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Through the flashing neon lights, which accompanied the ear-breaking noise of the R’n’B cascading from the speakers, she saw him. Mya, her friend who’d come to the club with her, was busily sucking off a man’s face — and Jenna was jealous. She wanted some attention too!

And there he was. Nice smile. Floppy blondish hair — but still cool-looking with a groin-level Bud in hand. “I’ve been watching you dance.” “Oh yeah?” she replied with her “flirty-face”.

“Yeah.” After a pause (and another award-winning smile) he continued: “And I’ve got to tell you. You have the most fuckable ass!”

Attention!! Whilst it did cross her mind that in most circumstances she’d slap the face of anyone saying such a thing, this time she felt good. She felt desire. She felt naughty. About five cocktails’ worth naughty!!

“You want to dance so I can watch that fuckable ass again?” he asked. “I’ll dance if you do.” She retorted and beckoning him with a finger they moved to the centre of the dance floor.

“Your name?” she shouted. “Miles” he responded. “Mine’s Jenna — with a fucking J!”

She moved. She gyrated. Increasingly confident and increasingly flirty she writhed her “fuckable ass” into his crotch. Miles loved it. She was hot. Nice eyes. Nicer tits. And that ass!

He grabbed her hips and pulled her mini-skirted behind into his crotch. She continued to move and the sensation awoke his cock. She could feel it hardening behind the cotton.

He moved his lips to her ear. “I know this club. My friend owns it. Come with me.”

Fuck — he’s a quick mover she thought!

He led her by the hand through the scores of dancing bodies to a spiral staircase. “VIP baby!” he shouted!

In all of her 19 years she’d never been treated as a VIP. That was for celebs! But here she was. She held his hand as they climbed the narrow, sparkly staircase to a garish balcony.

A group sat on the assorted stools and faux-leather benches and the iced champagne was free-flowing.

“This is Jenna. With a fucking J!” Miles shouted. “Just going out to look at the view!” he added, opening a large black door. With her hand still in his she followed him. They went into a corridor which had a blacked-out window and a small window-ledge.

“Where’s the fucking view?” Jenna asked — with a laugh. Miles pushed Jenna onto the ledge then aggressively lifted up her top revealing her bra-covered boobs. “Here’s the fucking view I wanted. Right here!”

Before she could reply — or scream — or both, Miles pressed his lips to hers and started “snogging”. She wished Mya could see her. That she’d picked up a bloke too. Mya always seemed better at this game…

Miles felt the soft touch of her lingerie. Greedily his hands took hold of her tits — and he loved that his hands weren’t even big enough to do her boobs justice. He kissed her neck. A hand squeezed her ass — whilst the other tried to free a tit from its lacy holder. It succeeded and manipulated her nipple. Jenna felt so turned-on, so hot. She caressed his neck, then his back, then moved one hand to his crotch. “Fuck I’m horny” she whispered. “Come on. Fuck the fucking shit out of me!”

“You want it baby? You want my fucking cock inside you?” “Fuck yes!” she shouted. “Fuck my fucking cunt!”

Mile stepped back then grabbed the back of her knees. Her skirt rode up and he could see a sexy black lace thong underneath. His wanking hand wasted no time and with a small yank he ripped off her panties. His fingers gleefully explored what was uncovered. Jenna removed her top and her bra and pressed his face into her titties.

“Come casino şirketleri on Miles you fuck.” She started. “My pussy’s fucking dripping! Get that cock out and fucking well use it!”

He didn’t immediately do as he was told — but began inserting his fingers into her sticky swamp. “You fucking bastard tease!” she gasped. “Wow. This pussy’s as wet as the fucking ocean” he replied. Then he undid his belt and zip — and freed his stiff member from his dancing trousers.

Soon he was plunging his cock inside her.

Thrusting his member deep into her body whilst greeted by gasps of “fuck – yes”, “oh God”, “my fucking pussy” etc. They had been too embroiled in their passion to notice they had a spectator. A man. Mid-30s. Intently watching. Wanking.

“Fuck off you pervert!” she screamed. “Fuck right off!”

“I don’t think you kids mind” he replied. He moved closer towards them still rubbing his cock. “Maybe fella when you’re through with this ho I can have a go? You know that my cock’s so much bigger than yours!”

“She’s not a fucking ho– and no you can’t fuck her after me!”

“Then I’ll fuck her now!!” the stranger shouted and attempted to pull Miles of Jenna.

To Jenna’s immediate dismay he easily succeeded.

