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This story is for Katie. Thank you for your help in writing it both in words and in inspiration.

This story is (unfortunately) a work of fiction.

I see many types of people when I travel for business. I’ve been attracted here and there. Always to men though. Any passing thoughts I’ve had about women have been quickly ignored. I’m straight.

This all changed at the hotel I stayed at in San Diego. That’s when I met Katie.

We met at the pool, just staring at each other. Her eyes on me did things to me no man’s hands had ever accomplished. I felt her caress from across the entire patio area and it lit me on fire. I dove in the water to calm myself down.

When I surfaced to return to my deck chair, I realized this woman with her mesmerizing stare had taken the chair next to mine. As I walked towards her, her eyes travelled down my body. Her gaze following the water as it dripped and ran in tiny rivers.

I was breathless by the time I reached my chair.

With a towel to my hair I said, “Hi. I’m Emma.”

She smiled slowly and said, “Hello, Emma. My name is Katie. “

I noticed her accent and found it incredibly sexy but as I stretched out next to her on my chair, I pretended her nearness and her eyes on me weren’t wrecking havoc on my system. I asked her about her work and we talked about mine as well. A thrill went through me as I learned her conference had her here through the rest of the week just like mine did.

At this point, I wasn’t sure what I wanted or expected. But everything about Katie intrigued me and I only knew I wanted to be around her as much as possible.

I realized quickly that Katie was a lot like me. She didn’t mind having a drink now and then but she wasn’t one to get totally drunk, especially at a hotel bar thousands of miles from home with strangers. We both knew this was what our fellow conference-goers had planned as far as nightlife for the remainder of our time here.

“I feel like a loser,” I confessed to her.

“I can’t believe that,” she said sweetly. “Just because you don’t want to party like that doesn’t mean you’re a loser.”

“Maybe not but do you know what I plan to do tonight?”

She shook her head and I thought I saw her swallow somewhat nervously.

“I haven’t seen that new version of ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ the one with Keira Knightly. I saw it was on tonight. I actually planned to have some wine and watch a movie in my room. How sad is that?”

“That’s not sad,” Katie told me. Then quietly, “That sounds really nice.”

Here it is, I thought. My chance to take the next step. Might as well see what happens.

I took a deep breath. “You could join me if you want to,” I told her.

I thought I had seen her smile before but this time, when she smiled, it bloomed across her face and made me forget why I hesitated to explore this attraction.

Later, I was so nervous waiting for Katie casino şirketleri to arrive. I fidgeted with the room and my outfit. I had settled on a simple sundress but wore nothing underneath. It made me feel a bit naughty but if I was honest with myself I’d admit to being aroused since first meeting Katie’s gaze.

When she arrived, I could tell she was a bit nervous too. Somehow, that realization calmed my own nerves and I poured us both glasses of the wine I bought specifically for tonight. For Katie.

She wore a pair of shorts and a sleeveless button-down shirt. I loved how the sun from today made her skin glow. I wondered if mine looked the same to her. I hoped so.

The bed offered the best view of the TV so we settled there together to watch. It was a spacious bed but we drifted to the middle, our bare arms against each other. I couldn’t concentrate on the movie. I was too hyperaware of Katie’s proximity, her skin on my skin. I couldn’t help but move my leg so that it pressed against her as well. I swore I heard her sigh.

“Do you need more wine?” I asked her, though she still had half a glass. I needed to distract myself from her nearness.

Katie seemed to start. “What? I’m sorry, Emma. What did you ask?”

I noticed her breath came in short gasps. “Are you okay?”

She laughed softly. “Yes. I was letting my mind wander I suppose.”

“Oh.” It was ridiculous to feel offended. Here I was though so effected by her and she was thinking of something or someone else. Of course it wasn’t her fault but I felt hurt just the same. “Care to share your thoughts?” I encouraged.

It seemed she blushed. “I was just thinking how nice this is. Being here. With you.”

It was my turn to blush. “I agree,” I told her. “This is nice.” I couldn’t stop myself from placing my hand on her thigh. Now or never, I thought.

Katie took in a breath sharply but didn’t try to remove my hand. In fact, she placed hers over it and squeezed my hand gently. I realized this was all the encouragement I needed.

I stroked her thigh softly, unsure of what to do or how far she would let me do anything. I turned my head towards her and found her looking at me.

I’m not sure which one of us moved first but our lips met slowly, sensuously. I brought my hand to her face, curved it to her cheek, thrilled at the softness I felt.

She changed the angle of the kiss and then I felt her tongue. First it traced my lips and then it ventured inside. When her tongue stroked mine I moaned and stroked her tongue in return.

Suddenly, I had to touch her.

I pulled away and kept my eyes on hers as I reached for the buttons of her shirt. Once they were undone, I pealed her shirt back to find her beautifully full breasts naked underneath. Her nipples were already hard and clearly aching for my touch. I reached for her breasts, heard her sigh, and began kneading them in earnest.

