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“Ok, Barb, I know I probably sound like a broken record, but I have to ask one more time. If I agree to make your proposition a formal date, will you promise not to try to get me into your bed afterwards?” I asked with a smile. I didn’t want her to know I had made my decision, because I still had doubts. My problem was that I still felt that I would feel guilty if I went through with it. Yes, it would help test our commitment to one another, and Kelly did give me unrestricted permission, yet… If anything was going to happen tonight, it would be strictly on my terms, not hers.

“Kim, I cannot tell you how many times I almost asked you out, company rules be damned. I now have an opportunity that I may not have again. I just want to the pleasure of spending an evening with you. I want to be in your company. I would like to hold your hand if that’s OK, and still want you to dance with me. Hell, yes, ending the night with sex would be great, too, but if making that promise is what it takes to get you agree to spend an otherwise intimate evening with me, then you have it, albeit reluctantly.”

“Who the hell am I kidding,” I thought. “Barb is a great person, a successful business woman at 35, about 5’7 with long blond hair. She works out nearly every day and, now that I really look at her as a woman, very buff. Yea, I wouldn’t mind going to bed with her. I wonder if she is shaved?”

I took a deep breath and replied, “Great! It’s a date then. I will even hold your hand and dance with you. Where are you taking me?”

“How about TC’s Grill?”

“That’s the Cowboy Club, right?”

“Cowgirl Club, Kim. My eyebrows raised and she laughed, “You didn’t even know it is a lesbian nightclub, did you? Have you had your head stuck in a hole?” Little did she know. “Dress accordingly. I’ll make the reservations and pick you up around 6:30.”

I had about half an hour’s work to finish packing the personal items in my office before driving to my apartment to get ready for my “date.” I called Kelly once I laid out the clothes that she had packed for my return trip.

“Hi, pet. I didn’t expect to hear from you until morning. You must miss me.”

“More than you know, Mistress, but I need to ask your permission to modify my clothing for tonight.”

“I thought I gave you freedom to make decisions without my permission.”

“Well, yes you did, ma’am. But that was after you gave me specific instructions on what to wear, so I assumed altering my clothing wasn’t included.”

“Now that I think about it, that’s true. Had you not told me, I would not have remembered. Thank you for being honest. OK, I am open to changes, but you need a good reason. Tell me why you want something different.”

“It’s only a small change. Barb wants to go to a Western themed club and asked me to dress appropriately. Well, the peasant blouse will be OK, but I don’t think knee socks and penny loafers constitute a proper Western look.”

“You are right. The skirt I selected doesn’t fit a Western theme. So, what do you recommend in their place, dear?”

“Well, we had a Western themed party at the office a couple years ago. I bought complete outfit to wear for it, including a pair of cowgirl boots and a white Western hat. I’d like to wear them tonight, but the problem is the skirts length ends at mid=calf, slightly longer than your requirements.”

“That length is definitely verboten for any slut of mine. Obviously there a Western store in town where you can purchase a short skirt.”

“Yes, Mistress, there is one only a mile away. Sorry, I should have thought of that.”

“Yes, it would have been great had you suggested that to your Mistress as a solution, rather than simply saying you had a problem. While I make the decisions for you, I don’t want to have to think for you, too.” I heard her laughing as she ‘reprimanded’ me.

“Thank you. Should I still wear the thong panties you packed, too, Mistress?”

“Don’t you think I want you to wear them since I packed them with the skirt and didn’t instruct you to not wear them?”

“Forgive me for asking, Mistress.” More laughter.

“You must not assume, but you really do need to put your mind in gear before you open your mouth. You seem to be lacking in that area.” I knew she was teasing me and smiled.

“I want you to wear the boots home tomorrow. Do you have any dresses that might look ok with them? I don’t want you to wear the same one you are going to wear on your date.” I described a couple different ones and she made her decision. “After I meet my cowgirl slut at the terminal, I intend to collar her, attach a leash to the collar, lead her home and ride her to an amazing climax.”

“I think I will enjoy that Mistress.”

“Do not wear the panties on your trip home tomorrow, though.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Have you decided to have sex with Barb?”

“I’m leaning in that direction, ma’am.”

“I put a chain in the small jewelry box. Attach it to your nipple rings. I’ll bet Barb will casino şirketleri like that.”