She battled, she bit, she fought — but her position on the ledge was not amenable — and the stranger’s huge cock burst into her vagina whilst his hands grabbed at her tits.

“Miles — help you Fuck!” But Miles wouldn’t. He looked up from the floor and was just too turned on by the sight to do anything about it.

Jenna’s immediate reaction started quickly to soften: “Fuck — you’re huge. That’s the biggest cock I’ve ever, ever had. Fuck! You bastard, bastard!”

“Glad you like it. You’re tits are fucking great too!”

Jenna moaned as the stranger’s ten inch member worked its magic. Then, with a few more thrusts the stranger finished inside her. “That was a great fuck!” he screamed. Jenna weakly nodded her agreement.

He pulled out his cock and tucked it back into his pants. “Come on Miles. Finish the bitch off?”

“He knows you?” Jenna asked with a perplexed stare. “He fucking knows you?”

The stranger interrupted. “Of course I know Miles. We worked together. We fucked loads of college pussy together! Now come on Miles — get back inside that beautiful, dripping cunt!”

Jenna was perplexed. Miles was still horny and did as the old work bully said. And not for the first time. Nor probably the last!

Jenna was speechless. Her disbelief at the situation lessened by the searing orgasmic sensations of being fucked. Of being abused.

Jenna came one last time as Miles’ jism joined the stranger’s sticky saltiness in her well-used cunt. “Good lad!” the stranger complimented then he patted Miles on the back. “Fit one, that. You should take her home!”

Miles remained silent as he recaptured his breath. Jenna stayed still – not sure what to do or say. But conscious of all the hot cum trickling down her leg.

The stranger left. Miles pulled up his trousers. “Here.” He passed Jenna her bra and her top.

“You want to come home with me?” Miles asked. Jenna replied “Maybe. But — I think I need a fucking stiff drink first!”

“Come on” beckoned Miles

They sat a small round table in the VIP area. Stiff drinks in hand. Both wondering what to say.

Jenna started. “So, whoever you fuck he has to fuck too right?” Miles sighed. “Seems that way. Look I’m sorry — I didn’t know he was here. But, unfortunately, — I owe him and he keeps turning up to remind me.” “You owe him? I don’t understand Miles.”

“It casino firmaları was a few years ago. He caught me getting a blowjob from this college girl. Problem was that she was the Principal’s daughter. So he started to, well, blackmail me.” Miles paused for a drink.

“He said that he would tell the Head — and that would have got me kicked out of college — that I’d abused his daughter. And he had proof!”

“What kind of proof?” Jenna asked.

“The fucking irrefutable kind! He had a video of it. He was filming the “incident”.”

“So what happened?”

“The only way to keep him quiet was that if he — you know — could get a blowjob from the daughter too! So, I met up with her, took her to a party of his and unbeknown to her, and engineered the situation. Well, I led her to a bedroom which he was already inside.”

“So he fucked her?”

“The sick fuck jumped on her and tied her up. He forced his cock inside her mouth then ended up fucking every one of her fucking holes.

Repeatedly. Two tabs of Viagra and he lasted pretty much all night. Then later he got me in there too and made me do the same thing.”

“So you fucks raped her? You bastards!”

“Well — there was no denying that she enjoyed it. But I felt sorry for the girl. She was nice. And as far as I know her Dad never knew and we stopped seeing each other. Though she frequently met up with him later. Must have been the 10 inches she was attracted to.”

“You’re quite the bastard aren’t you.” Remarked Jenna. “What’s the guy’s name?”

“Darren. Darren Wild.” After a sigh he added: “Come on. Let’s go to my place.” Jenna agreed. As they left she saw Darren Wild’s hands clutching Mya’s ass.

They picked up a taxi from the rank. Jenna was revitalised and the stories she’d heard about Miles and Darren started to turn her on. Miles’s hand rested on her leg and it wasn’t long before he sensed encouraging signs and started to move it to her crotch.

Miles spotted the interesting glances of the taxi driver on the interior mirror. But he didn’t care. He pushed his hand to her clit and rubbed it. Jenna had also spotted the taxi driver’s looks. He was quite a hunk she thought. She let Miles’ fingers entertain her and played with her cleavage.

Miles’ fingers were pushing inside her. The cab driver nearly crashed as he found it difficult to drive and leer at his back-seat passengers at the same time. Jenna moved her top and bra just a little to give the excited cabbie a better view.

