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Katie spent the next couple of days avoiding any sexual relations, her pussy was sore from the hard pounding Stan gave it. She was almost glad that Butch sent over his regular crew to finish the work, a few days later she was getting ready to go for a walk when Butch made his way over to her front yard. He was actually out of breath, smoking a cigar when he got to her, he also had a bulge that he made no effort to hide when he approached her.

“Katie glad I caught up with you.” He said.

“Butch your guys did a great job on the walk, Frank paid you right?” She asked wondering why else he was over here.

“Great, but I need you to come over to my place. I need to show you something big.” He said to her.

“I really would like to get this walk in first Butch.” She said. “Can’t it wait?”

“No you really need to see this now.” He said grabbing her by the arm and leading her to his house.

Once inside he led her to the couch and told her to sit down, he then went and poured himself and her a drink and came back. He sat next to her, Katie immediately wrinkled up her nose, he smelled of cigar smoke and sweat. His proximity to her with his bulging horse cock and his now heavy breathing made her feel very uncomfortable.

“Now watch this and I think you will understand why I called you over here.” He said.

The DVD player came to life and on the screen was her latest escapade with Stan, the sonofabitch filmed the entire thing with his camera phone. She felt face become hot and flush, her pussy wet with excitement as Stan gave her a good hard fucking with his large cock. While sitting there Butch leaned back and let his horse cock out of his trousers, he reached over and guided Katie’s hand to his hard on.

Without thinking or saying anything she grasped and stroked him up and down as they watched the dvd he had made. In about twelve minutes it was over with and Butch exploded all over hand and arm, she took a napkin and wiped it off.

“Butch can I have that back, if Frank was to see that or anyone in the neighborhood I would be ruined.” She said as tears welled up in her eyes.

“Look Katie you are one hot piece of ass, I’d be willing to forget the whole thing.” He explained. “But I have a buyer for my business, going to sell my house and I showed the dvd to a buddy in the porn industry. He said if I could get him three quality videos of you and a younger guy or guys he would gladly pay me a tidy sum. I would leave for the Caribbean and retire well off.”

“But people go on the internet looking for porn all the time what if someone recognizes me?” She asked.

“Wear a wig.” He said. “Now I think there is something going on with a couple of those young guys that I see coming around your house when your son is not home. Get them to come over here to star with you and after I get my three films and money I will leave you alone.”

“Just don’t show any of this to anyone else and I’ll do what you ask.” She said fighting back a sob.

“Good girl, now why don’t you go take your walk.” He said to her smugly.

Katie got up and left his house, she went for her walk and cried the whole time, by the time she got home her eyes were red and her daughter asked what was wrong. She told her it was allergies and went upstairs to take a shower, while in her bathroom she sent John a text and told him every thing. He sent her a message back and told he would do what he could to help her and make everything okay.

The next morning John skipped school, he waited for her husband and kids to leave and then he went to her house. She ushered him in and the two of them went into the living room, Katie was wearing a tight black v neck shirt and a white mini skirt to show off her sexy legs.

“Look Katie I have an idea, we will go over to his house, make his first stupid movie, then I will be able to check the place out.” He said to her holding her hands.

“John your not going to do something illegal?” She asked nervously and yet turned on by his sense of danger.

“Just going to right a wrong, but Katie after this is over we need to talk.” He said.

“About what?” She asked.

“Let’s just save it for after we deal with this sleaze ball next door, c’mon let’s get over there.” He said.

The two of them went through the back yard and Butch met them at the gate, he let them in and they went into his house through the patio doors. John made mental notes to himself as they did, then he led them into the living room, he had bought Katie three different wigs to wear, a black one, a brunette one and a red one.

She chose the black one cause it best matched the outfit she was wearing today, Butch told her to go over on the couch and act like she was waiting casino şirketleri for John.

Butch had lights set up and he had a nice professional grade camera, he told her what he was looking for and she put the wig on and just told them to ad lib dialogue. When he got the camera going he said action and Katie sat on the couch waiting for John, on cue he came in and sat next to her.

“Gee Mrs. Um Johnson you sure look hot today.” He said to her almost using her real name.

“Oh hi Johnny good to see you, I dress like this all the time trying to get you to notice.” She said.

“I sure do notice.” He said and leaned in and kissed her on the mouth.

The two of them got into a hot make out session while Butch filmed the whole thing, their hands exploring each other as they did. They broke off the kiss, so John could pull off his tee shirt and he then helped Katie take hers off to reveal a nice black bra that revealed her cleavage. John unhooked and let it fall off of her, he then took a hold of her breasts and rolled his thumbs over her sensitive nipples. He leaned in and licked them making her sigh softly as he did, then he went back to kissing her.

This time while kissing he let his hand go down over her breasts, over her stomach and up her skirt which had ridden up some. He pushed her legs apart to give Butch a great view of her panty covered crotch and her sexy black lace v string. He pulled the fabric off of her clean shaven pussy, he gently parted her lips with his fingers and rubbed her pussy, Butch could see how wet she was getting by this. Katie pushed her pelvis against John’s hand as he rubbed her until she had a small orgasm.

