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I am a submissive, cross dressing, oral, anal, slut whore. I am owned by a Dominant, kinky, strap-on Mistress. Another, Mistress and Master that trained me to give men and women sexual pleasures sold me to her about 3 years ago. I can suck a pussy as well as a cock or both at the same time. I love to be taken anally and can get my Mistresses fist all the way up my asshole, she uses me for demonstrations at sex parties, she shows other people how to fist there partners.

Some people don’t know this but a person can massage your prostate, and cum will pour out of your cock without touching it, my Mistress is an expert at massaging your asshole till you cum. She enjoys watching my cock jump around when she is twisting her hand in my asshole. She will get me on my knees and fuck me with her strap-on cock to loosen up my ass, after she has fucked me for thirty minutes my asshole looks a lot like a pussy and my cock is harder than hell. Then she will start off my inserting four fingers in my ass and before I know it she has her whole hand in my asshole.

She loves to do this to me and sometimes she lets her best friend Katie fist fuck me too. I love it when Katie fist fucks me because my Mistress will get beneath me and catch the cum in her mouth sometimes she will suck it but most of the time she just holds it in front of her mouth and let the cum shoot into it. Then she gets up and gives me a nice, sloppy kiss and feeds me my cum back. See my cock is trained to shoot cum out with force I am punished severely if when I cum the cum dribbles out of my cock, my Mistress always says If your going to cum you had better be horny enough to blast the cum out of your cock or don’t cu m at all!

So when I cum, I cum hard. Katie visits us about 6 times a month I look foreword to seeing Katie My Mistress also has a lot of boyfriends she always makes me get them ready for her by sucking there cocks. Andy is her number one boyfriend he has a cock the size muğla escort of a horse when he fucks my Mistress she usually has tears running down her face from the brutal fucking he gives her. When they are done fucking my Mistress will make me suck up and eat all the cum off of his cock and out of her cunt and asshole. Some times Andy will say that some of the cum got splashed up on his asshole and I have to lick his ass hole.

Andy also love’s to make me suck his cock while I am dressed up like a slut. Andy is real good to me when he fucks my ass it hurts real bad for a while but he fucks me real slow, not like when he is fucking my Mistress. My Mistress thinks Andy is all man and that Andy would never suck a cock like I do. She doesn’t know it but Andy has been sucking my cock now for about a month he came over one day while my Mistress was away with another boyfriend.

And one thing led to another and he sucked my cock off and swallowed the cum, that is why he fucks me so gently he is afraid I will tell my Mistress that he has been sucking my cock. That would piss her off and she would get rid of him but it would also get me into a lot of trouble. And Andy wants me to fuck his ass but he is scared of the pain. I’ve had two fingers in his ass; it’s just a matter of time before I fuck him. And when Andy isn’t around My Mistress usually has her She-Male friend Sheila around. Shela works as a drag queen down at the club, Sheila looks like Pamala Sue Anderson big tits nice ass or I should say nice ass-pussy, but Shela has something Pamala doesn’t she has a nice 12 inch cock, she calls it her long clit it is very functional and gets real hard, my wife loves to make me and Sheila have sex, she will make Sheila lie on her back with her legs in the air then she will insert my cock into her she-male asshole I will then bent over and suck Sheila’s 12 inch she-cock into my mouth easily.

I can suck four inches of that lovely she-male cock muş escort with know problem at all. I will fuck her and suck her at the same time usually when this is going on my Mistress is masturbating with a dildo in the corner and we are not to look at her at all. One time Sheila brought home a friend of hers from work she looked just like Hillary Clinton hell her name was Hillary she was a she-male too.

My Mistress made Sheila get on her back and had me insert my cock into her ass and then she had Hillary behind me fucking my asshole while I was fucking Sheila’s asshole and sucking Sheila’s cock. I cum so hard that day my cock was numb and my balls was drained. I got to suck Hillary’s cock that day too her cock was small and I could deep throat her all the way down to her balls. When she cum it was sweet and thin, clear sperm. I love having sex with Sheila and my Mistress at the same time.

My Mistress will stick my cock in her ass and stick his cock in her pussy and when we cum we keep pumping until we work the cum up into a milky lather and I get to go down and lick up all the spent cum from her cunt. I love she-males and their cocks. I don’t mind sucking she-male cock but my Mistress has a Queer friend named Robbie and she makes me suck his queer cock all the time she loves to see me being fucked in the ass by a gay guy.

One time she took me to a gay pride parade and made me walk around in a jock strap with nothing else on. She made me suck all kinds of gay cocks and at the end of the day she let them fuck me in the ass and they shot their cum all over my ass and balls, she made me put my panties on over my cum covered cock and when we got home she made me lick all the cum out of my panties. Don’t get me wrong I love to eat cum but not cum from queers.

And that there is Dee Dee And Lisa two lesbian friends of my Mistress. When she has them over all you can see is pussy everywhere, Dee Dee loves for me to shoot a load nevşehir escort of cum up Lisa’s pussy she loves the taste of cum as much as I do. These ladies lie around and suck each other’s pussy all day and night. They sometimes wear strap-on cocks and take turns raping my ass. Which is fine with me I love to be fucked in the ass. Lisa has a strap-on that shoots a paste like substance u p your asshole it fills like a real cock cumming in your ass. Lisa and Dee Dee always make me cum hard and I love to watch them suck on my Mistresses wet clit and cunt. They have this huge 2-headed dildo that they use on each other. I mentioned to my Mistress that I would like to be on one end of a double dildo sometime, she said; that the next time Lisa comes over she will have her bring the two headed dildo and they will fuck me with it. My wife just come home from work and told me to get ready she had me a part time job at the peep-show that they needed somebody to work tonight on the turn table.

The turntable is where you fuck and suck and it turns so everybody in small booths can see you for money they feed into the curtain. And for five dollars you can make a request. A request is something special, you want to see like sticking a dildo up my ass or have my cock sucked by a She-Male. After you have worked an eight-hour shift you smell like pussy, cock, cum, and pussy cream all mixed together. It is a real turn-on being in the middle looking at all the people masturbating and I can see them shoot there cum on the glass window they are looking thru to see me.

Watching all the different ways people masturbate is a real turn on. That night I worked there I saw one of the clean up guys that cleanup the booths in between customers licking a fresh load of cum off of the window. He was cleaning up all right sucking it up with his mouth then he would wipe it up with a sanitized cloth. I saw A couple in the booth watching me as he fucked her up the ass. You will see men cumming on their hand and eating it, I seen women with big, huge dildos fuck there self real deep. They were getting horny watching me and I was getting horny watching them.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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