The cab finally stopped. Miles took out his fingers and searched for his wallet. It wasn’t with him. “Fuck! He shouted. My fucking wallet!”

“Miles — you’ve lost your fucking wallet? Jeez! Now what the fuck are we going to do? I’ve got shit!”

The cabbie locked the back doors.

“You have a problem he asked?”

“Yeah” Answered Miles. “I’m going to have to go inside the house and grab some cash.”

“OK” said the cabbie who unlocked the door. “Just you though. Leave the girl here. She’ll be security!”

The cabbie turned round and watched Miles leave. He then turned his eyes back to Jenna and with them devoured every inch of her sexy body.

“Were you having a good time just then?” he asked. “It sure looked as if you were.”

“Yeah. OK.”

“You’ve got great tits. If I could touch them I may give you a discount.”

“You mean give my friend a discount.” Jenna replied.

“That’s if he’s found some cash. Otherwise you may have to do even more!”

“Well, then. Let’s hope he can afford the cab fare you fucking pervert!”

At that moment Miles güvenilir casino returned.

“Shit! I can’t get hold of any cash. Can I owe you the fare?”

The cabbie responded. “No. I don’t give credit to anyone. So, we’ll just have to negotiate!”

“Negotiate?” cried Miles. “What do you fucking mean?”

“He wants to fondle my boobs.” Interrupted Jenna.

“Well not entirely” said the cabbie “touching your titties was for a discount and you owe the whole fucking fare. I think that’s worth at least a fuck!”

“You may be able to fuck a cheap bimbo whore for £30 — but not me. Now release the lock and come by tomorrow” Jenna said firmly.

“You know I think I’d rather “come” now! So — let’s negotiate” said the cabbie.

And they did. The upshot was that Jenna, topless, stood outside the taxi with her tits pressed against the cabbie’s window. Miles squashed her to the cab and begin to play with her clit under her mini skirt. The cabbie pressed the electric window switch and was greeted with two huge boobs entering the cab. He undid his jeans, pulled out his cock and, after a quick reposition, fucked her tits.

The cabbie tried to last as long as he could — but it was all too much and his cock exploded over her mammeries — hitting her cheek and chin.

Jenna was having quite a night.

The taxi’s engines roared into life and Jenna followed Miles up a few steps to his house. It was a modern pad — with deep pastel shades adorning the walls.

“You live alone?” asked Jenna. “No.” Miles responded. There are friends here. A couple. You may meet them later but it depends on how long you stay — and how much coke they’ve both imbibed.”

“Miles. We have unfinished business.” And with that she pulled his head towards hers and kissed him on the mouth. Jenna had been so turned on by Miles’ finger-play and the cabbie’s perverted mind. Now she wanted to cum.

Jenna’s clothes were near ripped apart and Miles pushed her down onto a small sofa in the corridor.

“I hope you cleaned up after the cabbie” enquired Miles and after Jenna nodded Miles’ mouth started to eat her breasts.

He soon entered her and began pounding her.

Suddenly a nearby door opened and a naked man entered the corridor.

“Spider I’ve got company!” Miles said.

“Yes I can see.” replied Spider walking towards them. “Fuck — she’s cute!”

“Spider, fuck off!”

“What’s your name?” asked Spider.

“Jenna — with a J. Now fuck off!”

“Come on Miles. Helena’s comatose and I’m fucking horny. Let’s share her – like we always do!”

“No — fuck off!”

“Come on — just a blow job. Here look.”

Spider had now walked to the top of the sofa so Jenna’s head was directly in line with his hardening cock.

Jenna couldn’t believe it. But the similarity to the club episode intrigued her. Whilst Miles was protesting Jenna opened her mouth wide.

Spider RSVP’d. He flopped his cock on her cheeks, chin and lips. He then spat into Jenna’s mouth before pushing his prick inside the welcoming cavity. Before, she’d come across the phrase “double penetration” as a masturbation fantasy. Now it was for real.

Miles laughed, picked up speed — and came. Then he watched Jenna’s eagerness and wished that he too had received such an oral pleasure.

“Spider, I’m beat. She’s all yours.”

“Thanks bro!”

Spider pulled out his cock and with some force picked up Jenna so that she was kneeling towards the back of the sofa, allowing him to enter her cunt from behind. With a grasped hand on each squishy titty — Spider rammed his whole cock inside her — and kept ramming.

She tried to turn and see his face. Dark unkempt locks. Liquid blue eyes. The beginnings of a dark beard. Yes for Jenna — it was like being fucked by Jesus!

(To be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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