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We went to a party and after a short while my wife started to get a little tipsy, and a friend of mine Ian was on hand to hold her steady, as I was talking to other friends my wife and friend decided to go into the house, where they sat and chatted, after a short while I joined them on the sofa Lisa my wife lay across me with her head on my lap, while Ian was sat at the other end of the sofa, close to her ankles.

Lisa had obviously had a few too many and started to twist her body, she was wearing a tight top hugging her good sized breasts, and a short skirt and slowly but surely her pretty panties were on view, she reached out to Ian and he shifted to her mid drift, still hold his hand she placed it firmly onto one of her breast, which he instantly started to squeeze, Lisa looked up into my eyes and I could see the devil in them.

After a minute Ian had managed to expose one of her breasts and was amazed to see her pert nipples which were huge, Lisa started to sigh in excitement, but bust upright saying she needed the toilet, so up she got and so did Ian and followed her upstairs, I followed soon after and heard them both in the bathroom together, but within a minute I heard someone approach upstairs so I left them to it.

I was downstairs for about 10 minutes when Lisa appeared, then soon after Ian, and I could tell by her face something had gone on, I whispered in her ear “what happened baby”, she said “tell you soon”, and that she wanted to leave the party, so I looked for the party host and explained that Lisa didn’t feel to good and that we would be leaving, Our home was only a short walk, and as we got out of the gate I saw Ian following us, Lisa had asked him back for a drink, as we walked back side by side Ian had his arm around her waist and was squeezing her closer, Lisa said Ian’s going to give me a massage, and asked did I have an objection to that, No I replied as long as I could watch.

Once we had reached our house, I fetched us all a long drink each, Lisa and I were sat güvenilir bahis on the large sofa and Ian had perched himself on a single seater, Lisa again stretched herself out on the sofa again with her head in my lap and coaxed Ian to join us, he didn’t need asking twice and sat just by her side, again he moved his hands to her tummy and moved slowly upwards to her breasts, I placed my free hand on one breast and Ian held the other, Lisa then lifted her top to show her flesh, Ian then bent down and started to suck her nipple to which Lisa started to groan, my penis seemed like it wanted to explode, as I watched him playing with her boobs, he moved around so he could move his free hand her the mound of her vagina, her silk white panties were well on show as her short skirt was around her waist, I positioned myself so that I could see him slowly rubbing her wet slit through her pants, Lisa’s legs started to parted, he moved her pants to one side and slid his fingers into her fiery wet hole.

Lisa twisted and turned in ecstasy, I moved myself so Ian could get a better hold of her, Lisa went for Ian’s crotch unzipped his penis and pulled it close to her lips and then into her mouth, I was knelt on the floor watching my wife taking another man’s cock in her mouth and was loving every minute, his fingers were working vigorously on her hole I could hear slurping as he fingered her. Ian then removed his trousers and underwear while Lisa scrambled to get totally naked, I lifted her onto the fireside rug laid her out then Ian gave her the screw of her life, they screwed in all positions while I got naked and furiously worked on massaging my hard penis.

I moved closer to her head Lisa reached out and started to rub me while Ian continued to pump his 7 inches into her wet cunt, I laid there and watched closely his 7 inches sliding into her hot cunt, his huge balls slapping into the cheeks of her tight ass, his fingers wrapped themselves around her glorious ass cheeks and worked their way into probing her anus, where güvenilir bahis siteleri one finger disappeared and I saw him slide his cock back into her wet fuck hole while probing her arsehole, after another short while Ian turned her over and instructed her onto her knees, he bent down and spat a mouthful of his spit between her ass cheeks before rising up gently rubbing the tip of his cock over her rear opening, then hearing her gasp as he slowly prodded her ass hole, slowly easing himself into her and before too long his cock was submerged to his sack inside her tight ass hole, gently he began to rock her.

Lisa gave out little noises as Ian started to give her ass the same treatment as he’d given her fuck hole, Lisa bucked and groaned and shuddered as she reached one of her first orgasms, after Lisa had come back down to earth, Ian turned her on her back, and slid his cock back into her love pot, gave her a few large thrusts and his eyes closed as he pumped her full of his hot cum, after a short while he withdrew his still hard cock which was covered in their mixed juices, globs of his white seed came spewing from her battered hole, I couldn’t hold on any longer, I moved so that my cock was close to her head, she reached out, I couldn’t restrain any longer I moved closer to her she took my penis in her mouth while I pumped my seed into her mouth, Ian rammed his cock back into her cunt and within a minute I heard Ian groan, and he filled her insides with more of his hot cum, I took my cock out of her mouth as I too spewed a large amount of my cum all over her face, and we all ended up in a heap of cum stained sweaty bodies.

She did admit later to me to sucking his cock in the bathroom, and that sometimes when he calls during times when I’m not there she does suck him dry, but then I get to hear it all from Ian to “What a mate” best sex ever!!

Since that first time Ian has visited us on a number of occasions and Lisa will often instigate our sessions, she wears a number of fetching iddaa siteleri items stocking and suspenders, crotchless pants, peephole bra’s, leathers the lot.

Lisa suggested a weekend away at an hotel where she could choose maybe one or more men to take back to our rooms. She’s also told me that she had a 69 with one of her beautiful friends, that I have yet to witness.

At another party she was having a little fun with her friend sucking each other nipples when a male whipped out his cock placed it into Lisa’s hand while she tossed him off, another male who was watching this, rubbing his cock I nodded to his “Go Ahead” and he knelt down behind her, undid her jeans, peeled them down to her knees and slid his enormously thick cock into her slit, while the guy was busy fucking her from behind and also Lisa was rubbing lifted her top and squeezed then sucked her nipples, this lasted a few minutes, Mark the guys rodding her from behind emptied his come deep inside her pussy, Lisa continued to suck and bite Lizzie’s hardened nipples, but Lisa’s fingers started to wander and found Lizzie’s opening and slowly slid one then two fingers into Lizzies wet cunt.

Mark seemed to be there for a lifetime, thrusting stopping the thrusting his cock into Lisa’s cunt and finally discharging his come into her insides, then Mark slowly removed his cock, Gary then quickly took Marks place and continued to pump his cock into Lisa’s slurping wet slit he pounded her well lubricated cunt while Lisa twisted and moaned, Mark had climbed onto the sofa and had placed his come soaked cock into Lisa’s waiting lips which she happily sucked, Gary let a moan out as he shot his load inside my hot wife’s love hole, and for the second time in ten minutes Mark emptied another load into Lisa’s hot mouth as he withdrew we all could see his semen weeping out of her mouth at the same time their combined efforts saw come dribbling from her well fucked pussy before dripping onto the carpet, I by then had been rubbing my cock and soon emptied my load into the crack of Lisa’s cheeks, Lizzy the girl Lisa was playing with had fallen asleep and had no knowledge of anything. Lisa just couldn’t get enough sex and to this day she’s always on the hunt for fresh sex, what a hot woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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