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I was so achy when I went to bed, but so exhausted that I slept, waking early and tasting Bella on my lips. I smelt of her. Remembering the night’s events, I knew things had changed.

At seven the maid knocked at the door:

“Tea for two, Lady Pixie?”

“Yes, Sarah,” I replied, neither of us being in the slightest bit bothered by the fact that I was in bed with another woman. Sarah knew my tastes, just as I knew she was being tupped by one of the male staff.

She put the tray on the bedside table, and I sat up and sipped, waiting for Bella to wake. As her eyes opened she smiled:

“Who owns you Pixie?”

“You do, Mistress Bella.”

“Good girl. Did it bother you that your pretty maid saw you in bed with me?”

“No, no more than it bothered her, she’s used to it.”

It felt natural, and it felt so good. I was calm in a way I had not been for a long time.

We breakfasted downstairs, and Archie joined us just as we were finishing. Men! Even with men of his type, the eyes went straight (if that is the word for which I am groping) to Bella’s cleavage.

“I say, you MUST be Bella. Pix has told me about your, erm, qualities, but well, she hardly did them justice.”

Bella laughed.

“And she told me you weren’t into women!”

“Oh there are always exceptions I suppose, even for chaps like me, and you DO look rather scrummy.”

That, I thought with a grump was all I needed – my homosexual husband to have a crush on my new owner!

“Why, thank you kind sir,” Bella laughed, “and we do have a common interest in your wife.”

“To be honest old thing, you have more interest in parts of her than me, I suspect.”

“Hey!” I exclaimed, “I am here you know.”

“We know Pix, but have you told your husband of our arrangement?”

“No, I have not seen him until now!”

“Well tell him now!”

Archie looked interested, something I did not associate with him and my sex life. Clearly those tits had an effect I had never suspected, but then why would I?

“Archie, darling, Bella now owns me in terms of my sex life, I do as she says.”

Archie smiled and turning to Bella said:

“Seems a good idea, the old girl needs a firm hand. We might have fun in Berlin.”

And that was that!

We were driven out to Heston aerodrome where we boarded a government aircraft to take us to Berlin. Bella rather enjoyed the VIP status which came with being part of the delegation. I disliked flying almost as much as I disliked sailing, and by the time we reached Berlin I didn’t really register very much at all except a desire to die quickly.

Bella was sweetness itself, taking care of me, and making sure that I was able to rest when we got to the hotel. Archie and I were staying in the suite next to Bella, which made things easier.

I slept, and by the time I awoke, feeling much better, Bella was already dressed for the evening. She had kindly laid a dress out for me.

“How are you?”

“Better, thank you. I think I belong to an era when people moved on land only! Sea travel is bad enough, but aeroplanes … . Can’t someone build a tunnel under the Channel?”

Bella laughed.

“You and your impossible dreams. We’re dining at the Club with Archie and a friend of his, so we have to get ready soon, we only have a couple of hours.”

I looked puzzled.

“I know Archie says I take forever to get ready, but that’s not quite accurate, I am not going to need two hours.”

“You may not,” Bella replied, enigmatically, “but we shall, so don’t bother try to dress yet.”

Not quite understanding her, I had already begun to look at what she had laid out on the bed.

“Bella, haven’t bartın escort you forgotten something?”

“As I said, Pixie, don’t bother dressing yet. And what do you mean, ‘forgotten something’?”

“Well I may be mistaken, but there are no knickers here!”

“No,” smiled Bella, “you did not miss anything, nor did I forget anything.”

“But, but,” I stuttered, “I, I can’t go out with no knickers.”

Bella looked at me sternly:

“Are you disobeying me, Pixie?”

Oh golly, I thought! This was where it was going to get tough – my first test. Well, I resolved inwardly, I was jolly well going to pass it.

“No Mistress Bella, of course not.”

“Good girl, now go into that lovely spacious bathroom.”

It is a truth that would be universally acknowledged in a society less repressed than ours, that a naked woman confronted by a fully-clothed one with a commanding manner, is always at such a disadvantage that she will end by complying with the command; so I did.

“Right, good girl, I want you to stand there, legs apart, hands on your head. That, Pixie, is your ‘position’ when I tell you to assume it. Understood little one?”

Standing, with my legs apart, my hands on my head, I felt totally vulnerable and on show. I was feeling awfully self-conscious, as one might, standing naked with one’s privates on show, but what happened next made me blush from my toes to the tip of my head. In response to a knock, Bella said:

“Come in!”

