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Jennifer meets the sports team next door

I first came across Literotica in 2011 and edisonCaroline’s story, Rebecca Becomes a Party Girl, was the first story I read. I’ve since read all of eC’s other stories and ‘Rebecca Meets the Frat Neighbours’ has become my favourite short, sharp bit of fun type story.

This story takes a similar premise but ended up a bit differently and it has been Australian-ised.

For my readers who are waiting for the next instalment of ‘Indecent Proposal’ I can assure you I am working on it. Finishing stories is a bit of a thing for me. I literally have a dozen stories I have started but not been able to finish.

I am trying to do better.


Jennifer woke up early with the sun streaming through the window of her Cremorne Point apartment. As was usual for a Saturday she was going for a swim and after a quick shower she headed out with a white tank top and mid-thigh length denim skirt over her Wicked Weasel G-string bikini. On her way out, she caught her reflection in the full-length hallway mirror. Dark blonde hair cut in a fashionable bob just above her shoulders, green eyes, 5’10” with very large but still perky breasts and a taut butt, she thought she looked pretty good for 40.

“Then why did my husband have to leave me for a younger model?” she brooded to herself as she walked down the stairs and headed along the foreshore path that led to the pool. “We had a great sex life, hell we had a great life. And it was an open marriage, he didn’t need to divorce me to get a taste of some other pussy.”

Deep in her thoughts, Jennifer almost collided with a tall, young looking man who had just walked out of the house three doors down from her apartment block.

“Oh damn, I’m sorry,” said Jennifer. “Not looking where I’m going as usual.”

“No harm done,” said the young man. “Are you OK?”

“Yes, thank you.” Jennifer said as she looked at him properly for the first time. Several inches taller than Jennifer the dark haired, green-eyed man looked like he was in his late-20s and was very, very good looking. He was also somewhat familiar, but Jennifer could not place where she knew him from. Dressed in a pair of running shorts and a singlet, Jennifer could see that he was very well-muscled but not like a body builder, more like a rower or a footballer she thought.

“My name’s James,” he said as he put his hand out. “I live in this place and I’ve seen you around a fair bit, so I suspect we must be neighbours.”

“I’m Jennifer and I’ve seen you too, so I think we must be,” said Jennifer as she shook his hand. “I’ve seen a few of you coming and going, often wearing the same sort of shirt. Are you all in some sort of sports team?”

“Yes, we are,” said James. “We’re all at Sydney University and some of us are trying out for the Olympic sailing team. This house is owned by the parents of my crewman Andrew but they’re in London most of the time, so we get the run of it.”

“Wow, that’s impressive.” Jennifer said. “I’m an occasional sailor but I can’t even imagine how you’d get to be on the Olympic team.”

“A lot of hard work, Jennifer” James said. “So where are you off to on this beautiful Saturday morning?”

“Just heading down to the pool to do some laps,” Jennifer said. “What about you?”

“I’m off for a jog,” James said. “I’m meeting my running group, so I had better go but maybe you’d like to drop in for brunch later this morning? You’ll be able to meet some of the other guys as well.”

“That sounds nice,” said Jennifer. “I may well take you up on the offer.”

“I hope you do,” said James as he started to jog off slowly.

Jennifer kept walking but the encounter with James had lifted her spirits. Even though he had been very polite and did his best to look her in the eye, she noticed that his eyes had flicked down to her cleavage more than a few times during the conversation. “Some guys at least find me attractive,” thought Jennifer as she headed towards the pool.

The pool was deserted except for Neville, a guy well into his 60s who swam at the pool most mornings. That suited Jennifer perfectly, after a quick hello to Neville, she stripped off her top and skirt, put her hair up and dived into the pool. As she swam up and down, up and down, following the black line on the bottom of the pool she felt all the tension in her ebb away. Her ex-husband, the divorce, her married boss who was trying to get into her pants, the issues her best friend Rebecca was having with her marriage; all ebbed away as she focused on that black line at the bottom of the pool.

After the first two kilometres, people started to arrive and after four kilometres the pool was starting to fill up with people splashing around to try escape the heat of a Sydney summer and Jennifer gave up. She would have liked to knock off one more kay to make it an even five, but it just wasn’t going to happen. She grimaced ruefully Neville who had given up doing laps as well.

“Guess we’ll have to get here even earlier casino şirketleri next Saturday,” he said.

