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Notice: This story is a work of fiction and contains explicit sexual material. It depicts consensual sexual acts between males of various ages, including young boys” sexual experiences with other boys and with men. It may also include – incest, sex between minors, sex between minors and adult males, and sexual fetish. If stories of this nature offend you, or if you are under 18 years of age, or if reading such stories is illegal in your location…please leave now. This is for ADULT ENTERTAINMENT only; If you are offended by such material, do not read this work of fiction. The character(s) in this work are not based on any known person(s).


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(gay/adult youth) (gay/authoritarian)


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Chapter 10

Normal life resumes


It was just after midday, on Sunday 20th September 2020; Gavin, Sylvester, Leo, Patrick, and Matthew were sitting around the table in the kitchen. A delectable brunch has just been enjoyed by all. For Gavin and Sylvester, it is probably the very best meal they have enjoyed for years, not just because of its ingredients, the way it was presented, or the comfort of the setting, but, most of all, they now finally felt safe, free, and truly loved – a feeling that neither had felt since they were quite young. Let us, though, firstly, review what had happened over the previous 22 hours or so.


Gavin and Sylvester had been taken, by Benjamin, to Matthew”s house, just after midday, the previous afternoon. Even though they didn”t need to, since they were with Benjamin, they had both given the special password; they had then been welcomed into Matthew”s house, by Patrick, at about 12.15 p.m., on Saturday. They were promptly shown to Matthew”s lounge room where he invited them both to sit down in the largest and most plush recliner, which either of them had ever seen. Matthew had invited them to sit with the words, “Do please sit, lie down, or recline in any way that you feel most comfortable.” Gavin and Sylvester, both with their mouths a little agape, briefly winked at each other, with their special wink. Gavin then promptly lay back, with his head on the rest at the end of the recliner, and Sylvester promptly, and gently, followed by laying back on to Gavin”s chest; immediately Gavin placed his arms in a hug, which was close, but not tight. Matthew, Leo (who had followed Gavin and Sylvester into the room, having been alerted, to go swiftly to Matthew”s lounge room, by a special bell, which had been triggered by Patrick, the moment he heard the boys say the password), and Patrick, all smiled, nay they beamed, to see such a love, which was, obviously, a combination of both philia AND eros.


Benjamin, who had followed the boys, briefed Matthew about all that he knew, which, actually, was not much, but it was sufficient for Matthew to become quite concerned. He composed himself sufficiently to be able to hold back the tears, which were welling up in his tear ducts, behind his eyes, all fed by some very heartfelt emotions of love for the boys, and anger targeted at Norman and Jane. He.then quietly spoke to the boys. He asked them, “When did you last see Clive?” Gavin and Sylvester then began to tell their stories. Initially, they were both so anxiously eager to tell their story that they spoke over each other. Matthew held his hand up in a stopping gesture. “OK, OK, one at a time, please. I think, eldest first, would be the best way to go, please.” Gavin, therefore, recounted his story from when he was born, which took nearly an hour. During that time, Patrick had briefly stepped out and brought both boys a simple, but adequate, lunch of sandwiches and orange juice, which was placed on a coffee table that was just beside the recliner. The sandwiches were a variety of peanut butter, cheese, roast beef, and pulled pork. Sylvester then followed; as parts of his story were similar to and/or overlapped with Gavin”s, he took a little less time, but it was still 40 minutes before he finished. Another part of the reason that both of them took so long is that, while Matthew simply listened, and did not interrupt, either boy, there were a lot of tears and sobs, while each of them spoke: this was because their stories were both so emotional, and much dabbing of eyes, regular sips of refreshing juice and many simple pauses for thought, occurred.