What, I thought, my mind racing, someone was coming into the suite and would see me like this? I just hoped it was not Archie! It wasn’t. It was a tall German woman with long dark hair, dressed in the uniform of a hotel maid. She looked at Bella.

“This is her, yes?”

Her accent gave her English a delicious erotic edge. There was something in it (or was it in her seeing me like this in Bella’s presence?) which made my already gooey pussy wetter.

“Yes, this is Lady Fortescue, but you can call her Pixie. You brought the necessary? How would you like her?”

“I did,” she said, “and if we have her in that bath-chair, legs on the arms with access to her anus that will be good. I have some restraints if needed.”

I know I was still a little sleep-befuddled, and perhaps not quite recovered from the flight, but I definitely did not understand what was going on.

“Okay, Val, you get her how you need her, she’ll do as she is told, won’t you, Pixieslut?”

Bella’s words sent tingles through me. My nipples suddenly ached, and my clit so needed touching.

“Pixieslut,” said Val, “in that chair, legs wide apart on the arms, now!”

I obeyed instantly, knowing this was part of the test. Looking into my eyes, she took two straps out of her bag and strapped my legs to the arms of the chair, adjusting my posture so I was wide open. Her hand casually brushed my wetness, making me moan.

“You are such a fucking slut, Pixie, did Val touching your cunt excite you?”

“Yes, Mistress Bella,” I replied, feeling myself blush.

Val went to the basin and poured some hot water into a bowl, placing it next to my chair. I could smell my own arousal and knew I was leaking. I could feel a pool of goo settling in my arsehole.

I looked at Bella who was smiling.

Val took a pair of scissors from her bag and, using a small comb, began to trim my pubic hair.

“Pixie is exceptionally hairless, Miss Bella, are you sure she is an adult and not an adolescent playing at being grown-up? Never have I see such tiny breasts.”

Bella laughed, knowing how much this would be turning me on.

“I call them titlets, Val, they are not big bartın escort bayan enough to be called tits. Shown her yours. Let me help.”

I watched, entranced, as my lover and Mistress helped Val out of her blouse and bra. Her breasts were much smaller than Bella’s, I later learned they were 32C, but I agreed when Bella, cupping them and squeezing her nipples said:

“Aren’t these so much better than your titlets, Pixieslut?”

“Yes Mistress, they are gorgeous.”

“Well, if you are a good girl, you may get to suck them. Okay Val, finish the job.”

Her eyes shining with lust, Val took a shaving brush and stick and lathered it up, making my pubic mound all wet and white. Then, holding the skin taut, she began removing my hair with a safety razor. Swift, skilful strokes down, rinse, and then up, and in next to no time, she had me bare. With care she then took care of any stray hairs between my thighs, before, with a pair of tweezers, she extracted a couple of stray hairs from near my arsehole. I yelped. She tidied me up.

By this time I was whimpering. I had not had an orgasm since Bella had taken charge of me, and I felt so close, even with this minimal stimulation. I was tingling in all the usual places, and in some new ones. Who knew one’s arsehole could feel like that?

Val took a cloth and wiped me clean, making sure she ran it firmly along the line of my labia. When she started to rub oil into my mound and lips, I could feel myself beginning to lose control, and so swiftly brought to mind Winston Churchill, which immediately dissipated the feeling.

“She has impressive self-control, Miss Bella.”

“Yes, she is a good girl for me. Will you be at the Club later? We could have the usual room after supper.”

“I will be there, and I will book it with Mistress Eva. For the three of us?”

“She is new to this, Val, so yes, for now just for the three of us.”

Val unfastened the straps and brought a mirror so I could see what I now looked like. My labia were glistening and swollen, and without any pubic hair I looked as I had last looked about a decade and a half before.

“She does look delicious, Miss Bella. It is a good job she is one of us, some of those men at the Club would delight in such a cute little thing.”

This talking about me as though I was not there was arousing me, but that last comment made me shiver.

“Bella, NO, I won’t be a part of anything of that sort. Consensual acts with women is one thing, but men, and especially men who want to perv on young girls, NO!”

“Oh Pix, you didn’t hear her right. She was saying that as you are one of us, a lesbian, you will be safe. There are, alas, men like that at the Club, many of them with ties to this new fascist party, the Nazis.”

