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I haven’t always been the world’s greatest covert operative, famous glamour model, or even small-part actress with a bigger following than most superstars. Back in 1969 I was just a girl of 19, but I was already commanding men’s attention like I simply owned it from the start. Most were drawn to my ludicrous MM cup breasts (They weren’t quite done growing even then) while others liked my long legs, sculpted butt, fit physique, and then there were the older guys who just loved blonde hair and blue eyes.

One of those older guys was Lon Gordon, I was in a bar late at night in San-Francisco on a hiatus from college, letting all the horny boys in the place fight (politely, I do not tolerate violence in a suitor) for who would get the right to buy me the most expensive drink they could. There were studs of all kinds, from those delectable lean-yet-defined types to those hearty buff boys. There were fashionable types, and there were nerds (I use the term affectionately), and there were businessmen in suits and even one punk kid just loaded up with metal in his face. On some level they were all tempting, but I wasn’t in an orgy mood (that night anyway) so I couldn’t quite make up my mind.

Then he came in. He was older than all the rest, maybe in his late forties, with a full head of black hair that was just barely graying around the temples, his eyes were a very pale shade of blue, like a thin sheet of ice held up to a cloudless sky, and while he was most unfashionably dressed, there was something about him that was alluring. It might have been in the way he carried himself, but more likely it was the way his eyes wandered the room, favoring me (as all eyes eventually would) but with neither the shock nor hunger most settled on; his eyes just seemed somehow like they recognized mine, though we’d never met.

He spoke then, to the bartender, his voice a wonderful

“sandpaper-on-smoke sort of sound, I don’t even know how to begin describing it. It wasn’t that it was especially deep, but resonant somehow, tired, a little sad but very commanding.

“Hey there shooter, I’d like a Laphroaig and whatever the lady wants provided it’s good enough for her.” he chuckled, clearly no such drink existed in his mind.

Why am I not surprised it was the punk who decided to get up in his face.

“Back the fuck off, gram’pa’pa! There’s a fucking line for which of us gets to sous this chick!”

He met the metal eyebrows with one of his own slowly lifting. “I’m pretty sure that’s the lady’s choice. Also, I don’t mean to ruin your night son, but the the third ring from the left over your right eye is clearly infected. You need to go get antibiotics before you go septic.”

“Shut the fuck up man, I–AIIIEEEGH!” he howled in pain as the older man gave him a very gentle-poke where he’d indicated trouble.

“See? Infected. Go get help, son.” he pointed towards the door, and to my relief the punk actually gave a very un-punk-like murmur of thanks and made his way out, still holding his palm over the sensitive spot. The older man looked back to me where I’d cocked my head and pursed my lips with obvious interest. “What do you think, my dear? Should I get some piercings? I think he was kind of pulling that look off.”

Even some of the other suitors had to laugh at that and I joined in. Still, one of the brawnier boys decided to confront him next.

“Look old dude,” his drawl was distinctively surfer, “you seem like a cool guy, and I don’t mean any disrespect or nothin’, but look at that girl! She’s like your daughter’s age, she should really be with one of us.”

I was taken aback that the meat-head was the one trying to appeal to some sort of reason, perhaps even a little impressed, if I didn’t spend the night with one of the others I might still want to jot him down for later, you just never know who is going to end up in my little black book.

“Oh for christ’s sake, I’m too old, alright. Too old to put up with this shit, too old to care about what some yapping puppy thinks, and definitely too old to spend all night doing this. Hey shooter, what does it cost to book this place for a private event?”

The bartender blinked, “Well, five thousand dollars, but sir, you need to clear it in––”

“Here’s ten grand.” The older gent said, slapping a wad of hundreds that could have overflowed one of my bra cups on the counter. “And that’s just for the bar, not the service. You can go take the night off if you want.”

The bartender gawped a few moments, looking like a bit like a fish giving a dissertation to a panel of sharks, then he shook his head and slapped his hands over the pile of bills.

“You heard the man, asshole, everyone out!”

There were groans of protest, but they all knew they’d been beat and began to file out. The barkeep flicked a few knobs by the door and turned back to us.

“Alright, it’s set to lock when you leave. Please turn the lights off and don’t be here when I get in at three P.M. tomorrow.”

