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Chapter 02: Jenny’s Output

This story continues directly from Jenny Ch:1 Jenny’s input

Jenny sat down; making sure that her short skirt rode up. After John had got her so high earlier in the day, and now being closeted with Ben and his obvious arousal may not be a good idea, but she was on a high and loved the tense sexual atmosphere. Ben bent down and retrieved another board. He looked up her skirt and saw her wet pussy lips, which made his erection start to throb visibly. He put the board back and stood up, his erection throbbing only inches from her face.

She looked at the bulge as it pulsated in his shorts and shivered involuntarily. Ben laughed and said. “Wouldn’t you be more comfortable without that wet top on?”

“Ben” she said coyly, “I couldn’t do that, what if someone walked in?”

Ben reached out and locked the door. He stood there with his hands on his hips, pushing is hips forward so that his erection pushed hard against his shorts all the time looking into her eyes. The challenge had been made, what would she do.

Jenny thought about it for a minute and then stood up. She slowly lifted her top over her head, looking down at her breasts she said, “That’s much better.”

Ben’s eyes were glued, his erection was now throbbing wildly, she took a step closer to him and said, “If you lose control Ben I will have to bite your head off.” Her hand brushed his penis as she gazed into his eyes.

His hands shot to her breasts, followed by his mouth. Jenny gasped out loud, she leaned her head back and enjoyed the sensations running through her body, smiling she looked at him, totally out of control now, his hand moved between her legs and as his finger penetrated her she pulled his head up and kissed him passionately. She sat on the edge of the desk and allowed him total access to her body. She felt in complete control, knowing that she had guided them to this outburst of passion. He went to drop his shorts, hoping to fuck her.

“No Ben not yet, make me come first.”

He smiled and slowly moved down. Pushing her legs apart he ran his tongue over her bud rapidly and then slowly licked her inner lips. As relaxed as she was it took only a minute for her to come, no screams this time just a long low moan of shuddering pleasure. As it subsided she pulled him up and leaned him against the desk. “You lost control Ben.” she said, “I’m going to have to bite your head off, forgive me if it takes a while wont you.”

He didn’t say anything, he didn’t need to. Slowly she went to her knees, taking his shorts with her, his erect member springing free. She took it in her hand and slowly ran her fingers along its length, pulling the skin back, her other hand played with his scrotum. Jenny had an overpowering sense of control; she knew she could do anything she wanted at this moment.

What she did was run her tongue around his swollen prick, flicking at the head, making him moan and jerk. Then she took the head into her mouth and twirled her tongue round it as she sucked hard, she started pushing it into her mouth, all the time the tongue doing its work. First just the head and then all of him and then just the head, creating a cycle of motion that drove him wild, his breathing was erratic and he was jerking madly. Her free hand slid between his legs, spreading them so that she could play with his arse as she sucked and then lightly touch the sensitive area between. Ben lifted one leg onto the desk giving her easy access. A few moments she felt his hand on her head and knew that he was going to come. She gave a final flurry of sucking and motion and felt his juice spurt into her mouth, she kept going until she had every last drop. The first spasm went to the back of her throat and she had swallowed it but the rest she saved. As she stood up it dribbled from her mouth.

Ben watched as his juices ran down her chin and dripped onto her breast. Jenny gathered it up with her finger and put it into her mouth. He still watched as her tongue came out and cleaned up all it could find. “Never waste any.” Jenny said softly.

“Jen, Jen you in there?” Tommy called, banging on the door “John’s got a problem upstairs.”

The knock on the door made them both jump but Jenny’s feeling of control stayed with her “Oh! Ok Tommy.” she said, smiling “Won’t be a second just got to put things back together.”

The both laughed as Ben pulled his shorts. “Kiss them goodbye then” she said taking her tits in her hand and pushing them at Ben. He dutifully obliged giving each nipple and long lingering suck before Jenny put her top on. “I’ll leave this room for you to sort out, by the way second shelf third board in is probably loose, should solve the problem. Think I better put a clean top on before I go up though don’t you.”

“Why spoil their fun.” Ben laughed, “Maybe they will want to kiss them as well.

As Jenny opened the door, she laughed and said, “What makes you think they haven’t already.” Ben stopped in his tracks and stared at her disappearing back.

