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The fancy dress party was awesome, if a little startling in the way Mandy moved us into the swinging scene with little discussion. Kaye was great, an older woman who had the nerve to follow thru with little encouragement. Mind you, alcohol and the right circumstances had their part to play as well.

The following month we had another work function and this one was a harbour cruise. Mandy was all keen to have us going on this one. She just wanted to talk to Kaye I thought.

As we boarded the boat I couldn’t help but notice Mandy wobbling a little uneasily on her 4-inch heels. “Might be a rocky ride with those heels on lover,” I quipped in her ear as she leaned back against me. “So true, but these heels put me at the right height big boy,” she responded.

As a knowing smile crossed my face Mandy took to the stairs in front of me and as I saw her G-string struggling to contain her puffy cunt I knew this function would be enjoyable…

Anyway, we had some dinner and as the sunlight faded the dancing started. Mandy mingled amongst my colleagues and found Kaye at some point of the evening. I overheard only a part of the conversation, but the words, awesome fuck and fucked if I know who it was, stood out. Mandy grinned and never even looked at me, but it confirmed she took as much pleasure as me out of having screwed the company cock tease without her knowing who did it. Bad? Yes and no.

Towards the end of the evening Mandy suggested we tell Kaye what we did, but I wasn’t so keen on doing it here and now. “So how do you want to tell her then?” Mandy quizzed me.

“Not sure yet, let’s not get into this while Kaye is getting drunk,” I replied. So with that we left it for a month or two until the end of summer was nearing.

The big event at the end of summer is the annual stock take, usually taking place over a Friday and Saturday. What Mandy had planned was to pick me up at the end of the Saturday wearing the police uniform she had on for the fancy dress party. Her idea, and in many ways a not so subtle way to inform Kaye whose big cock she’d rocked on a few months earlier.

I could hardly believe that Kaye hadn’t managed to work it out by now, but then I guess she worked on the theory that too many questions would only arouse suspicions?

So on the Saturday of stock take weekend Mandy duly turned up around afternoon teatime. She just hopped out of the car, kissed me and jumped into the passenger seat, waiting for me to take the drivers’ seat. Kaye saw me and had this questioning look on her casino şirketleri face, and with that I drove off.

On Monday morning I saw Kaye at work bright and early, and she wasted no time in coming over to my warehouse office. “So, Nick, anything to confess?” she started.

“Not sure what you mean M’am,” I tried to say seriously but it came out with a smirk.

“Ah, ok, not sure how to start this question,” Kaye stammered momentarily.

“Oh, well then best you come back to me when you’ve lost the stammering habit,” I cheekily said.

Kaye just looked lost for a bit. I am a cheeky sod at times and right now I was just smiling a little as Kaye’s mind worked thru the steps, but couldn’t put her ducks in a row right there.

About that time my crew turned up needing directions for the day so Kaye walked back to her office. Nothing unusual with Kaye being in my office, she was in there several times a day anyway so nobody thought anything of it.

After lunch she came back to my office, to continue our earlier attempt at conversation. “Right, let me see if I got this right,” Kaye started. “Fancy dress party, there was aahhh, an after party,” Kaye carefully carried on.

“Yeah, so,” I said with a quizzical look on my face, at which Kaye seemed to become unsure of herself once more.

“Do you by chance know where this after party took place?” Kaye asked, being non-committal this way.

“Ah yep, same floor as the fancy dress I believe, why do you want to see the video?” I asked Kaye as her face curled.

“There’s a video?” Kaye queried with a worried look.

“Ah relax, I am just joshing with yah, I was just thrilled to get a nun out of her habit and see the sun and moon on your butt bouncing to the beat of my cock,” I said straight faced, looking directly at Kaye.

Her face went from worry to delight, then to lust. It took her a few more seconds to utter the first words; “So you knew all along then that it was me?”

“Yes of course, in a way I’ve been looking forward to it since I started here,” I said honestly. “Anyway, the tattoos on your ankles gave you away. Must say I liked them even better when they were around my ears,” I cheekily said as Kaye stood there going slightly red in the face.

“Hot damn, I never would have picked you to have such a way…. in the sack,” Kaye said. “So is this going to be a repeatable…. event?” Kaye asked as one of the boys came up the stairs to my office.

“Excuse me Nick, got a second,” Charlie said as he interrupted.

“Just casino firmaları be two tics, have a seat,” I said to Kaye as I took off down the stairs to sort out the latest little problem.

