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It was Saturday night and Mike was home alone. He didn’t mind because there were absolutely no interruptions as he watched hockey. It was the playoffs and the second game of the night was just coming to an end.

He went to the kitchen to get a drink and paused to take a long look at the freezer. He pursed his lips and frowned, trying to make a decision and, after about fifteen seconds of good hard thinking, he opened the freezer and reached to the back. Fishing around between the ice cube trays, the frozen fish sticks and the half empty ice cream container, he finally found what he was looking for. The plastic bag, sealed closed with the ziplok was still there and, best of all, so too was the quarter ounce of pot he bought the week before.

He reached into a little used bottom drawer beside the stove that was packed with plastic shopping bags and other useless things and retrieved a small pipe and a lighter. He sat at the table and packed a tiny amount of pot into the bowl and then looked up with a start.

The front door was opening and he quickly pushed the baggie and pipe into the pockets of his track pants. The bulges were clearly visible but he figured if he didn’t have to stand up, it wouldn’t be too obvious.

He looked at the clock and saw that it was just past 9:30 pm. He guessed it had to be Jennie, his girlfriend’s eighteen year old daughter. He knew it couldn’t possibly be Debbie. She never came home anywhere near 9:30. Her habits over the past several months had laid the pattern out quite well. On weekdays, she disappeared shortly after Mike got home from work and didn’t usually come home until well after 2 am, sometimes after 3 am. On weekends, she was usually gone by the time Mike got out of bed and sometimes popped in and out throughout the day for a few minutes; long enough to change clothes or grab a jacket. Other than that, he didn’t see her much and talked to her even less; and that was just the way he liked it.

As he suspected, it was Jennie coming home which did surprise him a little bit. He expected that she would be out for the whole evening. Instead, here she was with one of her friends in tow; it was Cathy. Although they were both eighteen years of age, Jennie and Cathy were almost the exact opposites in appearance.

Jennie was about 5’4″ and had a pretty face with the biggest smile Mike had ever seen on a girl. She had long straight brown hair flowing over her shoulders and she was grinning brightly as she walked into the kitchen. She was petite and had small 34B breasts which hung well on her small frame. Her bum was nice and round and she liked to show it off wearing tight jeans or short skirts. Tonight she was wearing a denim skirt and a loose fitting white button-down shirt. She’d left at least four buttons undone at the top which gave some fleeting glimpses of her small tits if she turned to the side.

Cathy was a little taller than Jennie but her body was so slim Mike wondered sometimes if she was sick. Her hair was dirty blonde and cut just past her shoulders. She had a pretty face and big eyes that reminded Mike of a deer. She too was smiling and she greeted Mike shyly when she walked in. She was wearing a denim mini-skirt too, but where Jennie’s was blue, hers was white. Her sheer blue top was blousy and had puffed up sleeves and shoulders. Mike was sure he could see her bra through it and he wondered to himself why she even bothered to wear a bra. Her tits were almost completely flat. Staring at them absently he wondered if her nipples were large and round or small and puffy like Jennie’s were.

He knew what Jennie’s nipples looked like because he’d seen them. In fact he’d sucked on them and done any number of other things with them. Two weeks before, he and Jennie had gotten high together and ended up fucking each other’s brains out on the living room couch. He smiled as he remembered seeing her nipples for the first time. They were bright red and hard and they looked just like strawberries. He’d almost imagined they were strawberries when he tasted them. Then last week, he’d unwrapped a bath towel from around her body after her shower and licked her pussy until she screamed in orgasm. He smiled even more when he remembered how her pussy had tasted too.

‘What are you smiling about?’ Jennie asked as she sat down at the table with him.

Mike shook himself out of his reverie and looked at her in surprise as she sat with him. He fully expected that she and her friend would have adjourned to Jennie’s bedroom, never to be seen again until morning.

‘Nothing,’ he said. ‘What’s up? How come you and Cathy aren’t hiding out in your room? That’s what you usually do when you come home.’

Jennie smiled broadly and shared a conspiratorial look with Cathy.

Well,’ she began in a sing-song voice, ‘we thought it would be nice to spend some time with my favourite step-father for a change.’

Mike smiled cynically and nodded.

