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Jenny Summers was sixty nine years old, retired, modestly wealthy and sound in wind and limb. She swam twice a week, played Tennis and jogged. She was slim, long limbed and firm busted, toned but not muscly. She lived in a five bedroom rambling Victorian pile, in a quiet leafy street on the outskirts of London. The house had been her home since childhood. Here she had lived, loved and grown older. She had outlived her elder brother by five years so far and tragically her younger sister by sixteen years.

Retiring she had nursed first her mother, then her father until she was on her own, with no known relatives. She wanted for little, had no desire to travel, but read voraciously. Recently she had been introduced to e-books and had re-read old childhood favourites as well as novels by some of the newer writers. Television held little entertainment value for her and only occasional forays to the local theatres or the cinema pulled her from the house for longer than the weekly shopping trip or her daily jog.

She had been a senior nurse and in retirement helped out at local functions for the elderly, although, as she admitted, some were only just older than she. She had a small circle of acquaintances, but no real friends, no one she would trust with her life, no one to share secrets with. Her neighbours were a mixed crew and although they all maintained a cordial relationship, none would class any of the others as a friend.

Jenny maintained the house as best she could, as well as having a few trusted workmen to take care of plumbing, electrics, decorating, gardening etc. She did the housework, washing, drying ironing, cleaning, vacuuming, dusting as needed, but it was never a priority. She had her books and that was enough she thought.

Her bedtime regime was fairly fixed, however. After locking up and turning all the downstairs lights off, she would go upstairs at ten pm, strip, wash, clean her teeth, use the toilet and go to her bedroom. Donning pyjamas she climbed into bed and read til eleven pm. She would then place her bookmark in her book. Sliding down and turning on her left side, switching her bedside light off, she would soon fall into a deep sleep until about seven am.

Some nights, albeit rarely she would wake and need to go to the bathroom at around three am. Tonight was one of those nights, but on rising she caught a muffled noise downstairs. Without hesitation she reached into her nightstand drawer and retrieved her Father’s old Webley service revolver, cocking it she crept to the stairs. Below she heard light steps and the creak of the lounge door. Sliding against the wall, she moved to the stairs, her years in the house had taught which boards creaked or moaned underfoot.

She quietly moved downstairs, aiming the gun at the lounge door as it slid into sight. Reaching the hall she moved gently to the lounge door, which was unusually slightly open. She slid a hand into the gap, located the light switch and closing her eyes switched it on. Stepping forward into the lit room, she saw a slim figure rubbing it’s eyes at the sudden light.

“Jesus, H…”

Looking round he saw Jenny, straight armed, with the gun pointed at his chest.

“Oh God!.. Please, look… please don’t shoot. Please I’ll put it back.”

He placed a bag on the table, removing her e-book, some silverware and a small pottery figurine. She grinned and waggled the gun, indicating he should move away, which he quickly did.

“Sit!” she barked, gesturing with the gun, He sat.

Moving slowly, almost languidly she moved to the chair opposite him. Lowering herself down her eyes never left his face and her gun remained locked onto his chest. She smiled and waggled the gun again,

“Take it off,” she instructed, motioning at his face with the gun, before relocating to his chest again. Sitting back she was unaware how her short nightie had ridden up her bare legs. Relaxing slightly she let her legs move apart, revealing her salt and pepper bush at the junction of her thighs.

Hesitantly he moved his hands up to his ski mask and peeled it off. His young face red with exertion and embarrassment. His eyes locked onto her pussy and he felt himself stirring. She smiled and lowered the gun to her lap. He relaxed visibly, but held his hands up to her to let her know he wouldn’t be trying anything. Meanwhile his face reddened and he gulped audibly. She gestured for him to lower his arms, which he did very slowly.

“So, why me, why this house?” She asked unaware of why he stared so intently at her. She shifted a little and looked down, seeing where his eyes were pointed. casino şirketleri She gasped and lifted her bottom slightly before pulling her nightdress down with each hand, switching the gun expertly between tugs. Sitting back she crossed her legs and her lips parted in a grin.

