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“I think I can fit it in. There’s just enough room,” I said.

“Alex, I can’t believe you want to put that thing in there. It’s way too big, and I know I’m gonna be sorry if you do,“ Jeff said.

“C’mon. It’ll be fun. Let me put it in, you’ll enjoy it. I PROMISE!” I said. “I did it with my brother, and he not only enjoyed it when I did, now he does it with friends from church almost every week.”

“Okay, okay,” Jeff said. “I guess you’re going to get your way, again,” he said, with a grin. Just as I started, though…

“Oww, oww, take it out, it hurts! I think you caught my thumb in there. And what’s that sharp thing?” Jeff exclaimed.

“Geez, what a baby,” I said. “You’d think you never went camping before. Look, first you fold up your sleeping bag, and tent, and the other stuff, BEFORE you try to put it into the backpack. Otherwise, it’ll never all fit.”

We finished up with our supplies and equipment, and stowed our backpacks to the side. Jeff and I were up in his bedroom, getting ready for our Spring Break camping trip to the top of Mount Minnewoka, which overlooks Lake Minnewoka. My name’s Alex, and Jeff and I are sort of lovers. At least we just discovered that we want to be lovers. I’m 18, about 185 pounds and 6’1” tall, curly black hair and gray eyes, got a proud 7” dick, and I am in love with Jeff. He’s 18 too, about 170 pounds and 5‘11“ tall, light brown ‘surfer’ hair and warm blue eyes, has a real nice 6” cock and the cutest ass, and I KNOW he’s in love with me. This is our first trip together since we became aware of our love for each other. We’re not out, though. We’re both on the Warnock County High School Screaming Eagles baseball team, and coach is letting the team have a week long break from practice to coincide with Spring Break, so we thought we’d take advantage of that to explore the area, and each other.

My dad drove us up to the National Forest surrounding the lake, and we waved him goodbye as he drove off. He’d promised to pick us up here in 3 days. I was looking forward to having a good time in the great outdoors for the next few days, and being close to Jeff. He’s really cute, and I love the way his body feels next to mine. Plus, we’re just really good friends and get along really well, apart from any sexual stuff. We set off on the Wilderness Trail, which led up to the top of Mount Minnewoka, and has some spectacular views of the lake and surrounding countryside.

We started off side by side, and were playfully swatting each other on the butt to encourage the other to keep up, but truthfully I think it was so that we could each feel the other’s round ass. I love the way Jeff’s rear end feel under my hands, and when we’re in the team shower I’m figuratively screwed if Jeff walks in. My cock just shoots out to an immense erection when he walks into the shower room, when I catch a look at his smooth, round ass cheeks. Gosh, I never thought I’d say that my mouth waters when I see someone’s butt, but that’s the case with him. I think of having my tongue trailing all over that downy ass, and I just get really hard. Thinking about poking that little rosebud in the center of his ass with my tongue, and then my cock, gets me ready to shoot, without even touching myself.

So, we were copping cheap feels of each other’s butts as we walked along, with the altitude changing considerably. We passed a few other hikers in both directions, but since it wasn’t the time of year when the family hikers come out, we were pretty much by ourselves. We passed one camp site where the people hadn’t heeded the warning, “Don’t leave anything behind but your footprints”. Whoever they were, they’d left a sizeable amount of garbage, as though Parks have maids who clean up after people. That really frosts my shorts, as it spoils things for everyone else. It just seems so selfish to me. I picked up a couple of pieces of paper that looked like envelopes, to give to the Park Rangers so they could follow up with citations or warnings, or whatever.

Jeff and I spent a little longer working on this mess than we expected, so we took a break to relax. Jeff offered me a drink of water, then sat next to me on the log after I finished drinking, spilling some down my chin and front. “You look so sexy with your front all wet,” he teased, running his finger down the wet spot on my shirt.

“Yeah?” I responded suavely. “You know I’m all about action and not thinking, Jeff. That’s why I decided to spill water on my front, understand? And that’s why I’m doing this…” With that I brought my mouth to his smiling face and pressed my lips against his, and my hands on his shoulders.

“Ummm, kiss me, yeah, umm, that feels nice,” Jeff said. We continued our kiss for several minutes, letting our tongues slip together, while I rubbed Jeff’s shoulders with my hands.

“That really feels nice, Alex, please don’t stop,” Jeff said, starting to breathe deeply. I let my hand slip down to his lap, where I could feel his erection growing in his jeans.