Jenny changed casino şirketleri her top and then went up to see John. The problem didn’t take long to solve and she spent the rest of the day with them, teasing as well as working. More than once Jake almost caught John with his hands up her skirt or top.

As they finished for the day Jake said, “If I give you a beer tonight are you gonna do a strip cos I just gotta see them tits Jen.”

“Oh poor Jake,” Jenny mocked, “If I did a strip, everyone would see wouldn’t they and that wouldn’t be the same would it now. You should have said something this afternoon I could have worked topless if I’d known”

“You’re a right bitch you are.” Jake said, laughing

“Oh I am certainly that.” she said looking at John, “A really good bitch I’ve been told.” She looped arms with them both and headed for the lift. They were still arm in arm when they walked out. They all split and went to get changed for dinner.

Jenny was on a high, she hadn’t had this much attention from men in her whole life and they were so young. She went through her few clothes and picked out her scantiest items, keeping with the no underwear that had proved so much fun. Mind you, she would have to watch how she crossed her legs, the skirt was a little short, and the low cut top was a bit tight, but she felt like a slut, which pleased her. Shame she didn’t have any stockings with her.

She took so long to dress that Tommy knocked on her door, “You nearly ready Jen only I’m waiting to dish up, I’ve done something special, well I hope you don’t mind but I’ve invited Paula to dinner.”

“Yes Tommy I am coming now” she said. “And no I don’t mind, it will be nice to have a woman to talk to for once.” She took a deep breath and as sexily as she could without looking stupid slowly walked out into the room. The looks that greeted her showed she had achieved her aim, at a guess she reckoned on at least three instant erections. As she bent down to take her seat she reckoned on two more.

Paula and Tommy appeared with the food and everyone tucked in, the banter of lunchtime was missing due to Paula being present. The conversation was all about work and how Paula had got to know Jake and John. Jenny felt a pang of jealousy; she was convinced that she had slept with either one or both of them the previous week. Jenny laughed to herself at the thought that she might be jealous of what was supposed to be just a good fuck.

She was on her third glass of beer by the time the coffee was served and feeling decidedly heady. Ben had been giving her knowing looks all evening, which only added to her sense of well being.

“So, Jen,” Jake said suddenly, “all ready for the strip then.”

Jenny laughed “I don’t think so Jake, but I will have another beer please Tommy”

“What’s this about a strip then Jen?” Paula asked.

“Oh it’s her party piece.” JJ said, “Isn’t it Jen.”

“No it isn’t.” Jenny replied, “It was just the once, and I wasn’t to blame.” she was slurring her words a little now. She got up and went out onto the balcony, the others stayed inside chatting to Paula.

After a while John came out and rested his hand on her shoulder, “Everything is ready my little bitch, once everyone is asleep I will meet you in the executive kennel. You have reeked of desire all day and I know that you are eager to be mounted”

The tone he used along with the words sent a shiver of excitement down her spine; she was instantly wet and her breathing became rapid. Her session with Ben had made her even hornier “I’ll wait for them to fall sleep, it shouldn’t take long after what they have drunk tonight.”

Half an hour later, after another full glass of beer she got up, and in a much heightened mood got ready for bed. As she left the bathroom the stripper choir were waiting for her, this time however she played to them, almost lifting her top off, bending down and letting her tits sway, getting close to them and pulling the top tight so that her nipples stood out firm.

“So what would it take for you to do your party trick then Jen?” JJ asked

Without thinking Jenny replied, “If we’re all ready for final testing this time tomorrow JJ you never know your luck.” and then just as she entered her room she took her top off and stood for a second with her back to them, and then closed the door.

She slipped her top back on and lay down on her bed. It seemed hours before they all settled down but finally she was convinced that they were all asleep. Quietly she went upstairs to the executive kennel as John had called it bursting into the room to find John standing naked at the huge window. She rushed over to him and threw her arms round his neck, kissing him passionately.

He looked at her and then stepped aside, he picked up a piece of cable from the chair, the outer cover had been stripped away from most of it leaving a hand grip with thirty two thin strips hanging from it “Strip bitch.” he said and whipped her buttocks hard.

The shock of the whip made casino firmaları her gasp. She could feel the animal rising in her again already. Slowly she pulled her top over her head and thrust her breasts out. John slashed the whip across them hard, her nipples instantly started to throb. She undid the fastening to her shorts and deliberately bent over to take them off, inviting him to whip her. John obliged then moved round in front of her, his erection in her face she took it readily into her mouth and started sucking on it, drawing it into her mouth.

