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Rebecca was assigned a new co-op student from the local university, when she called him to welcome him set up their meeting time, he shared with her that he was in an Ethics class she taught for undergrads at the university a year before.

Caleb sounded friendly and upbeat, she faintly remembered him but she recalled him being thin and a little nerdy. Rebecca was pleased, she needed some positive energy and new blood on her legal staff.

When Caleb arrived, he was hardly what Rebecca remembered, he was well built, with with smooth cocoa brown skin and a bright and warm million dollar smile. He still sounded like a computer geek on the phone but he was a massive six feet-two with a diesel body.

Rebecca , smiled warmly while shaking his hand and welcoming him to the firm. He reached out to hug her, “So good to see you again Professor Shaw.”

She smiled and patted him on his back. He smelled awesome, ‘Ahhh Emporio Armani’ she thought to herself. “Call me Rebecca, please.” She smiled and felt warm from his hug. “Shall we begin with your tour?” she began to walk out of her office.

As Rebecca spoke and led him through the office, her words were just a blur to him, he was far too blinded by her quiet elegance and natural beauty. She had not changed since that Ethics class. She still smelled of citrus and flowers, her makeup was simple and well done, her red lips accentuated her tongue he kept trying to sneak a peek at. Rumor had it, from past co-op students, that she got it pierced.

She flung her shoulder length, wavy hair as she spoke and walked him around the office. Her thick thighs were covered in black stockings and, he followed the line down her leg eyeing her knee high boots that easily gave her five-foot ten height an extra 2 inches.

She sported a tight fitting long black skirt with a slit up to the middle of her thigh. Her low-cut snug fitting red shirt displayed he breasts tastefully but for a horny twenty one year old, Caleb was trying not to stare at her cleavage and fight the raging hard on in his khakis. She wore her thirty-eight years well.

‘Damn she is fine’ he thought to himself. She had to be his, but how?, ‘She’s gotta be like thirty easy. I am thinking crazy’, he said to himself as he shook his head trying to focus on what she was saying and not on her buxom breast, that resembled mounds of chocolate that longed to be taken, her firm large nipples needed to be in his mouth and licked to and sucked by his hungry lips and tongue.

“Caleb” Rebecca said his name for a third time, his eyes were in another place. She pulled his arm slightly and woke him out of his daydream. His startled school casino şirketleri boy grin gave Rebecca a clue as to what he was thinking. She was used to young boys being fantasizing her. She taught law classes for many years before she settled in this position at the firm.

“Have you any questions Caleb?” She cleared her throat and looked at his lust filled eyes.

A quiet “no” uttered from his lips.

“Well then, I welcome you to the staff. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me.” She stood up from behind her desk and reached out her hand to shake his. As he stood up, his hard on was revealed.

Rebecca glanced down and was impressed by the massive bulge. She brought her eyes to his and smiled. “We’re happy to have you here.” She escorted him out of her office.

Rebecca leaned back in her large office chair and gazed out the window overlooking the city. She chuckled to herself as she thought of Caleb’s hard on. She never thought of students as sexual beings, because kids just were not her thing.

But now, that she no longer worked at the university, she often thought of the possibility of taking on a college student as a lover. She reminisced how from her university office window, she would watch the boys play football in the quad. The warmer the weather, the fewer the clothes they wore.

Some spring and summer afternoons, Rebecca would watch them and get so hot watching their muscles move, flex, and sweat, she would dip into the bathroom and masturbate dreaming of taking them one by one.

She was startled out of her thoughts by the phone ringing. It was Caleb, asking if it was possible for him to stop in her office that evening with a few questions before he went home. She flipped through her calendar and agreed, seeing that she was open that evening.

The sun was setting and Rebecca watched everyone race out of the office to rush off to their lives. She continued to sort through e-mails and paperwork. The rough knock on her door stirred her.

She opened the door and there he was with the same lustful look in his eyes, she sighed knowing that she wanted to devour him. Her eyes fell to his crotch again and then to the floor and back up to his ass as she ushered him in.

“Rebecca, I wanted to apologize for this afternoon. I was distracted and physically I suppose it showed.” He glanced down at his crotch as he spoke then slowly dragged is eyes up her luscious body.

With every movement of his eyes his cock swelled and the heat from within forced him to step closer to her and look her deep into her eyes. He could feel her breath on his the skin of his neck.

