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We had just finished dinner, I was cleaning up the dishes in the kitchen. Didi and I had a romantic meal with lots of wine and were about to finish up when Red showed up. He was in town and said he might stop by. I was thinking about him all day since he had called, thinking about our nasty love history and how unbelievably sated he made me feel, doing things others couldn’t dream of. But as the dinner went on, I fantasized mostly about what I was going to do to Didi later that night, showing her new things, bringing her to extraordinary heights. She and I had been involved off and on for years; this period we were seeing a lot of each other and exploring new territories each time.

She was a stunning blonde, dressed beautifully, was brilliant, and made me tingle when I thought of her without clothes, which was often. During dinner, the two of them hit it off, they had a number of work-related things in common and chatted a lot about those, some people they both knew and the like. Red’s contribution of several exquisite Burgundies began having an intoxicating effect on us all.

I was washing up slowly, looking out over the open kitchen to the living room where Red and Didi were on the long black leather couch. By now I figured with Red in the mix something interesting was bound to happen, but I didn’t expect their seeming infatuation with each other; I think I was getting jealous. I took a long sip and went about my work, observing them.

Red reached into his shirt and pulled out a hand-rolled cigarette, “I just came from Denver, thought you might want to try this out?” None of us really smoked anymore, we put that phase away long ago, but I thought, “this will be fun.” He lit up and took a pull, handing it to Didi, who put her wine down and dragged. They both closed their eyes for a moment and everything slowed down a bit.

“Hey Anne, want some, come join us?” he asked me from across the room. I actually was very happy with my wine and just observing them from afar.

“No, I want to finish up here, then we’ll see.”

They were looking dreamily now into each other’s eyes, the pot taking effect and before I knew it they were kissing. It was kind of strange to watch this unwind on my couch without me being involved, but in a way my curiosity made it all the more fun. They were getting more serious now, I think they forgot I was there. I turned off the water and in silence just sipped my wine watching them.

He was gently peeling off her blouse, working the buttons with skilled fingers and she was not protesting in the least. He was kissing her neck and throat and she was moaning softly. I felt her heat nearly a room away, I saw her glow and I was beginning to get wet. He had her bra off and her wonderful tits, now untethered, swung rhythmically with her panting. He sucked them one at a time, moving the hard nipples around his mouth, teething her bumps. Now her pants were off and his fingers circled the remainder of her white panties.

Releasing each other, she lay on her back and started pinching her nipples hard and slapping her breasts so they jiggled against each other. Red had her panties off and a finger was now insider her gash, slippery with her excitement. Still fingering her, he reached with his other hand and retrieved the smoldering joint and took another toke, handing it to Didi, who did the same. He added a second finger into her cuze and began beating them, frothing her insides. He went back to her tits with his mouth, sucking on one nipple while she pinched the other. It was like watching a porn movie but in 3D with all the sounds and smells of reality. I was really getting into it. I had a finger in my own cunt now and it was starting to wilt under my dress, I needed out, but I stayed at my perch.

Now Red had gone on the floor, putting his head between her legs, now raised to open her vag to his tongue. And he went in with fervor. They were writhing in a crazy lust-filled dance on my beautiful leather couch, in my living room, while I was watching from the other room! I was however, so in-synch with my lover girl, that with each rise of her abdomen, each gasp she took from his flicking tongue on her clit, I felt the same gasp and it electrified me in real-time. Red slobbered some heavy saliva on his index finger and diddled my Didi’s ass, pushing it gently into her. She accepted it wantonly, this being one of our favorite hot spots. Red was totally an ass man and if I knew him, he’d be banging her bung pile in no time.

I heard her gasp loudly, then scream as she came, boiling into Red’s mouth, clutching his head with her knees and pulling his finger deeper into her shitter. She moaned again and gently pulled out of the clutch and brought him back up to the couch, kissing him deeply, tasting her own cunny sauce. He responded with passionate kissing and brought his shit finger into their conjoined mouths, each licking the treat, both hoping to get the scent of my Didi in their bodies.

I now just got my finger under the waist band of my panties and slowly shoved it into my vag girl, which by now was dripping. I circled rings and went deep, casino şirketleri feeling my cervix and pressing my sensitive clit. I wasn’t self-conscious or anything, I didn’t even know if I wanted to come there, but it seemed like the natural thing to do. It got my heart beating faster and following their cues, I moved it to my waiting anal pucker, which by now was wet with my pussy juices. I played some with my parts, thinking about when to join them, but I waited still, my breath getting faster, but waiting for the right moment.

