, my hands covering my cock. My face was on fire and I could hear my pulse in my ears. I looked at dad and then Jacob. Both were grinning, eyes locked on me. “No need to cover yourself, son. After all, you were stalking around the house naked. Why be modest now?” Dad said.

Jacob glanced at dad and then back at me, eyes intent, lips slightly parted. Dad had already seen me naked and more, but Jacob? Sure he’d seen the outline of my cock in my shorts, but he’d never even seen me with my shirt off. I saw dad nod at me. “Fine,” I said as I slowly let my arms fall to my side, revealing myself to dad and Jacob. Jacob’s eyes widened and his lips parted further. I felt a little chill come over me as Jacob’s eyes slowly moved up and down my body. I’ never felt this exposed in all my life.

“You were right,” Jacob said. “Your son does have a beautiful body and cock.”

“He sure does,” dad replied.

“I like that he keeps himself natural. That full blonde bush and his bit of chest hair are sexy.”

“I’m particularly fond of his little pink nipples. Look how hard they get. Come a little closer, son.”

I took a few slow steps closer to the table. The way they were talking about me as if I wasn’t there was strangely arousing. I felt my cock stir and begin to swell and I tried willing it down. Jacob reached his hand out and stoked my chest hair with his fingertips. Waves of pleasure pulsed through me from his touch and my breath hitched as he circled a finger around my nipple. His fingers continued down the center of my stomach and I watched as they drew closer to my cock. He momentarily rested his fingers in my bush just above the base of my swelling cock before withdrawing his hand.

“He really does have a beautiful cock,” he said, turning his head slightly toward my dad. “I love the milky skin of his thick shaft and the pink meaty head.” He was staring directly at my cock, as was I, watching it grow and swell with each word he spoke. Part of me wanted to clap my hands over my rising member and run out of the room as this wasn’t at all how I’d imagined my first encounter with Jacob. But I was so aroused by Jacob’s touch and watchful eyes, I couldn’t bring myself to move. “He gets hard pretty quickly,” Jacob said. “He sure does,” dad responded. “Thanks for giving me a good view of your balls, Justin,” Jacob continued. “Not very big, but they hang nicely.”

Jacob placed a hand on each of my hips güvenilir bahis siteleri and spun me around so my backside was facing him. I could still feel Jacob’s and dad’s eyes examining my body. I felt Jacob’s finger slowly run the length of my spine which caused me to shudder. He stopped at my tailbone and I was silently wishing he would continue exploring between my ass cheeks.

“I like his fuzzy ass. Looks pretty firm.”

“You should see his hole,” dad said. I felt the blush return to my cheeks.

“I bet.”

“Justin,” my dad said in a firm tone.

I knew exactly what he wanted and what I wanted more than anything at that moment was for Jacob to fuck me, hard and deep. My cock was leaking copious amounts of precum as I slowly reached back and pulled my cheeks apart. The rush of cool air on my hole made confirmed I was exposed to them.

“Bend over, son,” dad commanded. I complied, bending at the waist and pulling my cheeks further apart.

“Wow,” Jacob said in a soft tone. “It’s so pink. Looks tight too.” His finger returned to my tailbone and traced a straight line right to my pulsing hole. He swirled the tip of his finger around the opening and I gasped, a hefty drop of precum splattering on the floor.

“May I?” Jacob asked.

“Go right ahead,” dad responded.

Jacob’s finger withdrew and returned wet with what I imagined was saliva. I felt a gentle push against my hole and I moaned. “He’s hungry for it,” Jacob whispered, as he pushed into me. The thought of him inside of me coupled with the exploration he was conducting caused my cock to throb with anticipated orgasm. His finger felt so good moving in and out and around my hole. “It’s so tight,” Jacob said. “I bet he’s a good fuck.” He picked up the pace of the finger fucking and I began pushing back, my breathing getting heavier. My hand instinctively went to my cock and I began stroking.

“He can’t help himself,” Jacob chuckled.

“Yeah, he’s a horny little fucke. Aren’t you son?”

“Mmhm,” I moaned.

“What was that?” Dad asked.

“Yes, dad.” I said loudly. I was pumping my cock in rhythm with Jacob’s finger banging my ass. “Fuck me,” I breathed. I heard dad chuckle.

“Hungry for some cock?” He asked. “Stand up and turn around, son.” Jacob pulled out his finger as I stood up, still stroking my cock. I turned around and faced them, my ass feeling empty and craving it to be filled.

“You wanna see him cum?” dad asked Jacob.

“Of course,” Jacob replied, grinning.

With that, Jacob scooped a massive amount of precum from the tip of my aching cock with his fingers. He quickly reached behind me as jammed two fingers into my ass. I yelped as they slid deep in my hole, immediately seeking out my prostate. He worked them around, massaging and teasing. The pleasure was almost unbearable and I felt the orgasm building. His fingers felt so good and I was looking dad straight in the eye as I stroked while Jacob violated my hole.

“I think he’s about ready,” Jacob said. “His hole keeps puckering and his little balls are getting tight.” Hearing Jacob talk about me like that was enough to send me over the edge. I shuddered and my cock spasmed, firing a long stream of cum that hit my dad in the chest. He continued smiling as shot after shot erupted from my dick, hitting the floor audibly. Jacob pulled his fingers out of my hole and I fell forward, but Jacob caught me and pulled me onto his lap to keep me from hitting the floor.

He squeezed his arms that were wrapped around me as I let myself fall against him, feeling his chest rise and fall against my back. Dad got up and stripped off his shirt and headed to the laundry room. As soon as he was out of sight, I felt Jacob’s lips softly press against my neck. Goosebumps radiated from my neck and I moaned softly. I straightened up when dad came out of the laundry room.

“So I have a little project next Saturday I think Justin could help me with. Is he free?” Jacob asked my dad.

“Sure. You can borrow him.”

“Excellent,” he said, patting my chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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