When I came back up the stairs Kaye was sitting in my chair, her feet up on one corner, showing off her tattooed ankles and smiling broadly at me. “Right, the way I see it, you fucked me, didn’t tell a soul, you fucked me oh-so-well, didn’t even tell me…. so how do we deal with this from here on in?” Kaye said as she tapped her chin.

“Anyway you like M’am,” I said calmly as Kaye looked me up and down with a lusty look in her eyes.

“OK, here’s what I suggest,” Kaye said as she made up the rules. “For one, I don’t want to lose my cock teasing reputation at work and become known as the company slut. Secondly, I really want to ride your big cock at least once a week. Thirdly, and this is to see if you’ve got what it takes, and whether it’s worth the risk” Kaye said as she tilted her head.

“A little test is in order. Your crew will be gone in a matter of minutes to afternoon tea. The ten to fifteen minutes they’re gone is enough for a quickie. You see, I love a quickie, and I’d love nothing more than to leave here with a sticky fanny,” Kaye said huskily.

“There is just something naughty about being able to call on a good hard young man at short notice to give an old broad a quick poke in the whiskers, you know to make her feel young again,” Kaye continued as her face took on a different look.

“OK, but you’re not old by any means,” I countered. “You see the way lots of guys look at you lustily,” I added.

“That’s great,” Kaye said as the afternoon tea horn blew. “Moment of truth,” she saucily said as she got to her feet. Positioned at the end of my desk, she planted her high heeled feet shoulder width apart and as she leaned over onto her elbows, hiked up her skirt to reveal nothing but a nice firm butt. Her pussy looked rather swollen, obviously intensely aroused by this opportune moment.

“Do me now or forget about ever doing me again,” Kaye said as she looked back at me. A split second later my raging hard cock nudged at her juicy cleft and Kaye moaned lightly. The last of the guys was still walking across the courtyard as I unzipped.

“Don’t muck around, just drill me and fill me big boy,” Kaye moaned as she slowly pushed back. From my vantage point I was sure I could see any approaching visitor to the warehouse, so I wasn’t in a huge rush.

Kaye was in more of a hurry now though, she was güvenilir casino rocking back in a rapid fashion, reaching between her thighs for my swinging balls. All in all I had my dick inside Kaye for maybe five or six minutes before I blew my load. I’d only touched her hips, where I grasped her whilst I’d rammed myself into her tight little fuckhole. No kissing, no cuddling, just a simple wham bam thank you m’am.

As I withdrew my still hard dick from her now very juicy slot, Kaye simply stood up, brushed her skirt back down. She grabbed hold of my stiffy and gave it a quick jerk, milking a few drops from it and scooped up the last clinging drops of cum with one finger, licked it clean and with that walked out of my office down the stairs. A little wobbly on her feet at first, but nobody any the wiser the company cock tease had just been drilled and filled….

Her words: “Just had to have you when I found out it was you, got so damn horny right here I figured what the hell.”

Got home that night and after telling Mandy about it she seemed thrilled at how this went down. “So you’re cool with me fucking Kaye every now and then?” I asked.

“Oh hell yes, but maybe in a week or so I can come around to your office for a quickie and have Kaye watch me being drilled?” Mandy quipped as she sunk herself onto my throbbing cock.

The first week after Kaye found out it was me, I must have fucked her a dozen times or more. She’d casually suggested I could swing by her place on the way to work. This being the day after I’d drilled and filled her in my office. Knocked on the door, the door swings open and there is Kaye, all dressed for work.

“Come on in,” Kaye said as she closed the door. In the hallway, she leans over on the hallway table, flips her skirt up and looks back at me. “What’s the hold-up stud, give it to me,” she urges. Wow, the queen of quickies all right. Anyway, I unzipped and she reaches between her thighs. She guides me into her rather juicy slot in no time.

“OH fuck yes, give it to me lover,” Kaye barks as I slide into her velvety tunnel.

“Mmmm, what a great way to start the day, can you do this to me every day?” Kaye asked as she’s cupping my nuts.

“Of course, any time,” I replied, not knowing then that for the next two weeks I’d be pumping her pussy morning and night.

“Phew, that is gonna be great lover,” Kaye says as I commit to being her personal pussy slave. Mandy thought it was funny how the tables were turned now, with me being at Kaye’s beck and call.

The pace slowed down a little after the initial two weeks, but Mandy and Kaye cooked up the next twist in the form of a minivan with tinted windows. Rocking down the highway but not like the Doobies had intended was the girls’ plan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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