Didi got his pants off and shirt unbuttoned, his rock hard wand in her hand. She pushed him on his back and just started kissing his beautiful cock, slowly, slowly and he closed his eyes. She took his joint into her mouth almost with a gulp and went straight to deep throating him. Red responding by pulsing his groin into her face as she mouth pumped his organ meat up and down; she was enjoying it as much as he was. I was getting silly with delight, not jealous in the least, but mostly curious how this might play out.

He now relaxed a bit and his thrusts were rhythmic but slower as she tongued and played with him in her beautiful mouth, her hand cupping his balls, bringing him closer to her face. He took another toke of the joint and closed his eyes dreamily as she heightened her pace. But he didn’t want to shoot off in her mouth, he obviously had other plans as he slowly withdrew and replaced his cock with his lips, kissing my lover deeply and lovingly once again. I had two fingers diddling my own twat and was feeling heavenly and beginning the slow elegant rise to a silken climax when he pulled away from my lovely Didi, turning her over and gently pushing her onto the couch on her belly, knees on the floor.

I frigged away slowly as I watched him tongue her buttocks, slightly turned upward and moved toward her brownie. His tongue, long and determined just went in without hesitation; from my distance I saw her buck with glee as he wettened her shitter, licking, tasting, and probing her delicious cavity. She pushed fervently to meet his intrusions and they became and anal-oral unity, all wet and glistening. She began her purring again and he pushed his index finger back into her, circling her innards with her gyrations. He added another finger and began widening the blowhole. She was breathing rapidly and loudly now; her own right hand moving toward her cunt, offering some self-satisfaction.

I pulled a cunt finger out and went into my own ass now, getting a smear of self and bringing it to my nose to arouse my senses. When I looked back on the lovers, he had his cock poised right at her asshole, which was eagerly waiting.

I knew this would happen, but still was surprised with the apparent ease in which he entered her, she must’ve been sopping, that cunt love of mine, “Oh Didi,” I whispered to myself.

Both had a dreamy expression on their faces, both had eyes closes, away in another place and time. Red mounted her anus hard and thrust deep, pushing her entire body forward on the couch, grabbing her tits, one in each hand. Didi did not mind at all, letting out a gasp and moaning loudly. They fell quickly into a slow anal pulsing rhythm, him pushing and relieving, holding and squishing her lovely tits with each forward drive. Their pace increased slightly and my own journey was getting closer. I stopped my frigging then and walked over to them.

Walking silently behind him, glass in hand, I reached one hand around him and brought his face around to mine, surprising him in the middle of an ass thrust. He returned the kiss passionately as we embraced best we could. But I didn’t want to interrupt their wonderful dance, but enhance it. I let go of Red, and found the still smoldering joint, taking a long slow drag. I held the smoke in my lungs for a long time and exhaled, my world slowly becoming fuzzy and tingling all over. I removed my blouse and bra, and with just my panties on moved over to the couch where Didi’s head was moving back and forth with Red’s ceaseless pumps.

Reaching over I took another long drag on the roach and held it in, sliding over and under my stunning girlfriend’s head, now on my lap and began to stroke and massage her neck as her ass was being assaulted with increasing power. She giggle approvingly as I lifted her head, moving her face so I could kiss her sensuous lips, exhaling my smoke into her lungs; she accepted it. I kept my lips on hers as Red rammed deeper into her and his pace increased even more.

I lay back on the couch now, Didi’s face back downward on my crotch, Red fucking her pooper with determination and pure lust and I felt the sensation of all the wine and drink and just let my bladder go. Perhaps it was the pot, the back and forth movement, the freedom of feeling, but I released my piss, my panties slowly absorbing the brine as the stream grew fierce. Didi’s face was centered on my piss sponge and she just started lapping it in through the silk fabric. Responding to her wanton tongue, I pulled her head tightly into my crotch, now sopping with my hot pee.

Lifting up my legs a bit, her head casino firmaları fell to the couch and she pulled the panties into her mouth, wringing them out of every possible drop as I replenished the liquid, my bladder was gushing forth without stopping. She drank the dribbles and sucked the cloth while Red pounded her stinker. Her nether lips aggressively were wringing out my sopping panties, hydrating her waiting mouth with my salty drink.

