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Even through the tinted windows of the bus station the glare of the sun caused a great deal of irritation. Esmeralda shielded her eyes with one of those free neighbourhood news handouts as she waited about for the line that would take her back by 9AM to her Tía Gladís´s house. Even with the irritating early morning sun, her thoughts were still drawn inevitably to the images and sensations of the night before. She still could not believe that she’d spent the past night in the arms of that redheaded beauty, the stunning Aislin. On the other hand, she thought it kind of weird that there had been a place to stay the whole night at the “Marie Antoinette”. But in the midst of so much enjoyment, the idea of asking questions had never crossed her mind.

The bus line pulled up and Esmeralda boarded. On the way back she contemplated this new bizarre life that she had found in Miami, and now the questions flowed. Would these new desires have surfaced if she had stayed in Buffalo? Was this her acting or was it the effects of the exotic surrounding? And was this a permanent change, or was there a way to turn back?

All of these questions swirled in her head as she dozed off in her bus seat, the fleeting “sleep” of the previous night hardly sufficing. She was jogged out of it when her phone vibrated. Esmy’s eyes snapped open and she eyed the middle aged black couple sitting across from her. The guy was not just sleeping but was completely knocked out and drooling over his mechanic’s overalls. The woman, whom Esmy presumed to be his wife, was staring at him and shaking her head with a grin as she noticed Esmy glancing their way. “I’m glad we do separate laundry.”

Esmy picked her phone out of her purse and glanced at the text message. It was from Dustin asking her if she was going to be at Miami Dade College that day. “No. Skipping. Tomorrow” Dustin immediately texted back. “Meet @ gym there?” Esmy wrinkled her brow in surprise. “Why?” she replied. Dustin’s answer was “You’ll see. 3PM?”

Esmeralda groaned at this invitation, but found it hard to come up with an excuse since Dustin knew she always had nothing to do after class. And also she felt she owed him for helping her the previous night. She texted him back to affirm that she would be there.


The room was still dark and cool when her eyes peeked open and took in the familiar scenery of her own room. Veronica rolled partially over and encountered the warmth of Leann, a beauty with ample thighs and flowing brown hair with blond hightlights who was a little taller than her. Leann’s body was wrapped in the embrace of Flor, who was gently breathing with a light volume further to the left. Flor’s right hand encompassed Leann’s bare and inviting breast, while her left hand snaked from under and was positioned strategically across Leann’s soft and subtle genitals.

Veronica nudged Flor a couple of times, and when no response occurred, she stealthily dipped her arm under the cover, seeking the right spot. When she felt the moisture and warmth she had been looking for, Veronica smiled devilishly and began a series of insertions of her digits inside. Flor’s steady breathing turned heavier, and after less than thirty seconds, she began to moan gently, and adjusted her hold on Leann, who began to stir. Leann’s eyebrows crinkled in perplexity, and she opened her eyelids and gazed back at Flor, then at Veronica’s hand under the covers that was spanning her body. She looked quickly at Veronica’s face and flashed a rueful “gotcha” grin.

“Where I come from you needa ask first,” she opined.

“Round here you come first and then ask,” Veronica said in a deadpan.

Leann stuck out her tongue, then lithely squirmed out from under Veronica’s arm.

“Don’t wanna join in?” The question came with surprise, but quickly Leann flashed Veronica a steely glance and raised her finger to her lips, and motioned for her to continue.

“We’ll see just how deep of a sleep she’s in,” Leann said. She had slept with her bra around her waist, and her panties were on the window sill next to the queen sized bed.Leann sneaked over to Flor’s bedside and raised a leg over her face, moving Flor’s body so that her face came flush with Leann’s womanhood. Veronica could not help but feel the suspense as she wondered what Flor would do when contact was made. She didn’t have to wait, as Flor seemed to sniffle a bit at the scent. Her eyes opened slowly and she looked full on at Leann’s cunt, then raised her eyes to meet her eyes.

“Mmmm, room service.”

Later at the actual breakfast table the three sat in contented silence as Leann flipped through the Miami Herald’s classified section looking for a new off-road bike. Leann had always showed a decided tomboy streak, but had toned it down. Veronica’s circle was very much into girly pursuits, and had very little appreciation for outdoor activities besides lounging poolside or playing a game of golf or tennis. Leann’s biking hobby was one of her last guilty pleasures, bahis firmaları and they tolerated it.