John had been planning this all day. As she sucked on his throbbing cock, he let loose with the whip, this time the tiny wires went between her spread buttocks and whipped her wet pussy. The effect was to drive her harder onto his dick, drive it deeper into her throat but also to send shockwaves through her pussy, each strike with the whip bit into her swollen lips and even struck her throbbing clit. Faster and faster he whipped her until he exploded into her mouth, he was so deep down her throat that his juice went straight into her stomach, she surface gagging for air.

John grabbed her hair and pulled her over to the footstool, laying her across it without a care for her pain, or pleasure. He had put wires around each leg of the stool and with these; he tied her hands, and then pulling her legs wide he tied her knees. Checking his handy work, he reached out and gripped her tits, which were hanging freely over the edge of the stool.

Up till this point neither of them had said a word, both knowing that they were here for the sex and that words were not needed but now, as he put the mask over her eyes John said, “Who are you, what are you.”

“I’m your bitch John, I’m here for you to fuck, to mount as you please and to use as you see fit” she said softly, “anything you want John, anything just take it.”

He started whipping her again in the same way as before; now that her mouth was free, he could hear her moans of pleasure mixed with the occasional gasp as he hit her throbbing bud. John had been planning this for a lot longer than today, or at least fantasising about this moment.

Jenny was almost in tears when he finally thrust into her, “Oh yes John oh fuck John yes hard, do it to me John.” she screamed not caring how loud she was. Then he stopped. Jenny remembered this from last night and waited for his return, she didn’t have to wait long, this time he slid into her arse and pumped as hard as he could, still sore from the night before the pain added even more to the pleasure, and then again, he pulled out, she was rocking hard now desperate to come.

“Please John make me come, I can’t wait any more John please do it now please.” Again she felt him thrust into her, reaching forward and ripping at her tit’s “Oh yes John now John do it.”

She felt the mask being removed and her head was pulled up by the hair, “Oh god John your doing it I’m coming….” and then she looked in the mirror, “Ohh fuck no….Jake, no you gotta stop get off me, oh no no no no.” It was too late her orgasm was spilling over beyond control. Jake had made her come, not John but Jake and she couldn’t stop it.

“Bitches don’t mind what dog fucks them do they Jen” Jake said thrusting deep into her, “As long as they get fucked.”

He pulled out and making sure she could see he pushed his erection into her arse. “I’ve wanted this for fucking ages; your arse is just so fuckable. And you really don’t care who doe’s it do you Jen”

He was right, it didn’t matter who’s prick was fucking her she was still coming and she didn’t’ want it to stop, now she could feel her arse wanting to join in as well. “Oh you fucking bastard dog’s.” she said, “You fucking set me up, harder Jake do it harder, oh yes do it ohh yesss” and it hit her again, sending her into thrusting spasm’s, pushing back on him and driving him deeper.

He pulled out and fell to the floor, “No you mongrel not yet not yet please.” John stepped into his place and rammed into he cunt. He had held off his own orgasm to let Jake taste the joy’s of Jenny’s panting eager hole, but now he needed release and rammed into her until his juices shot into her again.

Hardly had he finished when he pulled out of her, Jenny wailed in disappointment, “Nooo not yet I haven’t finished not yet please not yet.”

“Don’t worry you fucking bitch we haven’t finished with you yet” John said. Everything had gone to plan so far, there was just one thing left to do.

Jake was positioned behind her now, “What do you say bitch, who am I.” he said as he brushed his semi erect cock against her wet throbbing pussy lips.

“Yes Jake please Jake, I’m a bitch Jake any dog can fuck me please Jake I need it bad please fuck me.” She let out a huge sigh as he slowly penetrated her and then he slowly withdrew, Jake continued like this, keeping it slow knowing that in her heightened state it would drive her wild.

Then Jenny felt a piece of tape being put over her mouth making it impossible for her to güvenilir casino speak, she remembered that John had mentioned this and had wondered what difference it would make. The difference was huge, she was lost now, and nobody could hear her screams. And then a set of headphones were put over her head, she could hear John talking and recognised other voices, it was all the guys talking about what they wanted to do to her, how they would fuck he and make her beg for more, and still Jake was slowly fucking her, driving her wild.

