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The jungle around Laura and her entourage of black-suited Pentagram warriors was filled with sound as the beasts of its domain went about their business whilst remaining oblivious to the naked and bound woman in their midst.

For her part, Laura was struggling against the urge to capitulate to the feeling of desperation that clawed at the back of her mind. As they pushed and prodded her along the poorly defined jungle path, the warriors continued to describe the various and outlandish means that they were going to fuck her once she had been handed over to them back at their base camp. If little else, her sexual education was growing, her knowledge of perverse and strange fetishes swelling by the minute. So far, none of them had offered to pee over her, the only fascination that might have offered any measure of pleasure for the hapless naked woman.

The female soldier who seemed to be in charge was ahead of Laura, her feminine lines only just distinguishable inside her armoured suit. Laura’s gaze had settled on the woman’s posterior and the almost hypnotic way that her bum cheeks moved inside her container of hard black reinforced plastics and armoured steel. She had long since created an image of the woman in her mind; black hair, small pert tits and a shaved pussy to match her own, their tongues licking one another’s crack as they fucked in a ‘69’.

Laura wondered if the soldier could be persuaded to engage in some ‘wet’ love prior to their intercourse, seeing in her mind’s eye the woman’s piss flaps parted to release a wonderfully hot stream of clear flowing pee. It was a pleasing fantasy to help pass the time, their pace slow and laboured as they picked their way through the heavy jungle foliage. All around, the local animal life had reasserted its presence, the caw of hidden birds and the chatter of watching monkeys filling the air with sound.

The purple mist had abated as they had progressed, appearing only occasionally as it drifted lazily past the thick vine wrapped branches. The soldiers’ manisa escort masks appeared to be shielding them from being affected by the hallucinatory properties, Laura now immune due to the golden shower she had received from the amazon beast that had pissed into her mouth. As they progressed, Laura had become more attuned to her surroundings, detecting occasional tremors in the ground. It was such a subtle movement that it was no wonder that she had not noticed before but now there was no denying that the entire area was tectonically unstable.

Maybe the purple mist was seeping out from volcanic outlets in the jungle floor? Its very existence lent merit to the reason why previous adventurers to this strange and forbidding region had never returned. There was also the possibility that the exotic and fanciful tales about the pyramid tomb stemmed from a similar source.

The group of soldiers and their nude prisoner had reached the edge of another cliff, a roughhewn path crisscrossing back and forth suggesting that the natives used this route as a means of reaching the valley below. Laura’s breath caught in her throat as she suddenly caught a glimpse of the pyramid she had set off to find, hidden behind countless layers of deep jungle.

There it was, the resting place of King Myletoph!

Two of her escorts moved forward to peer over the ledge, assessing the risk. It seemed logical that they had not come this way before and were following a GPS marker visible on their helmet HUDs. Laura surmised that they had rappelled down from a helicopter before making their way to locate her, the answer as to her betrayed position finally dawning on the hapless and bound explorer.

There must be a tracker located inside her boots!

A tracing armoured hand around her round and firm buttocks stirred Laura from her thoughts. A solitary digit pushed against her pussy flaps and threatened ingress.

‘Get off me you bastard,’ Laura growled, spinning around and performing an excellent maraş escort midlevel kick to her fondler’s armoured groin. The warrior collapsed backwards into the figure behind him, both of them tumbling to the floor. Laughter issued from behind.

‘Why you little fuck!’

‘Get your act together,’ snapped Rubio. The two downed soldiers scrambled back up and made towards the naked Laura.’

‘Take point,’ said Rubio, her metallic amplified voice hard and commanding. They complied, roughly pushing past the naked and vulnerable prisoner.

‘Is it safe?’ one asked.

‘Frankly, I don’t give a fuck,’ said Rubio. ‘That is why you are going first.’

There was a muttered reply but the first soldier took to the narrow path and set off, the others following in his wake. Laura was second to the last, with Rubio’s rifle end used as a prod to see her set off.

The trail down the cliff was narrow in the extreme, a difficult challenge for those clad in hi-tech armour and the pace was slow. The water Laura had drunk back at the river had settled in her bladder and she really needed to pee. Looking down at the switchback trail and those passing below suddenly gave rise to the naughtiest of ideas.

On the next pass, she waited until the lead soldier was moving on the ledge below before letting go on her urgent need. Her pussy lips parted as her hot piss shower squirted outwards, her pee hole opening to its fullest. Hot pee splattered over the soldier’s helmet going everywhere. Laura giggled like a little girl as she trained her flowing piss fountain over the armoured soldier who had little chance to escape the deluge being sent his way. Her fun was stopped as a rifle butt was slammed into her back.

It had been the female warrior who had clubbed her, a reflex action on Rubio’s behalf. Laura was pushed forwards, teetering off the rocky ledge for a precious moment before the pull of gravity took hold. She fell, her flaying arms catching the soldier she had just pissed on. He shouted mardin escort a curse but it was too late for help.

They fell. The switchback ridge came up to meet them at a lower level. The black-clad soldier hit first, hard and deadly, the sound of snapping bones clearly audible as Laura’s fall was arrested by his tumbling body. Shots rang out as she scrambled to her feet, leaping from the trail and towards the lush greenness of the jungle that clung to the cliff face. She vanished inside the thick foliage just in time, a bullet grazing her left shoulder. It stung like hell and she was forced to stifle her response least it give away her position. Automatic weapon fire shredded the trees about her, the Pentagram forces obviously under orders to take her alive or see her dead otherwise.

She pushed onwards, the roar of weapon fire suddenly falling silent. Laura realised that she was holding her breath, waiting for another eruption of bullets. She squatted down and tried to calm the mad beating of her racing heart that was pounding in her ears. It was a good as time to finish off the toilet she had started by peeing over the lead soldier. Hot piss squirted from her pussy slit as she started to empty her remaining relief over the ground. It was a wonderful sensation to be peeing naked and alone, the soft hiss of her flowing toilet a sweet symphony. It meant that she was alive and free to pursue her naughty practices whenever the urge took her.

Laura finished her wee and slowly stood up. Spots of urine were on her flesh, blending with the sweat that covered her. Her next task was to shed her boots, there no easy way in which to determine which held the tracking bug that had previously betrayed her. She giggled as she held one and then the other up to her pussy before taking a quick pee into each one.

That would be a nice surprise for the Pentagram forces when they found her footwear!

She was exhausted of piss. After throwing each boot in a different direction with as much power as she could muster, she set off again. Somewhere close at hand was the pyramid she had originally set out to find. The fact that she was without provisions and completely nude was something that would not hold her back.

With grim resolve, Laura pressed on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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