At the Marie Antoinette, a place where Veronica’s circle was a permanent and recognized fixture, a dress code was even in place; no pants and no closed shoes like sneakers. Butch girls were decidedly not welcome, and Veronica made no apologies about it: “A girl who doesn’t dress, look and act like one won’t wanna love like one.” While Leann looked for her bike, Veronica perused the event description for that summer’s AquaGirl.

“It was pretty neat to see your cuzz there yesterday,” Flor remarked.

Veronica’s eyebrows arched. “Neat, yes. But I’d like to have known before hand, and Gwen told me too late. Now that she’s seen a taste of what she’s capable of, it’s time to bring her up to speed.”

Flor didn’t speak but looked back at Veronica expectantly, while Leann looked up at her paper. They were both waiting to know the details. “Today is Tuesday. We do this tomorrow night. Let Gwen know. Somebody has to get her to come to Biscayne Park.

===A digression===

So Wednesday had rolled around and Esmeralda was wrapping up her classwork in the psychology class. With such fine weather being indoors seemed a real drag. As she put her books away, she received a text as she expected. It was from Dustin. “Im ready when u r” it read.

Esmy walked past three buildings over to the Kyrlikades Plaza. She scanned the area, looking for the familiar face. She turned around and saw the skateboard rolling over with the lanky skinny guy on it.

“Right on time babe,” he declared in his Boston lilt while coming to a stop.

“So what did you want to do here?”

Dustin angled his face at her before answering the question. “Umm. Well I wanna go over what went on the other night.”

Esmeralda wrinkled her brow. “What about it?”

Dustin cleared his throat. “I think you can see how weird it is that you asked us to give you a ride to a club where only chicks are welcome, and where basically me and the dudes twiddled our thumbs for half an hour. Except for Derek who got to motorboat a couple of girls who thought he looked like one of their nephews.We basically just sat there absorbing awkward stares while waiting for security to throw us out.”

Esmy could only grin sheepishly at this account, so different from her own of the night. “Wow, er. What do you want me to say Dustin. I told you I was crashing a party.”

“I think I could have used the info about it being a muff diving bar,” he replied as the frustration finally exploded in his voice.

“Hey, I resent that! I don’t have any obligation to tell people who it is I want to sleep with. Least of all you and your buds.”Esmy was getting tired of this argument, but she knew he had a point.”Look, what is it you want?”

“I think that you, for lack of a better term, owe me.”

“Okay, let’s say I do. What do you want, money?”

He danced around on his feet. “I had something else in mind.” He leaned over by her ear and whispered in it. She pulled away and raised her eyebrow.

“Even if I wanted, where the hell do you want to do that?”

The eyebrows on Dustin’s face perked upward. “Did you figure I didn’t think this out?” He gestured toward northbound on 2nd Avenue, and they walked until he eventually led them to cross Port Boulevard. He brought her down an alley and stopped before an emergency exit.

“Why here?” asked Esmy. “You can’t–” but her thought was cut off when Dustin easily opened the door. It must have been defective or not connected to the alarm.

“This is Freedom Tower. We come here to chill sometimes when it’s just too humid to skate around.” The building was deserted at that time, and they took an elevator to the third floor, where Dustin took a right and finally brought them to a door to a deserted lounge. It was clean and lined with modern pastel coloured furniture, including comfortable looking couches.

Esmy surveyed the room, scanning her eyes from side to side before settling back on Dustin’s face. He stood there with a smug look on his face and his arms crossed over his chest. “Well why don’t we get started?”

She swallowed nervously and began to undo the straps of her tank top reluctantly.

“Wwww-wait. Wait just a second,” Dustin protested. Esmy looked up and saw the frustrated look on his face. “You wanna tell me that’s how you strip? I don’t think that’s how you did it with the little mermaid the other night.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t have exactly the most ambient setting,” she sneered. “And your not sweeping anyone of their feet either.”

Dustin sighed. Then he lifted the hem of his shirt and discarded it revealing a scrawny torso with a couple of bold tattoos, one of the ace of cloves above the left nipple, the other of a leprechaun facing out with a clenched fist extended and the other hand giving the finger. “Now what are youuu doing?” she asked.