Once Matthew was quite sure that both boys were finished, and it was now nearly 3.00 p.m., he said, “Thank you very much, boys. I can see that you are both quite tired. Leo and Patrick will show you to our guest suite, which has just one King Size bed in it; I am sure, though, that you will welcome that. There is a fully equipped ablution room (the word bathroom is too basic for what you will find) with a giant spa bath, a four-person shower, 2 individual basins, two toilets and two bidets. Perfumed soaps, flannels, sponges and warmed towels will be found in the cupboard marked Manchester. In the cupboard marked Clothing, you will find all sorts, and colours, of clothing, both for night and day wear; they are sorted into sections ranging from age 6 to age 18. Please feel free to choose and take, as yours to keep, any of the clothing that you need. You may well find that you need to choose a selection from a variety of age sections – for items that you want to fit normally, or maybe even slightly tightly (sexy, eh {Matthew winked}), you will probably find that your real age, or anything up to two years younger, will suit, on the other hand, if you are looking for something a little looser, for whatever reason, your real age or, or anything up to two years older, will suit. The choices are, of course, yours, though. Please just select what you need for today and tomorrow, this house is now your home, you can safely stop thinking in the way that you might have previously, while you were on the street; you will have ready access forever, in this place, to all the food, clothing, entertainment, toys (of any type you might imagine) and books, etcetera, which you need, until you freely choose to set up your own place, once you are adults.”


After the boys left, Matthew called Alexander. The conversation went like this, “Hello, Alexander, I apologise for calling a day early, but matters have taken a turn for the worse. I can assure you, though, that Martin will soon be safe.” He went on to say, in a slightly graver tone, “Alexander, I know that last week was just the first week of your 2nd year at Integrated, but if you do truly love Martin, I implore you to come to Toronto for just a few days. I will personally arrange for a private flight to pick you up tomorrow morning and to bring you to Toronto. You will only miss a few days of school and, from what I know about you, I don”t think your schooling will be detrimentally affected. In fact, through the contacts I have, I will make sure that you will be able to keep up with the content of all the lessons that you might miss for a few days.” The line was silent for a moment and Alexander replied, “Of course, I will come, but I am worried about my aunt and the cleaner who comes in.” Matthew replied, “As far as your aunt will know, you will never have left. I have some very special friends who will make sure that every day you are away, your apartment will look as though you have been there.” “OK, when and where?” “At 8.00 a.m., be dressed and have a small bag with your passport, just a few clothes, maybe enough for three days, and go down in your lift. Be ready to give your keys to the man you will meet there, but, just to be sure that you have the right person, you are to say this phrase “Martin hates Norman” and he will reply “Martin loves Alexander”. Only after these phrases have been correctly exchanged will you both know that you have the right person. After that give your key and any passcodes to that man. He will then take you to a private plane at Rochester Airport; by about 11.00 a.m. you will be here at my house in Brampton.”



Gavin and Sylvester followed Leo and Patrick to the suite, which was just as fabulously furnished as the lounge room. Leo and Patrick quickly showed the boys around the three‑room suite, which also included a small but adequate sitting room, particularly pointing out the cupboards, which Matthew şişli travesti had mentioned. Leo and Patrick then performed the gracious function of valet to the boys, Leo for Gavin, and Patrick for Sylvester but, once the two boys were naked, and had seen that their clothes were placed, by Leo and Patrick, into laundry baskets which, already, “magically”, had their individual names sewed into a label on the top of each basket, Leo and Patrick walked out backwards, as though they were departing from royalty.


By now the two boys were literally busting to pee; they rushed to the ablution room and took stand by their toilets (they were their toilets, and bidets, as, again, their names had “magically” been spelt out in small tiles above the WC behind each toilet and bidet. The toilets were close enough, though, that the two boys could each sensually stretch out a hand and hold each other”s pleasure pump, while they relieved themselves. They then each used their bidets and dried each other off before strolling out to the king bed and laying down arm in arm. It had been a couple of days since they had been naked together, but then they had been in agony from a vicious beating, by Norman, and all they could do was simply hug each other. Now they knew they were safe, and they were sufficiently refreshed that, although tired, they were hungry to have sex with, nay make love to, each other.


Firstly, they just simply gobbled each other in French kisses. Their joy seemed to be insatiable. After about half-an-hour, they entered into the 69 position, where they brought each other to climax and then engaged in another long French kiss; this time, though, it was cum-filled. As per their normal way, Sylvester lay back, spread his legs apart and presented his arse hole to Gavin. Gavin then gave Sylvester a delicious tongue penetrating rimming, followed by a 30 minute fuck, during which Gavin came again, and filled his lover”s arse with sweet, creamy spunk. Now they changed position, and Sylvester slammed Gavin”s arse with his slightly smaller but still nicely hard fuck puppet. Sylvester came a little quicker but it still satisfied them both. Finally, Gavin licked Syvester”s cock clean and slurped up the dribble coming out of Sylvester”s arse; next Sylvester returned those favours. As they fell asleep they exchanged another long juicy French Kiss. Neither of them knew anything else until about 10.00 a.m. the next morning.


