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Jo was horny! She hadn’t been laid all week. She hated it when Darren went out of town. But she also enjoyed the sex when he returned. All of her masturbating while he was away just didn’t seem to dull her senses when it came to their “I missed you fuck” when he returned. Well, in a couple of days he’d be back home and she was definitely gonna’ give him a fucking he wouldn’t forget.

In the meantime, Jo was horny now, and unable to concentrate on the reading her e-mail. Oh well, she’d just visit her friends online then retire to where she could “double click her mouse” before falling asleep. Of course, once Jo got online, she couldn’t help but check on her favorite “Adults Only” forum. She just might find herself inspired by those perverts before going to bed to take care of her business.

Once she was on the forum, however, Jo found herself incredibly turned on by one of Shawna’s (another forum member) stories about the sex club she goes to. Apparently she met another girl on and they went to the club together. It’s not that Shawna went into great detail, but in her already aroused state, Jo’s mind just started racing with ideas. She really started to wonder about this okcupid site, and decided to see what it was like. It wasn’t like she wanted to cheat on Darren or anything, she was just curious.

So Jo cruised onto the okcupid website, signed up, and started browsing people in her area. Who knew you could join one of these sites and say you were interested in finding a casual fling with a guy, a girl, or even a couple? And some of these people were hot! She read up on a few of her favorites, then retired to her bedroom, found her vibrator, and got to business. She thought of one couple in particular as she fantasized about fucking them. She worked her vibrator in and out of her pussy as she massaged her clit with her other hand. In no time at all she came, thinking about enjoying the bodies of that beautiful couple online.


Despite her orgasm the night before, Jo woke up as horny as ever. She jumped in the shower to get ready for work and found herself masturbating thinking about one of the women she saw on okcupid last night. She couldn’t believe how hot she felt thinking about that gorgeous blonde’s head between her legs. It wasn’t as if Jo was a lesbian. Sure she had some bi-curious fantasies, but never felt this hot about it. When she finally came in the shower, Jo had to lean against the wall to keep from falling. But she was still horny!

Somehow Jo made it to work on time, though she knew she was going to have a hard time concentrating. If Darren was in town, she might have suggested a nooner with him just to try to find some lasting satisfaction. Unfortunately, she would have to do without his wonderful cock for another day.

Shortly before lunch, Jo checked her e-mail. She was surprised to see an e-mail from okcupid. It seemed one of the people she checked out the night before noticed her, too, and sent her a message. It was a beautiful brunette named Pamela. She asked if there was a mutual interest and if so, could they meet for a drink? Jo was so damn horny, but felt a little awkward. She sent a message to Pamela telling her she was just playing on the site and had no interest in finding anyone. But she assured Pamela that she was beautiful.

Pamela responded quickly, telling Jo how beautiful her picture was and saying she wasn’t looking for anything serious, just a good time. Jo tried to refuse to meet her, but after a few more messages she found herself really liking Pamela. She agreed to meet Pamela that night, but with no strings attached.

That night, Pamela and Jo met at a bar near Jo’s house. They hit it off right away. Jo told Pamela about Darren and to her surprise, even told Pamela that she was just cruising okcupid because she was horny and looking for fantasy material. Pamela, it turned out, was single, having recently been divorced. Because her divorce was bitter, she thought she’d give women a try. She still liked cock, but found it hard to trust the men attached to them. Besides, she had enjoyed her few experiences with women in the past. Jo assured her she was not gay, but Pamela suspected that Jo was curious. Why else would she be looking at Pamela’s profile?

“You must have thought about sex with a woman.” Pamela said.

“We all have some odd fantasies, don’t we? Fantasies we’d never act on?” Jo responded.

“Why wouldn’t you act on them? If they turn you on and are safe and possible, why not look to satisfy your fantasies?” Said Pamela.

“I don’t know . . . it just doesn’t seem right, I guess.” Jo said hesitantly.

“That is so sad for you, Jo. I mean, after 6 years with a prick of a husband who just seemed to hold me back, I guess I learned that we have to go out and enjoy ourselves and not let anything hold us back. It’s especially sad when the only thing holding you back is you!” Pam exclaimed.

“But I am engaged to a wonderful man, Pamela. I wouldn’t want to betray him.”

“Seriously, Jo, what guy wouldn’t approve of his woman casino şirketleri finding another beautiful woman to sleep with? They would all be thinking about where it could lead for them. That is, when they aren’t actually jacking off thinking about the two women together.”

Jo laughed at this. They continued to talk and drink for a little while, until Jo said it was time for her to leave. Pamela paid for both of them, thanking Jo for her company and walking Jo outside.

