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A Rush to Sexuality

It was only the second day of class and already Janine knew that this course would be a snap. She had already caught the teacher, Mr. Cerno, staring at her chest on three different occasions and when she had left the classroom yesterday he had responded quite nicely to the smile she had thrown him. She’d probably be able to get him to do all her homework if she played it right. Her final year in high school was going to be easy.

Janine only wished that boys her own age were as easy. She probably would have let Kenny Raines do whatever he wanted but he’d always ignored her in the past. It was her good fortune that she caught his cousin Doug’s eye the day before. Doug had an SUV and Kenny relied on him as his main transportation to and from school as well as out to the mall after school. Janine would be sure to be in the area when Doug picked up Kenny after school.

She saw Doug’s gold Blazer in the south parking lot and she knew Kenny hadn’t had enough time to get there from his last class, so Janine walked past the SUV.

As she passed the vehicle, she heard, “Hey Janine.” She smiled to herself but as she turned she saw that Doug wasn’t alone. He had been talking with Tom Fuller.

“Hey, Doug, what’s up?”

“Not much. We were just waiting for Ken so we could all head down to South Station Mall.”

“Could I get a ride? I want to pick something up at Victoria’s Secret.”

“I don’t know…I guess we might be willing to take you down there if you’d model it for us.”

“As if! Besides, I’m not getting anything for myself; I’m just picking up a package for my mother.”

“Well what if we chipped in and got you some lingerie as a present?”

Janine’s eyes lit up. “Well…I suppose if you’re paying I might give you a little peek.”

At that point Kenny showed up. “Okay guys, let’s get out of here. Goodbye Janine.”

Doug said, “No no! She’s coming with us. We’re all going to have a fashion show.”

“A what?”

Everyone started getting into the truck. “We’re going to buy her some sexy underwear and she’s going to model it for us. Don’t worry about it. You drive, Tom.”

Janine wound up in the back seat between Ken and Doug. Doug immediately started kissing her. Kenny didn’t seem to be paying attention so she started moaning in her sexiest voice. She said, “Since you’re buying me new undies, I suppose I should give you a peek now so you can see the before and after of it all.”

As soon as Janine unbuttoned her shirt Doug started squeezing her right tit. He said, “The left one’s yours Kenny.” Ken pushed the material of her bra aside as he started to lean over to kiss her nipple.

She quickly pulled her shirt closed. “Easy Tiger, people might see.”

As they walked through the mall Janine’s mind started racing. She’d long since decided to let Kenny have anything he wanted and she might submit to Doug as a way to encourage Kan but she didn’t really know Tom and four definitely was a crowd! She decided she’d pretend not to like anything in the store and in this way get out of her promise.

After feigning dislike for three bras and one negligee, Tom started to get annoyed. “Why’re we wasting any more time here? She’s not going to like anything we pick and nothing’s going to happen!”

At that point Kenny came up to Janine holding a lace bra and thong set. “I kind of like these. What do you think, Janny?”

Janny? No one had ever called her anything but Janine her whole life. She loved the fact that Kenny had made up a pet name for her. She relented saying “They’re really nice!”

On their way back to the truck all Janine could think about was her new pet name. She wasn’t even listening that Tom was complaining about how much they’d spent on the expensive lingerie. Kenny said, “You guys get lost for a few minutes. I’ll help Janny change and you can come back for the fashion show.”

Janine spoke up, “Make it a while.” The other boys left and Kenny helped her into the back of the truck. She almost purred over the attention he was paying to her. He’d never been like this before. He kissed her and said, “Better change now so they won’t come back before you’re ready.”

Janine didn’t say a word; she just locked eyes with him as she slowly removed first her shirt, then her shoes, jeans, bra and eventually panties. The bag with her purchases was still unopened and Kenny was all over her. He sucked her nipples and in no time at all had started playing with her pussy. She didn’t give the other two boys a thought as she helped Kenny push down his jeans and guided his penis into her. The momentary pain of the first few strokes was gone and she had locked her ankles around his back when Janine heard the doors open. “Kenny! Tell them to go away ’till we’re finished!”