“I’m sure she will, Mistress.”

“Wear white socks with your boots, slut.”

“Yes, My Mistress.”

“Call me in the morning, little one.”

“May I call you before then, Mistress, even though you said I didn’t have to?”

She laughed and said, “Think you might need some prompting, pet?”

“It’s a possibility. I still think I’ll feel strange being with her, knowing I belong to you.”

“Tell me something kimmy, and I want an honest answer. Now that you know the joy of making love to another woman, if I were not in the picture, would you go to bed with Barb tonight if she did try to seduce you?

“Yes, ma’am, I probably would. She is a fantastic person and I’ve always liked her. As I mentioned, I considered her my closest friend…up until I met you, that is, Mistress.”

“Then don’t worry about it. Just do it. You already have my permission and you know I won’t be angry or jealous. And I know you will again be in my arms tomorrow even if we didn’t have a contract.”

“Thank you, Mistress. But you didn’t answer my question.”

“And that was…”

“May I call you before morning if I want to?”

“Yes, you may, pet. You may always call me any hour of the day. You never have to ask for permission to call or text me. Have a great evening. Whatever happens, just don’t disgrace your Mistress tonight.”

“I promise I won’t, ma’am. Thank you.”

After returning with my new skirt, I bathed, shaved, and thwarted an urgent need to masturbate. I knew that was one act that would not be permitted under Kelly’s carte blanche permission. After liberally dousing myself with my favorite body powder and dabbing matching perfume in appropriate places, Putting the white socks on first, I couldn’t help but look at myself in the mirror, remembering Kelly’s comments about her fetish. Damn, a woman in nothing but white socks WAS sexier than a naked woman. Feeling silly, I put the boots, attached the chain to my nipple rings and checked my image in the mirror again. I liked what I saw. I was amazed that I was beginning to admire my body. After the black thong, I put on a short, dark blue and white print, full skirt. Since I rarely wore panties anymore, I was much more aware of the thin strip of cloth pressing between my cheeks. Only the western hat remained after I pulled on the peasant blouse, which Kelly told me to wear off-shoulder, and, if I forgot to mention, its elasticized waist was cropped to end just below my breasts baring my abdomen. I went into my closet and carried my hat out to the full-length mirror. Putting the hat on my head, I had to admit that the girl I saw reflected in the mirror looked damn good. Just then the doorbell rang. Barb was prompt.

“Holy shit, girl! You not only look sexy, you are ravishing. And I thought you looked great at work today. This tops anything I’ve ever seen you wear. You are showing more skin than I’ve ever seen before, too. Did you dress this way just for me?”

“Sort of,” I replied meekly. Damn, not telling the whole truth was difficult.

“I already wish I hadn’t made that promise. I have GOT to know what provoked this change in the Kim I’ve known for so long. You do look fab, darling.”

“Barb, I promise I will tell you everything before the night is over.” I commented, and then added, “You don’t look so bad yourself. Those jeans look like they are painted on you.”

She was wearing tight, stretch jeans, with a front zipper, a white, western style, curve-hugging shirt, along with a black hat and black boots. I found it interesting that her hat was black and mine was white. Never had I looked at a woman with lust in my heart before Kelly. Hell, before Kelly, I had never looked at a woman in a sexual way.

She hugged me quickly then grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door. “Come on. Let’s get out of here before I break that promise right here in the middle of your apartment. Ummmm, you smell fantastic, too,” she exclaimed as we headed to the parking lot holding hands and giggling like two teenagers.

I was a little surprised when she opened the car door and held it for me to get in. Seeing my look, she said, “Well, you did agree this would be a date, Kim. This is how I treat my dates.” I thanked her, wondering how many ‘dates’ she has had with other women.

We arrived at the restaurant a few minutes early. Our table was not ready, so we walked over to the bar and ordered Margaritas. While waiting for them to be prepared, Barb took both my hands in hers and said, “I can’t believe I didn’t notice you were not wearing a bra again. Maybe they weren’t as hard as they are now,” she teased. I blushed at her reference to my nipples. “You weren’t wearing a bra when you removed your jacket at lunch. Is this also a part of your new look, Kim?”

“The hard nipples or not wearing a bra?” I quipped, knowing exactly what she meant.