“Well now the shows over, answer the question! Why me?”

“I’ve seen these houses a lot and yours seemed the easiest, no alarm, no great comings or goings.”

“And an old lady who should be a pushover, lots of antiques, collectibles, wads of cash…”

“Something like that, look, this is my first attempt at this, honestly.”

“So not going at all well for you then?” she laughed.

He looked puzzled at first then laughed,

“No, I suppose it isn’t, is that thing real?”

“What would you do if I said no?”

“Run like fuck, sorry run like the clappers.”

“Don’t worry about the language I’ve heard it all before. Yes it’s real, yes it loaded and yes I will use it if you try anything. So first time and a complete cock up?” she responded.

“First time and totally fucked, yeah.”

“Would you like some tea, because now I’m up I’m suddenly really parched.”

“What! Hell yes I could go a brew, yes please.”

“You’ll have to do it, I can’t leave you here on your own can I, come on, into the kitchen. That way.”

Jenny stood and directed the man into the kitchen, fifteen minutes later they were back seated in the lounge. They sat quietly contemplating, sipping at the mugs of tea.

“What’s your name? I’m Jenny.”

“Gary, nice to meet you Jenny.” He raised his mug in salute, she nodded and waggled her mug slightly.

“What did you do before this?”

“Oh, this and that, odd jobs, warehouseman, cab driver, storeman, oh I once did a spell as a chef in a restaurant.”

“So why switch to burglary?”

“Desperation really, lost another job, wife and kids left me. Lost my house, thrown out of the hostel. been a bit downhill recently.”

“So what now, will you try housebreaking again?”

“I don’t know, look, trying to get a job when you’re living in a hostel isn’t easy, they see the address, they know. Suddenly they seem to have filled the vacancy. I…”

“Oh for fucks sake man, pull yourself together and get a grip.” Jenny sat back and grimaced. “How old are you? Twenty six? Twenty seven, you’ve got your life in front of you, you need to make plans and tough it out.”

“Easy for you to say love, look at this place, must be worth a couple of million at least and you don’t look like you skimp on the housekeeping. Daddy looked after you or was it your old man. When have you ever had to scrimp and scrape. When did you have to decide whether it was you or the kids that eat tonight?”

“You cheeky bugger, I worked for forty years in the NHS, dealing with everyone from lords to druggies. I nursed my mum and dad until they died. I never married, yes I had a few boyfriends, but nothing special, nothing lasting. So don’t tell me I never had to make tough decisions. Ever had to agree to turn off life support for your parents, ever, no, thought not.”

“I’m a fucking orphan you jumped up bloody matron, went from foster home to care and back again.”

“Shit, I’m sorry, you’re right, look, sorry, what about more tea?”

“You haven’t got a sandwich handy have you?”

“You cheeky sod! Oh go on then what would you like?”

“Ham or cheese would be fine.”


“You’re an angel, with a potty mouth I might say.”

“Kitchen Gary, wash your hands while I get the grill on.”

In the kitchen he washed his hands and sat at the table whilst she made tea and toasted his sandwich. Sitting down she slid a plate and his mug across the table. He looked at the thick toasted wad on the plate in front of him, before diving in and wincing as the hot cheese burst into his mouth. He nodded approval and chewed rapidly. Jenny stood and repeated the toasting, popping a second helping onto his plate. He sank his tea and looked ravenously at the second sandwich, she stood and made more tea. His eyes watching as the nightie rode up over her tight girlish bottom, he licked his lips. Now was that the sandwich or the arse?

Finally he sat back and finished his tea, she smiled and reached for his plate, but he jumped up and spent ten minutes clearing up, leaving the cleaned implements and grill on the unit behind her. She grinned,

“Mmm semi housetrained, I like that in a man.”

“I even put the seat back down after I pee.”

She laughed and finished her tea. He suddenly noticed the absence of the casino firmaları gun, he looked at her in amazement.