As Jo walked toward her Sentra, Pamela stopped at a huge truck, an F-250 with an extended cab, saying, “This is my truck.”

“Holy crap!” exclaimed Jo. “You don’t seem the type to drive a truck like this.”

“I wasn’t. But I couldn’t resist taking it away from my asshole ex-husband when we divorced,” Pamela explained. “Now it suits me.”

Pamela opened the door, and Jo peered in, amazed at the size of the cab. “That’s as big as a car’s backseat.”

Pamela opened the back door so Jo could get a better look. Jo felt a little flutter as she felt Pamela’s breast brush her arm through her blouse as Pamela reached around her. Maybe Pamela felt it, too. Or maybe she heard Jo’s sharp intake of breath. Whatever the reason, Pamela turned to Jo after opening the door, leaned in, and kissed Jo flush on the mouth.

Jo started to pull away, but the softness of Pamela’s lips, and the weight of her breasts rubbing against Jo’s through their tops convinced her to throw caution to the wind. So there in the parking lot, Jo kissed Pamela back, their tongues dancing with each other. The kiss was so soft, so sensual, Jo couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t help but compare it to the rougher kisses she was accustomed to receiving from the men in her life. This all raced through her mind as she continued to enjoy the long kiss with Pamela out in the Florida night.

Next thing she knew, Pamela was gently guiding Jo into the backseat of the truck. Again, Jo hesitated. She broke the kiss, saying, “I don’t know . . .”

“Just go with it, Gorgeous,” Pamela responded. “What’s the use of this big cab if I can’t get a girl in the backseat, after all?”

Jo laughed, and found herself climbing in. Pamela closed the doors behind her, and laid Jo down on the seat. She positioned herself above her, and continued to make out with Jo. As this went on, Jo started to run her hands up and down Pamela’s curves. Her hands slid sensually down Pamela’s back and onto her skirt. She felt the roundness of Pamela’s ass as she cupped her cheeks pleasantly. Again Jo marveled at the softness she felt in Pamela. She could her Pamela moan as Jo’s hands stimulated the nerves on her backside.

Soon Pamela broke the kiss and started to work her way down Jo’s body. She lightly brushed her fingers along Jo’s cleavage, making Jo moan. She slowly unbuttoned Jo’s blouse, smiling at Jo as the anticipation heightened. After what seemed like an eternity, Jo’s blouse was unbuttoned, and Pamela’s hands were caressing Jo’s stomach, slowly working up to Jo’s bra. Impatient, Jo reached behind her own back and unhooked her bra from behind, giving an embarrassed smile to Pamela.

“Quite the eager beaver now, aren’t we? You sure you don’t want to stop?”

Jo’s face reddened, but she quickly and strongly responded, “No! Keep going!”

Pamela removed her own blouse and bra before re-focusing her attention on Jo. Jo couldn’t help but admire Pamela’s well-rounded breasts when she saw them. She imagined they must be C or D cups. Regardless, she found herself wanting to play with them. But before Jo could act on that impulse, Pamela leaned in again, kissing Jo more aggressively, passionately. As they kissed, Pamela’s hands started to roam over Jo’s breasts, lightly brushing the sides, the top, and even hefting them from below. Pamela continued this breastplay for several minutes, all without touching Jo’s nipples. It was so damn frustrating and wonderful at the same time.

Finally Pamela brushed Jo’s left breast, almost as if by accident. Jo wasn’t sure it wasn’t an accident at first, but as the “accidents” started to occur more frequently, she could tell Pamela was just getting her worked up. Jo was going insane, wishing Pamela would just start rubbing her nipples already. She was writhing and moaning every time Pamela touched her nipple. She could feel Pamela smiling even as she kissed her.

Suddenly, Pamela started to work her mouth down to Jo’s neck, kissing and sucking it. As she did so, her hand grabbed Jo’s nipple, working it between her fingers. Jo almost came right there. In fact, she wasn’t sure she didn’t. It felt so good!

As Pamela continued to play with Jo’s left nipple, Pamela’s mouth started to suck on Jo’s right nipple. The simultaneous attention to both nipples did send Jo over the top. She moaned in ecstasy as Pamela continued to lick and suck on Jo’s tits. Jo had never had an orgasm from breastplay before — she was shocked. Good God, this woman was good!

Jo tried to sit up to return the favor. But Pamela had other ideas. She forced Jo back down, continuing her oral attention on casino firmaları Jo’s breasts. But now Pamela’s hand was snaking down to Jo’s crotch, trailing through her auburn curls down to her pussy. Jo let out a small yelp as Pamela’s hand went right to Jo’s sensitive clit. Pamela looked Jo in the eye from where her face was between Jo’s tits and laughed. “A little sensitive, are we?”