“We will,” said Jennifer as she stretched out on her towel to dry off before she put on her clothes to head home. She tried to read a book but had trouble keeping her mind on it, her thoughts kept turning back to James. “He was very nice, very good looking and from the hard on in his running shorts was obviously very interested,” Jennifer thought to herself. “Tom didn’t like me fucking younger guys when we went to swingers’ parties, but a fling with James could be just what I need.”

By the time the sun had dried off her bikini, Jennifer was resolved; she would drop in to see James and if he made a move on her, she would give him exactly what he wanted. She put on her skirt but as the day was warming up, she stowed her tank top in the bag with her towel and headed out of the pool area.

Ignoring the looks some of the women gave her as she left the pool area – it wasn’t her fault their husbands and boyfriends were ogling her – Jennifer headed back the way she came and 15 minutes later she stood at the front door of the house a few doors up from her apartment. For one moment her courage failed her. “What if I’m wrong about him, what if he’s not really that attracted to me?” she questioned herself. She was just about to turn around and walk away when the door opened, and James was standing there just wearing a pair of running shorts.

“Jennifer, it is you,” James said. “I thought I saw you come up the side passage from the path. Come on in. Would you like a cold drink?”

“Well, too late to bale out now,” Jennifer said to herself, as she followed James into the house. “Yes, I’d love a cold drink,” she said. “What have you got on offer?”

“Many things,” said James. “Many things. But as far as cold drinks are concerned I have lemonade, kombucha, water and every sports drink under the sun.”

Jennifer flushed at the “Many things. Many things.” Maybe she hadn’t misread him after all. “A kombucha would be great,” she said as she looked around the lounge room of the house. It sounded like there were other people in the house, but she couldn’t see any of them. The lounge room was spacious, light and bright and decorated with a nautical theme.

Jennifer sat down on the sofa as James came over with a bottle of kombucha and two tall glasses. “Thank you,” Jennifer said. “Did you have a good run?”

“I did, thank you,” said James. “I don’t push it too hard as I have to balance the need for some level of aerobic fitness versus the possibility of damaging something; but I do enjoy running.”

“So besides hard work, how do you get try out for the Olympic team, James?” Jennifer said.

“The short version is that I started sailing a Sabot class dinghy when I was seven years old,” James said. “Within a couple of years, I was winning club championships for my age group, then state and national championships. I outgrew Sabots and moved up to a Moth in my early teens but after a couple of years I decided I preferred to sail with a crew and I got a Cherub. When I won the national championship three years in a row and came second twice in the world championships, going for Olympic selection just seemed to be the next step.”

“Cherubs aren’t even an International class anymore, let alone an Olympic class so what boat do you sail now?” Jennifer asked.

“You do know something about sailing,” James said. “I skipper a 49er with my crewmate, Matt. We’ve known each other since primary school, we do everything together.”

“49ers are a skiff, aren’t they? And a pretty hot boat by any standard.”

“Yes, they are,” said James.

Jennifer started to laugh. “Sorry, I can’t help myself, I always think of a 69er,” said Jennifer. “Just my dirty mind I suppose.”

“You’re not…

“James, you left the party way too early last night!” One of James’ housemates walked into the lounge room with only a towel around his waist. “Sharon bet Sue she couldn’t blow every guy at the party and in no time, she was on her knees surrounded by cocks. I reckon she sucked off 12 guys at least.”

“Sorry Jennifer. Matt, this is our neighbour, Jennifer. Jennifer, the guy with the potty mouth is my crewman and best friend Matt.”

Matt flushed. “Ohh, I’m so sorry. I um, um I didn’t see you. I certainly wouldn’t have said what I just said if I’d known you were there.”

“It’s OK, Matt,” Jennifer said. “That Sue sounds like a girl with a lot of stamina.”

James and Matt laughed, almost in stereo. “She does have a lot of stamina. She’s a rower and she has staying power in more ways than one,” James said.

“Matt, Jennifer and I were talking about 49ers and 69ers just before you came in.”

James and Matt both laugh. The mood in the room has changed and Jennifer realises she is alone with two very fit young men, whom she has only just met, one who is just wearing a towel and the other a pair of running shorts. The sight of the half-dressed young men and casino firmaları the talk of blowjob gang bangs and 69s was making Jennifer very wet and she realised she had a decision to make. She could keep going with the flow, wherever it happened to go, or she could make her excuses and leave.

“Yes,” said Jennifer. “I sail enough to know one class from another and when James said you and he sail 49ers I told him that I can’t help myself, I always think of a 69er.”

