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This was crazy insane! I was about to touch his dick! How did I get here?

I was a R.A. at a small private college in upstate New York – you know, the friendly Resident Assistant who lives down the hall from you in the dorm? Well, this particular semester I had a very interesting resident that pretty much changed my life. It was years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

First, let me tell you about my job as an RA. I was responsible for “room check” each night to be sure the residents were not violating curfew. It was a small college, and parents wanted to be sure their kids were in the dorm by 1am, so that was how I could afford to attend this private school. Most of the time it was very uneventful. But there was one particular encounter which was quite the event!

I knocked on the door for my residents each night, and simply called out “room check.” If they replied, then I just moved on to the next room. If not, then I had a master key and I’d quietly open the door and glance in to see if they were asleep. No big deal.

Well, one night I opened the door for Tommy’s room. He was asleep, which was not unusual. What was unusual was that he was lying on the bed totally naked with a huge hard-on! There was a glow coming from the TV and it was illuminating his rock hard dick perfectly as he lay back on the bed snoring softly.

I was startled to see this, and I just sort of panicked. I felt that I had really invaded his privacy. But then I heard voices coming down the hallway and suddenly I stepped inside the room and silently closed his door behind me. What the hell possessed me to do that?

To this day I can’t tell you why I did it, but there I was standing inside the room, with Tom’s big cock rigidly rising off his flat belly. It was the first time I ever saw another dick except for locker rooms and camp showers. Of course, we always saw each other naked in the showers at the dorm. But seeing a glimpse of a limp penis as someone turned around in the shower was not a big deal. However, seeing a raging hard cock was something totally different.

I’ve never been attracted casino oyna to men, but I must admit that even before that night I was always attracted to the thought of seeing another cock up close and personal. Whenever I watched porn, it was always the sight of the dick that really turned me on!

And now here I was just standing next to his bed with the glow of the TV shining on his penis. I could not stop staring. I glanced at the screen, and sure enough it was porn. He must have fallen asleep after masturbating, which would explain why his big dick was shiny. I slowly moved closer to him as he slept unaware of my presence.

This was both exciting and scary! What would he think if he woke up with me hovering over him? Of course, Tom knew that I’d be doing room checks, so that was easy to explain. But I never entered the rooms at night – and never ever closed the door.

But I had to take a closer look. So I moved right up to the side of his bed, and saw that there was a light sheen on his abs. I suspected that this was his own cum, rubbed on his belly after he ejaculated. Damn! I was beginning to get hard myself as I investigated the scene like a detective. I was the Sherlock Holmes of masturbation!

His right hand was still on his thigh, about three inches from that big dick. Suddenly, his dick twitched!

I stifled a gasp, and watched his cock engorge itself again with the mental arousal from his dreams. I could certainly relate, having fallen asleep after jacking off then waking up with a raging hard on. That always led me to another round of masturbation when I woke up!

As if reading my thoughts, his fingers twitched in his sleep. It was as if they were wrapping around his shaft. I bet that felt great in his dream!

Then it hit me. The worst possible idea. Ever. But even as it came to my mind, I knew I was going to do it.

What would happen if I touched his cock? He’d probably think he was still dreaming. After all, the evidence right in front of me was that he was having a fine fantasy!

I certainly wanted to touch that cock! It was so big. slot oyna Much larger than I would have guessed. And it was so shiny. He was completely clean shaved, and his balls were loose and sprawled out below his penis. So what would happen if I just lightly rubbed it? Would he wake up?

This was certainly going to be a risk, but I was so into the moment that I didn’t really stop to think. If I had I would have turned around and left.

Instead, I silently reached out my hand towards Tom’s dick. I was moving very slowly, careful not to make a sound. The porn was still flickering with the volume off, and the dorm was relatively quiet with a few muted voices from other adjacent rooms.

This was it. It was crazy, but I couldn’t stop myself. I moved the fingers of my hand down until they lightly touched his shaft. It was such a light touch that I could barely feel his skin against my fingertips. But still, I was actually doing it! I had touched another man’s hard cock!

I moved the fingers ever so slowly up his slick, shiny dick. I felt the super soft skin right under his penis tip.

Tom let out a gentle moan in his sleep! I froze with my hand touching his penis, and watched him closely as he continued to snore.

I could not believe I was actually doing this! I wanted so badly to stroke that pecker and see him cum. But I only let my fingers touch his dick.

I moved up to the tip, where his slit was still wet with cum. It was like baby oil on his cock head, so slippery and wet!

Tom was still sleeping and I was just about to cum in my shorts from my own rock hard erection. It was definitely time to leave.

Just then, with no warning at all, Tom’s hips gave a small thrust as if he were pounding his dick into a hot babe’s pussy in his dream. His hard cock slipped up and into my surprised hand! My fingers just naturally clenched down on it, just like it was my own penis.

I was now holding his cock – frozen with fear of being caught. At the same time Tom gave a gentle moan in his sleep and his own hand twitched on his thigh as if it were stroking his canlı casino siteleri cock.

Not thinking, just caught up in the moment, I lightly stroked his big dick in my hand. Just once – up slowly, then down again. I was fascinated by the feel of it sliding in my hand, and I knew that Tom was having a very good dream!

Then I slowly opened my hand, and let the penis stiffly stand on its own as I backed away. Silently I moved back to the door, giving one last look at the beautiful dick I had stroked while my friend was sleeping naked in his bed.

I carefully opened the door, and silently closed it behind me.

Walking quickly back to my dorm room, I had to keep my hand in front of my shorts to hide my massive erection just in case someone came out into the hallway. But no one did, and in a few moments I was back in my own room.

My clothes flew off my naked body as I fell onto the bed and began to masturbate my swollen cock. I didn’t waste any time with lube, but my fingers were still wet from Tom’s cum as I pounded my dick.

I held back a moan as my balls clenched and the eruption of semen began to spasm out of my cock. I shot a huge blast of cum up my chest, splashing down all over my body. My next rope of cum actually shot further up as I kept masturbating my twitching penis. This one went far enough to hit me on my face, some of it landing in my open mouth as I moaned in pleasure with the ejaculation. I tasted my own cum on my lips as I kept pounding out more and more spurts, becoming even more stimulated by the second.

Finally, I was totally spent and lay back in the bed, covered in warm cum and totally nude on my back. I could not help but to think of Tom, who was lying in the exact same position just a few doors down. I fell asleep with the dream of his big dick fresh in my mind. My fingers were still feeling his penis skin as they tingled after stroking my own cock.

Just before I completely crashed, I thought about the whole situation. Was it a coincidence that Tom was naked when I checked his room? Was it possible that he had set up the situation so that I would find him like that? Was this an invitation for me to do even more things with him in the future?

I had no idea if it was an invitation or a coincidence. But tomorrow night was another room check. So maybe I’d find out then…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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