Sensing Red was about to let loose, I leaned over my prone Didi and wriggled out of my sodden slip, pushing Red’s cock out of her ass with my hand, his shit smeared dick springing free, popping up in the air. Before he could react, I took it into my mouth, tasting my Didi’s dark chocolate smear on his tuber, my tongue pressing what I could get onto the back of my teeth. Red, too far along to stop his intentions, turned Didi over again onto her back, kissing me now, taking some of her fudge into his own mouth from mine. We kissed for a long time, the melding sensations of smoke and shit and Didi gliding between us. He got her feet over his shoulders and just slammed his turgidness back into her delicious brownie, popping the starfish wide.

I wriggled back to my sitting position resting Di’s head on my lap, her head looking up at me with closed sensual eyes, now on her back, her ass being aggressively pistol hammered by my lover Red. He thrust into her gaping anus, her ring opening and grabbing him deep. With each thrust and pull, her head jerked back and forth on my naked wet lap. Her breath was increasing with his as she frigged her cunt button in rhythm.

I pinched her left nipple and she moaned. I applied more pressure rolling the solid teat head between my fingers, finding the place between her pleasure and pain. I rolled and rolled it, pinching it harder, waiting for her to reject, but she didn’t. Rather she kept the build-up going, breathing faster and faster, frigging her womb slit ferociously. I grabbed her head and brought those amazing lips to mine, kissing her so deeply, I could have fallen into her, my lovely Didi. I tasted her every nook and cranny, her breath, her lungs, her stomach, her inner soul. We got more passionate as Red took it up another notch.

Mesmerized by the amazing situation, enhanced by the pot and wine, every time Red slammed into her ass, a deep body scent wafted up through her mouth into mine; her insatiable perfumed lover scent was invariably mixed with a lower body sulfur odor which I drank in, slopping for more, it was as if he was pushing farts up her body through her mouth. In, out, in, out, our tongues collided as he fucked and fucked her steaming asshole. I breathed in her most personal, most guttural and profound scent and fed it back to her, oh did I love her.

Red grunted loudly hammering his balls into her cunt slash, spewing boiling lava spurts into my dear Didi’s rectum. It seared her insides and she moaned loudly, our mouths still glued shut. She came in a writhing wet mess, her fingers digging so deeply into her coozy you could only see her wrist. She bucked and screamed while milking his jackhammer, his balls pumping the milky drain into her moist private shit cave. I tasted every thrust, my mouth deeply drinking her insides as we kissed so passionately. In her climaxing she clamped my pinching to her tit the whole time.

Red finished his honeypumping with a slow thrust and just sizzled inside her bottom as he softened. Di and I slowly finished our languishing kissing as she pulled gently away, shitting out his pecker with a wet squish. He fell back onto the floor and just lay there for awhile, a dreamy expression across his face as he closed his eyes.

Di let her legs down, which may have been cramping by now, being pretzeled way back like that. She got up and moved me down on the couch from my upright position to lying on my back. Lover that she was, she gently crawled over me and squatted over my face, on her haunches, the still gaping anal wound glowing pink. Watching these two lovebirds fuck and come made me horny and ready; it was my turn.

She leaned all the way over to lick my vag slit but stopped short, letting her fudge box quiver above my chin. I reached out with my tongue to lap at it, the brown mouth wide and breathing. She slowly heaved outward and the rings parted, releasing an enormous glop of pale yellow semen strands, streaked with delicious brown threads, dropping like syrup into my mouth. I eagerly took in Red’s jizz from her ass, so tasty, so thick and fresh. Her back oven kept it hot. I sucked in the last droplet and savored the salty pungent and somewhat shitty flavor, lapping it over my tongue and swallowing it carefully. How could anything be so sexy?

She pushed again and a long vibrant girl fart erupted, all the air Red pushed into her rectum finding its pressure release. I drank that in with equal hunger, I wanted everything this woman could give me. It was gummy and wet, stinking of her deep ass, grimy sulfur and body perfume. Her noxious scent I knew so well. The sensation was so intense that I felt the beginning of my own whole body orgasm güvenilir casino as I breathed in deeply, even though none of my nether parts had yet been frigged. Didi put an end to that with an unexpected dive into my bush with her skillful tongue. Hers in my cunny, mine in her hiney, we were quite a sight, tongues flicking feverishly in each other’s love spots.

