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The League of Extraordinary Women – Part 1

This is a restart/ recast/ renewal of a series I abandoned a few years ago.

Shirley watched the young mother struggling to contain her tears. She’d seen this happen time and again over many years as she taught the virtues of breastfeeding to countless women. Either a young mother would have trouble producing enough milk or she might not have support at home to allow her to pump and store milk or there would be some other issue. Shirley had found ways to help so many young, and not so young, mothers deal with every kind of problem.

And Shirley wondered whether other La Leche League offices had found ways to deal with some of the more intimate issues that seemed to crop up with so many women the way she had, over the years. She remembered her own struggles, when she was so much younger. Shirley had given birth to a beautiful baby boy and had plenty of milk for him, but when he lost interest in the breast, her milk supply did not decrease and dry up as is commonly the case. She was happy to find La Leche League and the support she got there. She was encouraged to become a wet-nurse and to provide nature’s perfect food for infants who would not otherwise get this vital nourishment. Shirley remembered how her husband had begun to lose interest in her from the time he found out she was expecting. She was stunned when theirs became a sexless marriage. And her husband was right up front about it. He wasn’t sexually attracted to a woman once she had been through pregnancy and childbirth. He loved his wife and child, but sex was over. And as if to spite him, Shirley’s milk never dried up.

Shirley had seen varying degrees of sexual abandonment, temporary and permanent, from so many husbands and the effects it had on the wives. Shirley spoke to the young mother and found the same familiar story. Her husband thought lactation was gross. He missed his fashion-model skinny wife. He wasn’t a boob man and had actually called his wife a cow. He said he would get his jollies watching the skinny strippers in that dive downtown until she “got her figure back”. Charming guy.

The young wife’s name was Elise. Elise was about 30, an average-looking suburban housewife or office worker or teacher. She had “gotten her figure back” as far as Shirley could tell. Oh sure, her hips were a bit wider and rounder, but Elise had “tread milled” her thighs and stomach to their pre-baby dimensions. True, there were some stretch marks on her belly and her behind. And then there were Elise’s breasts. She had gone from a barely-there A-cup nearly to a C-cup. And her tiny pink aureole and little rosebud nipples had morphed into deep coral circles atop new mounds of swollen breasts, topped by her now-elongated nipples, nearly always stiff and leaking. Elise was a prolific leaker. And her burgeoning breasts, in addition to being sore, sensitive, and very productive were surrounded by fine grey stretch marks. Elise’s husband, Hector, had not tried to hide his upset at seeing what he thought of as damage to his previously waif-like lady. He loved his new son, but his wife was now just the woman who raised the boy and kept the house.

Shirley listened patiently, offering tissues to Elise as she wept. Shirley wept too. She shared the pain. She had been there. And there was more. Elise’s voice became a whisper and she bowed her head to escape even Shirley’s comforting gaze. She told, in halting words, of the feelings that would come over her, before, during and after breastfeeding or pumping her milk for storage. Elise was cautious to use only polite terms, but Shirley recognized Elise’s description as the typical signs malatya escort of arousal that so many women experience when their bodies are transformed into life-giving fountains for their babies.

Shirley spoke softly about how few women are comfortable with what is the most natural of things. Why should it be wrong that there is simultaneous maternal joy and sexual arousal? Or that lactation, “letting down”, and suckling can be very sexually stimulating? Elise thought about the older woman’s words.

“Well, great, I can climb the walls knowing that while no man is the slightest bit interested in me sexually, it’s all natural.”

“Elise, not all men find breastfeeding unappealing.”

“Oh yeah, Shirley. Maybe some pervert will flash me in the park and we can hook up.” Elise broke down in tears.

“No, Elise. There are many sweet men who find lactation to be sexy. I would like to share something with you. There is a private group of ladies from the League who have experienced what you have, or something like it. They meet after this session, after we are officially closed. It’s a different sort of session. I can only invite you if you promise to be discrete about what you see from here on.”

Elise was intrigued. As her session ended and the women left the various private areas and departed, Elise noticed a two women arriving and going upstairs. Shirley attended to some cleanup and then turned the lights off downstairs. She guided Elise upstairs to a large, cozy den with plush loveseats and a large sofa. The lights were low and it took a moment for Elise’s eyes to adjust. There were two women and a man in the room. What on earth was a man doing here? Elise sat is a chair to the side and watched and listened.