“You got it,” the apparently very rich man said, grinning. He rounded ordu escort the bar and muttered to himself, finally selecting a rather dusty-looking bottle of brandy from the top shelf. To my surprise, he did not bring it right over but heated a small kettle of water that was on one of the modest burners behind the counter and poured that into a wide-brimmed glass, nestling the snifter into it so the natural curvature served as the perfect warming apparatus for the amber liquid.

He walked over to my table at last, setting the snifter in front of me and swirling his own scotch in his glass. “Good evening, Princess, the name’s Lon. Nice to finally get to talk to you.”

Was I impressed? Of course I was! He’d demonstrated wit, thrown off a pack of younger lions, and even knew his way around a fine drink. Did that mean I was going to let him off easy? Never; I may be a cock-pleaser but I’m a cock-teaser too.

“Am I supposed to be all impressed, Mr. Lon? Justine Roschmann is no easy mark. I bet you planned this all from the beginning, paid off those young guys and the bartender before you even set foot in here.”

He laughed, “Damn, I wish I had thought of that! it would have made everything so much easier!”

“And honestly, flashing money around like that? Does that ever really get women into your bed?”

He laughed again, taking a sip of his scotch, “What? Honey, if I wanted to get you into bed I’d have mentioned that I’m a world-famous heart-surgeon, that I’ve run dozens of marathons, and that I’m extremely well endowed.”

“Would you have, now?” I said, trying to play it droll, but definitely getting more curious.

“Sure. And by the way…” he leaned in, conspiratorially, like he had a secret to tell, “I’m a world-famous heart-surgeon, I’ve run dozens of marathons, and I am extremely well-endowed.”

I’m no connoisseur, but I suspect super-expensive brandy doesn’t feel any better shooting out of one’s nose than cheap brandy does.

When I was done laughing I had to give in, who was this Lon exactly? Was it all jokes with him or was that stuff actually true? I’d definitely have to find out.

“Alright, Lon––”

“Call me Doctor Gordon. We’ve decided I’m trying to impress you, right?”

I giggled again, “Alright LON, I may be young, but when it comes to men, I’ve pretty much seen it all. Impress me.”

He shot down the last of his scotch, made a face, and stood, lowering his head to look at me with impressive confidence, the sort I’ve only ever seen meet me back in the mirror. He stalked around the table to me he, he was tall, perhaps an inch shorter than my just over six-foot height, and when he drew close I expected another one-liner or a compliment.

Instead, the chatty surgeon simply took my face in his evidently talented hands and kissed me.

It was blistering. It was as though his lips had told me that they’d kissed many others before mine, yet this was somehow new to them. He was hungry in how he kissed, and thirsty, and lustful and loving and it was overwhelming. I met his eager tongue with my own; just the tip, I didn’t want to frighten him away with the insanely lengthy thing I kept in my mouth. He made it tempting to explore the whole of his mouth and throat, but I held back, wanting to see where he took things first.

His hands fluttered to my skin and stroked firmly, playing on the nerves he had such vast knowledge of, tracing the very pathways my brain used to communicate with my body through clusters and bundles and pulses of white-hot electricity. He touched only my cheek, my neck, one of my shoulders and my ribs on the other side, yet as far as these all were from my clit the little pleasure button had stiffened right up and was almost quivering despite the lack of attention.

I pulled back from him, jaw dropped in real awe and mock-scandal, “Dr. Gordon, you’re the DEVIL!”

“That would probably explain this,” he shot back, parting from me just a little to unzip his fly and flop out what to that point was by far the biggest cock I’d ever seen in my entire life. It was dead soft and hung limply past the crotch of his jeans, the head of it falling perhaps as much as an inch or two above his knee. Now my jaw really wouldn’t shut, I gawped and stared and shook my head just a little in utter disbelief.

“You mispronounced your name earlier!” I said.

“What do you mean?” he asked, grinning a little at my facial-reaction.

“You forgot to tell me there’s supposed to be a ‘G’ at the end.”

He waggled his hips a little, making the mighty cock sway around a little, even soft it was pretty thick already.

“Ah, but there is my dear, my name is LonG Ordan, you see.”

“You’re as ridiculous as you are hung!” I chided him.

“Yeah? Which of those two is the reason you’re about to suck this dick?”

I didn’t have to of course… and if he hadn’t been as funny and nice and charming thus far that’s the sort of line that means you don’t get a blowjob from Justine, but I knew he was harmless despite how dangerous osmaniye escort that cock looked and I slowly sank to my knees before him.

