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All I can say is that it wasn’t intentional. I didn’t plan on doing anything with him… He just offered me a ride home. By no means am I a slut… I was in fact a virginal nineteen year old woman… Emphasis on “was”. I don’t regret it or anything… But I just wanted to set the record straight by saying that I didn’t plan it.

I work at a local coffee shop and that night I had a closing shift, working until midnight. I worked with lot of people my age, and some older ones as well. A few of the guys that I work with are kinda cute… Our manager is so hot. Every time that he walks by I have to make sure that my chin isn’t on the floor. I’m 5’5 with blond hair and green eyes, with an athletic build and nice perky 36c breasts. Our manager Ryan is just under six feet with dark hair and navy blue eyes. He doesn’t seem to have an ounce of extra fat on him. He has the kind of body that begs to be licked.

Ryan and I closed together, so he walked me to my car.

Ever since I had started working there Ryan and I had had a casual flirting relationship. Both of us loved to compliment each other, and on occasion, depending on our moods we would even proposition each other, but all of it was done in fun. I wrote all of our conversations off as the friends teasing friends kind of thing. After all what could a 29 year old man see in me that he couldn’t get from someone older. Right? I know, you’re probably saying to yourself that I was stupid that how could he not have been attracted to a beautiful young woman,, ripe for the picking. I just never considered that he felt that way about me. I thought that I was too young.

We said goodnight casino şirketleri and I got into my car, but as I tried to start it, it wouldn’t turn over. I tried a few more times in vain before I decided that it wasn’t going to work, and that I would have to walk. I grabbed my purse and got out of the car, almost running right into Ryan who had been standing beside my door. He told me that he had heard my troubles and he offered me a ride home. Of course I said yes, both because I didn’t want to walk and because how could I say no to him…?

He drove a Porsche Boxter (family money) which was a nice small two-seater car. With the top up it rendered the interior comfy and intimate. I got in, and went to buckle up, but couldn’t find the seatbelt. Feeling a little stupid, I fumbled around for it, before Ryan came to my rescue. He leaned across me and pulled the seatbelt from its recessed position and pulled it across my chest and buckled it. As he had drawn the seatbelt across my chest, the back of his hand had brushed across my breasts and I couldn’t hide my quick inhalation. Ryan didn’t seem to notice. We drove out of the parking lot, and I gave him directions to my apartment. I watched him as he drove, fascinated by him, and how sexy he looked driving a standard… I loved guys that drove standard cars. The shifting, the power, I don’t know it just made me hot.

As we drove we made polite conversation. He asked me if I had a boyfriend, I told him no, I asked him if he had a girlfriend, he said no. When I asked if he might have a boyfriend, he laughed. He took his eyes from the road, gave me a head to toe look and told me that he was definitely casino firmaları a guy who liked women. I smiled.

He pulled up in front of my place and I thanked him for the ride. I undid the seatbelt and tried to open the door, but it was locked. Ryan gave a dry little laugh and told me that it automatically did that. Instead of using the console on his side to unlock the door, he reached across me again, and unlocked the door for me. This time, with deliberate attempt, his hand brushed against my breasts on the way there, ad for a longer moment on the way back. He gave my left breast a little squeeze before he pulled away, he told me that he had always been a breast man. I couldn’t help but be cheeky as I turned to him and asked if they met his approval. I expected him to laugh and tell me to go home, even though in the back of my mind I thought that he might do more. He reached over, with both hands and cupped my breasts, squeezing them, he told me that they were just more then a handful, just what he liked.

I didn’t move to remove his hands, and he wasn’t to quick to do it. While this was happening, my mind was racing. Was this all part of the game we played? Was it more then that now? While I was asking myself these questions I didn’t notice Ryan’s hands unbuttoning the buttons down the front of my shirt. In a matter of minutes he had unbuttoned my shirt entirely. The only thing keeping my breasts from sight was my demi-cup white lace bra. As his hands went to cover my breasts again, I heard him tell me he liked the virginal look. His hands, slightly calloused hands, lightly rubbed against my exposed cleavage. My breathing was speeding up, güvenilir casino and all I could think was that if he took his hands away, I was going to die. His hands were making to remove my bra when headlights illuminated the car’s interior. Ryan pulled away, muttering a few curses as he pulled the front of my shirt together, concealing what I had been offering him moments before from the passing motorists.

The spell was broken, and I was sad to see it go. I quickly rebuttoned my shirt, thanked him for the ride, and got out of the car before he could apologize, which I was sure he was going to do. I didn’t want him apologizing for anything. In fact all I had wanted him to do was to keep making me feel as good as he had been. I let myself into the building and up to my apartment. Once I had the front door closed and locked, I took a deep breath. I still wasn’t too sure what that whole thing in the car had meant, but I wasn’t going to be able to think about anything else for a long time.

I had just changed into pajamas, when the phone rang. It was Ryan, and he was downstairs. He told me that I had left my jacket in his car, and he wanted to bring it up. I figured he wanted to apologize as well, but I let him up anyway, I had put my car keys in my coat pocket. I buzzed him into the building and waited for the knock.

In moments Ryan knocked and I opened the door. It took a moment to register that Ryan was staring at me, that’s when I remembered my pj’s. A white cotton nightgown that unconsciously screamed virgin. He groaned as if in pain, threw my jacket into my apartment, stepped through the door, slammed it shut after him, and pulled me into his arms, all in a matter of seconds. As his mouth crashed down on mine all I was thinking was that I hoped whatever he had in mind would take longer then it took him to get into my apartment…

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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