“Your choice, dear.” I confessed that until casino firmaları a week ago I had never gone outside the house without a bra. “Ah, are you missing anything else,” she inquired with a grin.

“I’m wearing panties, if that’s what you mean. Hope you aren’t disappointed?”

“Of course I’m disappointed,” she laughed. Were you wearing any at lunch?

I blushed slightly and answered with a simple, “No.”

“Just to be clear, does that mean ‘No, you weren’t’ or ‘No, you were?’

I felt myself blushing even more if that is possible. “I was not wearing panties, Barb.”

“Damn, how did you ever extract that promise from me? You’d better be explaining a lot to your former boss and best friend before this night is over, girl.” I nodded assent. She then excused herself and headed to the lady’s room. As she walked towards me when she returned, I noticed the obvious bounce of her breasts. She had removed her bra. Caught staring at the two bumps beneath the pockets of the blouse, she exclaimed, “Well, hell, girl. I only wore it because of you. I rarely wear one outside the office.” I knew I would have noticed that when we went out together in the past. Before I could inquire, however, she added, “Even though you weren’t wearing one at work today, I thought you were a little more modest because you wore a jacket to hide that fact. So, I figured I had better wear one tonight.” She rolled her shoulders, laughed and added. “Damn, I feel better already. Unlike you, I’m not wearing panties. There wasn’t any room between my skin and the jeans.”

“Well, sorry, but mine are going to stay in place,” I bantered. Barb laughed again and I laughed with her. Even though we had been at many business dinners and functions together, I never realized that Barb had a comical side. I liked it! We had had lots of lunches and dinners together in the past. Tonight, she seemed to be in a different mood. Maybe because she considered this to be a ‘date.’

Barb had requested for a booth to be reserved for us. I slid in first. Instead of sitting across the table, she sat beside me and grasped my hand. “This place gets a little noisy when the band starts, Kim. We won’t be able to hear one another if I sit across from you. I must admit, though, it is also a great excuse to sit closer to you. I think we have the best seat in the house. We’ll be able to relax and talk.”

We picked up the menus after the waitress recited the day’s specials. It suddenly hit me that it was a good thing that I didn’t have to call Kelly to ask what to eat. That would probably be a little difficult now. She’ll have to give me permission to make my own decision in case I run into this problem in the future. I know it sounds absurd this early in our relationship, but I already preferred to have Kelly choose what I ate. I knew she would approve of my next move. I placed my menu back on the table. “Barb, I’m so excited about everything that’s happened today, and being here with you, I don’t want to make another decision. Please order for me.”

“Now how can I do that, Kim? I don’t know what you like.”

“Oh, I think you know me well enough after all these years. I give you my word that I will enjoy anything you order for me.”

I was surprised that our conversation for the next half hour was very non-personal. Barb added more office gossip to our earlier discussion, and I told her a little about what it was like at Hunters. About half way through our meal the band started playing. The first set was a CW line dance. Barb grasped my hand and started sliding out of the booth. When I resisted Barb said, “Come on, Kim. I promised you dinner and you agreed to dance. This is the dancing part. I intend to burn up the floor with you tonight since I won’t get you in bed.” I explained, to no avail, that I really wasn’t into line dancing and didn’t know the first thing about it. She wouldn’t take no for an answer and quickly got me to enjoy it.

We switched between eating our dinner and dancing for the next two hours. Dishes cleared, we ordered a second round of drinks just as the band started a set of slow songs. Once again, I was pulled to the floor. We started dancing at arms-length, hands on hips, until I decided that was unnecessary. Knowing that I wanted to abide by Kelly’s wishes, I needed to feel the warmth and strength of Barb’s body and was sure she felt the same way. I slid my arm around Barb’s back, pulled her close to me, laid my head on her shoulder, and let her lead. “Now that’s more like it,” she whispered, resting her head against mine, pulling me even tighter. Her hand didn’t move from the back of my peasant blouse, though. I closed my eyes and drifted along with her. We danced that way through the rest of the set then returned to our table.

When our waitress asked if we cared for dessert, Barb turned to me and asked, “Would you share a cheesecake with me, Kim? I don’t want a whole piece myself.

My mind drifted back to the night I met Kelly and said, “Only if you are willing güvenilir casino to feed it to me.”

