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The rain washed streets held little remorse from the rancour of the pounding heavens, the boom of thunder echoing heavily away before being swallowed by the foothills of the mighty Kilendarth Mountains. The city of Trenasruine was the Farth Kingdom’s second largest after the capital and commanded a critical conjunction of trading routes on the way to neighbouring domains. Beyond the Kilendarths there had issued rumours of a strange fortress that had appeared out of nowhere, crossing the realms between magic and the mundane. Such stories were accompanied by tales of amazon women who exposed their femininity for all to see and were beholden to strange fetishes that they practiced on those they vanquished.

For the two burly city guards hunkered down inside their armour against the heavy rain, it was often a subject for joking debate, each man most keen to describe the sordid delights they would like to undertake when the Amazons were brought back to the city in chains as prisoners to be sold in the local markets. As depravities went, neither guard was overly imaginative, staying with the theme of which orifice they would like to stick their thrusting cocks.

They were in the middle of such an exchange, their voices raised against the storm and the lash of the rain, when they encountered a huddled form nestled between a heaped pile of rotting and discarded crates.

‘Oy, you maggot piece of refuse,’ shouted the one guard. The walls of the opposing buildings that formed the small alley were weeping streams of rainwater, the gutting above broken in many places. ‘There is a curfew on. Beggars the likes of you are meant to be down at quays and not allowed in the streets.’

There was no response from the figure huddled inside the rags, the facial features hidden in the shadows of the tattered hood that the gutting flames from the guard’s tar stained torches could not dispel, even when thrust up close.

‘Ha, a mute or deaf, or both,’ laughed the second guard cruelly whilst fumbling at the cord around his leggings. ‘Maybe this will wake you up,’ and with that took aim with his freed cock and started to piss in the direction of the hooded beggar. The hot stream mixed with the lashing rain but stayed on course, splashing down over the beggar’s head. Both guards laughed. It was their last act in the land of the living.

With ankara masaj yapan escort a speed that defied tracking, the beggar’s disguise was shed, the nimble warrior woman beneath uncoiling like a serpent, her tools of war going to work. A released throwing knife lodged into the windpipe of the man who had been pissing over her, his hands trying to stem the crimson flow. A second edged weapon disembowelled the second guard who out of instinct had rushed to free his sword. She was upon him as he crashed to the floor, his lifeblood seeping from the terrible wound.

The warrior woman was dressed in black attire, a dark angel against the even darker heavens. She squatted down over the face of the guard she had downed, his life all but spent. He had but moments to realise the fact that the area around her crotch was free from cloth, her exposed pussy shoved into his face. A hot spray began to wash over him even as he gasped his last, her clear stream of urine steaming against the chill of the rain.

She peed until she was spent, the emptiness in her bladder in need of replenishment. Fortunately, there would be drinking fountains on her way for she was headed into the upper tiers where the nobles and the elites lived away from the thong. She would replenish her ‘Need’ in preparation for any others who might cross her path, her hot salty stream a means of subjugating the living and marking the souls of those deceased. Her piss was a means of appeasing the dark gods who the Fel served, their ethereal spirits dining on the ashes of the fallen and the enslaved.

The Fel assassin moved on, slipping through the shadows whilst seemingly impervious to the rain lashing at her sodden disguise. The guarded gates that barred her way into the Echelon District proved little obstacle for those that secured them were male and thus susceptible to seduction. She shed her beggar’s disguise as she moved out of the darkness and into the well of light offered by the guttering torches above the gateway. Naked and alone, her tits and pussy on full display, it was not surprising that it took scant moments for the guards to appear. Thinking her a victim of rape they rushed to offer comfort only to discover death. She killed them both barehanded. She squatted over the first, pissing into the man’s mouth as she forced mecidiyeköy escort it open to accept her lightly coloured urine stream. The second guard was a woman, the legions of the Trenasruine comprised of both genders. The Fel woman stripped her bare to better familiarise herself with the offering on hand, before squatting over the dead woman’s chest and pissing over her exposed nipples. With her act of supplication complete she stood and began to don her latest disguise; that of the slain guard’s attire. Once done, she moved the bodies into hiding and then slipped through the open gates.

The temple section was not difficult to locate even for a stranger to the city. The rain was easing as she approached the frescoed plaza that contained a centralised water fountain boarded by a waist high wall of ornately carved stone. The Fel amazon removed her helmet and bent down to drink. The water was chilled and with her refined senses she could tell that it contained the slightest inkling of urine. Given that the servants of the false gods of the Trenasruine were solely female, it created a wonderful supposition. Keen to experience the sensation for herself she removed the belt from around her waist thus allowing her leggings to fall away.

She turned about, allowing her wide naked bum cheeks to slide over the marble edge, her pussy moving into a position so that when she peed, her hot precious urine stream would fall and mix with the drinking water. A soft hiss arising from between her thighs accompanied her act, the sound of her pissing a most delicious accompaniment that suitably masked the approach of the arriving acolyte. The Fel assassin looked up from where she had been watching herself pee into the water, to quickly assess the threat level posed by the new arrival. Her position was precarious, one shout enough to alert countless guards to her position.

The Trenasruine acolyte was a stunning beauty even by Fel standards. She was doe eyed, with large hazel orbs that were wide open at the sight of what she thought to be a common guard, relieving herself into the ornate fountain. Her dress was white yet translucent due to the rain. The Fel amazon could clearly see the woman’s large, sumptuous breasts not to mention the triangular mass of black pubes nestled between mersin escort her creamy thighs.

For several tense seconds nothing was said. The pee issuing from the squatting Fel assassin’s muff had vanished the moment she had detected the new arrival. Still, she remained in her compromising position, the curly hairs of her red haired pussy on clear display. There were many Fel customs about the display of pissing, yet to a stranger and an enemy at that, there was little council.

Suddenly, the attractive young acolyte flashed a conspiratorial role before saying something in her native tongue that was lost to the assassin. The meaning behind her words became abundantly clear a moment later as she bent and grabbed the hem of her sodden dress, pulling it upwards to reveal her nudity in all her glory. Tossing aside her garment she went to join what she thought to be a most daring city guard, sliding her peach-like buttocks over the fountain’s marble wall until she too was in a position to relieve her pent-up piss into the drinking waters beneath her derriere.

Two hot streams of flowing piss began to desecrate the holy waters of the temple fountain as both woman began to pee, their hot streams jetting from their pussy lips. The Fel Amazon was amazed at the willingness of the temple guardian to willingly participate in such a deed. It went against everything that the Fel had learnt about the Trenasruine during their secret infiltrations into the cities of their foe. It was then as she reached the end of her pee that the Fel woman realised that her companion’s gaze had not once strayed from the sight of her pissing pussy whilst she had urinated. For the amazon woman it was a most arousing turn of events, her own gaze having likewise been fixed upon the sight of her companion’s pee shower as she had emptied herself into the water.

The piss flowing from the slits of the two woman came to an end. There was a tense moment as they finished, their gaze locked into the eyes of the other. The acolyte said something in her strange tongue, her words like honey. She then bent forward, her lips succulent, warm and soft as she offered her first kiss. It was in this moment that the Fel assassin forgot her role, returning the offered affection even as one hand moved to caress the other woman’s closest tit, her thumb gently massaging the erect nipple. An answering hand sought out the wetness between her legs, a slow press as a questing finger plunged into her pussy hole. The Fel woman should have given answer to such an affront for it was not her way, yet sat squatting on a marble wall over which she had just been peeing, it was an amorous advance that could only be answered in one way…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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