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We dressed as fast as possible. As I buttoned my shirt I glanced over at Leah as she buttoned her blouse.

Leah looked up and smiled, which made her eyes sparkle in the moonlight and the glow of the lights under the patio.

Leah walked over and placed her hand on my chest and kissed me softly on the lips, saying “Thankyou.”

“Anytime.” I replied, knowing that it was true. I wanted to have more of her and share myself with her.

Leah slid her lips to my ear and whispered that she now didn’t have any knickers on, as she held them up to my face.

I inhaled their musky fragrance, which made my cock spring to life again as I took her hand which held them and pulled them to my nose. The soft silky feel combined with that unmistakable odour was sending waves of lust and wanting to my lower regions.

“I’m leaking and my legs are wet with your cum.” Leah said in soft tones, which just served to heat me further.

“You better get back to see what the meats like.” Leah told me as she gave me a gentle push back towards the corner of the house and the gate, which led to the front drive.

I wandered back out towards the bbq and Darryn, who looked like he was the ‘Wreck of the Hessprus’, all his hair dishevelled, swaying as he tried to turn the meat which was trying to turn to a dark shade of black.

“Hi ya, Buddy.” Darryn slurred as he saw me.

“The meat looks good.” I managed to say.

“You bet” Darryn slurred again, “Have to go see a man about a horse.”, he continued to slur, as he handed me the bbq tongs.

Darryn staggered off, but not in the direction of the house, but over to a nearby tree, which everyone had a view of.

I watched in amazement as he undid his fly and pissed up against the tree, showing one and all his penis as he tried desperately to piss in only one direction.

People just stared and had a laugh at him and this only served to humour him so Darryn turned around and sprayed his piss onto the ground in everyone’s direction.

I must admit even pissed as he was, his cock was half aroused by his handling of it and the attention that he was getting from everyone, so that it was a floppy seven inches that was on view for all to see.

Judging by some of the stares that he was receiving, some of the other people there liked what they saw even my wife, Annie was licking her lips as she looked on.

I turned back towards the meat as Leah came out the front door, in a dress now.

My breath caught in my throat as I looked at her as she passed in front of the inside door light, the dress became transparent and showed off her body in the best possible way.

Leah glanced over at Darryn as he was putting away his wedding tackle and trying to walk at the same time. The look of disapproval was on her face as he tried to walk up and give her a kiss on the check and grab her waist all in one movement.

“You’re pissed”. Leah exclaimed in disgust and revulsion from Darryn’s breath and touch.

Leah pushed him away harder than how she had done to me, which caused Darryn to stagger slightly.

“You bitch.” Darryn muttered and staggered off to sit on the chair next to my wife.

Oh well, I thought to myself let her have him. The truth was that my wife Annie and I were going through the start of a messy separation, which we had not told anyone about yet.

Turning back to the meat I casino şirketleri felt a presence next to me and found Leah standing by my shoulder.

“Darryn’s such a pig sometimes.” Leah said in low tones and took a sip of her drink.

“Don’t worry about him.” I replied gently gripping her shoulder.

I massaged Leah’s shoulder softly and I could feel her lean in closer to me, as I continued.

“What about Annie?” Leah asked as she glanced over in her direction and saw that Darryn had now put his arm around the chair that Annie was sitting on.

I shrugged my shoulders and muttered that we were having one of those rough patches and that it was along story.

“You could tell me if you want.” Leah said softly into my ear, as her free hand touched my elbow.

“I might just do that.” I said with a smile, knowing full well that I was thinking with my dick and the thought that I would like to lick her out and have her on my face, as I sucked in all of her bodily juices and smell her musky erotic odours.

“You two seem pretty close.” John came up and said to us.

We separated slightly and smiled at this intrusion to our little discussion.

“We were just having a friendly chat.” I told John.

“Yeah, I bet.” John said good naturedly as he looked from me to Leah and back again, smiling.

“Darryn’s drunk again.” John stated as he looked over in his direction.

I glanced over and saw that Darryn had now placed his arm around Annie and was leaning down to talk into her ear.

“He never changes.” I said to John.

“What about Annie?” John asked.

“She’s okay, she can handle herself:” I replied, thinking that had sounded a bit too hard and un-caring.

“She’ll be fine.” I reiterated and turned back towards the meat.

John shrugged and motioned for Leah to come and have a chat.

Leah gave my arse a slight touch as she walked past, to have a chat with John.

Both Leah and John moved off a little ways, and I wondered what they were taking about. Leah seemed to be looking lost and a bit worried as she glanced over at me.

The two of them talked for a couple of more minutes and then John went to talk to some-one else and Leah came back to stand next to me.

“We have a problem.” Leah whispered into my ear.

I could feel a foreboding coming within my guts and looked over towards John who had turned so that he could watch both Leah and myself.

“John saw us out back on the patio and he says that unless we do as he says, he will put it all around the neighbourhood and where I work, about what we were up to.” Leah said urgently into my ear.

I put the tongs down on the bbq, fully intending to go over and punch this guy’s lights.

“Don’t.” Leah said as she laid a hand on my shoulder, “He’s not worth it.”

I looked again across at John and just wondered what his game was.

“I think that he enjoyed watching us.” Leah continued, “He said that I looked good riding your cock, as I straddled your legs.”

Even with the knowing that we were being blackmailed, my cock started to rise as blood was pumped there, as Leah continued to talk in a sluttish way.

Leah must have sensed the change, in me, because she moved her hand down along my arm, to just above my wrist.

Boy did I want her bad. Maybe I would have to ball her with John watching. Even the thought of that casino firmaları was a real turn on. Maybe I was just as perverse as he was.

“It could be fun to have some-one watch us.” Leah continued, as she took another sip. The slight rise in her voice meant that she too was feeling sexy and horny with the expectation of being watched.