Leo and Patrick, alerted by some movement sensors, which were located in the floor, beside the bed, then stepped in, to be valets, again. Firstly they held their boy”s piss tube, while they relieved themselves. Then they joined the boys in the spa, washed their private parts and backs, which the boys reciprocated, then they all used the 4-person shower and finally the valets helped the boys put on their chosen day clothes. Again, the valets walked out backwards, still a bit wet, and retired to their own suite, where they got dressed.



At about 11.30 a.m. Leo and Patrick knocked on the guest room door; there they found the boys in the sitting room, where they were reading their own “personalised” copies of the guide to Matthew”s boys” playhouse. In it, they learned that they were just in a small house in the suburbs of Toronto. The guide made it clear that there was just not enough room to accommodate all the boys that Matthew hoped to rescue, one day. There was, apparently, a special underground railway, very similar to the one in the movie Kingsman (there were even a few pictures to clarify the matter, for the sake of guests who might not have seen the movie), which led to a farm, about 50 miles away, near Orangeville, Ontario. Out there was a private school, a private library, a giant hotel-like building, with 100 double suites (all just like the suite they were in, now), Internet access of the best kind, and lots of land to walk, ride and play in. Though the suites were all of the same size, they were each furnished, differently. There were subtle differences in colour, style, bathroom accessories, and themes. Hopefully each eventual resident couple would find just what they wanted; Matthew, would, though, of course, make any changes to suit his boy”s desires, both immediately when they first arrived, and later on as they grew up and developed new interests. Leo, softly speaking to both boys, said, “Gavin and Sylvester, please come down to the kitchen and share a brunch with Patrick, Matthew, and me. There will also be one other very special person there, he is Martin”s boyfriend, Alexander.”


So it was that Gavin and Sylvester came to share their first meal, with Matthew. After brunch, Matthew made sure that all their appetites were well satisfied and then spoke. “Gavin, Sylvester, the news, which you have brought, is worse than we had thought. We had heard of Norman”s operation, for a little while, but we never realised that it was so big, and that some of the boys were so young. Our spy has been informing us as best as he could; he risked his life, on many occasions, to do so. We have, in fact, been working, since July 27th, on a special tunnel. The tunnel is now only a few hours from completion, and it is, now, time to act. Leo and Patrick were pleased to see that you have read our guest handbook. In it, you will have seen that it talks about our underground railway. What the book doesn”t mention is that we have spent the last few weeks creating a similar, but less salubrious, tunnel that ends just beside the dormitory, which you escaped from yesterday. Because of the rush, we had to create a third-class train, which is still comfortable enough, but not of the standard of our first‑class train that goes out to the farm.


Tomorrow, at a time when we know that Norman is away for two hours, the only two hours, each week, when he is ever away, we are going to rescue every boy in that place, including Bernard and Gordon (Bernard is our spy). Jane will be there, but she normally stays upstairs all the time, playing her pretend role as “foster mother”.” Gavin and Sylvester thanked Matthew but went on to mention that Martin, Alexander”s boyfriend, with whom they had both developed a special friendship, had been forced to do some really ugly sex, two days earlier, and he was therefore upstairs, in the “First Aid Room”. Matthew said, “We know about Martin, it is actually because of him that we started work on July 27th. Alexander sent us an alert and we got working as fast as we could. We are glad that you have also confirmed where Martin is now. We will need to contact Clive and call in a favour, don”t worry, we won”t leave Martin behind!”

Alexander, having kept a polite silence, spoke up and asked, “Is Martin OK? You spoke of a first aid room.” Gavin replied, “So far as we know, but we haven”t seen him for a few days.” Alexander nodded but then withdrew into himself, he was deeply in love with his boyfriend. Even though Matthew gave him his own bedroom to sleep in overnight, Alexander was deeply troubled and did not have a good night”s sleep. Matthew slept on the recliner in the lounge room.