‘I’m not your father.’ He said with a grin. ‘And casino şirketleri I should feel grateful for this should I? Knowing how you two are such hot items on the town, I should feel blessed that you choose to spend some time with this poor old charity case.’

‘Well,’ Jennie said, ‘we are pretty hot you know. Just look at us and you’d already know that!’

‘Yeah, I see that.’ Mike answered. ‘Now cut the crap. What do you want?’

Jennie smiled at Cathy again and then Cathy stepped forward and then leaned against the table top right beside Mike.

‘Jennie told me you shared something with her a couple of weeks ago.’ She said. She blushed a little and then sat down in the chair and faced Mike squarely. ‘She said you already knew that we… um…’

‘That you smoked pot?’ Mike offered.

Cathy smiled and blushed again and then nodded.

‘And now you want me to share some pot with you and your friend here?’ He said as he turned toward Jennie.

Jennie blushed too and then nodded.

Mike shook his head in exasperation and smiled.

‘You know,’ he said looking sternly at the two of them, ‘I could get into all kinds of trouble sharing that stuff with you.’

‘Come on!’ Jennie whined. ‘We’re both eighteen! It’s not like you’re corrupting minors you know.’

‘No,’ Mike agreed. ‘I think I’m much too late for that.’

Cathy laughed out loud and then covered her mouth and snorted quietly. Jennie grinned again and then got up and walked around the table to stand at Mike’s side. She sat on his knee and kissed him on the cheek while throwing her arms around his neck.

‘Please!’ she begged.

Cathy got up and then sat on his other knee and also put her arms around his neck.

‘Me too,’ she said with a grin. ‘Please!’

Mike laughed quietly and then reached into his two pockets to pull the pot and pipe out; as he did so, his hands had to worm under both their bums and both girls squealed in surprise. He held up the items and then put them on the table in front of them and both girls cheered and kissed him on either cheek at the same time.

‘You guys have the best timing.’ He said. ‘I was just about to do this myself when you walked in.’

Once again Jennie hugged him and got into the chair that Cathy had vacated. Cathy hugged him too and then, seeing that Jennie had taken her chair, nestled into Mike’s lap.

His cock had stirred a little bit as he daydreamed about fucking Jennie a while ago and then had gotten semi-hard when Jennie sat on his knee. When Cathy sat on his other knee, it grew some more. Now that Cathy was snuggling into his lap while he prepared the bowl of pot, it was growing again and was almost its full size.

Cathy noticed his hard-on as soon as she slid from his knee to his lap. Now that she knew he was hard, she wasn’t sure what to do. She could get up and move, but that might embarrass him and, so long as no one said anything about it, she didn’t think it was a big deal. She figured it was just one of those reactions that men get when girls sit on their laps. Considering there were two girls sitting on his lap it was really no surprise that he got hard, she thought. Besides, she always thought that Mike was pretty cute, so knowing that he had a hard-on kind of turned her on a bit. She squirmed a little bit to get comfortable and felt a little tingle as it settled between her thighs.

Mike grunted slightly as she squirmed but she didn’t look at her or mention it. He thought it felt pretty good too.

As Mike prepared the bowl, he’d had to move around a bit to reach the various paraphernalia. In moving like that Cathy wobbled a little from side to side and had to steady herself a couple of times. She laughed while she did it but her bum was rubbing against Mike’s hard-on with every shift. After a few minutes she realized that, even though his hard-on was probably an accident, it sure felt good bumping up against her. Almost subconsciously she maneuvered herself so his cock was nestled against her pussy, even though his track pants and her denim skirt offered a double barricade between them.

Mike lit the bowl and then handed it to Cathy. He instructed her carefully to ensure she didn’t burn her throat the way Jennie had on her first try. When she had taken her first haul off the pipe, she sat back against Mike’s chest and then slowly exhaled.

Mike didn’t know if it was intentional or not, but when she leaned back her skirt had ridden up her thighs until the whole of both her legs were exposed. She shifted again and then Mike realized that her skirt had ridden up even further from underneath her. His hard-on was now pressing directly against her panties and she turned to him and smiled broadly. Mike smiled back and then handed the pipe to Jennie.