“I want you babe, but I’m embarrassed that’s why the mask, I want you badly Tommy I need you now babe.” It was Paula.

As soon as John had put the headphones on Jenny, he had gone to the exec bedroom and called to her. She had been driving Tommy mad for an hour and judging by his throbbing erection he was eager to fuck her.

She was naked, which was nothing new to either John or Jake who had shared her last week. Slowly she was leading Tommy to the crouched blindfolded figure. “I like it hard babe from behind, once you get it in you grip my hips and you bang me hard, you will wont you babe.”

“Oh Yes Paula I will I need it babe please let me babe” Tommy said

Jenny felt Jake speed up, he started banging into her once again bringing her up to orgasm she started thrusting back hard as it hit her and…. He took it out. She screamed inside and almost burst her lungs with the soundless scream.

As Jenny started to thrust back, Jake knew she was into her orgasm; he pulled out and made room. Paula said “Now Tommy! Feel it babe bang it in babe fuck me hard babe.” Paula was standing astride Jenny and guided Tommy into his sisters waiting eager hole.

As soon as Tommy was in, he gripped the thigh’s he thought were Paula’s and rammed into his sisters cunt.

As soon as the prick rammed into her she was tipped over the edge. Her orgasm exploded and she let out a long silent scream even the blindfold couldn’t stop the tears running down her face.

John removed the blindfold then the headphones and looked into her face, he saw total pleasure, lust gone mad tears running down her face, he loosened the tape from her mouth and said, “Is it good babe, how good.”

She smiled at him, “Oh you wicked bastard it is sohhh fucking brilliant, oh god he wont stop I can’t stop.”

John replaced the tape and lifted Jenny’s head to look in the mirror.

As she looked at the reflection of the man who was giving her so much pleasure she was almost sick, but the orgasm wouldn’t stop, John said, “Just another dog bitch, just another dog.”

Then Jenny heard another voice, a woman’s voice, and her brother’s prick was pulled from her pussy, only to ram into her arse with ever-greater thrusts. Her orgasm wouldn’t stop, neither would the feeling of being sick, she started thrusting back on Tommy automatically, she couldn’t stop it and in the end, she gave herself up to it. John made sure that she saw everything, even her brothers face as he shot his juices into her and still she kept coming, still she thrust back onto him wanting more and more, the lust had taken over again even if it was with tear filled eyes. Finally, Paula led Tommy away, saying how good he was, how much she had enjoyed it.

John pulled the tape from her mouth, “You bastard.” Jenny cried, “How could you. He’s my brother, who else have you got hidden back there.”

“No Jen just another dog” Jake said, “Not one else just me.”

“Cut me lose, cut me lose now.” she said

John cut her loose. As the feeling came back to her hands and feet so her anger rose. “Why John, why Jake and why for god’s sake Tommy.” she said through tear filled eyes.

“Are you willing to be totally honest Jen?” John said.


“I do believe your words were, ‘Oh you wicked bastard it is so fucking brilliant, oh god he wont stop I can’t stop’ ” John said.

“Yes but that was before I knew it was Tommy.”

“That’s my point; it was Tommy making it so fucking good, not me not Jake but Tommy, Just another dog, bitch.”

However much she hated what he had done, and however much the thought of Tommy fucking her made her feel sick, it was Tommy that had made her come, it was Tommy who was so fucking good. “You fucking bastards,” she said, “you better make sure he never finds out.” She stood up and started to gather her clothes when she felt a whip across her bum.

“Not yet bitch, we haven’t finished.” John said.

Jake was lying down on the floor, his erection standing up, “Get on this Jen and gimme those tit’s.”

“Fuck off, both of you.” she shouted

John went over to her and grabbed her by the arm, he pulled her to him and said, “Ok it was cruel, but we didn’t hide it from you did we, we could have you know.” all the time his hand was running up and down her back, over her buttocks and through the crease of her arse. Then she felt Jake behind her, his erection slipping between her legs and his hands playing with her breasts. John lifted her face and gently kissed her, then again more passionately. Despite the anger she felt, she responded and a moment later, she was panting hard as she lowered herself onto Jakes erection. All thought of Tommy vanished in her rising passion.

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