At 13.58, on the afternoon of Monday 18th September, Clive knocked on the front door of a modest house, in Markham, a house, which appeared so normal that it did not suggest what went on downstairs in its basement. That basement was large enough to rival the size of the cellars of the largest wineries in the world. Clive was accompanied by two of the toughest, most muscular and downright damn good gay bouncers that could be found in Ontario. Clive and his two friends barged their way in, forcibly sat Jane down in the hall chair, tied her up very well, and, after establishing where the First Aid Room, and lift downstairs were, taped up her mouth. They also ripped the lanyard, with the swipe card on it, off her neck.


Clive, and his two friends, quickly found the First Aid Room and found Martin, in a rather bruised state, and sobbing profusely. At the arrival of Clive, Martin screamed out, as loudly and forcibly, as he could, which was, in fact, a bare whisper, “Please, no more, please, no more, I”d rather die.” Clive, in a mild and tender tone, responded by saying, “Don”t worry son, we are friends of Gavin and Sylvester. We are here to rescue you, and all of the other boys. Are you able to walk?” Martin whispered, “I”ll try”. Bouncer 1 immediately saw that Martin could barely crawl, let alone walk, so he scooped the pitiful, pathetic and downright miserable but, at the same time, adorable little lad, up into his large, strong arms; afterwards, the whole group raced towards the lift. They used Jane”s swipe card and went down to the basement.


It was now 14.05 and Bouncer 2 pulled out a small walkie-talkie from inside his jacket. He spoke, one simple code word, “Young”, and, just as the lift door opened, the group all heard a muffled blast. Though muffled, it was a large blast, which must have come from quite nearby. The boys who were all relaxing on their beds, some singly, others in groups of twos and threes, on the one afternoon off a week that they were given that privilege, looked up, with not a little surprise. The beylikdüzü travesti lift door never normally opened on a Monday afternoon between 12.30 p.m. and 5.30 p.m. Gordon stepped forward, stood up as tall and firm as a 15-year-old boy could, and said, “Who are you, where”s Jane?”. Gordon was expecting Jane, because of a small light signal that had briefly flashed on his belt – Green (Norman); Yellow (Jane); Blue (Bernard). Nobody else had access to the lift. Even though he knew Operation Norman was under way, he still felt that he had to be careful, and play his role as trusted prefect, until he was certain that these were, in fact, Rupert”s friends.


Clive then spoke. This time he was a little more forceful but he still spoke in a tone that showed how much he cared. “Don”t worry Gordon”. Gordon interrupted, “How do you know my name?” “Don”t worry about that for now, suffice to say, we know that, deep down, you are as unhappy here as most of these boys are, and, one more thing, Bernard told me to say this phrase to you, “Mr. Jock, TV quiz PhD, bags few lynx.” It was quite amazing to see Gordon”s face change, when he heard this brief sentence. He and Bernard had been some of the earliest of Norman”s victims and had quickly realised that something was wrong, but they also knew that, for now, they had to play along, not just for themselves, but also for the sake of the other boys. Both of them had once been given a special phrase by a guy named Rupert, plus an address here in Toronto, but Norman had caught them first. Over a couple of Monday afternoons, they got chatting and learnt that they had both previously met Rupert, and been given the special phrase, “Chicken Rupert Freedom”. Just in case, though, they had also made up their own special phrase, which was the 26 letters “Mr. Jock” pangram that Clive had just spoken. So, still a little hesitant, Gordon said the other special phrase. Clive responded, “Well done, Gordon, Rupert and I are both agents of a very special man, whom you will soon meet.”


It was now nearly 14.07, Gordon finally said, “Welcome, what do we do?” Clive then asked Gordon to summon the boys who were near Door Number 1. Gordon shouted, “Cuthbert, Desmond, Fernando, Howard, Lindsay, Morgan, Orlando, Roy, Tyrone, come over here, quickly please.” Nine boys ran across the room and stood near Gordon. Clive then asked Gordon to speak loudly and clearly and ask the boys to very quickly put their date clothes on, collect the rest of their gear in their dilly bags, and stand clear of Door Number 1. At precisely 14.10 there was another explosion, this time much smaller, but just sufficient to break Door Number 1 open. Leo quickly pushed the door away, and stood aside for Gavin and Sylvester to step inside.