“But Janny, they’re my friends. Can’t they stay?” The feeling of his penis within her overshadowed the embarrassment she felt, so she relented and thrust her hips upward. In no time at all he had turned her over and pulled pendik otele gelen escort her to her knees and started to ride her doggie-style as Tom pushed his penis toward her mouth. Janine looked back at Kenny and he smiled and nodded so she took Tom’s penis into her mouth as Kenny continued to fuck her. After Kenny came the guys hardly missed a beat as Doug entered her as soon as Kenny withdrew. Kenny apparently had had an idea so he mumbled something to Tom about someone named Larson. Tom pulled his pants up and jumped into the driver’s seat. As the Blazer pulled out of the parking lot Janine reached for Kenny’s cock to take into her mouth. Doug was still fucking her but it was only Kenny that she really cared about and she wanted him in her.

Instead of his cock, Ken bent down and kissed Janine as he began stroking her hair. “Janny this has been really great. I’d call this my perfect afternoon if it weren’t for the fact that Tom’s so upset about the money we spent on your gift. He’d been saving for a pair of tires.”

“Oh, Kenny, I don’t care about the gift. I just loved being with you. We can try to return it only I don’t know if stores’ll take underwear back.”

“No way! They’re a really special gift for my really special girl. I want you to keep them so that every time you wear those panties you can think of them as my tongue up against your pussy.

I did think of a way we could help Tom get his tires though, if you’d be willing to help me.”

Janine was still in Heaven over Ken’s referring to her as ‘his girl’ so she kissed him and stroked his cheek. “Kenny, I’ll do whatever I can if it’ll help you and your friends.”

Kenny grinned. “Great! The manager of the Tire Barn out on the highway is always striking out with the ladies, so I thought if you showed him a really good time he’d give Tom his tires.”

When Janine realized what Kenny was proposing she started to tear up. “You want me to have sex with some guy so Tom can get new tires?”

“Baby, don’t think of it like that. You wouldn’t be doing it for Tom; you’d be doing it for me. Think how badly I’d feel if Tom had an accident on those old worn tires just because I’d spent his money getting a present for my special girl.”

Whatever resolve Janine had melted right away. “Okay Kenny but remember I’m only doing this just for you!”

When they got to the Tire Barn Kenny told her, “Okay Janny, get dressed but forget the bra. Wait five minutes then come in to get a Coke. We’ll sell the idea to Larson.”

Janine rolled her eyes. “You mean sell me to Larson!”

Kenny laughed and patted her bottom. “That’s my sweet little Ho!”

Calling her a whore stung Janine but she figured Kenny had to be just joking around. Hadn’t he called her his “special girl”? She waited the five minutes and wandered into the office. ‘Great’, she thought to herself. Larson was fat and forty. Just what she wanted!

Larson was hesitating. “I don’t know. For two Michelins she’d better be a great piece of ass!”

Kenny was apparently the primary salesman. “Larson, you’ll never have any better! Janny take your shirt off to give Logan an idea of what he’ll be getting.”

Doug interrupted. “Wait, wait!” He started going through the pile of CDs looking for something specific. “Here it is.” ‘Lady Marmalade” started playing on the boom box.

“Take it off!” Tom yelled. Janine realized she had little choice. She had promised Kenny so she started swaying and stripping to the music. After about a minute of their catcalls and whistles she actually started enjoying herself. There may have been high school girls with bigger tits than hers but she had four guys undivided attention. They were completely focused on her 18-year-old C-cup-sized ones. When she pushed her panties to the floor Larson couldn’t wait any longer so he grabbed her and threw her down on the filthy cot. He was so excited he had considerable trouble unbuckling his own belt. Janine moistened herself with her own saliva so the pig could get his cock into her.

The catcalls never slowed down while Larson was fucking her. Every time his fat belly slapped hers Kenny would yell out, “Where the rubber meets the road!” The others were clapping in time to Logan’s strokes. The cries of “Go, go” or “hit ‘er again, harder, harder” didn’t bother Janine but she really hurt when someone would yell out something like, “Pound that whore!” or “Stick that slut!”

At the last second Larson pulled out and squirted his cum all over Janine’s face and into her hair. They all laughed about that and then Doug yelled, “You call that a load?” He grabbed Janine’s hair and started thrusting his cock into her throat. She gagged and shook her head but all he said was, “Relax your throat, slut. I want you to take it all!” At the same time Tom grabbed and lifted her right leg so he could begin fucking her again.

Tom turned to Logan. “Don’t you just love the feel of tight, new pussy? I should have charged you three or four tires pendik rus escort for this cunt!