Pamela didn’t wait for an answer as she plunged two fingers into Jo’s sopping wet pussy. Jo couldn’t believe how wet she was. Darren always had to start with one finger, but Pamela had no problem getting two fingers in right away. Comparisons to Darren left Jo’s mind, however, as she felt Pamela’s fingers thrusting in and out of her pussy. As she was thrusting with her fingers, Pamela moved her thumb to Jo’s clit and massaged it. Jo could already feel another orgasm climbing.

Before she came, however, Pamela stopped, looked Jo in the eyes again, and licked her fingers clean. She then pulled Jo’s skirt and panties off and positioned her face between Jo’s legs. She examined Jo for a second, and then started to slowly kiss her way up Jo’s leg. When she made it all the way up Jo’s right inner thigh, Pamela pulled away and started on Jo’s left thigh.

“Fuck, NO!!!” Jo screamed, as she grabbed Pamela’s head and pulled it to her pussy. “I can’t live with any more teasing!”

Pamela chuckled as she obliged Jo and started to lick her pussy. As Pamela licked Jo, Jo’s hands were caressing her own tits. Once again, she noted the difference between Pamela’s soft lips on her pussy and Darren’s harder mouth. She was also shocked to realize how much Darren’s 5 o’clock shadow normally rubbed her legs while he ate her out. She cleared Darren from her mind and relaxed, enjoying Pamela’s mouth on her pussy.

Pamela was now licking Jo’s clit as she started to pump her fingers in and out of Jo’s pussy. Pamela seemed to be curving her fingers upward as she fingered Jo, a sensation Jo was really appreciating. As Pamela continued her fingering, she was exploring the inner walls of Jo’s pussy. Jo realized what Pamela was doing just as she felt it. Pamela had found her g-spot!

It was all Jo could do to keep from screaming as Pamela massaged her g-spot and licked her clit. In no time Jo had perhaps the most violent orgasm of her life, bucking her hips and writhing in the backseat of the truck. Jo marveled at how Pamela could keep her mouth on Jo’s pussy as Jo bucked. After 30 seconds or so, Jo finally came down from her high.

“OH. MY. GOD!!! That was FANTASTIC!” Jo exclaimed.

“Glad you liked it, Gorgeous,” Pamela responded before kissing Jo. Jo could taste her own juices on Pamela’s mouth, but it didn’t bother her in the least.

“Liked it? That was the best orgasm ever!” Jo squealed.

“In that case, aren’t you glad you didn’t hold yourself back tonight?” Pamela asked.

“Very. And I won’t hold back now either,” Jo said as she started to caress Pamela’s body.

Pamela leaned back and smiled as Jo started to treat Pamela in the same manner Pamela treated Jo. Jo teased her breasts for several minutes before sucking on them and playing with them. Jo then worked Pamela’s pussy over, paying special attention to Pamela’s clit. Finally, Jo kissed her way down Pamela’s body, breathing deeply when she sensed Pamela’s musky scent. She hesitated for only a second before she plunged he tongue deep into Pamela’s cunt. The taste was similar to Jo’s own, but somehow different, a little more sour, but surprisingly pleasant. Jo hardened her tongue, thrusting it in and out of Pamela’s pussy like a small cock as her fingers continued to massage Pamela’s clit. After a while she switched to licking Pamela’s clit as she fingered Pamela’s pussy. She was looking for Pamela’s g-spot, listening to her moan when she heard Pamela cry out and felt her pussy spasm around her fingers.

“I guess I found the g-spot,” Jo silently told herself.

When Pamela was finished, Jo sat in the seat next to her, kissing her and fondling her tits.

“My windows are all fogged up,” Pamela said.

“Good thing,” said Jo, “or the whole world could see what we were up to.”

“True. This was fun. We should do it again sometime.” Pamela suggested.

“I would love to, but I don’t know when Darren might be out of town again and it still feels like cheating.”

Pamela disagreed with that idea, stressing that men loved to see women fuck each other. She finally suggested she meet Darren and Jo for dinner tomorrow night and feel Darren out on the matter.

Jo agreed, thinking Darren could at least meet her new friend.


“You’re kidding,” Darren said Friday night. “You agreed to meet a new friend for dinner tonight. I figured since I had been out of town all week . . .”

“Don’t worry,” Jo said. “You’ll still get some high quality loving, tonight. We’re only meeting Pamela for dinner. You have to eat after all.”

“I can think of something I’d like to eat. And they don’t serve it at a restaurant.” Darren replied. “All right, then. We can have dinner with güvenilir casino her. By the way, is she hot?” He asked with a grin.

“Very!” Jo replied with a knowing smile.

