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Chapter 04

The Slave Ceremony

“Where do you get these lovely pets from?” Patty asked.

“All sorts of places. Sometimes I find them in a club, or through someone I work with, or they come to me, like lovely Leelee here. Pet Leelee walked into a friends store I was looking after. The dear little pet was feeling sorry for itself, and needed comforting. I gathered it up, and took it home to look after,” Maria explained.

Maria turned her attention to Lee Ann, telling her, “You need looking after don’t you, pet.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Lee Ann confirmed.

It was embarrassing squatting on the floor, waiting upon these strangers. She was a mature woman, yet she was having to serve these young friends of her mistress. If she wore a decent waitress uniform, it wouldn’t have been so awful.

The elegant silk dress was split from the hem, up to her waist at the back. It was designed to show off her bare bottom when she bent forward. The scalloped top lewdly displayed her breasts, which were pushed up in a deep cleavage by an inbuilt corset. Her nipples were on show for them to be tweaked, sooner or later.

Worse than the dress, was being spoken to as though she were a stray bitch, brought home off the streets. Being called pet might have been interpreted as a form of caring endearment, but they all knew it was more than that. She was Maria’s latest victim, being trained to obey her mistress.

“Why do you need looking after?” Maria asked.

The tight smile on her mistresses face demanded a satisfactory answer.

“Leelee is a naughty little slut, and will get into trouble without her mistress. Leelee must obey her mistress,” Lee Ann dutifully answered. She spoke in a pathetic sounding girly voice, practised especially for the party.

The teenager, Patty, giggled lightly.

Lee Ann tried to shut out the annoying sound, as it reflected how pathetic she felt. She would have to behave and respond correctly to her mistresses orders like an obedient pet, or be punished. It would be degrading to be put over mistresses knee for a spanking, especially before these young strangers.

She was dreading having to perform a humiliating act in front of them, whatever it might be. It was inevitable, and she would just have to bear it. There was no option. She had to obey her mistress, or suffer the consequences.

“Where is your place, Leelee?” Maria asked.

“At mistresses feet, waiting to serve, mistress,” Lee Ann replied, speaking in a loud singsong voice loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Good pet! Its learnt to behave, and is fully house trained. That’s why we’re here. I wish Gemma would hurry up,” Maria scowled, once more looking at her watch.

“Leelee deserves a treat. On your haunches, pet,” Maria demanded.

Full of trepidation from knowing what was coming next, she nevertheless obeyed. With knees spread she crouched over, as though trying to hide the expression of shame.

“Sit up, pet. Catch!” Maria extolled her pet, and threw a cocktail sausage at her.

After much practice over the last few weeks, Lee Ann caught it, and quickly swallowed the morsel. She was kept hungry, so squatted eagerly with mouth open, hoping for another treat from her mistresses plate.

“It’s so cute! Can I feed your pet, Maria?” Patty asked, with an eager voice. After a nod of approval, the girl inexpertly chucked a triangle cut sandwich at Lee Ann.

When it missed her mouth to drop onto the carpet, Lee Ann scooped it up with her mouth, and gulped the sandwich without chewing. All afternoon she had made snacks for her mistresses guests, not daring to try one despite being hungry.

The girl tried a pate sandwich, and this time Lee Ann caught it. The watching guests applauded the demeaning act. There was nothing she could do to escape the dreadful situation, so accepted it like every other humiliating experience.

“Your pet is a clever little thing, does it know any other tricks?” Patty enquired.

Lee Ann groaned inwardly. At eighteen this was the youngest of Maria’s guests. Having to perform for the silly young girl was as demeaning as hell. Despite the pain of anguish she determined to be a good pet. Not only to avoid a punishment, it was also to keep on her mistresses good side for a later reward.

With instructions from Maria, Patty began putting Lee Ann through her moves.

“Roll over Leelee,” Patty instructed. She spoke to the older woman as though it was a puppy. Although being kind, it was demeaning all the same. “Play dead,” she giggled. “Oh! Your such a lovely pet, I’d love to buy you from Maria,” Patty exclaimed.

“You like your tummy rubbed, don’t you little Leelee. Oh! You like your titties rubbed even more, don’t you!” she observed, seeing the nipples hardening.

“Yes, miss,” Lee Ann whimpered.

Maria gave her a silly name to put her in her place, which felt right when used by her mistress. Used by this girl it reinforced the pathetic state she had become accustomed casino şirketleri to.

