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(All persons engaged in sexual activity are over 18 and any similarities between this story and real life are purely coincidental)


As someone involved heavily in local, community leadership, I attend dozens of events each year around the community. Dinners, auctions, art shows, graduations; you name it, I am likely there. As a 45 year old divorced man, the events always provide me an opportunity to check out the hot women around town.

Usually dressed in evening attire, the sights are always well worth gazing upon. Revealing necklines, busty cleavage, nicely rounded asses, and smiles through full lips I’d like to slide my cock in and out of. Am I a horny pig? I guess you could say that; but the events are usually painfully boring, so you have to occupy yourself somehow.

At various events over a period of a few months, I began to notice the same, gorgeous, Latina woman, Carla. Looking stunning every time I saw her, she would network around the events, leaving no male heads unturned. We always managed to connect for a few minutes and it was consistently the highlight of whatever event I was at. Even better, she was rarely with a male companion, so it seemed like she might be available.

Carla was about 5′ 4″, flowing, dark, mid-length hair, and a firm, well shaped ass. Topped off with naturally sexy, b-cup tits (34B was my guess) and a smile that lit up a dark room. Unlike so many fabulous looking women, she held herself with a humble confidence and fun-loving attitude; always smiling and quick to laugh. As if all that wasn’t enough of a turn on, she was wickedly smart and could hold her own in any conversation. Trust me, when I’d show up to an event and she was there, it could’ve been a reading of the phone book and I’d be happy just to see her.

I was invited to a party at a private, sprawling home in a posh neighborhood one night. Like all the other events, I accepted the invitation, a bit begrudgingly, but was somewhat relieved that it was a social event and there wouldn’t be any blowhards giving speeches that no one was listening to. The event was casual, that also helped my attitude toward attending, and people were encouraged to come in “island attire”. I arrived at the event, grabbed a cocktail and started my usual mingling around. Unfortunately, the place could barely hold the 150 or so people that were there, and I felt like I was attending a party on a New York subway at peak rush hour. One cocktail down, I returned to the bar to grab another drink. As I tried to extricate myself from the crowded throng behind me in the bar line, I came face to face with Carla.

“I’m so glad you’re here. It is great to see you. I was wondering if I’d see you here,” Carla said with a big smile.

“It is great to see you too,” I said. Adding in my thoughts, “It is especially great to see you in that fucking, incredibly sexy, strapless, flowered dress that makes me want to yank it down and suck on your nipples.”

“Maybe we can catch up later in the night,” she replied as we were unfortunately moving in opposite directions.

I spent the rest of the night, maneuvering in and out of conversations, mostly with people I pretended to know, trying to find Carla and get some time with her. Besides a few additional glimpses of her, I never really got a chance to catch up to her. The few times I passed near her, I couldn’t help but gaze at her beauty. I also noticed, much to my chagrin, that there was also a guy very near her most of the night. “Damn!” I thought to myself, “Who is the lucky bastard?” The night ended, I headed home, Carla always on my mind, in my dreams, and anticipating the next time I would see her.

The opportunity came a couple months later; a Friday night, black tie event celebrating something that I am sure was important to someone. I dusted off my black tux, bought a new vest and bowtie to go with it, and headed off to the event. As I walked into the grand ballroom, wearing a fake smile while I greeted a host of people I didn’t really care to see, my mind was on one thing, “Would Carla be here tonight?” I grabbed a glass of wine to loosen up a bit, snatched a few finger foods off a few passing trays of appetizers, and worked the room anxiously until; there she was. Wow!

I paused to look at her from a bit of a distance. She was smiling and laughing with another woman, who while she was cute, wasn’t even in the same category as Carla. She was in a full-length, black dress with some red highlights around the plunging v-neck, that pointed directly to what I wanted. She had obviously taken a good deal of time to perfect her hair; it flowed in curls and waves down over her shoulders and draped invitingly near her breasts. I took a deep breath, as to avoid sprinting across the room, made my way over to her, waited for her friend to walk away, and jumped in.

“Well hello Carla,” I greeted her, “You look amazing. That dress is beautiful on you.”

“Thank you,” she replied, “You clean up well, too.”

“I was much more comfortable in island attire,” I laughed.

“You and me both,” she said. “Hey, I was wondering…”

Her bahis firmaları sentence was cut off, surprising both of us, by the arrival of the guy I had seen her with at the last event. He approached us abruptly, stood about 75% between us, stuck out his hand with enough force to almost bump me, and said, with a breath that reeked of alcohol already, “Hey. I’m Jose. I’m her husband. Who are you?”