By now, the boys were quite agitated, particularly the younger ones. Gavin then spoke, “Don”t worry buddies, we are here to rescue you all. As soon as you are ready, step out through this door, take two strides across the tunnel, maybe three for you younglings, and step into the train carriage that you will find there, my friends Leo and Patrick, Sylvester and I will guide you.” The older boys who had been asked to step away from their stuff, dressed themselves, just as all the other boys had, picked up their dilly bags and were the last of the older captive boys to leave, except Gordon, who didn”t leave until all the boys had gone through, and, finally, the two bouncers followed, carrying Gavin and Sylvester”s stuff which Gordon had directed them to. Bouncer 1 also still had Martin in his arms, and had, whilst being groggily directed by Martin, picked up all his stuff. In some seemingly amazing feat of choreography, Leo, Patrick, Gavin and Sylvester slid quickly past the running group, once they knew that all the boys had seen the train entrance and successfully entered the train before even the first escapee had boarded.

While all this was happening, Clive had not been idle; he had rapidly collected some charges from the underground train and laid them all around the basement, and around the hole that had revealed the train. He had also set some timers. Clive was the last person to board the train. He went forward to sit behind his friend, Matthew, while Leo, Patrick, Gavin and Sylvester helped all the boys to strap in. This underground train was more like a plane, than a train, in terms of how fast it went. The name of each boy was embroidered on the headrest of their chair: Gavin and Sylvester had also not been idle, that morning, with a little but not overly hard dredging of their memory; together they had told Matthew and Leo each and every boy”s name and age, while Patrick typed their names into a special embroidery machine, which created headrest names, personalised manchester, and a set of 6 personalised handkerchiefs for each boy, including, for Gavin and Manchester, those items that they had not yet been given. The chairs were arranged, in groups of four, by age group. Again, Gavin and Sylvester”s input had ensured that “couples” were given seats beside each other.


Even though it was a day off for most of the boys, Bernard was not given that privilege; on the other hand, he was allowed to work what might be called, in the normal world, flexi-hours. Even with all the rush, Gordon had noticed that Bernard was away from the dormitory, when Clive and his friends broke in. Sylvester, Gavin, Percival and Leo each took a group of seats, and served as stewards. Sylvester and Gavin, who were still somewhat worn out were only allocated 4 seats each, while the older boys took 8 seats each.


The six groups of 4 chairs were assigned in this way, with the youngest at the back, so they were able to sit the fastest, and the older boys, nearer the front.


7-9-year-olds (Steward: Sylvester)

Sinclair and Kieran; Irving and Ulmer


9-10-year-olds (Steward: Gavin)

Ethan and Walter; Antonio and Yusef


10-11-year-olds (Steward: Patrick)

Phoenix and Vincent; Justin and Nelson


12-13-year-olds (Steward: Patrick)

Xavier and Cuthbert; Quinton and Howard


13-14-year-olds (Steward: Leo)

Orlando and Zander; Tyrone and Morgan


14-15-year-olds (Steward: Leo)

Desmond and Lindsay; Fernando and Roy



All the rescued boys had quickly realised that they must leave the dormitory, very quickly, so some “couples” were temporarily separated. As each boy entered the train, Bernard, who had “retreated” from the streets, to Matthew”s place, at 11.45 a.m., just that morning, directed each boy to their relevant seat section. Depending on which member, of each couple, arrived first, the attendant would say, either, “[Boy”s name], here is your chair, [Name of boy”s boyfriend] will be along soon. Please feel free to use these handkerchiefs, which are all embroidered with your name.” or, “[Boy”s name], here is your chair, and see, [Name of boy”s boyfriend] is already here”. The attendant would then put the boy”s safety belt on and move on to the next boy. Once both boys in a couple were seated, the attendants would also say, “Please feel free to kiss and cuddle and maybe even helicopter each other, but please keep your seat belt on, AT ALL TIMES. This train is very very fast. Once we leave, you will each be in your own very special private suites, with your partners, in less than an hour.”