The man was Steven. He was in his 40s, a tall, fit guy with thinning salt and pepper hair. He was speaking in very low tones to an older woman in a flowing robe while a woman about Elise’s age sat near the couple. Shirley spoke up.

“This is Elise. I’ve asked her up here for the first time. I’d like her to see that it doesn’t have to be like it’s been for her up to now. This is Steven. He’s talking to Silvia. And that’s Marcia next to them. Silvia, you can feel free to get comfortable. Elise will just look away and she and I will leave if she’s uncomfortable.”

Silvia responded by smiling and she began to adjust the ruffled, silken blouse that was part of her ensemble. As she fumbled with the shiny fabric, she spoke, “I’m 52. As you’ll see in a minute if I can undo this arrangement, I have big bazooms. And I still lactate a fair bit. But the ache I get when I ‘let down’ is painful unless I get some help. And my big boy Stevie loves to help, don’t you?” She pushed aside a silken piece and motioned for the man to approach.

Elise stared as the man curled up on Silvia’s lap, half on her lap and the rest on the sofa. Their eyes met in what Elise took to be a romantic moment and then he turned toward Silvia’s chest and up her left hand, hidden under the garment, lifted her large right breast to Steven’s waiting mouth. He brushed the nipple across his lips until he felt a trace of liquid lubricate that contact. Then, swirling his tongue tip around the stiff, rubbery bud, he latched on and began a slow rhythmic sucking, to which Silvia timed a strong squeezing of her hefty tit.

Elise waited for it to go further, but it never did. Silvia pumped her giant tits with her hands as this grown man sucked them earnestly. She did stroke his hair and cradle his head in a sweet way, but if there was anything sexual going on, Elise could not detect it.

After several minutes, Silvia released maltepe escort her grip on one big tit and seized and began pumping the other into Steven’s still-suckling mouth. The newly-released tit leaked milk in a profuse stream that was a drip and sometimes a constant trickle. At this transfer, Silvia shuddered. Her eyes closed and her face and upper chest flushed. He suckled her other breast for several minutes and then Silvia heaved a deep breath and Steven sat up. Silvia thanked him. She whispered something in his ear for a minute and told Elise she wished her well and was gone.

Elise looked over at the man who was nonchalantly trying to tuck away a sizable erection without being too obvious about it. Marcia spoke up.

“Please don’t ruin this for us. It’s not what you think, whatever you think.”

Shirley jumped in, “What Marcia is trying to say is that our friend Steven here is a unique resource. He’s helped a lot of mothers like Silvia, some by just talking to them, others by showing them, physically, that a man can see a lactating woman in a sexual light. I supervise what goes on here. I don’t show most of the La Leche League women the upstairs at all. You can imagine the ways this could go wrong. But so many women feel like you do, unless I’m mistaken, that milk-producing breasts are ugly or freakish or they feel shame that they have had an orgasm from feeding their baby or pumping milk. And having a safe man, who is discrete, experienced, skilled, caring, non-psycho and able to bond with nursing women in a way that no one can ever believe, is crazy, but you can see Marcia wouldn’t want to see it end.”

Marcia sighed, “Sorry to come on strong, but one jealous boyfriend or husband who wasn’t told and there’s a scandal and we go back to crying alone in the bathroom.”

Shirley again clarified, “What I have done is offered this special session each night for women who need more than the sanctioned services. I let each woman work out what she is comfortable with. Married women are required to obtain written consent. All parties are medically tested. And no, I can’t and don’t control anyone’s emotions. But sanity is encouraged to keep what we all think is a good thing going.”

Elise spoke up. “So, Marcia, what do you use Steven for?”

Marcia smiled. “Well, Elise, since you asked, I’m not like Silvia. No offense to her, but I could not let a man give himself blue balls like that. Not a man who was helping that old cow to exercise her old tits.”

The word cut through Elise. Cow. It meant fat, unattractive, smelly animal.

Marcia stood up and peeled off a red polo neck sweater. Marcia wore a heavy-duty bra that held her big d-cups in place. She reached back, then shrugged the harness off and gave a shimmy in Steven’s direction. He smiled and seemed to shiver in anticipation.