There was no denying it. Her whole body was heating up. She lay at the girls feet being molested, with one hand pinching a nipple, and the other moving down toward her pussy. Lee Ann wasn’t so wet it noticed, but her nipples and lips were responding.

“Such a lovely pussy you have. You keep it well shaved, little Leelee. It feels so smooth. My, it does swell up so big and juicy!” the girl giggled.

Maria came back from mingling with the guests to sit next to the girl.

“It’s such a cute little thing, I’d just love to have it. How much is it, Maria?” Patty asked, with a pleading sound to her voice.

“Not for sale just yet. Wait and see,” Maria told her.

Lee Ann cringed. The arousal dropped from her like a stone, and as bloodless too. In the hands of this young thing, she would be helpless. Maria had thoroughly trained her to obey a mistress. If this silly girl owned her what might happen then? She needed looking after. She needed a strong mistress to keep her out of trouble.

“Sit up, pet,” Maria ordered.

Lee Ann was thankful to her mistress for saving her from the girls unwelcome attention. Sitting on her haunches with knees spread, as usual, wasn’t so bad as the long silk dress hid her crotch.

Maria’s friend Gemma walked in looking contrite.

“Your late! We can begin now. Come on pet, on all fours, crawl over here,” Maria ordered.

Lee Ann wondered what was expected of her. Everyone turned in their seats toward her, with an ominous, quiet expectancy. Over the last few weeks she had been spanked for misbehaving, and rewarded for obedience, until she had become docile with her mistress. Despite her misgivings in front of strangers, she quickly obeyed.

“Stand up, pet,” Maria stated. She pulled the dress up over the pets head.

No longer allowed to wear underwear, or shoes, it left her naked among a group of strangers. This was less bothersome than the fear of what was to happen next. She looked down at her feet looking submissive. The pose had become natural and automatic. She didn’t try to hide her nakedness, she just stood there with hands at her side.

“It’s a lovely little thing, Maria. A real credit to you. If you ever become tired of it, I’ll take it off your hands,” Beatrice commented. The woman was the only one older than Lee Ann, looking around fifty.

The thought of being passed around this group of women, from one to the other, was frightening. Having been subdued by her mistress, she would be used as a sex toy, having to learn each of their habits. Being forced to submit to their particular sexual needs would finally break her.

“Let the ceremony begin. Over here pet,” Maria encouraged her pet. “You know what to say, Beatrice,” Maria said.

Standing before the woman, Lee Ann felt afraid. Was she going to be given to this woman? She had begun to think of herself as an object to be used. At least with the young black girl, Maria, she knew what was expected of her. Her mistress could work her up, and keep her in line with punishment and rewards. Mistress knew how to look after her.

“Come closer, I’m not wearing my glasses,” Beatrice said. She reached up to pull on Lee Ann’s nipples. Still holding them tight, she held the pet close. Squinting at its pussy she intoned seriously. “The pet has been branded with a slave number; three, seven, six, four, one. Let everyone gathered here witness this mark of her entry into slavery.”

Lee Ann’s legs felt weak. She was shoved, stumbling, before one of the others. The woman was around Lee Ann’s age; under thirty. She too took hold of Lee Ann’s nipples, and stared at the pet’s pussy. “I witness the slave branded with a number,” Stacey stated.

Lee Ann had put up with being this young black girls pet, not realising what the training was for. It seemed that the girl was humiliating her for fun; not hers of course. Though it heated her up, leaving her compliant, and begging for an orgasm.

This all seemed so serious. It revealed what had been done to her, and what the training had really been about. She had become nothing more than a trained slave. Was that better than being a pet?

Only a few weeks ago she held a responsible role in a national corporation. She was a mature woman with all the adult responsibilities that life demanded. This young black girl had bullied her into submission, then trained her into becoming a tame pet. Was she now to become a slave? She had a mistress, so maybe this was a natural next step.

Standing bent over, while the next woman read her tattoo, she tried to clear her mind. It had been too easy letting someone else take over. Letting her mistress make the decisions for absolutely everything in her life. Not having to think, just obey, made it difficult to understand this new humiliation. Surely this was all just another silly game.

“I witness the slave brand. You’ve done a good job, Maria. It’s certainly ready. casino firmaları A nice well behaved pet, and so squishy too!” Martha smiled. She tweaked the swollen nipples, trying to get the pet to squeal. She looked disappointed when Lee Ann remained silent.