He didn’t say anything, just continued undoing kaçak iddaa his Bermuda shorts and revealing a pair of boxer briefs speckled with the Mercedes logo. He then reached out and smoothly drew her tank straps down past her breasts and over her waist.”I–” she interrupted, but he just spun her around.

He continued by stripping her skirt off. Esmy couldn’t believe this was happening. She hadn’t been able to stop and think about this.

I didn’t think I like boys, she thought. But how do I know for sure? Just because of one night of pure pleasure in the arms of a stranger and witnessing several acts by her cousin and others, she wasn’t able to say for certain to herself that she was a lesbian. If anything the whole situation had tossed her into a vortex of confusion.

“If you have a problem with what I’m about to do, you better say so right now,” declared Dustin as Esmy put her hands against the wall for balance.

“Maybe you should get on with it before I lose interest,” she countered.

Dustin loosed a roar of triumph, and tore her panties off from behind. She waited briefly and then finally felt a hand reaching under her butt and feeling her wetness. She turned her head to look back and Dustin’s lips met hers. Esmy was pleased that he at least tasted clean, like he had been chewing gum before. She broke off the kiss and smiled to encourage him. He embraced her around her bosom and drew her against his body.

Esmy suddenly was lifted off her feet and felt Dustin lower the waist of his boxers and draw out his hard shaft.Now she decided to turn around.

Dustin was rolling a condom on, and looked up with disappointment suddenly warping his expression. “Why’d you–?”


“It’s just I like to–“

Esmy rolled her eyes. “You like to do girls from behind or something? Well I wanna see what’s going on.” And with that she jumped and threw her arms around his neck. She pushed him down onto one of the couches and climbed on top. She spread her lips as she lowered herself onto his pulsing cock. “It’s kind of unusual that I do this, you understand,” she whispered as she lay her body down flush with his and they were face to face. “So I don’t wanna miss a single detail.

Dustin responded by pumping upward, while Esmy did her best to keep pace and thrust her own body. She was starting to enjoy the new sensation of being filled by his hard rod of flesh. They continued like this for two minutes, but then Dustin rose off the couch, supporting Esmy with his arms.

“What are you doing?”

He flashed a steely look into her eyes. “Giving it to you the way you need it.” He set her down on a table top and began thrusting as hard as he could, causing her to yelp in surprise.

Once he blew his load, she slowly inched away from under him. Unsatisfied, Esmy lashed out and grabbed the back of Dustin’s head forcing his head down into her moist and inviting crotch. “You might’ve finished, but your work isn’t.” He obliged eagerly, licking feverishly at her bared wetness.

The two emerged a half hour later from their place of concealment. Esmy moved to hold his hand, and they exited the building. “We’re even,” he had said while they were getting dressed. But in her mind it wasn’t a question of keeping score. Esmy didn’t regret giving it up to this goofy friend of hers, but she new that this wasn’t the start of anything. Dustin’s redeeming qualities were his sense of humour and carefree spirit, but his effect on her was far from magnetic.

As he escorted her back to the bus stop, Esmy’s cellphone rang, and she saw that it was Veronica. She picked up and placed it against her ear. A brief conversation followed. Something about meeting her in an hour at a place called Anne’s.

Her attention wasn’t so keen, as Esmy was feeling a bit introspective and couldn’t seem to concentrate on Veronica’s tone. Only after hanging up and watching Dustin skate off into the distance did she process the instructions given to her.


The bus ride from MDC was long and particularly somber. The sky was partially overcast, suggesting that the summer was approaching its end. The faces on the street seemed to be of people out to run errands who were tired and weary. Esmeralda came to wonder if this was a sign that Miami had already lost its exotic mystery for her.

She reflected once again on her erotic discoveries and experimentations there: Her voyeuristic observance of Veronica and Flor fully engaged; interrupting Gwen and Vita in the gym shower; going to the underground club and making love for the first time with Aislin. Finally she reflected on what she had just done, giving in to Dustin’s notion that she “owed” him. Esmy wondered if her response would have been different had Dustin simply asked nicely. But she knew it didn’t work like that, and that she would’ve needed some way to rationalize it no matter what.