I deeply explored her sticky shitter, still clustered with a mix of my spittle and the remnants of Red’s cum stickum, when she once again moved away, now off me completely and behind my upraised legs. She pushed my legs back, stretching my knees back and more gently nibbled my clit, which by now was glowing pink and emerging from the wrinkled folds. She tongued it for awhile until it grew hard as first one, then two, then three fingers cunted me decisively.

Di kept my legs high as she egg-beatered my veejay to the knuckles. I was moaning with her mouth slobbering my button, her fingers deep in my womanspace. Then to make room for the fourth finger, she released my clit and my hips started dancing with her fingers. I gasped and my head went side to side as my moans increased.

“Di, di, come back, fucking clit love, give me your kisses,” I cried in passion.

“In a minute lover, wait, you know what’s coming.”

“Ugggghhh,” I wailed as her four fingers dug deeper into my womb. My climax was near and I needed something in my mouth.

Red was stirring, and had just gotten up, standing in a daze just watching us go at it. I reached for him behind my head, gently grabbing his balls and bringing him closer. I tried to stretch my head backward to lick under his balls, knowing this would bring him back to life; with the voltage increasing down below with Di, I suddenly felt the need to have a hard cock in me at the same time.

His beautiful flesh grew slightly more rigid with my tonguing attempts, my fingers stroking his asshole and ball sack. Turning my head, I got his cock up to half mast and took it into my mouth. As the crown went in, I felt the jab of Di’s tucked thumb jamming into my twat. The bitch had her fist in me and slowly began pushing inward, squeezing my girl parts higher up into my body.

The sensation was crazy, a half-hard cock of my lover man in my mouth waiting for resurrection and my girl love’s hand up my coozy trying to grab my core and heart. She began a slow pump, knowing which moves made me dizzy. At this point I was dripping with sex slime and her fist went in and out with no problem. She pulled out with a suction pop and shot her mouth into me, the vaggie engulfing her lips I was so wide.

“Shit Di, I can feel your entire being in there,” she teased, licking me in every possible place. This was now too much, my upward run getting closer and closer. As she returned her fist with a single thrust, Red’s cock, not hard, began to dribble. A warm salty stream of man piss passed over my tongue and while surprised for a moment, I eagerly lapped at it. The stream grew stronger and thicker, swirling his liquid around my teeth and gums, down my tongue then throat. It soon became a roaring wash and I could no longer keep it in my mouth, bursting open, letting his flood spray all over the place.

Trying feverishly to capture and drink as much as I could from the loose hose, Didi’s arm hammered me deeply without restraint, my insides glowing and cried out, “Di, please lover, go, go, don’t stop, uhhhhh…” She clawed at one of my tits while, pinching it tight until it hurt, twisted it hard in rebellious torture. Red’s piss was streaming all over my face as I wailed in pleasure, the stream still splashing into my mouth but going everywhere. She pulled her fist out and firmly pushed my legs all the way back, my back breaking with my knees by my ears nearly touching the couch. With me bent backwards, cunt widened by her fisting and staring at the ceiling, she stood over me, facing Red and locking my legs in that position and squatted over my gaping cunt.

I looked up and saw her grunt slightly and a small dark turd emerged slowly from her exquisite asshole and dropped the few inches into my gaper. I was just dizzy with sensations, now swirling Red’s incoming piss around my teeth like mouthwash before swallowing and my love girl shitting into my cunt. More came from her, now a slender log, which missed the gash and smeared on my honeylips, balancing over my butt. She moaned gently in devious pleasure and squeezed out a final soft tootsie roll, the size of a cigar which coiled down into my now filthy gasher. Her hand moved behind her and mashed her lovely shit into my veejay.

I was being toiletted full of pee in my mouth and shit into my cunt by these beautiful lovers. Di mashed and smeared my lowers with her shit mess and was gyrating her luscious pelvis on my upturned asshole, my cunt begging for more. I was gasping for air, not believing the depravity of the scene. I bucked into her hand, and halfway through my roller coaster ride, she pulled out again and finished me off with her delicious mouth, tonguing in my gooey girl cream, licking me to an incredible climax, her own shit caking on her face, packing her mouth, and her again clamping my nipple hard. I pulled her head into me and went dizzy for the moment. I yelped at the sensations of the piss in me, the fudge-packing, and Didi eating it up while creaming my clit in her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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