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Now this is one of those fantasies you’ve told me about. I thought it was hot so I told you that I was going to write it out and add a few things into it that I know you will enjoy. As a note to my readers, once this particular one is done and because it is a fantasy of my Pet’s, I will read it to her before I put it up.

I’ve decided that my Pet should come to work with me. I work for a corporation as a department head. I mention that my Assistant had been promoted and that I am brining you with me to be my new Assistant. I tell you that I will be choosing your outfit for work and that you will be having a busy day so I decide that we won’t play tonight. I hear you whimper at this. I’ve kept you on edge all day long and you had hoped I would use you tonight or allow you to please me. Instead, I send you to your little bed in a nice white silk nightie and matching white panties. I tell you that you may use your vibrating plug but you aren’t allowed to cum. You try to beg but I tell you no and send you to bed.

I make sure that you can hear me as I get myself off. I moan loudly just so you can hear it. When I cum, I am loud. I know what it does to you. I also know it is pure torment to hear me getting off while you have to wait. But you know it isn’t a punishment because I call you in and let you clean me up. You do so eagerly and end up getting me off again. I tell you that you are a good little slut and to show me your panties. They are wet and nearly transparent lara kendi evi olan escort from your precum. I smile and tell you to go to bed as we have a long day tomorrow.

You wake me up early with breakfast in bed. While I eat, you are bringing potential outfits to show me for what you will be wearing today. I decide that you will be wearing a black push up bra stuffed, a cute and thin white blouse that will be unbuttoned at the top and tied around underneath the bottom of your bra, your red pleather mini skirt, white sheer stockings, white sheer panties, and your red heels. You giggle and go off to get changed. I tell you to make sure you do your makeup too and that I want your hair in a ponytail. While you are getting changed, I also get ready for work. I choose my purple strap-on under some black dress pants, a button down blouse that is white, and heels. I am just finishing with my makeup when you come in and spin around, giggling. I approve of your outfit, makeup, and hair and we get ready to leave.

We drive over and I explain your duties for the day. You will bring me my tea, announce my appointments, answer the phones, and get coffee for any of my clients. You will file whatever needs to be filed that day, take dictations (this gets a giggle from you), and follow any commands I give you. I had spent the night before moving around my more mundane appointments to set up the day. I had a special meeting lara otele gelen escort today with some very special clients.

We arrive at my office and walk in. One of my clients is already there so I tell you to get him some coffee while I go into my office and get my computer set up. As you hand the client his coffee, it spills. My client acts upset and calls for me. He tells me what happened and I tell him that you will get him cleaned up. I tell you to take off his pants and make sure you get him thoroughly cleaned up.

You start to get some paper towels and I stop you. You are going to clean him up with your mouth. You giggle and my client sits back and lets you do all the work. You drop to your knees and get his pants off. His cock springs out as soon as his pants are opened. You lick your lips and start to clean him up by eagerly licking his cock. His cock becomes harder as you work on getting him cleaned up. You move your mouth over the head of his cock and start to slide just the head into your mouth like you’ve been taught.

I am watching you as you start to suck on his cock and decide to help prolong things. I start to talk to my client to help distract him from you cleaning him up. We talk about his reason for meeting with me today and we casually chat while he puts his hand on your head and pushes your mouth further onto his cock. I can hear you moan as you take his whole cock on your mouth. My lara rus escort client asks what your name is and comments on how good a job you are doing cleaning him up. I tell my client that your name is Kaylyn but today you will simply be Ms. Slut. I hear you moan at that and my client smiles. He asks if you are my new Assistant and I tell him that you are just here for the day. He then asks if maybe you might want to come to his company. I reply that maybe you could come and do some work for him and his staff. My client says that maybe he should have your come and do some cleaning for his whole office. I hear your muffled moan at the thought of being used by several people.

What you are doing with your mouth has become very distracting to my client. He lays his head back and grunts before taking a firm hold of your head and guiding your faster onto his cock until he cums hard. I hear your muffled cry of surprise and see some cum start to ooze out of your mouth. You greedily swallow and start to lick him clean as fast as your slutty little tongue will work.

When you are done, you sit back a little and lick your lips happily. You do love sucking cocks. I tell you that you should go clean yourself up and get the coffee stains out of my client’s pants. You get to your feet and scurry off to do as asked. My client slaps your little ass as you walk away.

My, my, my…my little slut is going to have a busy day.

My little Pet loved the beginning to this story. There will be more of course as this is only part of the fantasy she told me. Kaylyn giggled and squirmed through my telling the story with a nice little vibrating plug in her man pussy and my strap-on in her mouth. She wasn’t allowed to cum until the end though and I had to stop several times of course.

More to come soon to this story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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