And that was how I first heard the name that by the end of the decade would dominate all our time. Bella had been reporting on them for the last year, and their leader, Hitler. She was right, as we discovered, a disturbing number of them had disgusting tastes.

Bella kissed Val. It was fascinating watching my lover in a close, erotic embrace with another woman. What, I wondered, was wrong with me? Most women would be jealous. I think there was a twinge of that, but as with Annie and Alice, what overrode that was wanting my lover to be happy.

They stopped. Val looked at me.

“We have time to do the other with her, do you want me to?”

“Yes, I think that would be good.”

With that, Val got behind the chair and put a towel around my upper half. Taking a brush, a comb and her scissors, she proceeded, in a blur of action to restyle my hair. At first escort bartın I thought she was going to repeat what she had done to my pubic hair, but no, she cut it into a delightful bob.

“What do you say, Miss Bella? I will call it a pixie-cut!”

“I think she looks so cute I could eat her up! What do you think Pix?”

“Truthfully, Mistress, I love it, it is so stylish. It will be much easier to look after too!”

“We just have time, I think,” Bella said to Val, “so if you want your reward?”

“I think it would be good Miss Bella, I am rather aroused. May I?”

“As you wish, Val, I will get on the bed.”

“Pixieslut, come with me to the bedroom, I want you to eat my pussy.”

I meekly followed, aching myself, and so sympathised with Val. Her bare breasts jiggled sexily as she walked, and she unbuttoned her skirt as she walked, revealing the skimpiest knickers I had ever seen. Her arse was one of those gorgeous apple-shaped ones. She stood by the bed. Bella got on the bed and took her dress off. Kissing her, Val unhooked her bra, letting those bit heavy tits bounce free. She began playing with Bella’s nipples, pulling them and kissing them.

“Slut, my arse, now, take my panties off with your mouth.”

I sank to my knees behind her. I cupped and stroked her firm, round cheeks. I could smell how aroused she was. As I pulled her knickers down with my teeth, they stuck as they fell past her hips, she was so sticky that her goo was creamy on the gusset as I pulled. She stepped out of them, not missing a beat as she made Bella moan by her erotic assault on her huge tits.

Hearing Bella moan, I applied myself to my task. I kissed Val’s cheeks before, using my hands to part them, I ran my tongue down her cleft. She smelled of sweat and a more musky fragrance. I let the tip of my tongue tease her puckered, quivering arsehole. Val’s moans joined Bella’s.

Val sank to her knees as Bella lay back on the bed, naked.

“Eat me out Val!”

“Certainly, Miss Bella. Eat me out, Slut Pixie!”

“Certainly Miss Val,” I echoed her tone.

So it was that as she ate my lover out, I slid onto my back between her legs, allowing her to push her pussy close to my mouth so I could lick her. As she energetically set about Bella’s juicy pussy, she would from time to time grind her wetness on my face. Like Bella and myself, she was shaved down there. Gripping her arse, I licked and sucked her labia. My tongue teased her clit, the entrance to her pussy and her arsehole; crossing two fingers, I plunged them into her sopping wet pussy. She screamed throatily.

I could hear Bella’s loud groans. The noises from her almost drowned out Val’s moans, and as I plunged my fingers in and out, and lapped at her clit, I could feel her begin to quiver and shake. Then she sat on my face as Bella came hard. My hands to my sides, she rubbed and pushed – and came all over my face. She cleaned Bella, and I cleaned her, as they both came down from their highs. I ached and so needed to cum.

I stayed where I was until Val rose, pulled up into a kiss by Bella.

“That was so good Val. Was Pixie good?”

“Good! She is a find, Miss Bella. I think she will be a hit this evening!”

I knelt on position as they kissed.

“Draw us a bath, Pixieslut!”

I did, helping them to clean up, before letting Val clean me up. By the time she had finished drying me I was so achy it was all I could do not to moan like a whore.

Val styled my hair, and I dressed in the cocktail frock Bella had laid out. That was all I had on. My pussy felt vulnerable. Val made a great job with my make up.

“There,” she said to Bella, who had dressed in a rather spectacular blue dress with the biggest cleavage outside the Grand Canyon, “she is pretty as a picture.”

“Thanks Val, I think you are right, she will be a hit tonight. See you there, we’re off to dine with his Lordship.”

What, I wondered, did they both mean? A “hit”? With whom?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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