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“Sorry Sir, but we cannot employ you. Your lack of a school certificate is unacceptable.”

Those words were still ringing in my ears. I must have heard them at least a dozen times, if not many more. In my godforsaken apartment, I rubbed my head. What will I do? Where will this end? I have no income. No financial security. I’m 22 and I don’t have a job. Sucks to be me… I decided to take a walk on the outside pavements. It was hopeless. No one was hiring. Then I saw it- my last single hope. GSS, an exclusive IT company, was looking for cleaners. With a huge smile on my face, I ran inside. Full of hope. I met the young receptionist in front, a sweet Mrs. Jones.

“I want to apply for the cleaning job spot.” I told her.

“Sorry Sir but..”

I wasn’t going to take it.

“No. Please. This is my last hope. I don’t have anywhere else to work. Every over place it the city has rejected me. Please.”

I could see she felt sorry for me. Bingo.

“Okay Sir, uhm, I think we could make an arrangement. Let me just phone the manager.”

Excitement took over me. I was lost in a long trance while she told the manager my life story and then nodded and put the phone down.

“You start tomorrow 9AM. Please note that the pay will not be a lot.”

“No it’s fine. Anything will do. Thank you very very much.” And I walked out with a huge smile on my face.

9AM and I was there. A friendly girl named Sarah showed me around, gave me my mop and bucket and off I was. It wasn’t exactly heaven, but better than starvation. Later on I discovered that the job was actually great. The people were great. Everything was cool. I actually looked forward to going to work every day. My manager, Mr. Edwards, was also a friendly guy. He has even given me a raise for ‘my hard work’. But I must admit to myself, I am working unusually hard- maybe because I know I will be lost without it.


A few months later I was still working there. On this one summer’s day Mr. Edwards called me into his office for a ‘serious talk’. Shocked and afraid I walked into the office.

“So Eric, are you still enjoying it here?”

“Yes Sir, absolutely.”

“Fine. And you will have nowhere else to go?”

“No sir. No one would accept my applications because of my lack of a school certificate.”

“Oh I see.”

“Yes, uhm, is there any reason you called me in Sir?”

“Yes, I casino şirketleri wanted to inform you that from now on you will be my personal sex slave.”

I almost choked..on nothing.. “What?”

“Yes, or else I would fire you. Whenever I call, most likely through Mrs. Jones, you’ll come into my office, strip naked and please me sexually.”


“No buts. I know you’re straight. I don’t care. You can go now. Oh yes, and if you name this to a single person you will be maimed for life..and fired.”

Shocked, I just stood there. Thinking he made a joke. But his face told me he was dead serious. I ran out.


The next day Mrs. Jones came to me.

“Mr. Edwards wants to see you in his office. Don’t know why…”

I knew why. This is it. My moment of truth. I can’t lose this job. He knows it. Feeling ashamed I walked into his office.

He sat with his chair facing the other side. I just heard his command. “Strip. And close the door.”

Breathing heavily, I stripped of all of my clothes, including my socks and shoes. My cock was semi-hard. I don’t want this, I told myself. I really didn’t.

He swung his chair around to reveal his own naked body. He was not at all well built- nor was I. He stood up, with his medium-sized cock in his one hand, walking towards me, nodding.

“Not bad. Not bad at all. Let’s begin shall we.”

My breathing became heavier.

“Yes, you will do whatever I say. No matter how weird or gay it may be. Understood?”

“Y…y..yes Sir.”

“First, I want you to come. Masturbate yourself to climax. You must come in that bucket.”

I looked at the tiny red bucket in the corner. Not knowing what to do, although I do masturbate regularly, I started stroking my cut cock, much to the pleasing of my boss. My breathing became heavier. My cock became thicker. Sweat broke out on my face. It was weird masturbating in front of a gay man. Especially the fact that he was watching with hungry eyes. The moment came and I grabbed that darn red bucket and unleashed my load into it- also letting out a moan. When I was finally done, Mr. Edwards picked up the bucket and examined its content.

“Now that you’re done. It’s my turn. Suck my cock young man.”

He stared at me as I did at him.

“Get on your knees and suck my cock you little bitch.”