“Think casino oyna we’ve got time for a quickie?” I teased, looking into his deep blue eyes. “God, who cares if we have time or not, let’s do it anyway!” Jeff sighed. It sure is comforting to know that his inability to plan ahead balances my inability to schedule! Jeff stood up in front of me, and I quickly unbuckled his belt, unzipped his jeans, and pulled them and his jockey underpants down to his knees, exposing his 6” boner to the air and sky. I took an appreciative look at his beautiful dick, which is cut, and capped with a pink helmet-shaped head. His piss slit oozes pre cum at the slightest incentive, and right now it seemed to be gushing his fluid.

I brought my mouth around his dick head to suck in that beautiful cock, and taste his delicious fluid. I slowly bobbed my mouth up and down on his rod, trying to build up to deep throating it. Soon I felt my lips brushing up against his pubic hair, and while I was stroking his smooth rod with my mouth, I brought my hands around to his ass cheeks. I separated his warm globes, and quickly brought my index fingers to his ass hole. I started stroking his hot, moist hole while he wiggled his ass against my hands, and moved his hips back and forth to fuck my warm mouth.

Sliding one finger into his hole, then out, and replacing it with the other index finger, I finger fucked Jeff’s delicious ass hole, making him cum a lot faster than he might have otherwise. I wanted to drag out sucking Jeff’s cock, and fingering his ass, but not here on the trail where we might be spotted at any minute. The sucking action of my mouth on Jeff’s sensitive cock skin and the thrilling feel of my fingers stroking his prostate, brought Jeff off pretty quickly.

“Ohh, Alex, I’m going to shoot my load. Keep your mouth on my cock, and I’ll fill your mouth with my hot cream. Ohh, yeah, that’s good. Oh, yes, I’m cumming. Ohh, ohh, YEAH, YOU HOT FUCKER, SUCK MY DICK!!!”

With that, he shot several spurts of his creamy, sweet cum into my mouth, right onto my tongue, where I could taste his hot juice. I’ve never sucked any other guys, but I don’t see how it could be any better than that. I savored the taste of Jeff’s cum on my tongue, memorizing his flavor. I kept my mouth on his cock while he softened some, caressing his soft, velvety cock head with my tongue, reluctant to let it go. Finally, though, I felt him urging me to stand. As I did, he brought his mouth to mine avidly, to taste his own cum from my mouth to his. I could feel my cock stretching my pants as he tongue fucked my mouth. I love the feel of his tongue in my mouth. Though I’m the more aggressive of the two of us, I still like to feel Jeff’s validation of my feelings when he responds to me.

We kissed for a few minutes, and our arms were around each other. Jeff’s hand slipped down the front of my jeans to grasp my hard cock. He pulled his lips off mine, to gasp in my ear, “I want to feel your hard cock inside me, Alex. Please fuck my ass, now.” As tempted as I was to push him down on the ground right there, rip his pants off and fuck his tight ass, I thought that this definitely wasn’t the place for that, and my thoughts were confirmed when we heard some twigs snap further up the trail. Coming from around an outcropping of rock, a voice said “…and I really think that Foster is bringing our work team down, Elizabeth.”

The owner of this voice rounded the corner, and Jeff and I found ourselves facing two parent-looking types and a stone cold sexy looking teenage boy. The speaker was a balding, paunchy mid 40’s office go-getter, and ‘Elizabeth’ was a distracted (or maybe it was just bored) looking late 30’s housewife. The boy, who as it turns out really was 18, was light blonde, about 130 pounds, 5’5” tall, blue eyed, slim-hipped and cute! He looked every bit as bored as the mother. Jeff and I had broken our clinch just as they rounded the corner, so we didn’t think they’d seen us with our arms around each other.

“Oh, hi,” said ‘Elizabeth’, as the man continued to talk about ‘Foster‘.

“Hi,” said the boy, perking up.

“Uh, hi,” I said. “How‘s the hiking?”

“Well, it‘s just fine except for the buzzing around my head. Must be an insect,” said Elizabeth sarcastically. “We were just getting ready to look for a campsite for the night, and then leave tomorrow.”

“I think this is the last campsite in the park,” said Jeff. “We’d be willing to share it with you, if you like.“

“Wait a minute, young fella, WE have a week long permit for the park, so WE have priority for any spaces,“ said the balding, paunchy, spawn of the devil, father-type. The teenager didn’t say anything, but had a funny look on his face. The wife had something to say, however.

“Oh, hush, Albert. This isn’t some boardroom takeover. These boys were here first, and they’re being gracious enough to offer us some of THEIR campsite. My name’s Elizabeth, this is my husband Albert and this our son Troy. We’re slot oyna the Sylvester’s.”

“Pleased to meet you, my name’s Jeff and this is my friend Alex,” said Jeff. “And as I said, we’d be happy to let you all use half the space.”

