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“Alright you lot, take your plates and clear out,” Mrs. Brodie demanded, looking first at Aimee and then her sons.

“But mum, she’s my best friend, I should—,” Aimee began to complain, but the look on her mother’s face convinced her to withdraw from this particular battlefield. Shooting a look at her old roommate, she mouthed, “Good luck.”

Brooklyn’s heart raced in her chest as she watched Aimee and her three brothers pick up their plates and head into the family room. The silence was almost too much to bear. Brooklyn couldn’t bring herself to look either Mrs. or Mr. Brodie in the eyes. Only moments ago, she’d experienced one of the happiest moments of her life, and now it felt like it was all going to slip away.

The television was turned on and soon the sound of muffled voices could soon be heard from the other room.

“Now, before we start,” Mrs. Brodie began, waiting until Brooklyn finally looked up to meet her gaze. “Understand that we love you dear, and no matter what happens here,” the matriarch waved her finger in a slow circle as she spoke, “You’re one of ours now. Your last name might be Ryan, but for all intents and purposes, you’re a Brodie now. Do you understand what I’m telling you?”

Brooklyn felt a warmth spread through her chest as hope slowly returned, “I think so ma’am, thank you.” Seeing Mrs. Brodie’s flash of disapproval, she quickly added, “mum,” and was rewarded with a warm smile from the older woman.

“See, I told you everything would be fine,” Jennifer said, leaning back in her chair, her lips pulling into a self-satisfied smile.

“What you did was certainly not fine,” Mrs. Brodie admonished sharply. Her eldest daughter’s smile quickly faltered. “You could have handled that in a hundred better ways, but of course you would choose the most bombastic, and never once thought about how it would make pour Brooklyn feel.”

Jennifer suddenly looked a lot humbler as she gave Brooklyn a bashful look, “I thought it’d be better to get it out there. You know, like a Band-Aid, just rip it off fast like.”

Mrs. Brodie gave a heavy sigh, “Of course you did child,” she said with a touch of reproach in her voice,, but then in a much softer tone added, “But you know we love you too, so let’s see what we can salvage here.” The family’s matriarch folded her hands and rested them on the table, “Please tell us how this all started.”

In a much more subdued tone, Jennifer related their story. First telling about the dances and then the subsequent dates. She mercifully left out any sexual details, which Brooklyn was grateful for. Knowing her girlfriend, she half thought she would share those, too. Mr. Brodie seemed content to simply listen. He’d never been one to talk a lot, usually choosing to differ to his strong-willed wife, but there was a strength Brooklyn had always felt from him, despite his quiet demeanor. When he did speak, Brooklyn nearly jumped as she didn’t expect it.

“You’re happy Brooklyn?” he simply asked.

The question caught Brooklyn flat-footed, but she quickly answered, “I am… it’s all new, and a bit confusing, but I’m happy. I… I love Jennifer.”

At this Mrs. Brodie gave a surprised gasp, her expression remaining wistful and concerned. “We just want you two to both be happy,” she said, reaching out and gently tapping the top of Brooklyn’s hand.

“But girls, understand that sometimes happiness isn’t possible. Sometimes we have to settle for fulfilled, at least for a time,” Mr. Brodie added, saying more than Brooklyn could ever remember hearing him say before. “Your mother and I may not understand this, but we support you and love you both.”

Neither Jennifer nor Brooklyn spoke for a long moment. Finally, Jennifer broke the silence, “Thank you dad. That means a lot.”

“We set up the spare bed in Aimee’s room,” Mrs. Brodie began, not exactly looking thrilled at the words she was having to speak, “but I suppose you’ll be wanting to stay with Jennifer tonight then?”

“Of course she will,” Jennifer said, her voice firmly resolute. “She’s my girlfriend, and we’ve been sleeping together for almost two months now.”

“I understand that, Jennifer. It’s just that we’ve never allowed your brothers to bring their girlfriends home and sleep in the same room. We’ve always been old-fashioned that way, the whole no-sex-before-marriage idea.”

“I’ll stay in Aimee’s room if you prefer,” Brooklyn said, earning a hostile glare from her girlfriend. “I want to respect your rules.”

Mrs. Brodie gave the younger girl a warm smile, “Ah, at least you’ll be a good influence on this one,” she said, nodding towards her eldest daughter. “But no, it’s fine dear.”

The conversation continued for almost an hour before Mrs. Brodie suggested they finish their supper. With the hard part of the conversation started, the four ate in relative silence. The chicken was cold, and Brooklyn felt little appetite after the dramatic reveal and question-answer period. When they finished, Mrs. Brodie shewed them beylikdüzü escort out of her kitchen to join the rest of the family.

Brooklyn followed her girlfriend into the family room where the other siblings were watching an old movie she didn’t recognize. Aimee sat in her usual place, an old recliner off to the side. Brooklyn looked at her oldest friend as she entered. In all her past visits, she had sat next to Aimee on the recliner, there being just enough room for the two of them to sit comfortably. But as their eyes met, Aimee gestured towards one of the sofas with her eyes. Brooklyn followed her gaze and found that the sofa on the far side of the room was left empty. Jennifer must have seen it too because he pulled Brooklyn’s hand towards the last remaining seats.

Brooklyn gave her former roommate an apologetic look, and Aimee returned it. A dull ache filled Brooklyn’s heart. It felt like the end of a chapter, she thought as Jennifer sat sideways on the couch and then pulled Brooklyn to sit between her legs. Jennifer then pulled a blanket over them and wrapped her arms around Brooklyn’s middle.

“You two look cozy,” Jared teased, looking over from his spot on the floor. “But no funny business. We normally wouldn’t mind seeing two girls making out, but not when it’s our sisters.”

“Shut your gob,” Scott admonished, throwing a pillow at his younger brother’s head. “Just because you can’t get a girlfriend.”

