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My friend/coworker Bill and I were out of town working on a client. Sitting in the hotel bar on Monday evening and began talking to a woman at the bar. We both thought she was pretty hot, long brunette hair, 34 c tits, 5’6″ with a nice body covered by a clingy red knit dress. She was attending a meeting for the week at the hotel.

Bill and I were both hitting on her hoping she would take one of us back to a room. Karen was having a good time and enjoying the attention. As we talked and drank we would run our hands over her pantyhosed legs. They felt so nice and she did not object. Occasionally she would lean over and kiss one of us purposely rubbing her tits against us.

After about an hour she asked if we could go upstairs. I asked which one of us and she said both. Bill and I look at each other and I said of course we can. We made our way up to my room.

We got up to my room and I made us drinks. We talked for a couple of minutes. Karen suddenly got up unzipped her dress and stepped out of it. She was now wearing a black bra, dark pantyhose (no panties??) and red fuck me heels. She started dancing around to the music in her head and walked over to Bill who was sitting on the couch. Karen had him stand up and she dropped to her knees. She reached up unbuckled and unzipped his pants and pulled his pants and underwear to his ankles. Bill removed his shirt while she started to take his cock into her mouth.

Not wanting to be left out, I quickly removed my clothes while watching Bill’s cock go in and out of her mouth. I get on my knees behind her and start rubbing my now rock hard cock casino şirketleri up and down the crack of her pantyhosed ass (I love pantyhose on a woman and wearing them myself – but more of that in another story). Karen reached back grabbing my cock and placing it between her legs to rub her pussy thru the pantyhose. I could feel the heat and moisture of her pussy thru the pantyhose.

We kept this up for a couple of minutes then she pulled her mouth off of Bill’s cock and stood up. She removed her bra letting her wonderful tits free, kicked her shoes off and sat on the bed removing her pantyhose. Her pussy was neatly trimmed and glistening. I walked over to Karen as she laid down with her head hanging over the edge of the bed. I slid my cock into her mouth and down her throat.

Karen began to finger her pussy while I massaged her tits. Bill moved to the other side of the bed and slid up to begin tonguing her pussy. Bill told me later she was as wet as he had ever seen a pussy. Bill soon moved up on the bed and slid his dick into her pussy. Karen must have been really close to cumming. After about 10 strokes her body stiffened and shook as her first orgasm raced thru her body. All this time my cock was moving in and out of her mouth. Her orgasm along with sucking his cock made Bill ready to explode.

He began to pump her pussy harder as he pulled her legs over his shoulders. He was basically shoving my cock in and out of her mouth as he pounded her. Soon he grabbed her ankles, pushed her legs up and drove his cock as far as he could into her and began to cum in her pussy. She began casino firmaları to quiver again as another orgasm hit her.

Bill dropped her legs and his cock slid out of her. Breathing hard she let my cock fall out of her mouth as reached down to her pussy to scoop some of Bill’s cum up to her mouth.

I could not believe this was happening. Had never been in a room with another naked guy both fucking the same woman. Now he was standing there with his cock going soft. He looked over and said you need to fuck this!

Karen continued to scoop cum into her mouth. I got up on the bed with her. She got on all fours and said fuck me from behind. I could see Bill’s cum dripping from her pussy. I slid easily into her freshly fucked pussy. It was amazing with his hot cum still inside her pussy and with each stroke I pulled cum in and out of her. I grabbed her hips and began pumping her pussy. Bill had stepped in front of her and fed his cum/pussy juice covered cock. She began licking his cock and balls to clean him up.

I was close to cumming when I stuck my dick in her pussy and it did not take me long before I was pumping her pussy full of cum. I laid on her back for a moment to catch my breath and felt by cock plop out of her pussy. I fell back and saw a big glob of cum hanging from her pussy. She reached between her legs and scooped up the cum into her mouth.

We laid on the bed together for a few minutes. After a bit, Bill said he should be going but Karen said wait I have something i want to do that I have never had the chance to do. I asked what and she said two cocks in her güvenilir casino pussy at the same time. I looked at Bill and he sure, why not.

She smiled and took Bill’s cock into her mouth. His cock began to harden and she reached over and began to massage my cock and balls. After she got Bill good and hard she pulled my cock into her mouth and stroked Bill to keep him hard. Soon my cock was ready to go again.

Karen straddled Bill and slid his cock into her pussy. She laid flat on top of Bill and I crawled behind her. She reached back and guided my cock to her pussy. She was still incredibly wet. I slowly began to push my cock against her pussy and Bill’s cock until her pussy expanded and I began to slide into her. She yelped in pain but said keep going. After I was all the way in I stopped to let her pussy adjust. We slowly began to rock back and forth with her sliding on both of our cocks.

The feeling of rubbing against another cock in a pussy and our balls hitting was amazing. Before long I felt Bill’s cock begin to pulse as he started to cum in her pussy and on my cock. This made me start to pump my hot cum into her pussy and on his cock. Karen’s pussy began to spasm and clench our cocks as she came again.

I pulled from her pussy dragging a string of our cum out that fell onto Bill’s cock and balls. Still breathing hard Karen rolled off of Bill onto the bed beside him. We all laid there catching our breath. When Bill said he needed to go, Karen said wait a minute and rolled over to clean his cock an balls with her tongue. She asked me to move to the side of the bed and she pulled my cock to her mouth to put both cocks in there. She finished cleaning us up and Bill get dresses and left. She and I fell asleep naked together with cum running out of stretched pussy.

More to follow. She was at the hotel all week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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