At that we all grinned at each other and relaxed.

“Yeah, sure, we don’t own this land anyway. How about you guys over there, we’ll take this area?” I said.

“Done,” they agreed. I was wondering how Jeff and I could square this development with our unspoken plans for the night. I whispered my concerns in his ear as the family walked over to the far side of the site, about 50 feet away, and Jeff grinned.

“Oh, yeah,” Jeff replied, smiling. “So I can count on your cock up my ass tonight, right?’

“Right, sweetheart, so long as you can keep quiet while we‘re fucking,” I whispered. “Now let’s get this site set up so that we have a place to fuck.”

After Jeff and I put our tent up, and bedrolls spread out, and helped the Sylvester’s put up their large tent for themselves, and a smaller tent for Troy, the five of us decided to share the food, with Mrs. Sylvester thankfully agreeing to cook the dinner. Funny how the women never catch a break, even on vacation.

We all sat around the campfire, but didn’t have much to talk about, or much in common, so Jeff and I begged off and hit the sack early. As we entered our tent, he pulled the flap shut behind him and said, “Finally! I’ve been waiting to feel your big cock inside me all day!”

“Shh,” I said, “at least give them a chance to go to sleep, okay?”

We lay down on our bedrolls and started kissing, figuring that was a fairly enjoyable and quiet way to pass the time. While we were passionately kissing, feeling the thrill of each other’s velvety lips and tongue, our hands were busy stroking each other. Jeff was running his hand up and down between my legs, stroking my hard cock through the fabric of my jeans. Although it’s hard to feel someone like that without being rough, Jeff’s touch was incredibly gentle, and I felt my cock throbbing with passion, anticipating his more intimate touch later. Meanwhile, my hands were stroking Jeff’s round ass cheeks, and I wasn’t being at all gentle. I felt like I wanted to squeeze those smooth hot globes into my hands, so that I could feel them forever. Frustrated by his jeans, I slid my hands down inside the back of his pants, so that my palms were pressing against his hot ass flesh.

“Ooh, that feels so nice,” Jeff moaned. “Touch me there again.” I wasn’t about to stop, having just gotten my hands on him for the first time in hours, and stroked my fingers along his butt crack, feeling the heat emanating from his tiny ass hole.

“That does feel nice,” I replied. “I especially like the way your hole feels around my finger,” I said, as I thrust my digit into his tight opening.

“Ohh,” he moaned. “More.” We had to slow down some, as there was no way we could launch into love making with any passion while the family across the way was awake, but after about an hour or so there was no sound heard, except for Mr. Sylvester’s snoring, which sounded like it might be an effective wolf deterrent. Jeff and I thought that we could probably make a little more noise at this point, at least enough that we wouldn’t be shushing each other while we tried to fuck.

I slowly unbuttoned Jeff’s shirt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and pulled them off his sweet, hot body. He then did the same for me, and we lay next to each other clad only in our underpants, which were no match for our roving hands. Jeff’s hands would dart in the piss opening of my jockeys, stroking my erection, and scraping pre cum off my piss slit, bringing his finger to his mouth to taste me. Then his quick hands would dart in the top of my waistband, or though a leg hole, to stroke my balls or cock, driving me slowly crazy.

Meanwhile, I was content to get both my meaty hands down the back of his underpants to hold his ass, and stroke it, occasionally pulling my fingers that slipped around and in his ass hole, up to my nose to inhale his fragrance. Our lips would mash together off and on, with our tongues doing battle, or we’d nuzzle and lick each other’s ears and ear lobes. We were building up to a passionate pinnacle, one that would find me with my hard cock deep inside Jeff’s incredibly tight rectum, shooting load after load of cum inside him.

Just as we were loosening up for the main bout, our tent flap was thrown back and a head poked inside.

“Busted!” was all I could think, until I saw the color of the hair. Light blonde hair. It was Troy! Maybe he hadn’t seen anything, or didn’t understand what we were doing.

“Hi guys, I see I was right about you. You are gay!” he said.

“We’re damn well not very gay right now,” I grumbled. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was just giving Jeff a backrub-”

“I saw you guys kissing before we got near your campsite,” Troy said. “Hey don’t worry about canlı casino siteleri it, it looks like fun. Can I play too?” Without thinking about it any more, I dragged Troy into the tent, if only to try to shut him up.

“Quiet, you’ll wake your parents,” I said.

“No chance of that,” Troy replied. “Once they’re out, they ain’t waking up for nothing.” With that he gave a yell that paralyzed Jeff and I momentarily. Nothing. No fire department, no police. No parents.