Hey Kenny. No one’s using her asshole now. Why don’t you climb on board?”

Janine could hear Kenny mumble “No thanks.”

When they were all done with her Kenny told them to leave the room so he could be alone with Janine. She had been curled up on the cot sobbing gently. He took her in his arms and started rocking her while saying, “Their there, there there.” He led her to the sink and started washing the cum off her face and hair. He took her face in both her hands and gently kissed her forehead. “That wasn’t what I’d expected at all! I could see you weren’t having any fun but I didn’t know how to stop it without having all the guys turn on me. I’m such a coward but I wanted you to know how I felt. That’s why I said I didn’t want to when Tom asked me to join in.”

She sobbed, “It was horrible. I hated it.”

The next day at school was even worse. By lunchtime Janine was sure everyone in the school was talking about her. As she walked past a group of about six kids on her way to the cafeteria one of them called, “Hey slut! My car has a burned out headlight. Can you help me out?” Later that day after gym class she went into the showers and she heard Connie Burt say, “Look Melody, isn’t amazing? It’s really hard to tell a whore’s body from that of a regular girl.”

What was even worse, every time she was in a hall or an area where Kenny was, he’d turn around and avoid being near her. She went home alone after school every day that week.

Friday evening she was helping her mother with the after dinner dishes when the phone rang. Her father called out from the other room, “Janine, telephone!”

She said, “Hello?”

She recognized Kenny’s voice right away. “What are you doing tomorrow? Do you have any plans?”

“Other than hiding in my room where the kids can’t make fun of me? Oh Kenny how could you tell everyone? I’ve become the school’s dirty joke.”

“It wasn’t me! It had to be Logan’s son.”

“Who’s Logan’s son? “

“Larry Tanner, he’s in tenth grade. His mother changed their names when she left Logan years ago.

I don’t have a car and I don’t want to call Doug to pick you up. Can you get a ride to the mall?”

“I guess I could get my mother to drop me off but I’m not so crazy about running into the other kids who I’m sure will be there, too.”

“I’ve already got that figured out. Have your mother drop you at the entrance by Sears. After she drives away you can come right back out and go across the parking lot to those houses on Ridgefield Avenue. I’ll wait for you in 55 Ridgefield. The house belongs to friends of my mothers and I’ve got a key. I take care of watering their plants while they’re away.”

“Okay, I’ll see you around eleven.”

The following morning Janine watched her mother’s car turn out of the parking lot and immediately ran across the lot to the residential neighborhood behind it. She found the house numbered 55 and Kenny answered the door when she rang. As soon as the door was shut she flowed into his arms and they started a kiss which they didn’t break as he led her down the hall and into the bedroom. He pulled her shirt and bra over her head in one motion and pulled her shoes, jeans and panties off ten seconds later. After he too was naked he buried his face in Janine’s pussy. He had never gone down on her before and she felt like the path of his tongue set her on fire. She was sure her clit had grown to twice normal size as he sucked and nibbled it. She shifted herself around so she could take his cock into her mouth and eagerly started taking him deep into her throat. She’d gotten pretty good at taking it all and she only gagged once.

After they made love the second time Kenny kissed each of her eyes and said, “You know that the kids are never going to let up, right?”

“I know. I’m now the official school slut. The only kids that’ll even speak to me are the guys who want blowjobs in the back of the auditorium. I hate it but there’s nothing I can do about it. Even Mary Ellen Parker told me that it’d be better if we weren’t friends anymore. She’d been my closest friend since we were six!”

“Which is why we need a plan. We need to start getting ready so we can blow this town and get a fresh start somewhere else. Just the two of us.”

“Kenny, make sense! We’re just kids. I’d love to be with you all the time but we’d be broke before we went a hundred miles.”

“I didn’t say we’d leave right away. I said we needed to put a plan into action. We know our goal already. We want to be together like this as often as we can. We need a new start in a new town and for that we need money. So we work and save as much money as we can, we get a car and we get the hell out of here together.”

“A car? That would mean flipping a lot of Burger Kings to get that much money.”

Kenny kissed her again. “Right. It would take years and years. Same with me doing oil changes at pendik sarışın escort McNealy’s but there is one way we could earn a lot of money. Enough money to get a car and still have enough to get an apartment and a new start somewhere.”