Biscayne Park is a well-tended part of the Miami-Dade metro area located between Miami Shores kaçak bahis and North Miami. Esmeralda had been there once to pick out a pastry selection for one of her aunt’s patio parties, but hadn’t had a chance to really tour around. As she alighted from the bus, Esmeralda took out the note she had where the address had been scribbled. She passed rows of winter bungalows and other residencies, until she got to a gate featuring an address guide that included the one she was looking for, with a security guard post. It was a private community, but Esmeralda noticed a sign on one side advertising “Anne’s Lounge, Inside”.

She approached the gate and went up to the speaker hole in order to address the guard inside. He was an older black guy with dark glasses and a uniform and fluorescent vest that seemed to swallow him.

“I’m supposed to –” she started, but he waved her off.

“You’re expected,” came the voice through the speaker, and he bid her to enter. She walked past sleepy bungalows, most of them with one or two people if any shuffling around lazily in their living rooms or kitchens. This seemed like a fairly auspicious place for her to be summoned to.

Finally she arrived at a fairly large building with a large stoop, but her senses told her to circle around rather than waste her time navigating through the building. She was vindicated when she found beyond the ivy overgrowth a staircase leading downward.She took the dark descent and reached the bottom coming up against a heavy iron wrought door. It had no mechanism, but was a simple pull handle which she jerked on expecting it to need a hard effort. Instead it budged easily and she opened the door to see that a counterweight had been placed on the other side.

Also there to greet her was a tall swarthy looking man, also probably Cuban. “I am Germán,” he stated. “They’re all waiting for you.” He was wearing a full track suit with the sleeves rolled up. He beckoned her down one more staircase that led through an open door and into a room decorated with ambient light and filled with dining tables and booths along the walls. Seated at many of the tables were couples, all of them women. Esmy felt a special twinge below as she walked through the room, with Germán trailing her. “This is Anne’s Lounge, a special club and dining location for patrons such as yourself. If I’m not mistaken. And there’s a party waiting for you in one of the private rooms.¨

She was guided through a pair of double doors and everything was pitch black. Suddenly one spotlight turned on and Tía Gladís was illuminated. A second spotlight came on, and she could see the faces of Veronica and Flor. Soon the whole room was gradually illuminated by a dimming light with purple tint, and she could see the faces of Gwen, LeAnn, and numerous other ladies she’d met during the course of the summer. Huddled in a corner was Aislin, a grimace plastered on her face. Every single woman in the room was dressed in a racy yet elegant outfit.

Esmeralda’s only reaction was a loud gasp. “Don’t be afraid, mujercita. This was a long time coming.” The voice was Gladís’s.

¨W-what’s going on here?” she pleaded.

Veronica approached the center of the room. She wore a very odd outfit, a wine red strapless top that accentuated her breasts and extended to above her midriff, as well as a bikini bottom with a similarly coloured piece of fabric extending from her waist to the floor. It wasn’t quite as gaudy as Princess Leiah’s outfit from “Return of the Jedi”. . . of course, in this setting it was no less eye-catching.

“So I’m sure you’ve seen a lot during your busy little summer,” Veronica began. “Maybe you’re wondering, I dunno, what the hell is going on? I guess maybe we should have put it out there for you at the beginning. Then again,”she chuckled while her eyes rose to the ceiling, “that would have been just as weird. Hello, welcome to Florida! By the way, all the women in your family have a real freaky streak.”

Esmeralda just stared and blinked in stunned silence. She finally opened her mouth. “Is every one of you a-“

“If you want to call it that,” replied Gladís. “My passion in life is the love of other women. Mine, my daughter’s, and those of a lot of other girls in our family. Is that a lesbian? After all, I didn’t find your cousin in a hand basket, your uncle Geraldo fathered her.”

Esmeralda was suddenly struck by a frightening thought. “What do you mean by a lot of women in our family? Is there someone else I know who’s like this?”

Gladís motioned to the door on the right side of the room. “Go ahead and open it.” Esmeralda walked over and turned the nob. It gave easily and she suddenly was face to face with her mother. “Come in and close the door, cariño.”

“But, but how?”

“Chiquita, I know this is shocking,” protested her mom with a sympathetic brow curled above her eye. “I don’t want you to think you don’t have a choice.”

Esmeralda was incredulous. “What do you mean I have a choice? Practically every woman in the family is here, plus more. It seems to me like I was born for this.”

“I know, honey,” her mom said. “But you’ve lived with us for years. You know me, your father, his family. I chose him.

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