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Seven years. That was how long Christine and Matthew had together. Typical high school sweethearts, their lives set up ahead of them. Both their studies finished, full time work secured and all that was left was for them to get hitched and get on with an amazing life together. Seven years and she suddenly has met another man, a mature 29 years to their own 23.

Matt woke up with a start, his mouth dry but his head covered in sweat from another night of tortured sleep. As he made his way to the bathroom adjacent to his bedroom, he felt the added weight of his depression sitting on his shoulders. A quick look in the mirror revealed this also, his usually bright olive skin looking a sallow yellow. Even his hair seemed to be suffering, the usually magnificent black appeared dull and charcoal grey in the morning light.

He relived himself, washed his hands and then decided to take a quick hot shower to try and relieve some of the tension in his back. As he stood under the steaming hot water, he felt his heart pounding against his chest. It hadn’t stopped feeling like that since his work friends had revealed questioning photographs of another man on Christine’s Facebook page. Matt felt the white, hot anger rise in him and he smacked his hand against the tiled wall, cursing his own ignorance. Everyone had known it, but him. Everyone had questioned the frequency with which she seemed to be visiting this Brian guy. A work colleague of hers, she had said. He was going through a divorce and his wife had taken their two small children.

Matt’s internal monologue continued as he listlessly shoveled cereal into his mouth, going through his usual weekday routine. Matt had met him a few times, the guy seemed average. Even kind of unattractive in the face. He couldn’t see the appeal of this guy to his best friend, couldn’t see what had drawn her to him.

As he drove to work, he turned up the CD playing in his car to try and drown out the thoughts of her betrayal. The heavy metal guitar riffs calmed him for a time, and he enjoyed the song for a brief moment before he realized he had pulled into his work car park. Matt let out a heavy sigh, realizing they were all probably aware now of what had happened, and now he had to be that guy who had been cheated on. The guy who had no idea that his girlfriend had been fucking a coworker. The thought angered him again.

Still sitting in his car, he pulled out his iPhone and flicked through the photos he had saved off her Facebook page and then more photos that other friends had sent him that he had never seen before. Photos of Roses from the Boyfriend, read the caption. Then the Tiffany & Co. bracelet that she had taken a photo of saying, ‘A beautiful gift from my man.’ Matt spat, “My Man! My Man? Sure fucking wasn’t me.” He got out of his car and slammed the door, storming into the office and throwing his bag down on his desk. Nobody bahis firmaları bothered him and he was glad about it.

By the end of the day he had felt exhausted, ready to go home and sleep through his weekend until Monday. His wish would have been fulfilled if not for a phone call that made him jump. His good friend Leo, coerced him into going out to the club.

“Listen to me brother, it’s Friday night. We’ll just go out to that new bar, have a few and then I’ll drive you home, okay?” Matt remained silent for a moment and then muttered his acceptance.

“Great! Pick you up at 7.00pm. Catch ya.”

Matt drove home in silence, not really looking forward to the night. At 6.58pm Leo was knocking on his door. Matt opened it up slowly, wary of his friend’s eagerness.

“Let’s go, Matty! The beers are calling our name! Nice shirt, mate.” He grabbed Matt’s phone and wallet sitting on the breakfast bar before grabbing Matt’s arm and dragging him out the door.

The club was busy when they got there, they had to queue up outside for 15 minutes before they were allowed in. But even Matt had to admit, it was well worth it. The walls were a dark burgundy and yellow fairy lights hung in odd arrangements. There were booths and plenty of cocktail bar tables, it was a nice blend of old and new worlds together. Matt realized his black collared shirt and indigo jeans pretty much had him camouflaged into the wall they were seated beside in the dim lighting, and he was glad. He still wasn’t keen for company.

Soon enough Leo returned with two bourbon and coke mixes. Matt could smell the bourbon in the glass before he picked it up and offered a cheers to Leo in thanks. An hour later and numerous beers, shots and bourbons and Matt was feeling a little better. He felt the smiles coming easier now and he even shared a few jokes with Leo and their company, which consisted of three older ladies out on the prowl.

He was thinking that it was time to finish up and get home when a flicker of silver caught his eye in the opposite corner of the room. The darkness didn’t help but he spotted a tall suited man standing beside a woman with long black hair. He realized the silver flash was her necklace, if you could call it that. It was a thick silver plate that sat at the base of her neck and twisted into a shape that pointed to some cleavage. Matt blinked. Feeling rude that he had been staring. He quickly turned away and swallowed the rest of his drink. When he chanced a glimpse back, she was gone. And he felt a small disappointment in that he didn’t get to know her.