“I’m not going to tell you which,” I said, “See if you can figure it out from the kind of sucking I give you.”

He began to chuckle again, but I interrupted it with a long lick of that long cock making him groan instead. I lathed my tongue from its head up to the base which he’d considerately shaved completely bare. I gave each side of his fabulous prick a similar lick, then teased my nose underneath it and looked up at him with it laying all the way across my face, drooping over one cheek,his eyes met mine and he just groaned louder, it must have made quite a sight, such a pretty little face divided by such an ugly big cock.

Balancing him like a circus seal I attacked his belt-buckle and fly-button, getting him all the way open so I could drop those pants. His balls were huge and hairless to match his meat-pole, and they hung lower than any pair I’d ever seen in a big tightly-packed scrotum.

“Oh my!” was all I could manage as I let that cock roll awkwardly from my face (it was definitely getting bigger and stiffer) and dove for those big nuts, tonguing them, having to use a hand to steady them so my slathering mouth wouldn’t just push them around in their swaying sack. They had a good, meaty flavor that I savored as I pulled away from them long enough to pop my blouse off and open my bra, revealing to him the vast treasures of MM cup tits.

“Oh my, indeed!” it was his turn to say. He reached down and stroked at my huge hanging chest-bombs, neglecting the nipples until just the right moment so that his touch made my clit quiver in lust, he could play the body like a musical instrument; he was more artist than surgeon. I luxuriated in his touch a few moments before moving back in to suck his dick properly. The time for games were over and this time I let my gigantic tongue slip all the way from my mouth, slathering from his head to his balls straight-out so that I was cradling his entire length on the flat of it.

His jaw dropped at the impossible length of my tongue, his mind clearly getting blown just as his cock was, I know there is something potentially distressing about seeing it at first, but with my talented tip flicking down far enough to cradle, lick and scoop up his big nuts so they pressed to the bottom of his big dick, he didn’t find room to complain. Finally I decided to really show him who the boss was and sucked his massive now-hard prong into my throat.

“Oh Justine!” he helplessly howled as I effortlessly swallowed him down. Sure his was the biggest cock that I’d ever seen, and thus also the biggest I’d ever throated, but I had long since learned that once I can get nine inches of a man down my gullet the rest is all kind of the same, I don’t think I’d bottom out unless someone was literally so long it hit my stomach. Who knows even then? I have resources that I even surprise myself with at times.

I looked up at him, eyes wicked, drool running down my chin and dripping from his balls, tits jiggling a bit from the motion my throat was making as I slowly swallowed on him again and again.

“Can I…Can I thrust? Will I hurt you?” At his size it was no surprise he was concerned about doing harm with that monstrous member, but I was no ordinary girl and just gave his ass an encouraging spank. Eyes dancing he took my head in his hands again and fucked himself in and out of my throat, pulling perhaps half his length out in a gurgly spray of spit. I wouldn’t get to properly measure him until later, but I’d later learn he was an astonishing eighteen inches in length and was therefore bludgeoning my insides with nine inches of sheer momentum and mass. In hindsight, I’m incredibly impressed with myself.

Soon his pistoning cock was thoroughly lubricated in the juices of my deepest throat and I decided all that wet meat should get put to proper use. I pulled back to pop his head from my throat and lips, giving a dramatic little gasp as it swung free and gently slapped down on my enormous left breast, then I wrapped both huge hooters around him and arched my back, letting the natural leverage of his down-pointed cock fuck into my tit-canyon. I bounced my tits all over his cock like this until it had started to dry a little and then tossed it with talent right back into my mouth, horking him effortlessly back down my throat, letting him pound away to accumulate more juice.

I was only able to complete two more cycles this way before he gave a mighty roar, his giant balls cinching up in their sack to tighten for the big blasts they were about to unleash.

“Oh YEAH, stud! Do it, baby! Fucking do it! Cum for Justine!” I beamed up at him, eyes crazy with lust.

“Oh fuck!” his cock jerked as it unleashed a fat rope of white fluid, but he snatched himself at the middle of his shaft and aimed it over my left shoulder.

“Sorry darling! I almost hit you!” he groaned as his balls bucked and bounced to ready their second ostim escort salvo.