“Where’s that bloody cannon hiding?” he asked cautiously.

“Tucked in my knicker elastic,” she answered with a grin, which he mirrored.

“Which we both know is a lie, although a very funny one.”

“Well that means I suppose I can’t really stop you going can I?”

“Well that’s true so, look I must be going, I really need to get out of here, nice to meet you Jenny.” He stood held out his hand and nodded,

“where are you going to go?” she asked gently.


“Well there’s a spare bed here, you could use that. I have men’s pajamas, about your size, my Dad was tall and thin like you.”

“Why would you do that, why?”

“You seem like a nice guy caught out in the wrong circumstances, I would like to help, is that OK?”

“sure, sorry I’m a bit… err!”

“Confused? Tired?”

“All the above and more, but I can’t really stay here can I? I tried to rob you, why would you do this for me?”

“Because when all is said and done Gary, I’m a lonely old lady, who would welcome a friendly voice around the house. Or, perhaps, I might be a wild and wicked woman who’s drugged your tea with a date rape concoction and who can’t let you leave and be found dazed and confused.”

“And you’d do that because..?”

“I’m going to take you to my room, tie you up and have my wicked way with you,” she leered at him and mimicked giving him a blow job.

Gary sat back and laughed,

“Trust me you don’t need the roofies, you look pretty fit to me, you could pull anyone you wanted. This is pretty rude, but, how old are you?”



“Late sixties, more or less.”

“Fuuuck, really?”

“What’s so hard to believe? did you think I was older?”

“No much younger, you look about the same age as my mother in law.”

“How old is she?”

“Mid to late fifties.”

“Really, well that’s sweet of you, but no I’m a sixty nine year old virgin.” she grinned.

“Really, a virgin, but you said you’d had boyfriends, didn’t..?” He left the question hanging.

“Gary in my day there was little access to contraception, sure guys could get stuff, but it was difficult. And… girls who did let a guy that close were often shamed as sluts or whores. Or they ended up pregnant and disowned. Certainly my Dad, bless him, would never have allowed me back here if I ended up “up the duff”.” she smiled, and shrugged.

“So do you miss, you know…?”

“You really must learn to finish a sentence, don’t leave a girl hanging. I can’t miss what I never had, although I’ve often wondered what it must be like.” She smiled at him and he grinned back.

“You know what, fuck it, I’ll stay, but only if you really are a sexually depraved whore who wants to use my body .” he laughed and sat down again.

“Agreed, you should start to feel really dizzy, tired and confused about now…” She looked at the kitchen clock. He grinned,

“Nope not a thing, oh well better luck next time.” She laughed and stood.

“Come on then I show you up to the room. You’ll need to help me make the bed up, but I’ve sheets and towels in the airing cupboard right outside.”

“After you then,” he grinned.

“How considerate, you are a gentleman.” she curtsied and he bowed to her.

“Not really, that nightie doesn’t hide a thing and I should get a better view of your arse if I walk up a couple of steps behind you,” he laughed and bowed again.

“Hmm I’m going to have to watch you closely, I feel my honour is at stake here.” grinning she turned and walked towards the stairs. He followed a smile stretched across his face.

Without hesitation she walked up the stairs, feeling a slight buzz in her pussy and a little thrill running through her body. She felt his gaze on her bare rear end and blushed scarlet, feeling a slight dampness across her neckline and in her pussy. She stopped and half turned, Gary was three steps down from her and his face beamed.

“you really do have a very nice arse, which may well get me shot, but man would it be worth it.” She tilted her head slightly as she roared with laughter, feeling her nipples harden. He made a play of adjusting the bulge in his jeans and waggled his eyebrows.

“Package for Jenny, no need to sign for it, just open and enjoy.” he moaned.

“I may well take you up on your kind offer, but we need to make your bed up. No fuck it, this way.” She groaned as she jogged to the top of the stairs, hearing him follow. She walked across güvenilir casino the landing and opened her door.