Gordon, still feeling rather overwhelmed, but beginning to feel that his responsibility, to look after these 25 boys, was rapidly being removed from his shoulders, stepped into the train and simply burst into gushing tears; there was his lover, Bernard. Bernard”s job done, he led Gordon to the special chairs, in the cockpit area, where there were also seats for Leo, Patrick, Gavin, Sylvester, Clive and the two bouncers. Martin, who was still very groggy was placed in a seat beside Bouncer 1. Much to his surprise, Martin immediately felt a hand grasp his right hand and he turned to see who it was. Much to his delight, he saw that the hand was the left hand of his boyfriend, Alexander. All he could do was produce a weak smile, but both boys felt an inner warm glow of relief, despite everything that Martin was enduring. Matthew, himself, acted as steward for Gordon and Bernard, before returning to the pilot”s seat. Last, to sit down, was Clive. Having secured himself in his seat he pressed a green button, which had been hidden from view, in the right arm of his chair. This caused a green light to flash on Matthew”s dashboard; Matthew then pressed the brake release. Six minutes later, when the train had left the big hole, and the dormitory, over 20 miles behind, a red light flashed on Matthew”s dashboard. Matthew then pressed an orange button, by that light, which caused a red light to flash, this time in the left arm of Clive”s chair. Clive then flipped up a guard flap, which had been lying over a red button, again in the left arm of his chair. He pressed a button and, in the far distance, everyone heard a large explosion.


Back in Markham, the local residents heard a big bang, but could not see anything that istanbul travesti was damaged. Down below, in the urban tunnel complex, due to the very careful placing, by Clive, of the explosives, no prying eyes would ever be able to see where the train tunnel was and, as for Norman”s house, all that could be seen was the front facade, a short section of hallway, in which Jane was still sitting tied up. Norman arrived home about an hour later, opened his door, and was shocked. He knew he couldn”t call the police, instead he untied Jane, bundled her into their car and headed for the airport. Last time, he was heard of, was that he was resident in far outback Australia, where he was being clandestinely monitored by Preston, Matthew”s agent down there.



Back on the train, there was much French kissing, crying, sobbing, mutual masturbation and simple hugging going on. A few minutes after the boys had heard the muffled bang, the train stopped at a well-appointed underground station. They saw, across the other side of the platform, another train. This train was the first class express, which would take them to the farm. The layout was similar to the 3rd class emergency train, but, in this train, there were not just seats but king-size double beds. Again, everything was appropriately labelled, 13 beds for the 26 boys, beds for the three young heroes, Gavin and Sylvester, and Martin with, of course, Alexander, and 3 beds, up near the front of the train, for Leo and Lucas, Nathan and Elu, and Patrick and Adriel. Much to Leo and Patrick”s happy surprise, Lucas, Nathan, Elu, and Adriel were waiting for them, on the train. Matthew smiled at their surprise, and said, “I just felt we should all be together for this very special train ride, so I called Lucas earlier today and asked him to rush down here in the railcar. I also felt that they would be able to provide additional help, with some of the boys, if they were in distress.” When they arrived at the farm, the rest of the farm and school staff, and even some of the senior pupils, came out to greet them all. Each couple was led to their suite, showed around that suite, and then, just like Leo and Patrick had done for Gavin and Sylvester, just over a day earlier, each couple was left on their own. The reader is asked to simply imagine what happened, that night, in each of those fourteen suites. I am sure, though, there would have been many forms of gay sexual intercourse engaged in that night, including stacks of French kissing, fellatio, onanie, rimming, and anal intercourse.


The next morning Matthew met with each couple and explained that this was their new home. They were free to leave, but he explained that if they did leave, they might be used again, just like Norman, and his clients, had been doing. He also explained that he would do his best to recover the real identity of each and every boy and thus provide them with a proper legal birth certificate. Not one of the boys wanted to go back to the life that they had just been rescued from, and they duly all settled into their new lives. It took as long as two years to find the true identity of a few of them; Sinclair was the last boy, it turned out his real name was Winston Scrivener, from England: he had been kidnapped by Norman, after his parents had died in a car crash, while they were on holiday in Canada; Norman and Jane were the first on the scene, on a fairly deserted back road, in northern Ontario. Norman and Jane had been planning their rentboy brothel for quite a while, and Winston was, indeed, their first boy. He was actually kidnapped on July 3rd 2019, just the day before his 6th birthday.