“Looks like Darryn and your wife have disappeared.” Leah said to me.

I glanced over to where they were seated, to find that the chairs were vacant. So what, they could have each other as far as I was concerned, at least I could have Leah and enjoy what she had to offer.

I took a sip of my now warm beer and took the chance to slip a hand over Leah’s bum. Luckily no-one was really looking at us, except Lew who had a smile on his face.

“I’m still sticky.” Leah said sweetly.

“Maybe I could lick you clean.” I offered.

“Hmm, that would be nice.” Leah cooed, as she reached behind to lay her hand on mine, which still rested on her arse cheeks.

“My beers warm.” I motioned, as I held up the can.

“We better get you a new one.” Leah said, as she started to walk away, “Come on.”

“Harry, can you look after the meat?” I shouted across the lawn.

“Okay.” Harry answered.

I held up my can, “Need a refill.” I said, and headed off to follow Leah inside.

I passed next to John, “Bastard.” I said under my breath.

“Yeah, aren’t we all.” John said, “I’ll be in to watch shortly, don’t disappoint me.” John finished saying.

I stormed passed and went inside to find Leah.

I tried the main bedroom door, which was closed, so I pushed it slightly open to see if Leah was there.

The room was dark, except for a small side light which showed Annie on all fours, on the bed with her dress hiked up around her waist, showing her arse and pussy lips to Darryn, who was behind her licking her crack up and down. I could see Annie liked this, because she moved backwards, so that Darryn’s face was buried deep between her two cheeks.

My cock was rigid, as I stood there watching. So this is what it was like to be a voyeur, like John.

I closed the door and went once more in search of Leah. My erection was like a time bomb, waiting to de diffused and taken care of.

I went to the French doors that led to the formal dining room and walked in.

Leah was leaning against the table with one leg on the floor, while the other was on a chair.

She looked up as I entered and moved to show me that she was rubbing her pussy lips with fingers. Leah bought up her hand and licked her middle finger, making sure that she took it into her mouth nice and slow, down to the knuckle.

I watched, mesmerised as the finger came out of her mouth, to go back to her vaginal lips and slide between the lips there, to enter her juicy cunt.

I walked in and closed the doors behind me. I didn’t even care that anyone would be able to see through the glass, to see what I was about to do.

I went over and leaned into Leah kissing her roughly and pressing her hand further into her groin area.

I could feel the hand moving as her fingers still went in and out between her juicy lips, as she worked her cunt.

My hand closed over hers, helping to push her fingers deep into her. My fingers joined hers, to enter her and feel the slipperiness there and bring her to a higher sexual güvenilir casino plane.

I kissed Leah’s’ neck and lips crushing her to me, my hand and fingers working her steadily to an orgasm.

I could feel her tense under me and moved to kneel down in front of her, bringing her cunt level with my face. The aroma of her sex was maddening and the moisture was visible on her lips, as I leaned close to take her lips in mine. Her taste was wonderful and my tongue worked in unison with my nose which would rub her clitoris as I tried to bury my face in her vagina and my tongue buried deep within her.

Leah held my face to her cunt as she tried to force my head into her.

“Fuck me.” Leah said, as she pulled me up by the hair.

I needed no other invitation, as Leah leaned back onto the table, so that her legs were hanging over the side.

I loosened my belt and jeans and let them fall to my ankles, along with my underwear.

“Fuck me.” Leah pleaded as she reached for me with her arms.

I stood in front of her and my erection homed in on her cunt. I could feel the juices on the lips, as my head started to part those red puffy lips.

Leah wasted no time as she pulled me to her and wrapped her legs around my waist.

My cock sunk deep within her, filling her hole as she held me tight with her legs.

“Fuck me harder.” Leah cried, as I started to pound into her soft flesh.

I was beyond stopping. All that I could think about was this lovely woman who I wanted to fuck and suck and fill and taste every hole that she had to offer.

My hands rested on either side of her body as I leant down to impale her on my shaft, making sure it was going in deep and hard.

I could hear the slapping as our bodies came together and feel the energy that was being transmitted between our two bodies.

“Don’t stop.” Leah grunted as she pulled me even closer and tighter with her scissor like grip.

I continued to pound her hips, as I came close to orgasm. My thrusts becoming more intense and quicker as I built to an orgasm of my own.

“Aughh…” Leah screamed as her body shuddered, with mine, “Harder…”

I tried to push harder, but I was buried to the hilt in her already, and so I had to be content with trying to pull her closer.

“Aughhhh…..” Leah continued as she was raked by an intense orgasm, as my semen erupted in a powerful stream of hot fluid into her cunt.

I kept pumping so that all the fluid would enter her and so that she would come down slowly, from her orgasmic ride.

I knew that Leah was a sexual powerhouse, but she had shown me that her love making was intense and that she liked it rough and ready and anywhere.

“Don’t stop.” Leah murmured, as she continued to hold onto me.

“Yeah…Don’t stop.” Came John’s voice from behind us.

I turned to the sound of his voice and saw that he was inside the room, with his manhood out in his hand as he jerked off. The evidence of his ejaculation was evident on the carpet and dripping from his cock.

“I liked your fucking of her.” John said, as he continued to rub his cock with his hand.

I turned back to Leah, who smiled up at me.

“Don’t worry. I enjoyed you fucking me.” Leah smiled broadly.

I looked down at her and smiled back. I wasn’t sure where all this would lead, but as long as I could have Leah’s body to taste and enjoy I would be very happy, even if I had to share her with a drunken bum of a husband, or a sick voyeur who liked to get his rocks off by looking at people fucking.

It was sure a crazy world.

(Be sure to lookout for Part Three)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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