“Nice to meet you Jose,” I said. “I am TJ, an acquaintance of Carla’s from around the community.”

“Yeah, well, we’re married,” he added, stating the obvious as Carla rolled her eyes in the background. “Come on Carla, let’s get some food,” he continued as he grabbed her by the arm and whisked her away like a possession.

His jealous machismo was awkward at best and, if he kept yanking her around the room like that, my guess is she wouldn’t take it for long. Unless he could read my mind, Carla and I had given no indication we were even flirting with each other; ever. As I stood there, still trying to figure out what the fuck his problem was, a hand touched my arm. I turned to see the woman standing there that had been talking to Carla as I arrived and she introduced herself, “Hello. I’m Sophia, Carla’s best friend.”

Again, although she couldn’t hold a candle to Carla, she was an attractive woman. “Hi, I’m TJ,” I replied.

“Yes, I know. Carla has mentioned you,” she said.

“Mentioned me,” I thought to myself? “Oh okay, well, nice to meet you.”

“Can I talk to you for a minute,” Sophia asked?

“Sure, what’s up?”

“I heard what Jose said. He’s a son-of-a-bitch. Don’t mind him. He’s so fucking controlling and jealous. Carla can barely cross the street without him having a problem,” she explained. “I wish she’d finally dump his ass, but she’s so loyal.”

“Thank you for saying that, Sophia. I’ll stay clear of her while he’s around.”

“That won’t make Carla happy, but I get it.”

As I walked away, I wondered what she meant by “that won’t make Carla happy.” Further confounding my thoughts was what Carla was about to say when she was cut off. “Hey, I was wondering…”, is what she had started to say. The mystery haunted me all night, but I knew better than to get close to her again with her drunk bodyguard of a husband around. Throughout the night, as I would catch sight of Carla across the room, she would smile and I hoped it was meant for me.

The event flowed into an evening of dancing to a great, live band and I figured I’d make the most of it. Standing on the edge of the huge dance floor, I scoured the moving bodies for sight of Carla. I would give anything to see her bouncing around in that dress. “Hey TJ, you seem preoccupied. Not going to dance,” a sweet voice asked me?

I turned to see Sophia standing there. “Hello. Oh, yes, I mean, I’m just tired from a long day and I’m not much of a dancer,” I replied.

“Good! Then we’ll be perfect for each other,” she said as she grabbed my hand and pulled me out on the floor.

If I couldn’t be with Carla, Sophia was at least nice to look at and fun on the dance floor. She had on a shorter, cocktail dress that showed off her naturally tanned, latina legs. She had removed a shawl she’d had on earlier and her sizable rack of full, C-cup tits were on display with the plunging, loose neckline of her dress. She had obviously loosened up with some drinks and dancing with her gave me a great show. As she would back into me, I would make sure and rub my crotch into her ass. Gazing down the front of her dress from behind gave me a few glances of her bare breasts. The band started a slow song and I headed for the edge of the dance floor.

“You’re not getting away that easy,” Sophia said as she pulled me back in.

We danced slowly and it was turning me on to feel her tits pressed up against me. She wasn’t Carla, but she’d be very fun to have in bed. The dance floor was dark, and we were off to one side, so I slid my hand down on her ass and whispered, “Do you have somewhere to go when this thing is over?”

Grabbing my hand, she slid it back up to her waist and whispered, “You’re really cool, but I couldn’t do that to my friend.” Thus, striking out any chance of getting laid that night.

“What did she mean by that,” I thought to myself. And then, as if my night hadn’t been a bit off already, it got worse.

A faster song started up and we resumed dancing together. As I moved around, trying not to show off my lack of rhythm, I scanned the floor for Carla. I was more intrigued to know where she was now that Sophia had dropped that last line on me. And then, I saw her. Way off in a dark corner in a small vestibule area by a back exit door. I could tell she was talking to someone in a very agitated manner, but I couldn’t see who. As I moved around more on the dance floor, Jose came into view and they were obviously having a heated argument; their voices muted by the loud music. And then it got worse. He slapped her on the side of the head, grabbed her by the arm, and darted out the door.

I hesitated, looked around, and it was obvious no one else in the kaçak iddaa place had seen what happened. “What the hell,” Sophia yelled over the music?