Cathy, already feeling a buzz from the pot, was tingling. Her pussy was rubbing against Mike’s hard-on with just her panties and his track pants between them and she was now starting to feel genuinely casino firmaları horny. She eased herself up a bit because her skirt was bunching up and pulled it back, making her contact with Mike’s cock even more stimulating.

Mike looked at her with some surprise but she was watching Jennie as she inhaled deeply on the pipe. He could feel every muscle of Cathy’s twitch now and he was almost sure she was rubbing herself against him intentionally. He shifted his own weight, lifting his leg slightly and then putting it down, just to see how she would respond. She laughed out loud and then reached for Mike’s shoulders to steady herself. Once again she squirmed her bum into Mike’s lap until his cock was nestled against her panties. Mike smiled to himself and just enjoyed the feelings.

Jennie took a long haul off the pipe and sat back with a grin. As she exhaled she stretched her legs out until her feet were resting on Mike’s shins. She handed the pipe back and then rubbed her feet gently against Mike’s legs. Mike looked at Jennie and saw the smoldering intensity in her eyes. He knew then that she was getting just as horny as he was. Jennie punctuated the point by sliding her toes along his shin and then down to his foot, reaching with both her feet and clutching him by the ankle.

Mike’s cock got as hard then as it could and Cathy, feeling it growing under her, turned toward him and gave him a knowing look. She wriggled her bum a little bit and Mike smiled at her and gave her thigh a squeeze.

They finished the bowl together and sat back contentedly for a few minutes.

‘Okay girls,’ he announced suddenly. ‘You know the rules. Pot from a bowl is much more potent than pot from a joint so both of you, into your pajamas now!’

Cathy looked at Mike in confusion but Jennie grabbed her by the hand and pulled her to her feet.

‘He’s right,’ she said. ‘We don’t want to sleep in these clothes and later on we won’t feel like changing because we’ll be too high.’

Cathy looked at Mike again; she was a little disappointed that she was no longer able to rub up against him in his lap and she wondered if Mike had said that to get her off of him. She was still tingling but she didn’t dare say anything. The lack of stimulus between her thighs left her feeling empty and she frowned. She began to hope that maybe Jennie would fall asleep early so she could sneak into Mike’s room and see his cock up close instead of just feeling it against her bum.

‘Ask Jennie how high she felt the last time.’ Mike said with a smile. ‘Both of us could hardly move!’

Jennie grinned remembering the last time they’d gotten high. They hadn’t been able to move, but it might have been because they’d just fucked each other like crazy. She had been thinking about their last fuck session and Mike’s reminder of their first time together made her even more horny. She was now wondering if Cathy would go to sleep early so she and Mike could fuck again.

She gave Mike another steamy stare and then giggled and pulled on Cathy’s arm.

‘Come on, let’s go.’ She said.

The two girls ran up the stairs and Mike let out a sigh of relief. He was pretty sure Cathy was rubbing against his cock on purpose and it was hard as a rock now. He rubbed it absently as he too went up the stairs to his room. He considered jerking off before he went back downstairs but then he remembered Jennie’s lustful looks. He shrugged and then thought that he and Jennie might get the opportunity to fuck each other after Cathy fell asleep. He even conjured up images of fucking Cathy after Jennie fell asleep. With all the squirming she’d done as she rubbed herself into his lap, he figured she just might be game for it too.

He changed into his bath robe and pajama bottoms and then went downstairs to the living room. He lay on the couch facing the TV and started watching some movie; he didn’t know what it was called but he was high enough that he didn’t care. It seemed to be one of those badly made but semi-explicit B-movies that came on late nights sometimes.

After about ten minutes the girls walked into the room, both of them wearing oversized T-shirts and no bottoms. Mike looked at the two of them and a tingling went through him as he continued to visualize fucking one or both of them. He wondered if they were wearing underwear and another thrill went through him at the thought of being with two girls, neither of them wearing panties.

Looking at Mike stretched out on the couch and the big easy chair the only other place to sit, Jennie told Cathy to take the chair, trying to be a good hostess. She stretched out on the couch in front of Mike blocking his view of the TV and leaning against him. The three of them giggled at the sight because the couch was too small to hold them both comfortably.

‘I have to do this to him to convince him to stop hogging the whole couch.’ Jennie said to Cathy.