John now kissed his way down her, he pushed her legs apart and got between them, he licked up the full length of her pussy and then worked his tongue all over her sensitive clit, Katie laid back playing with breast and nipples enjoying John’s tongue work. Butch zoomed in for a close up and you could hear how wet she was when his fingers were working in and out of her as he licked. Katie began to moan louder and pushed her pelvis against his mouth, he began to cum harder this time and juices really started to flow out of her pussy.

John waited for her orgasm to subside and pulled her panties off, then he got her skirt off, he stood up to get his cock out of his jeans. Katie took her cue from Butch who waved to her to help him, she knew what they both wanted and took a hold of his cock when he had his jeans and underwear pulled down. Katie licked all around the head of his cock and then up and down the sensitive underside.

She then grasped his cock with one of her small hands and moved her mouth back over the head of it. She engulfed the head and got a steady rhythm of her head and hand moving in unison up and down her young lovers large cock. John looked down at the beautiful house wife and had to fight the urge to cum with all his will power. After a few minutes of her masterful skill of working his cock with her mouth he pulled her off of it. Then pushed her back down on the couch, Katie reached down and grabbed her legs spreading them wide.

John got between them and slid his cock easily into her pussy, he has felt her wet before, but today she was wetter than he had ever felt her. She moaned loudly as he slid his cock all the way into her pussy, with one hand holding on to one of her legs, the other he reached down and held onto one of her large breasts. He started out slow and she moaned with each thrust and then he gradually worked into a faster pace.

“Oh yes, that’s it give it to me fuck me hard, fuck me.” She said aloud.

John was now pounding his cock in and out of her for all he was worth, you could hear a loud smack as their pelvis hit hard against each other. Katie’s moans of passion were growing louder, she let go of her leg and it landed on the floor, then she held on to her other breast which was flailing out of control on her chest.

“Oh yes, oh god, oh, oh, oh, I’m going to cum.” She screamed.

After she had an orgasm, John pulled his cock out of her and rolled her over onto her stomach, he lifted her backside up into the air and entered her from behind. Butch the whole time was moving all around trying to get good camera angles of the action. Katie reached out and put her hands on the arm of the couch, allowing her big tits to sway back and forth with each thrust. She was meeting John thrust for thrust as he fucked her, he held on to her waist and really started to fuck her hard.

“Yeah you like getting fucked hard don’t you?” He asked.

“Yes, fuck me hard baby, fuck me.” She said back.

Butch could not believe how hot this was getting, he tried to film and stroke his own large casino firmaları horse cock at the same time. The usually beautiful and sexy, yet proper and demure housewife, next door neighbor was turning into a cock hungry slut right here in his living room.

Katie started cumming all over John’s cock, Butch zoomed in to show the juices actually flowing out of her as she had another powerful orgasm. John pulled out and Butch told him to sit on the couch, Katie did not have to be instructed and went over and straddled John easing herself down onto his cock. John held onto her soft round ass moving her up and down as she lifted herself up and down as well. He wasted no time licking at her nipples giving them tiny sucks.

“Oh shit, oh I’m going to cum baby.” John groaned.

“Pull it out boy, cum all over her ass and back.” Butch yelled out.

He did what Butch instructed and came all over her ass and back, Katie could feel the warm sperm land on her back and her pussy spasm and she actually squirted for the first time in her life. The two of them cleaned up as best they could and got redressed, Butch told them he would get in touch for the next movie and they both left.

Once they got back to Katie’s house, she called the neighbors and said she would be over soon to pick up the baby. John got himself a bottle of water and got Katie one, then waited for her to get off the phone.

“I scoped out that fat slobs place.” He said. “I think I can get in, I will erase his hard drive and find any of his films and destroy them.”

“Do you really think you can do it?” She asked.

“Yeah, I got to go, get some things I may need.” He said kissing her on the cheek.

“Okay, I thought you wanted to have a talk today?” She asked.

“It can wait; I really need to get some things if I’m going to have any luck tonight.” He said leaving.

Later that night, John got in through an open window, once inside he could hear Butch snoring away loudly and he went into the den. He found all kinds of files that had movies and pictures of not just Katie, but of other women in the neighborhood. So the first thing he did was took apart the computer tower and dumped water all over causing the electronics to fry and spark. Then he unplugged it and took a hammer and smashed the insides to small useless pieces.

He then searched around and found the DVD’s he made along with their copies and a large yellow envelope that was going to get sent to a porn producer. John smashed the entire DVD’s into small bits of plastic, he searched around the rest of the house to see if he could find anything else, then he went into the bedroom and found his cell phone. While the man was snoring away he deleted a few pictures and videos he had on it of Katie. Just as he was about the leave Butch woke up and jumped up from his bed.

“What the fuck are you doing here you little punk?” He said groggily.

“Making sure you can never hurt Katie or anyone else again asshole.” John said.

“I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!” Butch screamed and he ran after John as fast as he could.

John being younger, in good shape ran out of the bedroom, the older and heavier Butch right behind him. All of a sudden John heard a loud thud and he looked behind him and Butch was laying on the floor grasping his chest. John did not waste anytime and got out of there, on the way down the street he stopped at a pay phone and called 911.