“Fool! I wanted you to!” I slapped his hand off of his tool and pumped it in both fists, tits jiggling like mad as I re-aimed him where he belonged, blasting a huge load right into the bridge of my nose. I grinned as I showered in that cream, soaking in his hot load. Continuing to jerk him with twisting hands I moved the great cum-cannon slightly lower and gave each humongous breast a big pearl pop-shot before lifting him up to latch on with my mouth, hungrily sucking as him as fifth, sixth seventh eighth ninth and tenth shots blasted straight into my gut, filled my throat, pasted my tonsils, and pooled in my mouth. I showed him just how much of him I was holding in my mouth before swallowing it with a slow, delighted gulp.

I licked my lips with my endless tongue and then pushed it out a bit further to get that gobs streaking my cheekbones and jaw, then even further to lick up the bits that had splashed up to my eyebrows and dripped down for my chin. I gave my serpentine mouth-muscle a little twirl before drawing it back inside. Whether it was his own studly nature or the result of the show I’d just put on, he was still hard.

I pushed back gently against his chest until he was sitting back down on the high chair, then I climbed it and him and mounted his humongous prick. It felt so good parting the lips of my dripping sex I couldn’t help but moan, no performance to it this time, he just brought it out of me. Slowly I slid down him… I’m tough and I probably could have taken it all in one quick descent, but I was enjoying the sensation of him, savoring the way after the tenth inch I was feeling him with parts of my pussy that no cock had ever touched, for no other cock was big enough.

I hissed as I felt his hips beneath my ass-cheeks, realizing I’d managed to take all of him. I leaned over and bit his earlobe gently before licking it and whispering, ” oh Dr. LonG! I can see why you’re such a good surgeon!”

He just looked at me, non-comprehending, his wit eaten by the delirious delight of my cunt gobbling up his whole cock (I would later learn I was the first woman who had ever been able to, perhaps I still am), sweat beaded on his brow and I deliberately flexed my pussy muscles, squeezing all along his length when I gave him the answer.

“You’re a good surgeon because you’re awfully well equipped to re-arrange organs. Now rearrange mine! FUCK ME LON! FUCK ME!”

And he did! Oh how he bounced me in his lap, using his strong arms to help get me up a little as he withdrew and then let gravity do the work of meeting his thrusting hips. His strokes were not especially long in proportion to the insane size of his humongous cock, but even then he was probably stuffing and re-stuffing me with about eight solid inches, the pressure radiated up to tighten my tits, and put a wondrous squeeze on my clit, coaxing out wave after wave of juice to spill out from me, slicking our thighs, dripping from his enormous nuts where they drooped over the edge of the chair and swung with his movements.

“Oh Lon… OH Lon… OH LON LON LON!” I screamed helplessly into his ear. I couldn’t help myself, he was just so so so big! Even though I was considerably more experience than most nineteen year-olds I was not beyond being impressed, or, in this case, pretty much blown away by this ultra-hung doctor. He kept bouncing me, more sweat pouring off of both of us, the heat of our fucking warming the whole of the empty bar.

Finally he groaned even louder and hauled himself to a standing position, I wrapped my legs around his torso for support and sobbed pleasure out as he gave me another ten deep strokes in this position, hands pawing at and playing with my oft-neglected ass (the poor thing does live in the shadow of my tits after all,) giving my cheeks an occasional spank as he worked over every part of my pelvis with hands and cock and effort.

Still, Dr. “Long” Lon Gordon was mortal and eventually he had to rest, slamming me a bit roughly onto the table-top so he could focus all his efforts on fucking the hell out of me instead of holding me up. He lifted one of my knees up and put his right foot up a chair, angling both of us for superior deep-dicking, now really speeding up as he fed my endlessly hungry cunt colossal cockmeat. I was climaxing hard and it took me several moments to figure out what the strange dull thud I hear was, finally I put it together that it was the sound of his weighty nuts swinging high enough to slam the underside of the table-top. If it hurt him, he didn’t let anything about his performance betray that fact, he simply fucked me for all he was worth until my tongue has lolled from my mouth and my eyes were rolling in their sockets.

Finally he gave a mighty howl and abruptly pulled out; I was at no risk to get pregnant but there was no time to explain that and I instead was treated to the sight of him getting the hint I’d dropped earlier, pulling me up with a hand cradled behind my head, his other hand stroking his glistening gargantuan cock aimed where I’d hoped. His first wad was like having a water balloon filled with cum thrown right in my face, the initial point of impact hitting one of my chiseled high cheek-bones, then bursting across the rest of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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