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Everyone sexually active in this chapter are 18 and above.


Background story on Anna-

Her name was Annabelle. She was a sweet girl, with a tragic story. Her parents died of a car crash when she was only 5 and when she had no where else to go, she was sent to juvie. Not long after, she was placed in the foster care system where she will be shipped off to 6 foster homes. By her 5th foster home, she discovered she favored the attention of her foster sister more than any of the boys at her school. They really only held hands and made googly eyes at each other. Sadly though, her foster parents found out about their young love and immediately sent Anna away. Finally, at age 13, she had found a family who would want to adopt her, the Madison’s. She would be living with the Madison’s for 10 years now. After 5 of those years at age 18, her sister, Naomi, had finally told her how she felt about Anna. They were lying in bed together facing each other, when Naomi asked,

“Have you ever kissed a girl?”

Annabelle was caught off guard by her question and sat up leaning her back on the head board. *Why would she ask such a question. Does she know? I know this family’s conservative. I love this family so much, especially Naomi. I wouldn’t want to mess it up.*

Annabelle looked down, playing with her fingers and stayed silent, afraid of what her answer would be.

“I’ve never kissed a girl…but…,” Naomi continued.

*But? But what? Spit it out already.*

“But if I had to imagine I did…I would have wanted it to be you.”

Annabelle look up at her in astonishment but stayed silent.

“Do you get what I’m saying?” Naomi said sitting up with Anna.


“Anna, please say something,”

“Well w-what do you want me to say?”

She smiled at her sister’s stutter. She’s had it ever since she was a kid and has always been embarrassed by it. Naomi thought it was cutest thing. “I don’t know…something. I’ve basically told you that…that I want you, and all you have to respond is that stupid look on your face. I mean… you must have known.”

“No…I didn’t. Otherwise I-I would’ve…”

Annabelle stop and her eyes started to tear up. She was afraid of what was gonna happen if she told her how she really felt, how she really was.

“Otherwise you would’ve what, Anna?

“Nothing…we’re sisters, this is wrong. W-we can’t feel this way about each other.”



“You said ‘We’. Does that mean you do have feelings for me?”

“I don’t…I mean…ugh…”

“Anna, please. I set this whole thing up so I could talk to you. Mom and dad are out at the movies. They won’t be here for hours. We’re both out of school, finally. I see the way you look at me.”

“I don’t look at you.” Annabelle lied. She’s always glanced at Naomi’s body every time she would come from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her chest. Anna thought she hadn’t been caught, but Naomi actually have been trying to show a little more skin everyday when she noticed Anna admiring her. Until yesterday, when she dropped the towel altogether while Annabelle was still in the room. She had casino şirketleri gotten so wet from seeing her sister’s wet naked body in front her. She stared as her sister stood there dripping wet with her flared out hips and her perfect C cup titties. She watched as one droplet of water ran it’s way down Naomi’s perfectly toned stomach, through her belly button and past her mound until it disappeared in her newly shaved pink puffy nether regions. Annabelle broke out of her trance and thought of an excuse to leave and went to the bathroom to relieve herself from her sudden arousal.

“Whatever. Anna please just tell me. I’m dying here.”

“I…I don’t-“

Naomi interrupted her by raking her hand through Annabelle’s dirty blonde hair. She scooted closer to her to where they could feel each others breath on one another.


Annabelle closed her eyes and parted her lips trying all her might to reject her sister while her hand still raked her hair behind her ear.

“Naomi, I,”

“Kiss me,” Annabelle opened her eyes to see Naomi moved a bit closer so their noses brushed together.


“Please, Anna, just kiss me.”

“Naomi, p-please don’t do this to me,”

“Oh for the love of-.”

Naomi crashed her lips to Anna’s soft supple ones as if trying to put all her passion into one kiss. Anna tried to pull away from it but Naomi firmly held Annabelle’s head in her hand and kissed her harder.

Annabelle couldn’t take it anymore. She slightly opened her mouth and ran her tongue over Naomi’s bottom lip.

“Oh god,” Naomi moaned as she opened her mouth wide enough to let her tongue in.

Annabelle explored Naomi’s mouth like she was never going to be able to taste it ever again.

Her hand bunched up between Naomi’s shirt when it went to find her bra. She circled around to unclasp it and gladly searched for her prized.

“I knew you wanted it as much as I did.” Naomi said in between breaths.

Anna’s only response was a moan. She almost immediately took charge and pinned Naomi on the bed. She attacked Naomi’s neck and ear with rough bites and licks and sucks. Naomi writhed under Annabelle’s body giving all of herself to her sister.

Annabelle had already stripped Naomi’s shirt off leaving her breasts exposed to the cool air in the room but was soon soaked with Annabelle’s warm saliva. Naomi’s nipples were growing harder and longer under Annabelle’s tongue as it circled round and around. She alternated between the two breast giving each equal attention.

Naomi’s hands were then lost in Annabelle’s hair, pulling and grabbing at it encouraging her to keep going. Annabelle took Naomi’s hands and kissed her fingers one by one before putting them above her head and using her shirt to tie them around the poles of the head board. She scooted down to her stomach to where she licked every crease of her sister’s beautiful body down to her navel where she traced her tongue around it and finally plunged inside imitated what she was going to do with her pussy.

Naomi giggled when Annabelle reached her navel. The feeling of her soft tongue roaming around on her belly gave casino firmaları her chills. She wanted so badly to touch her but Annabelle’s handy work was hard to loosen. She couldn’t move anything but her hips, which were bucking and humping at Annabelle never wanting her to stop.