She sought casino firmaları my lips again as I felt her nipples press into my palms. We kissed while I caressed her. Then I felt her hands at my shoulders, pushing the straps of my sundress down, down until I could pull my arms out.

Katie broke our kiss to look at what she uncovered: my own breasts ready for her touch, my nipples hard since she walked in the room. I thought she would stroke them as I continued to do with hers. But Katie leaned forward instead, taking a nipple into her mouth.

This time, when I moaned it was her name on my lips.

I lay back on the bed. Katie and her mouth followed me. She spent the next several minutes lovingly caressing, kissing, sucking, and even licking one of my breasts and then the other. When I felt her teeth gently close over my nipple, my hips bucked uncontrollably, seeking attention.

It was as though my body spoke to her. Katie’s lips travelled down, kissing and nipping at my stomach and belly button. As she descending, her hands pushed my dress down ahead of her. Once my legs were free, I wantonly spread them, encouraging her to give attention where I sought it most.

Katie let her lips gently brush my pussy. I should have been embarrassed by my wetness and behavior but it felt so good. I just couldn’t bring myself to care how I looked. I moved my hips up to her mouth but much to my disappointment, she moved on.

Her lips and teeth tasted the whole way down my legs. I even felt her tongue on the back of my knee and then again against the arch of each foot.

“Katie, Katie,” I gasped. “Please!” I looked down at her, feeling weak with pleasure already as I panted. She smiled up at me, her own breathing now in short gasps.

“This is more fun than I ever imagined having on this trip,” she told me.

I laughed weakly and begged her again. “Please, Katie, please.”

She ran her hands up my legs, gently parting them even more before settling herself between them. “I will please you, Emma,” she told me, her eyes now fixed with a look of intensity between my legs. “But believe me when I say I’ll be pleasing myself as well.”

She was so close to my waxed pussy that I knew she could feel my heat, my excitement. She suddenly licked across my pussy lips and I arched my hips to try to feel more of her glorious tongue. Katie rubbed her fingers outside my pussy lips and I squirmed. She put a finger inside me and I instinctively contracted around it, trying to pull her finger deeper inside me. She pulled her finger out and then pushed it in again. As she did this she bit gently near my clit, causing me to jump slightly and moan. She caressed my pussy with her tongue, moving up and down in time with her fingers thrusting in and out of me. The excitement was building in me and I was sure she could feel it.

Katie continued to lick around my pussy and only every once in a while would she bite güvenilir casino gently on my clit. I wondered if she could feel how hard my clit was getting as it ached for her attention. Occasionally, she would let her tongue brush it. I was overcome.

I couldn’t be idle any longer. I pushed her away and used the element of surprise to flip her over on the bed so that I was straddling her chest. I moved down and quickly opened her shorts. I removed them as well as her panties in one swift motion.

Then I was faced with an amazing view. Katie’s shaven mound was right in front of me and it was a beautiful sight, especially with the moisture I saw gathered there. I slowly bent my head towards it, ever so slowly getting closer and closer to her mound. Katie’s legs began to open.

Even while I was nearing the juncture of her legs, I was turning around and working my hips up along Katie’s stomach and towards her face. I raised my hips until they were directly over her mouth while at the same time I dropped my head to kiss her mound. Then, I lowered my pussy towards her face, offering it for her to kiss.

I could feel the warmth of Katie’s mouth inching to my pussy. She was kissing and licking along my mound. It took all of my willpower not to cum right then.

There we were. She was licking my pussy and pushing two fingers inside me while I did the same to her. I mimicked her movements and added some minstrations of my own. I tried to return the pleasure she was showing me as well as allow my instincts to take over.

I could feel my own orgasm approaching quickly after that and I hoped Katie would cum with me. In order to help her along, I moved one hand behind her. I played with her ass in an effort to explore every facet of her arousal. I slightly inserted the tip of my finger inside her. The instant I did, she came like a volcano erupting.

Then I was cumming like I never had before. I was drinking Katie’s juices, continuing to lick around her pussy and clit as she did the same for me.

Eventually, I rolled away but then I made my way up her body until we were face to face. Smiling, we reached for each other and while we kissed we shared the flavor of our pussies. I had never tasted myself before. Mixed with Katie’s juices, mine were delicious as was this kiss.

“Will you stay with me tonight?” I asked her when we stopped kissing long enough to catch our breath.

“Yes,” she answered, her hand smoothing back the hair from my forehead.

I closed my eyes, enjoying her touch. “I don’t know how much sleep we’ll get.” My fingers returned to her pussy, drawn like metal to a magnet.

Katie’s hips moved against my hand, seeking to take my fingers inside her. “I don’t think I want to waste our time sleeping.” She planted an open-mouth kiss against my neck.

I moved close to her until our bodies made complete contact. My hand was trapped between our pussies. Even while she bucked her hips, she drove my hand against my own mound. We developed a rhythm, humping against each other. Our mouths met as we bucked faster against each other.

I wondered just how many ways I could give and receive pleasure with Katie. I planned to find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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