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“You’re joking.” she said, looking into my eyes trying to determine my intent.

“No. Maybe.” I say, waffling. It was a crazy suggestion. “Aren’t you comfortable, though?” I say, snuggling deeper into the blankets, bunching them up against my bare chest. “It’s so warm and comfy in here, and so cold out there, and the bathroom is SO far away.” I motion to the bathroom door, which I could almost touch from the bed.

She laughed uncomfortably. “I don’t… no, this is…”

“Come on!” I gently insist. “It’s laundry day. If we’re going to wash these sheets anyway, might as well make it worth it, right?”

She giggled. “I guess so… it’s just, I don’t know, it’s… we shouldn’t right?”

“Of course not!” I reply. “You’re not supposed to wet the bed, it isn’t right.”

“No, it isn’t right.”

“Not supposed to do that.” I say sternly.

Neither of us move.

“I’m going to do it.” She said, as a smile cracked her face.

“Me too.” I say, rolling over onto my back. She did the same, and we stared at the ceiling. I found her hand under the sheets and locked my fingers in hers.

I sigh, staring up at the asbestos-spackled ceiling. “You first.” I tell her.

She groans, “No, I can’t, you have to do it first.”

“No no no, I can’t go unless you go,” I lie, my bladder bursting. I bite my lip, worried she’s going to chicken out. “If you go first, I’ll use the rest of the blueberries and make you asyalı escort blueberry pancakes.”

“After the laundry?” She asked, turning her face to me.

“Right.” I say, looking her in the eyes. “Are you going?”

She paused, not taking her eyes off of mine. I drank her in, the brown of her eyes speckled, the light mixed with the dark in an intoxicating mix. Her eyes narrowed, and her legs writhed under the sheets, her eyebrows twisted with the exertion of holding.

“It’s okay,” I whisper. “You can let go. Just let go, it’s okay.”

Her eyes flit back and forth between mine, and her hand tightens around my fingers.

“Okay,” she says, with a determined look in her eyes. “Okay, here I go.”

I giggle, then shift a little closer, pressing my hips and legs against hers, eager to feel the warmth spreading out beneath her. She laughs.

“This is crazy.” she said, returning her gaze to the ceiling.

She closed her eyelids and furrowed her brow in concentration. I felt her legs relax and grow still next to me. After a moment, I could feel her tummy contract as she gently pushed her bladder, coaxing her pee to come to the surface. As she pushed, her breathing halted. then she exhaled through her nose and relaxed, then pushed again. This time, a smile cracked her face.

I rolled over on my right side, sliding my left leg over her hips and pressing my right against the length ayaş escort of her body. “It’s okay, let it go,” I whisper in her ear. “Just push it out into the sheets, push it all out.”

I heard her lips part in a smile. “I’m going,” she said, and sighed, “I’m going, I’m peeing.”

I heard it before I felt it, the gentle trickle as it softly spattered into the sheets between her slightly parted legs. She moaned as she sighed with relief. The trickled strengthened to a pour, and I felt the first warmth of her puddle as it spread out from between her legs and lapped against mine.

She laughed as she peed into the sheets, her stream reacted to the shaking of her body, spattering and spreading into the sheets. I felt her hot pee soak into the side of my cotton panties as her puddle spread onto me. The sound of her splattering pee and the warm wetness strengthened my own urge, and before long it was too much to bear.

“Okay, my turn,” I say as I cuddle a little closer to her now-soaking wet body. Her pee was still dampening the mattress as I released my bladder. My pee immediately poured through my panties onto her leg, filling the space where our legs met and pouring down towards our feet and up my waist. Our pee mingled together, and I felt the warm puddle we were creating spreading up my hips, past my waist. It warmed my ribs and lapped up to my breasts, and we were enveloped in a massive puddle aydınlıkevler escort of our own making under our sheets.

As I emptied into the bed, I reached a had down between her legs and was delighted to find she was still trickling into the sheets. I maneuvered a finger between her soaked lips and delighted in the feeling of her pee pushing past my finger, dripping down her legs.

Taking advantage of the natural wetness, I pressed my finger between her lips, now feeling her pee splash against my palm as I pushed myself deeper inside her. She moaned and turned her eyes to me, urging me on.

Still with half a bladder, I maneuvered myself on top of her, and resumed my stream. Pee trickled down my legs to pool on either side of her as I began rhythmically moving my finger in and out of her soaking wet pussy. She reached a hand up between my legs, and pushed aside my still-dampening panties to return the favor. I could feel my pee drip between her fingers and trickle down her arm as she fingered me. She pressed her mouth against mine as I moaned, and quickened her pace with her fingers. The feeling was incredible, and I pushed against my bladder, splattering her hand with pee as I pushed everything I had onto her. In what felt like seconds, my body was wracked with a powerful orgasm, and I wetly collapsed on her soaked body, quivering with the waves of pleasure spreading from my belly out to the furthest extremities of my body. I wrapped her in myself, cradling her as close as possible in the cooling puddle we had made, which now covered most of our small full-size bed.

As I struggled to regain my breath, she turned her head to me and whispered, “I love laundry day. Now, go make me some pancakes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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