Annabelle forcefully grounded Naomi’s hips to the bed while she unzipped and pulled her pants off. She laid in between Naomi’s legs and pushed her knees up to her chest for better access to her panty covered pussy.

She found a wet spot on Naomi’s white cotton panties that let her see a preview of her glistening pink cunt. She moved in and sucked at the wet spot to taste test her sisters pussy through her panties. Naomi moaned at the feeling of her sister’s lips and tongue lapping at her soaked up juices. She wanted so badly to cum on her tongue right now with Anna teasing her like this.

*Fuck, how did she get so good at this,* Naomi thought.

Finally, Annabelle hooked her fingers around the waistband and pulled the older girl’s panties.

“L-lift up,”

Naomi eagerly rose her hips so Anna could pull them down.

Annabelle licked and sucked on Naomi’s panties before throwing them off to the side. She knelt down once again face to face to her wet throbbing cunt. She kissed her inner thighs and over to the sides of her pussy lips causing Naomi to shudder and groan in frustration.

“Please, Anna…lick me,”

Annabelle ignored her desperate pleas and continued to kiss her sister’s pussy lips. She kissed her clit, her inner lips, her fuck hole. She kissed everywhere sending doses of arousal through Naomi’s body, making her juices ooze out of her pussy making everything slick. Then, just as Naomi was about to groan in frustration, Annabelle stuck her tongue out and licked up the fallen juices that ran down in her ass crack and then finally tasted her cunt juice from the source. Naomi’s groan quickly turned into a moan, relieved to finally feel Anna’s hot wet tongue tasting her pussy.

“Mmm…your tongue feels so good baby,” She moaned.

After licking and sucking on her sister inner and outer lips, Annabelle fluttered her tongue up until it was sliding deliciously over Naomi’s poked out little nub. Naomi’s breath quickened and soon turned into high pitch wanton moans that made Anna’s pussy wet.

“Oh god, you’re gonna ma-make me cum if you keep licking me like th-that!”

Annabelle lifted her hand up to Naomi’s slit and teasingly rubbed her finger over her gushing hole.

“S-say my name.”


“Say my fucking name.”

*What’s gotten into her, it’s…hot!* Naomi thought.

“Fuck me Anna, please…make me cum!”

“Louder, say your little sister’s name like the little cum slut you are!”

“I can’t b-believe my little sister’s fucking me! ANNA PLEASE GOD A-ANNA!”

Anna plunged her three fingers in Naomi’s cunt, stretching her writhing sister more and more with every thrust of her arm. Naomi screamed out as her orgasm snuck up on her. Anna pulled herself up along Naomi’s crumbling body and placed her mouth over her’s, muffling the orgasmic sounds wildly crying out. Still spasming güvenilir casino from the aftershocks of her earth shattering orgasm, Naomi lazily kissed and licked her juices off her sister, lightly coating her face with her saliva while Anna repositioned herself so Naomi could lay her head in the crook of her neck. They fell asleep like that, in each other arms.

Ever since then, Naomi and Annabelle had been secretly sleeping together. Until now.


It was Saturday morning when Annabelle woke up to the wonderful sight of her big sister licking enthusiastically at her folds. She might have been asleep but her body wasn’t and as soon as she had figured out what was happening, she was already cumming all over her sheets. Her whole body felt hot and tingly. She moaned out a slow low sigh of relief as she felt the waves of pure bliss wash over her one by one, orgasmic wave after the other. She moaned in tune to her hips sexily moving up and down the bed while she shut her eyes tight and bit her lip. Naomi sat still at the foot of the bed in between Annabelle’s legs, caressing her legs up and down waiting for Anna’s orgasm to subside. When Anna seemed to have calmed down, Naomi traveled up her body to her tits and sucked on them a little before heading up to kiss her.

“Good morning… to you… too,” Anna said between kisses dreamily.

“Well you looked so cute sleeping there, I just couldn’t help myself.”

“You never can help yourself, can you?”


Anna sat up and looked deeply nto Naomi’s eyes while she played with one of her tits.

She felt Naomi shiver under her touch and smiled. She loved how Naomi responded to everything she did to her.

“Maybe I could return the favor? I mean you do taste absolutely scrumptious I would hate for it to go…un-licked this late in the morning.”

“Do what you must. Im all yours for the taking.”

“That’s what I like to hear. Come here.”


Meanwhile Emma; Mrs. Madison, decided to wake up early to fix breakfast for the girls. She walked around to the kitchen and to the refrigerator and pulled out some bacon and eggs. She was just about to turn the stove on when she heard creaking coming from upstairs.

*What the hell are those girls doing now? I swear I’m going to have to tell them to move out one of these days.*

Emma left the kitchen and walked up the stairs to Anna’s room. As she got closer up the steps she felt the vibrations from the bed rumbling through the walls and the bed pounding on the ground. Very soon after, as she was just about to open the door, she heard muffled Cries and one of her daughter’s voices.

“Ohh gawd yeah. You eat me so fucking good, Anna,”

“Yeah? You like riding your little sister’s face, don’t you?” Anna said rhetorically in between licks

Emma couldn’t believe her ears. She quickly stopped in her tracks and almost robotically walked back down towards the kitchen.

*What…the fuck. That couldn’t have been what I thought it was. But they’re…sisters. What the fuck.* Emma thought. She couldn’t fathom what her two ‘innocent’ daughters were doing not even 20 meters from where she was standing.

*Should I break it up? Would that be weird? No, I don’t need that sort of image burn into my brain right now. I should confront them when they come down for breakfast.*


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