Marcia continued, “I don’t have a man. Maybe I don’t have such a pretty face to attract a man any more. But I got these milk farms, sweetie. And I wet-nurse for rich families around here. Some ladies would prefer a c-section to preserve their sweet twats and they’ll let me be the cow for their broods. But then they get implants to make their tits the size of mine! Go figure.”

Marcia walked over to Steven and pushed him down on the sofa. She smothered him with her huge fleshy breasts. Marcia was a rubenesque Italian with big fleshy breasts that hung from her chest. She draped his face in titflesh. She smothered him in her pulchritude. He could smell her perfume and her sweat and her arousal. Steven, where he had not raised his hands toward Silvia, reached up and took one of Marcia’s mamak escort big tits in his hands and sucked its thick, brown teat hard and deep. His hands kneaded the already mostly empty tit. He mauled it and then its twin.

“You should see how my milk pours out of these things when they are full and my Steve is eating my wet pussy.” Marcia was reaching into his jeans and had his cock fully exposed when she saw Shirley’s disapproving stare. She began to dress, but only shrugged and motioned to Steven’s rampant hardon.

Finally Steven spoke. As he spoke, he carefully repackaged himself in his boxers and jeans. He was in the neighborhood of 6 to 7 inches, straight, not curved, cut, and of average girth. “Marcia is a wonderful lady. She appreciates that I don’t expect anything from anyone ever. She wants to give back. Not because I’m so great, but because she appreciates having a place to go with her feelings. She and I have had an affair, you’d call it, for a few years. And there are one or two others that I have had sex with. But even though you may find it hard to believe, it’s not my intention. I seem to bring something special to some women when they breastfeed me. We bond. It’s sexual. And sensual. It’s kinky and 100% natural. If you don’t want any part of this, please don’t ruin it for the others.”

Marcia stood. And Elise had not spoken. Shirley asked, “When was your last orgasm, Elise?”

“Weeks. Months, maybe.”

“Would you like to watch a man enjoy lactating breasts? Getting excited from the changes to her breasts? That’s why Marcia is here. Silvia doesn’t touch. Neither do I, usually. And Steven doesn’t ask for or need any set amount of… release. But some of us enjoy watching and…”

“Marcia, I’d like to see you two continue,” Elise said, barely above a whisper.

A moment later, Marcia was again topless and roughly mashing her breasts in Steven’s face. He was reclined on the sofa. He suckled at Marcia’s breasts until he could get no more milk. She had wrenched his cock free yet again and jacked it slowly as he mouthed her pendulous jugs. Marcia took a finger and rubbed a big drop of his pre-cum down his shaft and jacked harder. She could see his balls pumping up and down in their sack. Marcia moved down to push her tits around his hardon and jack and suck him off. Elise stood motionless watching. Her breathing had become shallow and she could only think of the growing wetness between her legs. Elise saw Shirley move to stand next to Steven’s head. Shirley pulled off her t-shirt and bra and offered an engorged nipple to Steven’s lips. He began to suck and then reached to touch the other offered breast, but then he froze. Shirley pulled back. And Marcia stopped pumping Steven’s cock, but maintained her grip on it. They were all looking at Elise.

Elise looked down. Her blouse was soaked to the point of dripping. Her nipples had leaked profusely. As she had stood there, aware of her arousal and its effect on her pussy, her milk had ‘let down’ and begun to flow from her breasts. Elise, unbuttoned the denim shirt and then undid the front clasp on her big bra. Elise stood upright looking at Steven as she opened the bra to reveal her tight, swollen breasts, milk dribbling and squirting from each nipple. Steven grunted and pumped several massive arcs of thick, white cum as Marcia renewed her handwork. Elise found a pump and collected the remainder of her milk. As she pumped the sweet, white liquid, she shuddered again and again.

She packed the milk away and whispered to Shirley, “I came over a dozen times just then. I’ll be back as soon as you will let me.”

“Elise, don’t fall in love with our man. Understand he is here to help you for a little while. Think about what you need, not what you want.”

“Shirley, I’m going to see if my husband cares if his wife uses another man until ‘she gets back to normal’. I don’t think he will.”

To be continued…

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