By the time the police and ambulance got there Butch had died of a heart attack, there were no witnesses but they police said it looked like a break in and Butch startled the would be thief. For a week while the detectives gathered information, John avoided going to Katie’s house. With her son spending more time at Debbie’s there really would be a hard time for Brett to find an excuse to come over. There was a knock at the door and Katie went to answer it, it was Brett and he was holding a basketball.

“Hey Katie, where is everyone?” He asked coming in. “I haven’t Chris is a while.”

“He’s busy helping Debbie with her remodeling.” She said.

“Frank at work?” He asked.

“Yes working late as usual.” She said closing the door and leading him into the family room.

“What’s Catherine been up to lately?” He asked following.

“She is staying after school for softball practice.” Katie replied sitting down on the sofa.

“How is baby Julie?” He asked.

“She’s good, she’s getting big and she is taking her nap.” Katie replied.

“You want to fool around?” He asked her while leaning in whispering it into her ear.

“I don’t know.” She giggled.

“Come on, it’s been a while.” He whispered and took her hand and moved it to his crotch where she could feel güvenilir casino his cock was already hard.

“Yes it has.” She said not moving her hand.

Brett pulled her closer and the two of them made out in the front hallway with Katie rubbing his hard cock through his shorts. Brett broke off the kiss and swept her up in his arms carrying her to the family room, he laid her down on the couch. He reached down and unbuttoned her denim hipster shorts she was wearing, and pulled them down her legs. While laying there Katie pulled the straps of her white cami she was wearing to expose her large firm breasts. Brett pulled her white lace thong down next, and then he took off his tee shirt and pulled his shorts down to reveal his hard cock.

Katie stared at it and licked her lips, it has been a while since she has seen Brett’s nice cock and her pussy instantly moistened when she saw it. Brett got on the couch and between her legs; he teased her by lining his cock up with the entrance of her pussy and ran it up and down the wet slit.

“Mmmm stop teasing me and give it to me.” She moaned sexily.

Brett eased it into her tight pussy, which seemed to grab a hold of it and pull it into her on its own. He kept pushing gently and she spread her legs more until he was all the way in. Then she wrapped her legs around him and he slowly began to pump his young hard cock in and out of her pussy. Brett leaned down and kissed her full on the mouth which she responded to by slipping her tongue into his mouth and moaning into it deeply. He then kissed his way down he neck and gave each of her nipples a light suck, not enough to pull milk but enough to make her enjoy his tongue on their sensitive surfaces.

“Oooohhhh yes Brett, fuck me, nice and slow.” She said moaned. “I want to enjoy this.”

He took his time, it’s not everyday he gets to have sex with this incredible hot mom; he slowly pumped his cock in and out of her. About five minutes later she was having an orgasm, he felt her legs tighten up around him and she dug her nails into his back. After she was done cumming, Brett told her he would like to try a different position, one he saw in one of his porn movies he has hidden at his house.

Brett stood up and then pulled Katie up, he then sat down, at first she though he wanted her to straddle him but he motioned for her to turn around. Then he helped her climb up on top of him backwards and helped ease herself down on his cock. The new position and angle of his cock touched spots in her pussy she don’t think were ever touched.

“We better start out slow so I can get used to this. She said.

“No problem.” He said.

She moved slowly up and down on top of his cock, she finally found her rhythm and moved up and down faster. She actually felt the need now to just fuck and she wanted it fast and hard, Brett sensed her speeding up the pace and he timed his upward thrusts perfectly with her downward ones. Her tits were bouncing wildly in front of her but she had to use her hands for leverage. Brett he reached around the front of her with one of his hands and played with her clit as he fucked her.

“Oh yeah, oh god yes, this is so dirty but I love it.” She said as she rode him.

“Yeah I knew you would.” He said.

While they were fucking, they never heard John sneak in through the garage; he had flowers and was going to surprise Katie. He heard the familiar sounds of sex coming from the family room and he quietly went to see what was going on, he stood in the doorway out of sight and watched his friend Brett screwing the woman of his dreams and she was really enjoying it.

John then took his phone out and filmed what was going on, Brett was now rubbing her clit faster and Katie was screaming louder really getting into the orgasms she was having on his cock. Brett could not hold it any longer and he exploded inside her pussy many powerful shots of cum. After their orgasms subsided they sat there panting, his deflating dick still in her and they kissed for a couple minutes, she got up and put her panties back on and he got dressed as well. A few minutes later they were both dressed, John took this as his cue to sneak back out before they he got caught spying on them. He was very angry with Katie and he decided he did not have much use for his friend Brett anymore either. Being the schemer who got her blackmailer to die and he destroyed all the evidence in the house so no one would ever know what a slut she really was, this is the thanks he gets.

Later that night John laid in bed wondering how he was going to be able to get Katie all to himself and get Brett out of the picture and could he trust Katie around other young guys he would need to talk to her about that. Then his devious scheming mind finally came up with a devious idea one that would get rid of Brett and her husband, one that would get him Katie for good.

I know it’s shorter than the other parts, promise part 8 will be longer and a blockbuster.

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