She casino firmaları stood her ground firmly, not backing away from his bold physical gesture. Rebecca looked deeply into his eyes, she grabbed his cock, wondering how he would respond. He leaned in and kissed her firmly on the lips. She pushed him away. “This is against my better judgment.” she declared.

“Forget your better judgment.” He pleaded. “I know you want me as bad as I want you. I knew from the first time I saw you in class that I had to have you, please let me have you.” She walked past him and he grabbed her shoulders and spun her around and kissed her deeply. This time she kissed him back, with deep thrusts of her pierced tongue.

They stumbled onto the leather sofa in her office, hungrily engrossed in a deep kiss. His lips were sucking on her warm wet throbbing tongue. She welcomed his every suck, kiss and lick.

Her pussy swelled from the heat of his touch. His hands roamed her breasts and as he gently and longingly caressed her, she moaned. He grew hotter from her reaction as he touched her. She reached inside his pants, his cock throbbed eagerly in her hand as she stroked and pulled on it.

He was never used to this kind of attention, he was all too familiar with twenty something college girls fighting with their religious guilt, afraid to express their sexuality. His mind was reeling from the excitement of it all.

Just when he thought he couldn’t take any more, she pushed him back on the sofa. She kissed him deeply then slid her gyrating body down, kissing his chest and encircling his nipples with her warm and hungry tongue. She licked his belly as she worked his khakis down. He began to moan. “Oh god…”

She took him into her warm and loving mouth. Sucking cock she loved. Sucking the cock of a man who truly appreciated her skill, wildly excited her. He gently stroked her hair as she marveled him with her fluttering and sucking motions.

His cock stiffened to a most perfect state. Just as she felt he was getting close she would stop and tell him to hold it, as long as he could, to cum on command, when she was ready to receive him.

She slurped and sucked his cock, moaning and noisily taking in every inch, deep down her throat. She released saliva as she slid the shaft through her soft, supple lips.

Each time she approached the head she swirled her tongue around the head, softly flicking her tongue around the hole, leaving a dollop of saliva on the tip and playfully dragging it inches away with her tongue. “Mmmm, your cock tastes so good baby.”

“Oh my god” he moaned. “You suck cock so much better than girls my age.” güvenilir casino His voice squeaked as he spoke. He watched her with complete amazement.

It was like he was having an outer body experience watching his fantasy come to life. She was spectacular, he was not used to the sight of a woman, so skilled and who so hungrily consumed him, so lovingly took him. She took him out of her mouth and massaged his cock wildly.

Her hair was a mound of wavy curls. Her eyes were confidently focused on his. She stood up undoing her skirt and stepping out of it she smiled.

She stood there before him in black knee high boots, black hose and a black garter belt with elegant black lace boy cut panties. Her cleavage spilled over her bra as she removed her blouse. He felt like he was going to have to pinch himself.

She walked over to her briefcase and pulled out a little black case. She unzipped it and removed a condom. She walked back to the sofa where he sat and watched with utter joy, stoking his cock like he was about to completely rock her to the core. She tossed him the condom. “Strap it up and come fuck me you sexy bastard.”

Her every word tugged at his cock and made it swell even more. She stood facing the desk, leaning over it and raised her knee up on one corner of the desk.

He rolled the condom onto his throbbing eight inches, and stepped toward her like her pussy was a magnet and his dick was steel. He slid right into her and immediately established a hungry, ferocious rhythm, grinding every inch into her warm and wet pussy.

She exploded in a series of ecstatic moans. “Fuck me Caleb, god your cock is so big!” With every word his cock grew stiffer. He fucked her so deeply she exploded and shook as she came.

He quickly pulled out of her and in a swift acrobatic movement, he whisked her around to face him swooping her up and carrying her to the sofa. She mounted him as he sat up. He reached behind her to undo her bra revealing her supple mountains of flesh. He gently cupped each breast as she slowly and methodically rode him. He suckled on each of her nipples like they were the most delectable divine chocolates.

She whispered in his ear how much she loved his luscious dick and as she clenched her muscles, he asked her if he could cum.

She quickly lifted off of him, knelt before him, whipped off the condom, and placed his cock against her lips, as she swirled her tongue on the head of his dick, “Now you may cum for me Caleb”. With that, he exploded, and she hungrily consumed every drop of his cum. He moaned in ecstasy.

She lay still for the moment leaning her head against his belly. She could feel his heart pounding through his body. He was overjoyed and amazed. She was pleasantly satisfied. “So Caleb, what was your question?” She asked as she kissed his stomach.

“Um, I believe you answered it.” he smiled and sighed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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