I realized I had stopped dancing completely and was staring across the room. “Sophia, I just saw Jose smack Carla, grab her, and head out that door over there. I’m going after that fuckhead,” I said, leaning into her ear to avoid anyone else hearing me.

As I turned to head across the floor, Sohpia grabbed me and said, “No, TJ. Stop. You can’t. Let me go.” With that she headed across the floor and out the door.

She was right. If I had gone out there and caught up with the bastard he’d be eating fucking jello for months; and that is the best he could hope for. However, I also knew I’d be eating whatever they serve in the local jail and, as much as I would have been in the right, beating the shit out of someone wouldn’t be the best move for my career.

I paced around the event for a while and neither Sophia, nor Carla, ever came back in. After about an hour, I left the event. I hopped in my car and drove around a bit to see if I could see them around, but I had no idea what kind of car any of them drove, so I wouldn’t even know it if they were around.

I could barely sleep that night. Way too many things to think about as my mind raced with questions, “Was Carla okay? What did Carla want to tell me? What did Sophia mean by what she said? Would I ever see her again? Would I be able to control myself if I ever saw Jose again?” Another glass of limoncello finally put me to sleep.

Saturday morning, I was dusting the cobwebs out of my head from the night before. All the crazy shit that went down, and a pretty good hangover, had me reaching for another strong cup of coffee. I heard my cell phone ringing down the hall, but I didn’t get to it before it went to voicemail. I didn’t recognize the number, and out of character, I called the number back.

“Hello, who’s this,” a gruff voice said on the other end that sounded a bit familiar?

“This is TJ. Who is this? You just called my phone,” I retorted.

“Oh yeah man, this is Jose. Carla’s husband.”

I just about dropped the phone. “What the fuck do you want,” I asked as my anger came through loud and clear?

“Whoa man, relax dude,” he said.

“Fuck you. I will relax when you tell me what the fuck you want loser.”

“Listen man. I don’t want no trouble. I am really sorry for what happened last night. I got drunk and did some stupid things.”

“Did some stupid things? You hit a woman you little pussy. You’re lucky I didn’t catch up with you or call the police. Maybe I still will.”

“Come on man. I work hard and provide for my family and I don’t want no shit.”

“I won’t guarantee I won’t call the police, but if I ever hear of you touching your wife like that again I can guarantee I’ll find you and beat the fuck out of you. Understand me?”

“Yes. Thanks,” he said and hung up.

Well, my blood pressure was skyrocketing at that point. And, more issues, thoughts and questions clouded my brain. I knew calling the police was absolutely the right thing, but I also didn’t want to jeopardize a friendship with Carla if she didn’t want that. And yet, I didn’t want to put her in harm’s way by not calling the police. “Fuck!,” I screamed out loud and pounded the bed I was sitting on.

I put on some golf clothes, grabbed my keys and headed to the driving range to take some of my frustration out on a little, white, innocent ball. That didn’t help. I hit the ball like shit and people at the range looked at me like I had better find a different sport to play if I sucked that bad. While hitting balls, my phone rang a few times, but I just ignored it. Returning to my car, I retrieved my phone from my bag and looked at the incoming calls. Three calls from the same number, not Jose’s, and no voicemail.

I called the number on the way home and Sophia answered, “TJ. Oh my god. I am so glad you called me.”

“It is good to hear from you. What the hell is going on? Is Carla okay?”

“Yes, yes. She’s fine. She is very safe and staying with her mom. She told me to call you. She can’t as she is afraid Jose will know she called you.”

“He called me and I told him I might call the cops.”

“TJ! Please don’t! It will make it way worse for Carla. Carla asked me to make sure you don’t call the police. She is really okay and has her brothers to protect her. Jose will be lucky to survive them anyway.”

Laughing a bit for the first time in a day I said, “Okay. I trust what you’re saying.”

“And TJ, Carla will contact you when she can, but until then, I wouldn’t approach her at all if you see her.”

“Um, okay. Thanks I guess. Can I ask you something, Sophia?”

“Sure. What?”

“What did you mean the other night by, ‘you couldn’t do that to your friend’ when I hit on you; and by the way I’m sorry I did.”

“First, I was flattered by you hitting on me. Second, I can’t tell you any more, sorry. I need to go,” she said and hung up.