With a huge grin on her face, she replied, “I might be able to handle that. In fact, it will be a pleasure. If I remember correctly, you once told me that you like your cheesecake drowning in amaretto.” I think she enjoyed telling our server to bring only one fork. While waiting for the dessert, we dashed onto the dance floor for the next set of slow songs. I think I held her even closer, if that is possible.

She finally moved down to my relatively bare back during the second song. Even though it was only her hand, I enjoyed the feeling of skin on skin. In turn, I slowly slid my hand down onto the seat of her pants. “Hey, there, little girl,” she whispered, “Watch where that hand is drifting, or I may not be able to keep my promise.”

I was, in fact, teasing her. I placed my hand back on her waist again and apologized. “I’m sorry, Barb. I need you to keep that promise.”

“Damn! A girl can only hope.” she whispered and hugged me tight.

The cheesecake was waiting when we returned to the table. Barb cut a small piece with the fork and held it to my lips. Trying to be sensuous, I opened my mouth, thrust my tongue out. Barb placed the small bite on top. She watched intensely as I drew it into my mouth, closed my eyes and moaned over the sumptuous taste. I then watched as she tried to simulate my antics.

After looking at me with a wide grin, she commented, “Now let me get this straight. The deal was that I feed you, but you didn’t say that I had to use a fork. Correct.”

Not knowing what was on her mind, I concurred. I expected her to pick the cheesecake up in her fingers and feed it to me. Instead, she cut another piece with the fork and put it into her mouth. Thinking back to my evening at Lisa’s with Kelly I knew what was going to happen. Barb put her hand behind my head and moved closer. When her lips touched mine, I automatically opened my mouth to accept the cheesecake. Her tongue stayed in my mouth a little longer than necessary, probably because I was sucking on it so hard. Ten more bites were fed to me in the same manner. I didn’t realize that we had been served that much dessert; or was Barb just cutting it into very small pieces? I didn’t really care. I only knew that my thong was getting very damp.

The band announced the last song of the current set. Barb said, “It’s getting a little late, Kim, but I’d like to dance this last song with you.”

“Please, Barb, I’d love one more, too.”

Half way through the dance I kissed Barb’s neck, received a sensuous moan in return, and raised my head. Words were not needed. We locked lips for a few seconds and our tongues started a dance of their own with my hands on her ass and her hands returning the favor. I don’t know how long that kiss lasted, but we suddenly realized that the band was no longer playing.

Barb looked into my eyes and said, “I don’t know who is seducing whom here, but I don’t think I broke my promise.”

“You definitely did not, Barb.”

“Then I think we need to continue this party somewhere else. I have some great artwork at my house that I’d like to show you.”

I laughed at the old cliché. “I think it would be wonderful, but I promised you that I would tell you why I have changed so much. I need to do that before we view your artwork, if you don’t mind.”

“Anything you want, Kim, if it means that I get to spend more time with you.”

She started to slide into the booth, but I stopped her. “The park lake should be beautiful under tonight’s full moon. Why don’t we go down there and relax on one of the benches? That would be a perfect place to sit and talk. It’s private, yet out in the open.” The walk took less than ten minutes, Hand in hand, we found the perfect spot to watch the reflection of the moon across the lake. It was a great romantic setting. The scene awakened memories of watching the sunset with Kelly. Damn, everything reminded me of Kelly.

We continued to hold hands in silence while sitting on the bench. I knew Barb was patiently waiting for me to start the conversation. “Barb, I want you to know that I changed my mind. I want to make love to you tonight.”

She squeezed my hand and replied, “I have wanted to hear that since I saw you walking into my office this morning.” I noticed that she continued looking across the lake, instead at me while saying this.

“The thing is,” I said, “I don’t want to go into this under any false pretenses.”

“I thought we came here to talk about how you changed into an extremely good looking, sensuous woman from an extremely good looking, sensuous nerd.”

I had to chuckle at her analogy. “Well, we did.”

“Then what the hell is this about false pretenses?”

“I hope you’ll understand and won’t be mad at me when I tell you the whole story. And I truly hope you will still want to invite me back to your apartment to ‘view your artwork afterward.'”

“The tone of your voice tells me I am not going to like what you have to say and think I will have to make that decision for myself, Kimberly. I also think I am going to be sorry that I posed the question in the first place.” Her voice was, suddenly, very cold.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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