Feeling tipsy, he headed to the bar to buy a bottle of water – hoping it would help him sober up. As he made his way through the crowd, he noticed that dark haired woman dancing alone among the others. He was close enough now that he could see her face and it shocked him that she was so beautiful. Her long black kaçak iddaa hair hung down hair back, stylishly straight. Her skin, a golden brown – not unlike his own, seemed to glow under the club lighting. But it was her face that stunned him. It was perfectly symmetrical. Dark, round eyes that were framed by thick black lashes. A perfect nose, with a straight bridge and small round tip and not to mention those lips. They were full and colored a bright pink/red. They were enticing.

He shook his head as he continued past, swearing that the alcohol had affected him more than he thought. After buying and drinking almost half the bottle of water, he dared to cross the dance floor again to return to his table. This time, she was closer. And staring at him. They must have been only 3 or 4 bodies apart and Matt felt his heart skip a beat as he admired her face. It unnerved him that she was staring back at him. Not really smiling, but it was a kind of knowing look. He kept walking, the whole while feeling her stare penetrating him.

He wasn’t the only one that noticed because Leo had spotted the eye contact from his seat at their table. “I see you’ve made a friend.” He laughed. Matt responded, “She is something, isn’t she?”

Soon enough Matt felt like he was ready for bed. Leo protested, so Matt agreed to call a cab home and leave Leo to his own devices. As he walked towards the exit, he felt a small push in the small of his back and he stumbled into a wall. Turning, he realised it was that woman from the dancefloor. He gulped. She leaned against him and felt the strength of her body pinning him.

“Come home with me.” She commanded. He hadn’t dared argued.

They shared a taxi to her place, sitting in silence. The taxi stopped at an empty alleyway in what looked like an industrial estate. Not feeling like he was in any immediate danger he followed her up a metal staircase where she unlocked a security door and invited him inside.

It was dark inside, and he saw nothing and felt nothing until he felt another shove against a wall and heard the heavy door slam shut. In a matter of seconds she was on him. Her body thrown at his in almost an air of desperation. A desperation that matched his own. He let her kiss him deeply. Feeling those full lips hard against his own mouth, then feeling her tongue seeking entry into his mouth. Everything about the kiss was urgent, rushed like they were running out of time.

He felt himself growing hard with excitement. Her hands were on his body now, exploring his waist, his shoulders and then his hips. Her touch was hot yet soft. It urged him on. He touched her feverishly in response. His hands focusing on her breasts, caressing them roughly through the thick material of her shirt. He pushed back against her, hoping she would lead him to a bedroom, but they reached a lounge instead.

She took his hand and silently showed kaçak bahis him the seat, which he gladly took. A few moments later she was straddling him. It took him a minute to notice she had taken all her clothes off. This astounded him and added to his arousal. Her skin was smooth yet toned and he had a carnal desire to nip and lick her all over.

Feeling impatient, she began unbuttoning his shirt before unbuckling his pants. Matt had his hands on her hips now, a raw edge in his need to possess her. She offered no resistance and allowed him to grab her and position her over his raging hard on.

She paused a moment and leaned in to again brutally kiss him on the mouth, lowering herself hard and fast on to his cock. They shared a guttural groan together in their mutual arousal before she raised herself up off his cock and lowered again. Matt felt a sweat break out on his forehead when he felt how wet she was. Her hot and moist pussy was almost too much for him.

It felt so good to have her on top of him. His hands were fixed to her hips, guiding her body against his, grinding against and toward her. The pulsing throughout his cock felt like ecstasy. Similarly, she was using the full force of her body against him. He could feel her swollen clit tapping away at the skin of his groin. The erotic sense of it driving him further in to madness.

They clung together, desperate in seeking their release. She shifted lower, wrapping her legs around his waist, desperate for him to move deeper within her. Both of them were grunting and moaning their mutual pleasure. Their mouths almost always locked in passionate embraces, their tongues swirling and flicking and massaging each other. Matt hadn’t noticed that his nails were digging into the soft skin of her hips, his grinding wild and uncontrolled.

They stopped kissing and moved their faces to rest in the nook of each others shoulders. Their chins and cheeks pushing into each other. He could feel his sweat from his face running down her back, as well as the excess juices she was creating with her pussy, dripping down in his lap. He couldn’t take much more, and neither could she – judging by the sound of her moans. He picked her up and lay her on the couch, preparing for their final moments, wanting it to be as wild a climax as their lovemaking.

They held each other close as he thrusted in and out of her. She was so tight that even with all the extra bodily lubrication, he felt like her pussy lips were gripping his cock and milking it professionally, like only a woman could. His groans got louder as he felt his climax approaching, hers increasing with him. He savagely pumped in and out of her a few more times before grabbing a handful of her hair and holding her head back and roughly thrusting into her a few more times. He exploded with an orgasm unlike any other he had ever experienced. A roar escaped him. He slowed his movements as he felt her own explosion, her pussy shuddering in waves around his cock. The sensitivity feeling sensational. The pair then collapsed and fell into a deep slumber.

– Part 2 coming soon!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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