Oh just great. At least Carla is okay, but seriously, I was still left kaçak bahis dangling off a cliff of wondering what the hell she was talking about. It took a few days, but I started to let all the confusing mess take a back seat in my brain. I texted back and forth a few times with Sophia just to be reassured that Carla was safe, but finally let it go. If I ever did hear from Carla, I could find out then. And, if I didn’t, I needed to move on. I attended a few more events in the community the next few months with absolutely no sign of Carla or Sophia. I knew other people that were friends with Carla, but I didn’t want to ask and raise suspicion that somehow Jose had a reason to be jealous.

About 3 or 4 months after all this happened, while at my office one morning, my phone buzzed with a text, “TJ. It is Carla. Can you text?”

Me: OMG. Yes!! How are you?

Carla: I am fine. I really am. I want to talk to you.

Me: I want to talk to you too. When/where?

Carla: Can you do lunch today?

Me: Sure. 11:30am? Where?

Carla: The little taqueria up the street from Berry Park. Do you know?

Me: Yes. I’ll be there.

Carla: Thanks. See ya then.

I felt like a new man. Even though I had pushed all that went on into a closet in my brain, it still bothered me a lot. Time couldn’t have gone fast enough and when 11:15 came, I darted out of the office, telling my assistant that I had some offsite meetings and might not be back. I arrived at the taco place and it was crowded with people already. I scanned the little place quickly with no sign of Carla. I heard the front door open, turned around, and there she was. I walked quickly to her and she stuck out her hand politely and greeted me, “It is good to see you TJ.”

“You have no idea how good it is to see you,” I said, shaking her hand; disappointed I didn’t get a friendly hug. Carla looked hot. She had on tight jeans with long boots over them and a fuzzy sweater that hugged her body and highlighted everything I wanted.

“I’m good. Thank you,” Carla replied.

We waited in line, got some food and sat down at a table. Just about the time my ass hit the seat I blurted out, “So, what the hell is going on?”

“I don’t want to talk about it here. Let’s eat and then drive down to the park and talk.”

We made small talk while we ate, avoiding much more than the weather, and then left for the park. We took separate cars and, as I pulled into the park, I was relieved to see that there wasn’t a soul around. We walked across the park to a sunny picnic table way in the back. We were about to sit down when she grabbed my hand, turned toward me, and said, “Before we sit down, I want to say I cannot thank you enough for being my friend.” She gave me a huge hug and held on for a full minute. As we broke apart and sat down, she had a tear in her eye.

“Tell me what’s going on,” I started.

“Well, I don’t want to dwell on it too much, but Jose is a very controlling, verbally and emotionally abusive man, but that is the first time he ever laid as much as a finger on me. I know he was very drunk, but I am actually glad it happened. It was what I needed to leave him forever. And, because he knows you saw him, he’s scared shitless.”

“He should be. I talked to him. I’ll beat the…,” I started to say.

Interrupting me Carla said, “I know. I know. But TJ, I want you to be my friend and not get all wrapped up in him. He’s a piece of shit and officially out of my life. I have people to protect me physically, but what I need is good friends so I can start building my life in a positive direction.”

“So, what can I do to help you,” I asked?

“Be my friend. Like you were before. Talk to me at events. Make me laugh. Smile at me. We can’t really be more than that in public and what I really need are good friends around me.”

I tried like hell to fight my disappointment, but I understood. “You bet. I’m just glad you’re okay. You’re really an amazing woman and…,” I hesitated.

“What TJ,” she asked?

“You’re also fucking gorgeous,” I shot out.

“Thank you. That is very sweet,” and she leaned in and kissed my cheek.

“Can I ask you something, Carla?”

“Anything TJ.”

“That night, right when Jose first came up to us, you start to say ‘you were wondering.’ What were you going to say?”

“Honestly, I don’t remember, but it was probably nothing. I’ll try and remember and if I do, I’ll let you know. I need to get going TJ. You have my number now and it is a completely new phone, so we can text and talk as much as we need to.”

“Okay, that’s great. Thank you.”

“Thank YOU,” Carla said as she hugged me again.

I felt much better seeing her, talking to her, and knowing she was okay. Of course I was bummed she didn’t jump in my lap and want to have sex right there in the park. She’s gorgeous, who wouldn’t?

A couple weeks went by, I checked in with her occasionally, via text, without trying to be a pest. One Saturday night, about 10pm, she texted me and asked if she could call. She called after I said “sure” and we talked for about an hour. She had been at an all day women’s conference and we had the most amazing conversation about life, growing up, my divorce, kids, and all kinds of other things. Her happiness seemed to have returned fully.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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