Martin was still very sick after the rescue and he was in the hospital, with Alexander constantly by his side, when Matthew went around to all the couples, so the talk with him was postponed. It was over a week later, on the afternoon of Tuesday 29th September, when Matthew felt that Martin had recovered enough for the chat. He formally welcomed Martin and apologised for the length of time that it had taken to rescue him.


Martin quietly replied, “Thank you, all that matters is that I am with Alexander, and I hope we will be together forever after this.” Matthew smiled, he was deeply touched by such love; he went on to address both boys, but initially to Alexander, “Alexander, Martin is 2� months short of 3 years younger than you, so it will not be possible for you to attend the same school. I can, though, make all the necessary arrangements for Brian Norton, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, whose parents have recently died, in a horrendous road crash, which he only survived by the skin of his teeth, to be placed with his nearest relative, his second cousin, Alexander Saunders, who lives in Rochester, New York. I will make up a story that because Brian is so traumatised by recent events, a detail that is not far from the truth, anyway, eh, that he cannot attend normal school and he must have private tutoring. I will of course pay for all of these arrangements.” Martin and Sylvester burst into tears, not just a little whimper, but a truly massive bawling, not from pain, but from total joy. “Alexander, when you have finished, at Integrated, in three years time, I hope that you and Martin will come back here. You will receive a tertiary education here that will be equal to any you might receive at the finest universities in America, while Martin finishes his own secondary and tertiary education.” All that Alexander could do was nod his affirmation, he was becoming quite overwhelmed with all of Matthew”s generosity. A couple of days later Alexander and Martin returned home to Rochester.


The problem did remain of Alexander”s aunt and the cleaner. Alexander decided he had to finally bite the bullet and come out properly. On the October long weekend, he, and Martin, visited his aunt. Alexander was now less than a fortnight short of 16� years of age. He had little idea of how his aunt would take the news that he was gay, but he was to be pleasantly surprised. His aunt had not only worked out that her nephew was gay, but she also told Alexander what his parents had told her; they had thought it was a possibility, and had simply said that all they ever wanted, for their only son, was that he should have a happy life. Alexander”s aunt welcomed Martin into her home and assured both of them that despite Martin”s age, she would say nothing. She was helped in this decision by reading a letter that Matthew had written to her, which reassured her about the future education of both Alexander and Martin.


All the rescued boys went on to receive a secondary, and tertiary, education from a range of well-qualified staff, and developed very high levels of skill, in a wide variety of academic disciplines. Gavin and Sylvester were overjoyed that Scott and Jayden arrived at the farm a few weeks after the big rescue. Sylvester and Jayden renewed their love, but Sylvester knew that he also now loved Gavin just as much as he did Jayden, so Sylvester, Jayden and Gavin became the first threesome on the farm. Scott, Jayden”s father, joined the administrative staff. Harry, Timothy and Basil were also very carefully told about where Gavin was and, though, they didn”t come to the farm, permanently, as they were a happy incestual gay threesome, they were given a safe way of becoming pen pals and many of the boys wrote to them for many years. They were even able to visit the farm, for holidays, and those reunions, in person, of The Manchester Boys, were always very special occasions. A couple of years later, news reached the farm of the death of both of the parents of both Jeevan and Anand, in a regional transport air crash, and, through the careful intervention of Rupert, who took letters, from Matthew, Leo and Patrick, to both of them, they both came to the farm and joined the staff.

Soon after Alexander graduated from senior high school, he and Martin moved to Orangeville. The apartment in Rochester would not be his to control until 21st April 2025, so he kept the apartment, for the time being. It was also a good base for holidays, and study trips, to the North-Eastern states. The story of the marriages of the 6 young directors, the Manchester Boys, Jeevan and Anand plus the birthdays of four 18-year-olds, and the anticipated marriages of other couples, will conclude this series, in Chapter 11 – Marriages, 18th birthday parties, and the Holmes Trust.


To be continued


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