“So, do you like going 69?” said Matt.

Jennifer smiled. “I don’t mind going 69,” she said. “But I’m a bit linear about that sort of thing. If a guy is going down on me, I want him to be concentrating on what he’s doing rather than being distracted by a blowjob.”

“And what about if you’re giving a guy a blowjob?” James said.

“Oh, if I’m doing that I’m usually concentrating on the job at hand 200 percent,” Jennifer said. “I’m totally focused on blowing his mind, on giving him the best blowjob he’s ever had in his whole life.”

“You said usually, though.” Matt said. “So, are there times when you’re giving a guy a blowjob and not concentrating 200 percent?”

“Well, sometimes there is more than one guy,” Jennifer said. “Although I’m not in your friend Sue’s class, I’ve never blown 12 guys one after the other.”

“So how many have you blown one after the other?” said Matt.

Jennifer looks at Matt. He’s jiggling from side to side in his chair and at times she thinks she can see his cock which is getting harder and harder from the size of the bulge under the towel. He’s blonde, taller than James and very well-muscled. She is pretty sure that both these fit, handsome young men are itching to fuck her and from the wetness of her pussy she is pretty sure she’s going to let them do it.

“Five,” Jennifer said. “But I did more than just blow them. They took me pretty much every which way.”

James and Matt’s eyes nearly bugged out of their skulls. Here was this mature blonde goddess they’d fantasised about sitting in their lounge room telling them she’d fucked five guys at once.

“Every single one of them?” and “In every hole?” James and Matt said.

“Yes, and yes,” said Jennifer. “When I really get going I’ll pretty much do anything. There were only five guys there that night, if there’d been 12, I would have done all 12. Hell, if there’d been 20, I probably would have done 20.”

“Sound like you’d fit right in at one of our parties,” said James. “You should come sometime.”

“I do. As often as I can,” Jennifer said. Smiling at James and Matt she thought that it wouldn’t be long before she is fucking both these young men.

James and Matt laughed, and Jennifer saw that both had rock hard cocks. She was feeling incredibly horny and decided she couldn’t take the teasing much longer and that if they didn’t make a move soon, she would have to.

“Sounds like your parties get pretty wild,” Jennifer said.

“Oh, they do,” said Matt. “But we don’t plan for them to be wild, they just kind of happen. Like later this afternoon the sailing squad, some of the rowers and some of the water polo players are over here for a barbeque. It could end up as a wild party like the other night or it could be just a bunch of guys having a few beers over steaks and seafood.”

“That’s true,” said James. “But we usually do have a pretty wild time if one of the girls decides she wants to play our favourite game.”

“Both sound like fun,” said Jennifer. “But what’s your favourite game? Can I try it?”

“Absolutely,” said James and Matt in chorus. “It doesn’t really have a name, but you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly, I’m sure,” said Matt.

“Just close your eyes for a moment,” said James.

Jennifer heard one of the young men leave the room. She still had her eyes closed when someone came back into the room and put a blindfold on her.

“OK, Jennifer, kneel down.” said James. “If at any point, you stop having fun, just say “Finn dinghy” and we stop. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I do.” Jennifer said. “Finn dinghy it is.”

The moment Jennifer went down to her knees on the soft, shagpile rug, her hand was guided to a rock-hard cock. “Well this is it,” she thought to herself. “Even if I wanted to, it’s too late to back out now.”

As Jennifer stroked the hard cock in her hand, she had no idea if it was James or Matt and that in itself was a huge turn on. When she felt the head of another cock against her lips, without a moment’s thought she opened her mouth and let it slide in until her mouth was full of cock.

“Oh. My. God.” James said. “That feels so good.”

“Huh, I haven’t even got started,” Jennifer said before she took James’s cock deep into her mouth, so deep that her nose brushed his pubic hair. James moaned as she pulled back off until her lips were caressing the head of his cock and then Jennifer took the whole lot back in her mouth in one long, slow stroke.

“Bloody hell, you weren’t joking about giving 200 percent when you güvenilir casino suck a cock, were you?” James said.

“No, I love sucking cock. I really enjoy it,” Jennifer said before she started back on James’s cock.

“Share it around please mate,” Jennifer heard Matt say and James pulled his cock out and a new cock was thrust into her mouth. Matt’s, she presumed. Matt’s cock was shorter but much thicker than James and he was also rougher. Where James had let Jennifer take charge, Matt grabbed her head and shoved his cock deep into her throat. Jennifer had to work a bit harder to take all of Matt’s cock but once she got the angle right she got stuck right into it, pulling off his dick before taking it deep and hard into her mouth.