I got down to my knees and hesitantly I took his cock casino firmaları in my hand. Then I put it in my mouth. I could hear his moan. Suddenly he took my head from behind thrusting himself deeper down my throat as his cock hardened. Oh my gosh, was this real? I couldn’t believe it. Me, possibly the biggest homophobe being facefucked.

“Work your tongue over it.”

I did. In that instant his thrusting became harder, and his musky smelling cock went full down my throat. I could feel his pubic hair touch my nose. His moan got loader. He kept yelling comments but I had shut off. I was still waiting for my alarm to wake me up. I was still waiting for this nightmare to end. I knew he would end this oral rape with the final act of humiliation.

Then he cummed. And he cummed hard. The squirts of his wet, awful tasting cum hit my throat at full throttle. Instantly his cock softened, but he still kept it inside my mouth, emptying his testicles of all of his cum, until his cock stopped spasming. I tried to spit it out, be he refused. I had to swallow.

“Mmm..” he started as he took his cock out of my mouth “I can see it’s your first time.”

I just stayed in that kneeling position. I was still too embarrassed, too humiliated.

“I have a meeting in about 15 minutes. Get dressed and get out of here. I want you back in an hour.


“Y…y..yes Sir.”

Quickly, I got up and started to dress. When I was done, I went out. I’ve got an hour of freedom.


The hour went by.

“Strip and close the door” he ordered me when I once again entered the room to find my new fucker naked in his office.


“Lay face down on my desk. I’ve cleaned it.”

Shit. I didn’t want to, but I knew what he was going to do with me. My breathing became heavier again. Then I went to lay down on the cold wooden desk. I could feel his presence behind me. I was startled as his fingers groped my ass. He was clearly excited.

“Good gosh you’ve got a very fine ass. Let’s pop your cherry shall we…”

I heard him opening the drawers of his desk. Then I felt something cold touching my rectum. I let out a hard breath.

“No worry. It’s just a little lube. Trust me, you’ll thank me.”

Then I felt his cockhead touching my splinter. In one hard shove he thrusted his cock and most of his shaft into my unprotected ass. The pain was güvenilir casino unbearable.

“You’re killing me!” I shouted.

“Oh you’ll get used to it.” He said out of breath.

The torturing continued. He was ecstatic. Each thrust would be harder and deeper- destroying my entire butt. He just kept pumping. I could hear his hard moans. He really was enjoying himself.

I, on the other hand, really wasn’t. The pain eventually became better but it still stung deep. Physically and emotionally.

“Please, please stop!”

“Listen here you stupid fucking bitch. You’ll take my manhood like a man. Every last inch of it. You feel that? That’s what a real man feels like.”

His stokes became so intense and hard his pubic hair was touching my butt. I think I cried at this stage. His balls were slapping against my cheeks and his breathing became harder.

“Please! Stop!” I pleaded again.

This time he didn’t even answer. He still ravaged me, he enjoyed himself oh so much. I didn’t. I wanted out. He wouldn’t give it to me.

Then there was one last hard thrust and he came inside me. I could feel his cock spasm as he let out a hard moan. He kept ejeculating inside me for a few moments. Then he collapsed on me- his body full of sweat and his cock still inside me.

“Oh yes, take it you bitch. Cumbucket. Take my hot cum in you ass.” he yelled.

So there I was – naked on my boss’s desk, soaked in cum and I had a dick in my ass. He finally got out of me and ordered me to get dressed and get out. I did so without any hesitation. I was so glad my violation was done.


This escapade went on for about 3 months. Time after time he would call me in for a quickie. Nobody else knew about this. In the meantime I have also gotten a girlfriend. Not even she knew. Yeah, the two of us had sex, quite often. But there was still a difference between being assfucked by my boss and assfucking Melinda. Both were great.

One day he once again called me into his office. I got in, started to undress but stopped when he told me to.

“Eric.” he addressed me.

“Yes sir?”

“This last three months of fucking was wonderful. You have become and expert cocksucker and your hole is extremely good. I have decided that…”

He paused.

“..I cannot keep you to myself.”

At that moment I wanted to scream.


“Yes. Meet me at The Factory tomorrow evening at 7PM. That is all, thank you.”

I walked out, confused. The Factory? Where was that? I walked on for a while and then, suddenly out of thin air it hit me: The Factory- it was a bathhouse.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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