Janine looked questioningly into his eyes. “How?”

“Same way we got Tom his tires. I could start networking from Larson and his friends and line up cash customers. We could bring them here or to one of the other houses I take care of, you could service them and we could save up thousands by Christmas.”

“You want me to become your whore and set you up as my pimp.”

“Of course I don’t want it. I want you just for myself. I’d love to be able to forbid you from ever letting another guy touch you but then I think of the way the kids treat you at school. I realize that I’m being selfish if I keep you to myself and allow you to be abused. With money in our pockets we could escape the other kids making fun of you and we could be together always.”

Janine paused and then said, “I don’t know, Kenny.”

“It’s not as if you’d never done it before, Jan. Whyever you did it you still whored us a pair of tires. Let’s face it; it didn’t take much arguing to convince you to fuck Logan’s brains out. I used to think you were inexperienced but last week you made it pretty obvious that you know how to use your pussy to get what you want.”

Janine wanted to hit Kenny for talking to her that way but the more she thought about it the more she realized that everything he’d said was true. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck… She acted like a whore so she could pretty much figure out what that made her. She could feel the tears in her eyes as she picked up her purse, started for the door and said, “Okay Kenny, I’ll be here at noon tomorrow. Set up whatever appointments you can.” She looked him in the eye and said, “It’s sort of funny when you think about it. When you and I got it on in the van last week I was a virgin. I just had this massive crush on you but don’t worry, I’ll get over it.”

The next day Janine let herself in the front door of the house at 55 Ridgefield. Kenny was sitting in the living room with some guy who looked to be about 30.

“Jan this is David and he’d like to get to know you. I told him what a fun girl you were. Dave, why don’t you head on back to the last room on the left and Jan will be along in just a minute.” After he’d left, Kenny said to Janine, “Collect the cash before you do anything. He’s paying $350 plus whatever tip he gives you. There are condoms in the nightstand.” He looked in her eyes. “You gonna be all right?”

She suppressed a laugh. “What do you think? I’m an experienced whore, right?” She headed down the hall and opened the door to her new life.

After David left the room Janine didn’t bother to get dressed. She smiled to herself when she thought about the tip he had left her. By all rights, she thought, she should give part of the $100 tip to Tom. It was because of his insistence that she had developed her skill at deep throating and Janine was sure that was what generated the tip. Kenny entered the room.

He said, “Are you ready for the next one? He’s in the living room.”

“Send him on back. I’ll just duck into the bathroom for a second.” She opened her purse. “Here’s the money. There’s $450 there.”

After the third “date” left Janine came out to the living room and dropped next to Kenny on the sofa. He was watching a “Law & Order” rerun. She handed him $400. “I guess I should be getting home. I decided not to tell my mom the truth about how I spent my afternoon. I somehow think she wouldn’t approve of my new hobby. She still thinks I’m a virgin.”

Kenny put his arm around her. “Do you have to get straight home?”

“Why? Did you set up another date for me?”

“No, I wanted to take you out to dinner.”

Janine laughed. “For heaven’s sake why? If you want to get laid you probably can. I’ve haven’t charged you yet!”

Kenny hung his head and talked to his lap. “I probably deserve to be talked to like that. Only thing is, I still love you, Janny. Will you have dinner with me?”

“Okay Kenny. I’ll come. Only thing is, don’t expect too much in the way of good company. I don’t like either one of us very much right now.”

After the waiter took their orders Kenny reached over and squeezed Janine’s hand. She didn’t squeeze back, she just sighed. “Oh Kenny, remember that silly little girl I was last week? When I wake up in the morning I don’t even remember her any more. The only good news I can think of lately is that Mary Ellen seems ready to forgive me. We’re going to the mall after school tomorrow.

I don’t know, though, she was a friend of that girl I’ve forgotten. I know I’m going to get defensive if she asks me anything. It’s just not the same anymore.”

“Can you make it any other day? I’ve arranged with a photographer to do a photo shoot with you tomorrow at a house over on Mason. We need some promotional shots for a website I’m putting up.”

“Well you’d better move the shoot until seven o’clock because I’m spending the afternoon trying to mend fences with the girl who used to be my closest friend in the entire world.

You’d better eat for both of us, Kenny. I’ve lost my appetite. I’ll meet you here around six thirty or seven o’clock.” Janine walked out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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