They met Pamela at a Cuban restaurant that was known for its fish. The three of them drank a couple of bottles of wine during the meal as they got to know each other. The conversation flowed as well as the wine, and there was plenty of sexual innuendo. At one point Pamela complimented Darren on his taste in women, telling him how hot Jo was. Darren’s eyebrows rose, and Jo could tell he was starting to fantasize about Jo and Pamela together. Jo reached under the table and felt Darren’s cock. He jumped a little and she pulled it away. But her suspicions were confirmed, he was definitely sporting a semi-.

Jo wasn’t the only one with wondering body parts, though. Pamela had kicked off her shoe and was rubbing her stocking-clad foot up and down Jo’s leg. Jo wanted to tell her to stop, afraid of being caught, but she couldn’t find a way to do it discreetly.

After they finished the main course, they agreed to order some dessert. Before they did so, Jo and Pamela excused themselves to the bathroom. Once there, Pamela turned on Jo and kissed her passionately, not even caring about the other women in the room.

“You think he suspects?” Pamela asked.

“No, but I think he’s fantasizing about it right now. He had a semi- after you told him how hot I looked.”

“You are hot tonight, Gorgeous.” Pamela said, eyeing Jo’s cleavage in her tight black low-cut top. “And your ass in those pants . . . Mmmm, I enjoyed walking behind you on the way to the bathroom. You must be wearing a thing to avoid panty-lines in those pants.”

“I am. You’re looking pretty good yourself, Pamela. I love that tight white top; it really accentuates your tits and sets off your hair.”

“Thanks, sweetie,” Pamela said. “Let’s fix our makeup and get back to the table.”

When they returned to the table, Darren asked what took so long.

“Just a lesbian makeout session,” Jo replied with a wink.

“Yeah, right,” Jo said incredulously.

“And if we were making out? Wouldn’t that bother you?” Pamela asked.

“No. Not at all,” Darren answered.

“Am I not good enough to get jealous over?” Jo asked.

“Of course you are. But it’s not like she asked about you kissing a guy. I mean it’s different with a guy.”

“But a girl is ok?” Pamela said.

“I don’t know. I never gave it much thought. It’s not like you guys are doing more than pulling my leg and trying to get me hot and bothered.”

Jo and Pamela looked at each other. There was an unspoken exchange between them where they seemed to understand what the other wanted. Finally they both nodded and Jo turned to Darren. “What if I told you I wanted to fulfill my threesome fantasy with Pamela tonight? What would you say?”

“Are you serious? If this is some test or some kind of joke, it’s really uncool.” Darren replied, shocked.

“I’ll take that as a yes, you’d like to go for it.”

Darren looked at Pamela, eyeing her up and down, and a big smile crept across his face. “Hell yea! I’m a man! What man could say no to two gorgeous women in his bed?”

“In that case,” Pamela said, “let’s skip dessert.”

Darren paid the check and they left.

Back at the house, the three of them sat down to enjoy a bottle of wine Jo had been saving. The nervous sexual tension was palpable. Darren finally asked, “Are you two serious about this?”

Instead of answering, Pamela got out of her chair, pulled Jo out of hers, and started kissing her right then and there. Jo looked over at Darren. He was dumbfounded, his mouth slightly open, almost making him look simple. She laughed at him even as she started to caress Pamela’s ass through her jeans. “I think you’re drooling, dear.”

Darren closed his mouth with an audible click; wiping it to be sure there was no drool. Jo and Pamela both laughed this time, and returned to kissing and fondling each other. Darren watched in silence, enjoying the show as his hard cock tented the front of his khakis.

After making out for a while, with occasional glances at Darren, Jo broke off the kiss, tugging on Pamela’s tight shirt. Pamela helped her pull it over her head, revealing Pamela’s tits encases in a whit lace bra. The darkness of her nipples was just visible, and they were definitely trying to poke through the fabric. Jo returned to kissing Pamela as she fondled Pamela’s tits through her bra. Soon she was trailing kisses down Pamela’s neck and into her cleavage. As she moved down Pamela’s body, Jo unfastened Pamela’s belt and jeans, pulling them to the ground. Pamela stepped out of them and was standing there in her bra and matching white g-string. Jo took a moment to stare at Pamela, appreciating the brunette beauty in front of her.

Pamela returned the stare saying, “I think you need to get out of your clothes, too, Jo.” Jo did not hesitate, quickly removing her own clothes. In no time she was standing there in her black bra and panties. Jo also wore a garter and some stockings in anticipation of fucking Darren tonight, knowing he enjoyed the way she looked in the lingerie. For his part, Darren sat on the couch, transfixed. He seemed to be involuntarily massaging his cock through his khakis.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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