Jennifer felt James’ hands behind her undoing her bikini top, so he could play with her breasts. He squeezed them gently and said, “Hey guys these are definitely 100 percent natural, complete silicone free zone.”

“Awesome,” Matt said. “I hate fake tits.”

“Excellent,” she heard a third voice say. ‘Must be another house mate Jennifer thought to herself.’

James continued to play with Jennifer’s large soft breasts, squeezing them and gently tweaking her nipples before he zipped off her denim skirt and dropping it onto the floor next to her bikini top.

“Wow! Look at this,” said James. “My handkerchief has more fabric in it than this bikini.”

“Oh man,” said Matt. “She really is amazing.”

“Jennifer, you know you’re an amazing, totally gorgeous woman, don’t you?” James said as he gently pulled Jennifer to her feet, so he could take off her G-string which joined her denim skirt and bikini top on the floor.

“Thank you, James,” Jennifer said as she knelt back down in front of Matt’s cock. “That’s very nice of you to say.”

“I agree totally,” said Matt. “Not only are you a gorgeous woman, you’re also an incredible cocksucker.”

“I bet she’s more than just an incredible cocksucker,” James said as Jennifer felt the head of his cock between her legs near the entrance to her soaking wet pussy. “I bet she is an incredible fuck too. Do you want us to fuck you Jennifer?”

“Oh God yes. I’m so fucking horny right now it’s not funny. Fill me with your hard cock,” Jennifer said as she leaned forward, reached between her legs and lined James’s cock up with the entrance to her pussy.

Oh man, she has an incredibly tight pussy as well,” James said as he slowly thrust his cock all the way in. “And it’s just so fucking wet, it’s incredible. You guys have got to try this.”

“She likes gang bangs,” said Matt. “We need to tell the others to come over early.”

“I’ll text them now,” said the other voice that Jennifer didn’t recognise, and she suddenly found her hand wrapped around another erect cock.

“Must be the other house mate that I heard in the other room,” she thought. It hadn’t bothered her before, but with a start she realised she was blindfolded, kneeling on all fours, completely naked with one guy’s cock in her mouth, another in her hand and yet another cock in her pussy. Two guys she had only just met and one she hadn’t even seen. As she sucked Matt’s cock and jerked off the other, she mused that just 30 minutes or so ago she had been sitting in the guy’s lounge room drinking a kombucha and chatting about Olympic sailing.

“My turn,” the unfamiliar voice said, and Matt pulled out, so the stranger could thrust his cock into Jennifer’s mouth. It was big. As long as James’s and as thick as Matt’s.

“Thank God, he didn’t go first,” thought Jennifer. “I’ve had bigger but it’s good to be able to work up to one that size.”

As Jennifer started to swap from Matt’s cock to the stranger’s and back again she felt hands on her ass and boobs as the guys felt her up.

“You have such an amazing body. You are just so beautiful,” said James as he thrust in and out of her pussy, first long and slow then fast and hard.

Jennifer was incredibly turned on by the idea of being blindfolded, naked and horny in front of three elite athletes and she started to orgasm as James started to fuck her pussy harder. “Ohhhh, God yes. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Yes, yes, yes. Fuck me harder, fuck my tight wet little pussy with your big hard cock. Fuck meeee,” Jennifer screamed as she had her first orgasm of the afternoon.

“Oh God, Jennifer. You’re so gorgeous and such a good fuck,” said James. “I’m going to cum, tell me where you want my cum.”

“Cum in my pussy James,” said Jennifer. “I think it’s going to need all the lubrication it can get.”

“Oh God, that feels so good,” James said as he came quietly, dumping a big load of cum into Jennifer’s pussy just as she’d asked.

As James pulled his cock out and put it back into her mouth for her to clean up, Jennifer called out, “Who’s next.”

“I’m next, Jack,” said Matt. “I know you were the one who saw her first, but you’ll ruin her for the rest of us with that huge cock of yours.”

“OK man, she’s all yours,” said the stranger who Jennifer now knew was named Jack. “But tell me, does she fuck as good as she looks?”

“Oh God, yes.” James said. “Her blowjob was the best I’ve ever had, and she has a great pussy. So wet and tight, it felt incredible just being inside her.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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