Martha reluctantly let go, for Maria to guide the compliant pet to another of her guests.

Veronica copied the others, by taking hold of Lee Ann’s nipples. They were swollen large and hard. The twisting, pinching, and fondling, worked upon her as usual. Her pussy was dripping wet. The humiliation of being manipulated by a group of strangers added to the physical stimulation.

“I witness this slaves brand,” Veronica simply stated. With a big wet open pussy so close, she couldn’t help taking advantage. With fingers tightly gripping a nipple, the other hand cupped Lee Ann’s pussy to scoop up leaking juices.

“Lick my fingers clean little pet,” the woman ordered.

“Enough of that, we need to get on. We’re late enough,” Maria stated, and scowled at her friend, Gemma, for being late.

“Sorry Maria,” Gemma told her friend, not looking as though she meant it. “Janet didn’t come in to count the sales and close the store. I shut up shop and left early,” she added.

“Don’t tell me your worried about the bitch,” Maria casually asked.

“No! Not her. I got the toys, free of charge as usual,” Gemma smiled.

Maria smiled back her thanks.

“I heard a rumour about Janet. She seems to have gotten on the wrong side of Big John. Perhaps at last he’s teaching her to behave, as promised,” Beatrice reflected.

“Not now! We have to get on with it,” Maria scowled. She pulled her pet toward Gemma, then changed her mind, pushing the pet in front of Patty.

“Here, cute little Leelee,” Patty encouraged. “I too witness the slave brand,” she finally said. Like the others she mauled Lee Ann’s breasts, though she was more gentle.

At last it was over. The degrading parade before her mistresses guests hadn’t been so bad after all. She could now get back to serving them food and drink. She was wrong, it was far from over.

“Bring them over, Gemma,” Maria said. “Assume your position, pet,” she added.

Lee Ann knelt on all fours at her mistresses feet. Not daring to turn around to see Gemma approaching, she had a horrible feeling about the next ordeal. She felt grease being rubbed around her asshole, then fingers eased in. A groan of dismal recognition escaped her lips. As expected a dildo was eased into her bottom. She felt the tantalising touch of long hair stroke her cheeks.

“Wag your tail pet,” Maria smoothly spoke. Watching her pet wriggle her bottom was delightful. Everyone in the room watched enthralled as her pet wiggled her hips, adroitly wagging the new tail. The fine long hairs stroked her bottom with every gyration of her peachy ass. They all recognised Mairia’s skill, though now they knew how potent the training methods were.

This mature woman had been brought under control to such a degree, she obeyed willingly. Whatever demeaning act Maria cared to submit upon her, she would comply without question. There would be not recriminations, no crying foul, the woman was demonstrating her willing submission before witnesses.

That she never wanted this, and had never dreamt of becoming a teenagers pet, no longer mattered. She was a fully trained pet-girl, and recognised the fact. The final act of her complete submission was about to unfold.

“With this slave collar, I declare my ownership of pet Leelee,” Maria intoned. The pet’s hair was brushed over its head to bare its neck. A bright sliver collar was carefully mainpulated around its neck.

“Do you, Leelee, formerly Lee Ann, officially accept your submission into slavery?” Maria asked.

The tone of voice was caring and meant to be soothing. She used a tissue to wipe the tears from pet’s eyes, then made it blow its nose. She placed a piece of paper on the floor where her pet could see it. The type was large and bold, in anticipation of teary eyes.

Still on hands and knees Lee Ann looked at the blurry words, not seeing them, not making sense of them.

“Make your commitment official, Leelee,” Maria told her.

Lee Ann reminded herself she needed her mistress to look after her. She was just a helpless pet-girl needing control, or she would get into all sorts of trouble. She was so easily worked up when her nipples were stimulated, anyone could take advantage of her. Under her mistresses training, she had come to realise she was just a silly little slut, needing a mistresses care.

“Leelee needs her mistress,” she sobbed, then choked back the tears. She didn’t want to let her mistress down before guests.

“Leelee is a silly little pet-girl and needs a mistress,” she read from the sheet of paper. “Leelee needs controlling, and a mistress to think for her. Leelee is too silly to think for herself, so must obey her mistress in all things. Forever and ever, Leelee must obey her mistress, and promises güvenilir casino to fulfil mistresses expectations with all her heart and soul,” she said, with feeling.