“I guess you proved your point,” Jeff said. “What now?”

“Like I said, I want to play with you guys,” Troy said, pulling off his t-shirt and pajama bottoms. Apparently he’d been planning for this, because he didn’t have anything on under the bottoms. He squatted in front of where Jeff and I lay, looking like a perfect statue of young male beauty. His lightly haired pubic area, with his 6” purple-headed circumcised cock standing up proudly from his crotch, and his pink colored sack of balls hanging below it, was as beautiful as anything I’d ever seen, and my hand was drawn to him. I could see that Jeff was similarly affected, as he was soon running his fingers across Troy’s hairless chest and pinching his tiny pink nipples while I jacked off Troy’s iron hard cock.

Troy was soon cooing, while he lay on his back and enjoyed our ministrations. Soon, he was urging us on.

“Oh, that’s it, stroke my cock, harder, harder, faster, faster, FASTER, COCKSUCKERS!! I’m cumming, cumming, CUMMING, FUCK, I’M CUMMING ALL OVER YOUR HOT FINGERS, FUCKERS!!!” With that he shot one tremendous load that went at least one foot straight up in the air, and fell back, pooling in his belly button. The next 4 loads actually oozed out with decreasing force from the head of his cock, dripping over my rapidly pumping fist. His hot cum felt good dripping all over my hand. Jeff and I were so taken by this boy’s natural beauty and sexiness, that we didn’t think anything of tasting this stranger’s cum. I licked it off my fingers, while Jeff slurped out Troy’s navel full of semen.

Jeff and I were about ready to shoot after tasting this teenager’s hot, sweet cum, and started kissing each other, and stroking each other’s hot, hard dick. As we were getting lost in the fog of our lovemaking, a voice penetrated, saying, “Hey, don’t leave me out if you guys are gonna fuck!” Jeff and I stripped off our under pants, and Jeff lay on one side of this tempting eighteen year old vixen, and I on the other. We made a hot boy sandwich, with three mouths kissing at once, and hands, seemingly from everywhere, stroking and caressing hot cocks and asses until we were ready to shoot our loads.

“Alex, would you fuck my ass now, please!“ moaned Jeff, with some frustration.

“Yeah, you guys are really hot!” Troy responded. I got Jeff onto his back, with his knees drawn up, and his butt up in the air, and started kissing and licking his rosy anus. I think Jeff’s hole is a major turn on, and I can’t get enough of him. My fingers pried his ass cheeks apart so that his tight boy pussy was exposed to my oral onslaught, and soon I found my tongue penetrating him up into his rectum, past the sweet pucker of his hole. While I licked him there, I could feel Troy moving up to Jeff’s head. When I looked up, I saw that Troy had his butt suspended over Jeff’s face, and as near as I could make out, Jeff was licking out Troy’s hole. Troy was facing me, and darned if his rod wasn’t super erect again.

I settled in between Jeff’s slim legs, and brought the head of my 7” cock to Jeff’s delightfully tight hole. Inserting the top half of the head into Jeff’s anus, I slowly started pushing just to get the head in. As soon as it popped into his slit, I sped up my stroking, until I was soon banging his super tight, wet anus and rectum with my dick, humping myself all the way inside until I thought I’d come out his throat. I could feel my balls swinging against his ass cheeks. Still, Jeff didn’t miss a stroke of his tongue into Troy’s ass hole. The harder I pumped in and out of Jeff’s sweet little hole, the faster he licked and kissed Troy’s pale white ass, and thrust his tongue into the 18 year old‘s butt. Soon, we were all at a crescendo of stroking and licking, and I could feel that there was no way back for me.

“I’m cumming now, inside your tight hot hole, Jeff. I’m fucking your ass with all my hot cum. It’s all for you, baby!” as I shot load after load of sticky white cum up my lover’s hot ass. Troy leaned over to kiss me as I was shooting inside Jeff and, as his mouth made contact with mine, he lifted his ass from Jeff’s hot mouth. Jeff used his hand, which had been stroking the boy’s 6” cock, to move Troy’s stiffy into Jeff’s mouth.

“Oh, I’m cumming again, in your mouth Jeff! I’m cumming, HOT FUCK, YEAH!” Troy said, and replaced his hot mouth on mine. I could see his ass bobbing up and down as he unloaded into Jeff’s willing mouth.

After resting for a few minutes, Troy breezily said, “Could we try something else?”

“Like what?” I said. Troy whispered in my ear, bringing a smile to my face, although his tongue licking my earlobe helped, too.

“You are something else, Troy,” I said. I told Jeff what Troy had whispered, and he agreed readily.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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