He followed her in as she pulled her nightie over her head. Groaning with delight he pulled her to him and kissed her on her lips. wrapping her in his arms, sliding his hands down her back and up again. She pushed him away breathlessly.

“Get your kit off for Gods sake, do it, take me, fuck me, do it, do it!” She begged, tugging at his clothes.

In seconds he was naked and with his erection jammed between them they fell on her bed. She squirmed backwards he moved over her, kissing licking, squeezing, caressing. Her feelings overwhelmed her as his lips pulled gently on her nipples, his hands on her sides. She felt her body electrifying, moisten at his touch. He moved to kiss her lips, and open her mouth so their tongues tangled together. She panted as his hand closed around her mound and he gently rocked it, cupping her sex, gently squeezing it as his head dipped down her body.

As he slowly moved back from her stomach to her mouth, he carefully inserted a finger into opening, rocking it gently back and forward, she almost screamed at the pleasure. He moved his moistened finger to her bud and she lost it. Screaming she jerked spastically as her first orgasm in three decades swept her way. Gary slowed his movements, letting her fall gently back.

“Do it, put it in me please, please make me a real woman, Gary fuck me, please, please.” she was almost in tears. He kissed her passionately as he moved over her fully, felt her widening her legs as he guided his cock to her opening. He slid it into her waiting sex. She groaned with desire. He pushed gently feeling her beautiful cavern opening up around him. Slowly he fed her the length of his modest six inch cock. She shuddered and wept. He paused, she gripped his arms.

“No please, it’s OK, it’s just so overwhelming, it doesn’t hurt, it feels…” she was lost for words as he began a slow and deliberate rocking motion.

Moving slightly he made sure the top of his cock was brushing her bud. He began to expertly up the tempo, until they were both rocking against each other. She gasping, shouting, screaming had a second and third orgasm. Gary lost it and as her tunnel gripped and relaxed around him, he felt his orgasm burst. He pumped blasts of cum deep into her as she climaxed against him. She moaned and twitched as he continued to pump his seed into her. They kissed and held each other tight, until exhausted they feel apart but still joined together. They fell shortly into a deep sleep, tangled together as they moved against each other.

At around eight he felt her stirring as the reality of last night began to flood back to him. He looked at her nervously. She opened her eyes and grinned.

“You’re still here then,” she said as she attempted to sit up. They both checked as they realised they were still joined at the groin. Grinning he gently tried to disengage from her. His semi erect cock, was gripped by her muscles contracting.

“Not so fast partner, we need to talk.” she looked at him seriously.

“Shower, together and talk then,” he said as he removed himself from her and held out his hand. Taking it she allowed herself to be led onto the landing. She pointed to the door opposite, they walking in hand in hand. He marveled at the luxurious fittings in the room. Taking her with him he stepped into the shower. Closing the door, she pulled him to her and they kissed. He felt her reaching over his head and they both screeched as the shower exploded a brief icy cold blast on them before the warming stream took its place.

Finding shower gel he began to wash her, slowly soaping her breasts, stomach, pussy, before turning her to run his soapy hands down her back from neck to bottom. She followed through with him, then they came together again, he pushing easily into her, they took their time, turning the shower off as the water cooled. They ended up sitting on the shower stall floor in a tangle of limbs and bodies. Standing they stood under a freshly warm stream until staggering out they toweled each other dry.

“If you want it the offer still stands,” she said as she dried his back. He nodded and turned to her, her hands gently kneading his sex. He kissed her and they circled their arms round each other.

“I’ll go pick up my clothes, they have packed them up and given my bed to someone else anyway.”

“Will you really come back, or…”

“Jenny, trust me, I will be back, wait for me, please.”

“This is so unreal, I…”

“I know, me too, trust me.” She nodded.

Twenty minutes later and he was gone leaving her she sat in her lounge crying. Wondering if this was a start to new adventures, or a brief but pleasant interlude, in what she recognised now was her sad and hollow existence.

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