Cathy laughed and lounged back in the easy chair, secretly wishing that she güvenilir casino were the one squeezing against Mike on the couch.

Mike just grinned and nudged Jennie softly so she almost fell off. She squealed and reached back with her hand to steady herself and grabbed on to Mike’s robe. Mike laughed and nudged her again and then Jennie scooted as far away from the edge of the couch and as close to Mike as she could get. She turned her head and gave Mike a triumphant grin and then settled against him.

Mike just smiled and shifted to get more comfortable. The three of them then began watching the movie.

The movie had lots of nudity and brief scenes of simulated sex; the actors would rub against each other unconvincingly, trying to look like they were actually fucking. It was obvious though that they weren’t.

As they watched, Mike started getting hard again; partly it was because of the movie, but mostly it was because of Jennie’s close proximity. He could feel her bum pressed against his crotch and he wasn’t sure but he thought she was moving slightly.

Jennie, flying high from the pot, had not been able to stop thinking about Mike’s cock. She knew it was nice and big when it was hard and she thought she could feel it hard against her bum right now, but she wasn’t sure. She didn’t want Cathy to know anything so she did nothing about it. The movie was kind of stimulating, all those good looking young actors running around half naked a lot of the time, and, without thinking about it, she had moved her hand to between her thighs just below her panties. She was absently pressing it against her pubis and getting more and more excited as the movie went on.

Cathy, sitting alone in the big chair, had her feet on the armrest with her knees against her chest. She was turned toward the TV so she was mostly turned away from Jennie and Mike. She was getting excited by the movie too and had pushed her hand right against her panties, gently rubbing and caressing her pussy through the thin fabric. From time to time she stole furtive glances toward the couch to ensure they were not aware of what she was doing to herself. Between feeling Mike’s cock pressed against her before and watching the movie now, she was getting very wet. She smiled to herself wondering how Jennie and Mike would react if they knew she was practically masturbating while sitting in the same room with them.

Sometime later Mike pushed his hand in between him and Jennie and then slid it gently toward her bum. He squeezed it softly and he felt her tremble against him a little. He slid one finger under the elastic of the leg-hole of her panties and he heard her sigh. Very slowly he pushed his hand forward so his fingers were brushing against her pussy lips. She pushed back against him slightly and he could feel her wetness.

They both looked at Cathy but she was completely absorbed in the movie on TV. They both shifted a bit and Mike pulled the back of her panties down as far as her upper thighs. He pushed his hand between her thighs and began to run his fingers softly up and down against the length of her pussy lips. She sighed again and parted her thighs a little.

She reached back with her hand and squirmed it around until she was reaching into the pee hole of his pajamas. She found his cock and wrapped her hand around it softly. She could feel the wetness of his pre-cum and she smiled as she realized how horny he was. She was just as horny, and Mike’s hand on her pussy was driving her wild.

Mike took hold of his cock and shoved it forward until the head was wedged against her pussy lips. He thrust forward slightly and nudged it inside. Jennie gasped softly and put both her hands under the side of her head as she savored the feeling of his cock.

It had been a week since Mike fucked her and she hadn’t let any other boys touch her since then. None of them had ever been able to make her feel the way Mike did and she figured she might as well not fuck them at all if she could get it better somewhere else.

She pushed back against him and his cock inched a little further inside. They were both breathing a little heavier now and they looked at Cathy once more to make sure she wasn’t aware of what was going on.

Mike wrapped his hand around her waist and pulled her closer and thrust forward at the same time. His cock was now buried inside her all the way. They both smiled and waited to make sure Cathy was still ignorant of what they were doing; then Mike shoved forward just a little bit and then drew back. Jennie responded to the slight movement, pushing back slowly to meet his thrust and then moving forward as his cock slid deliciously against her pussy walls. He pushed forward again and she moved with him, enveloping his member as it penetrated her. Soon they were sighing heavily as their fucking motion became more fluid.

Mike’s hand moved from her hip and disappeared up the inside of her T-shirt. He cupped her tit and squeezed it gently. He pinched her nipple between his two fingers and caressed it. Jennie sighed again and wiggled her bum against Mike’s hips. This movement caused his cock to swirl around the inside of her pussy lips and both of the groaned quietly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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