A sigh of emotion ran through the watching group of women. Some smiled pleasantly, having sat through the ceremony before. The younger ones shed a tear from the touching conviction shown by the pet.

“Obeying a mistress means Leelee is a slave, and accepts the position in life. From this moment on, Leelee is a pet-girl slave forever, and devotes her life to her mistress. In return for her mistresses care and attention, pet Leelee submits to being nothing more than an object, owned by a mistress,” Lee Ann declared.

“Good pet! Your mistress accepts you as her pet-girl, and the position of slave. Let this collar be a sign of your permanent slavery, and submission to a new life as a slave,” Maria stated.

She took a firm grip of the shiny metal collar to ease the two ends together. It snapped into place with a metallic click.

“As the collar is permanently fixed in place, so too are you permanently fixed in slavery. A slave exists to be bought and sold, and bent in shape to the whims of an owner. No longer a free thinking woman, you are now an object to be used by your mistress. Arise now, Leelee, pet-girl slave,” Maria encouraged Lee Ann.

Helping it from the floor, she steadied her pet, patiently waiting for it to steady its nerves.

Lee Ann felt as though her whole world had been turned upside down. She was a white woman, enslaved to a young black girl. Yet nothing had really changed. She had become used to being this girls pet over the last few weeks.

Though, making a declaration before these women, seemed to have changed her thinking. Or, at least, it had defined and cemented her position. Had she really agreed to permanent slavery? Surely it wasn’t possible!

Thinking over the first few days with her mistress, and all she had been put through, she was certain that anything was possible. She never thought any one of those humiliating experiences could ever be tolerated. Yet now, they seemed inconsequential.

“What do you say, Leelee pet?” Maria kindly asked.

“Thank you mistress,” Lee Ann murmured.

“What for? Tell me,” Maria demanded.

“Thank you for letting me be your slave, mistress,” Lee Ann heard herself answer.

Her mind was in a whirl. She believed she was a slave. She felt she was a slave, and therefore she was! Just because it was illegal didn’t mean it couldn’t be carried out in secret.

“Tell the others what you now are, my lovely pet,” Maria said. She guided her pet to Beatrice.

“Leelee is now a permanent pet-girl slave, mistress,” Lee Ann stated, and curtsied.

“Good pet. I’m sure you will be happy in your new position,” Beatrice encouraged. She sounded a little bored by the proceedings. It was a useful way of ensnaring the victim into the right way of thinking. With the prospect of obtaining the smooth skinned beauty, she was willing to play her part.

Lee Ann stood before each of them, to respectfully declare she was a slave. When the task was completed, the recitation was well and truly embedded, and accepted. She relaxed a little, having come to terms with her position. Nothing had changed. She had a mistress to look after her, and in return behaved as an obedient pet.

Though subtly there was a difference. She now thought of herself as a pet, rather than acting like one.

“Thank you all for being witnesses. In return, you will be entertained. My pet-slave will now pleasure you. On your knees, pet. Crawl over to Beatrice first,” Maria ordered.

Lee Ann wanted to pleasure her mistress, not a stranger. As a slave she had no choice, except to obey. It would please her mistress, so she determined to carry out the task with enthusiasm. She was nothing more than a pleasure object, so pleasure them she would.

Before moving on to the next guest she washed her face. Beatrice had been quick to climax, though her bored expression hardly revealed anything at all. Lee Ann could confirm she cum, as it was all over her face.

Finally she crawled over to the young girl Patty. “May pet-slave lick your pussy, mistress?” Lee Ann calmly asked.

Lifting the flared dress, she burrowed in. She eased the girls legs apart to find a neatly trimmed bush. Beatrice had smelt of lavender, whereas Patty was perfumed with Chanel. Under the dress Lee Ann was in a world of her own. Sucking and licking away patiently, she explored the young girls pussy.

Light flooded in awakening her to what she was doing. The girl lifted her chin with a sharp fingernail.

“I remember where I’ve met you now. I was a junior in your office. Couldn’t place you. Didn’t expect to see you like this!” Patty giggled.

Lee Ann hadn’t looked at any of the guests. From a feeling of subservience, she kept her head down. She recollected the girl working for her, now she was forced to look up at her. What in hell could she say?

“Do you remember reprimanding me for being late into the office?” Patty crossly asked.

“Sorry, mistress, slave Leelee doesn’t,” Lee Ann apologetically spoke.

“My father owns the company, and read my records. I got into trouble for that,” Patty grimaced.

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