An impromptu wrestling match suddenly broke out amongst the three brothers. It escalated quickly, and soon legs and arms were flying and swinging. After a few yelps and groans, Mr. Brodie finally barked out an order to end it. It didn’t exactly end right away, and an occasional kick or jab was thrown as the boys took their places again in front of the television.

“Brothers are the worst sometimes,” Jennifer said, pulling Brooklyn’s form closer to her own.

Brooklyn couldn’t help but smile. To her, this was what made a house a home, it made the Brodie family special. Feeling a sudden hand move under her shirt, Brooklyn pulled her arm in tight to try to stop Jennifer’s fingers.

“Hey,” Brooklyn protested quietly, Jennifer’s fingers reaching her nipples and giving them both a twist.

“What,” Jennifer feigned, “these belong to me, remember?”

“Normally yes, but not in front of the family like this,” Brooklyn said, trying to keep her voice a low whisper.

“Oh, no, no, girlfriend,” Jennifer taunted. “Whenever I want. Your body is mine to pleasure how I please.” Jennifer applied more pressure to the hardening nubs, and then rolled them gently between her thumb and forefingers. “I know all your sensitive spots, babe. I can play your body like a finely tuned instrument, and I plan to do it until I make you mine forever.”

Brooklyn shuddered at the words, and especially at Jennifer’s soft breath on her neck. Her girlfriend wasn’t lying when she said she knew her body. Brooklyn’s rational thoughts faded as the pleasure intensified. She then felt one of Jennifer’s hands reach down lower, her fingers gently running over Brooklyn’s bare mound.

“Mine’s the only tongue that has been in this little pussy, and I don’t plan to share it… I know your taste… I know your smell… you belong to me now, Brooklyn Ryan.”

Brooklyn’s hand grasped at Jennifer’s as the older girl’s finger slipped between her folds, “Bloody hell, Jen. I’m yours, yes, fine, but don’t make me cum in here, please.”

“But you’re dripping for it,” Jennifer teased, reaching up and wiping Brooklyn’s own juices onto her breast. “Your mouth says no, but your needy little cunt says yes.”

“Jen, please,” Brooklyn wined. Biting her lower lip, she exhaled through her nose, trying not to attract everyone’s attention.

Jennifer slipped her finger into Brooklyn’s opening and pulled upward slightly, “I know what my lover needs,’ Jennifer said softly, gently grazing her teeth across the soft skin of Brooklyn’s neck. “Afterall, I’m the only one who’s fucked you. Remember how you gave your virginity to me? You opened your legs and let me deep inside you, making us one when I broke through your cherry.”

When Brooklyn didn’t speak, Jennifer continued, “How many times have I marked your breasts, your neck, your thighs… I love you Brooklyn.”

Brooklyn’s one hand gripped the top of Jennifer’s thigh and the other grabbed the hand that Jennifer had on her sex. She bit down hard on her lip as her orgasm built quickly and then crashed over her. It took surprisingly little time. With a death grip on her girlfriend, Brooklyn’s body went ridged and she tried not to cry out, instead breathing quickly through her nose.

“You see,” Jennifer cooed, “You’re a helpless instrument in my hands, and I can make you cum over, and over, and over.”

Brooklyn nodded sharply, finally catching her breath, but still not wanting to speak. After a moment she sank tiredly against Jennifer’s form.

Jennifer laughed quietly, pleased with herself. “Say it, Brooklyn.”

“Say avcılar escort what?” Brooklyn said in an exhausted whisper.

“Tell me what I want to hear.”

With a tired sigh, Brooklyn spoke, “I’m yours.”

“And,” Jennifer probed.

Brooklyn sighed softly, thinking of what her girlfriend wanted to hear. Jennifer was in a naughty mood, and Brooklyn was fairly certain Jennifer wanted her to reply in kind, but her mind and body were exhausted. Craning her neck to turn to her girlfriend, she simply said, “I love you, Jennifer Brodie.”

That seemed to satisfy her because she simply tightened the embrace, pulling Brooklyn’s head against her ample breasts. Luckily the volume of the movie had been loud, and the lights turned off in the room, so no one seemed to notice them. They sat comfortably together and finished watching the movie. And after, they sat around and talked until late in the night. Brooklyn felt warm and comfortable laying against Jennifer as they all enjoyed each other’s company. Life was good sometimes.


Aimee sighed heavily, “You sunk my battleship,” she said, pursing her lips and giving Brooklyn a hard stare. “Are you peeking?”

Brooklyn shook her head, “You always but your boats close to each other. You always have. I find one, I find them all.”

“I hate this game,” Aimee closed the lid and dropped it to the floor. “Ugh, I hate that we can’t go out anywhere. I’m going spare being inside all day.”

Brooklyn leaned over and peered through the window. From where she was sitting on the floor, she could see the front driveway that approached the house.

“Bored of me already?” Aimee said, making Brooklyn return her attention.

“Sorry, no… they’ve been gone a long time,” Brooklyn said, trying to resist the temptation to look out the window again. Mrs. Brodie and Jennifer had left after breakfast, going for a drive for some one-on-one time.

“They’ve probably got a lot to talk about,” Aimee said, leaning against the bed, her head falling back onto the mattress. “I’m still gobsmacked you know… you and Jennifer…” A long silence passed between the longtime friends. Aimee finally raised her head, “I know you’re still working out how to pay tuition for University, but I wanted to let you know that I found a three-bedroom flat to rent near school. Britney and Taniel are each going to rent a room, and mum and dad are helping me pay my part. You’re welcome to share a room with me if you want—no cost of course.”

Brooklyn’s heart clinched at the thought, she still desperately wanted to start University in the fall, but as it stood, she wasn’t even able to pay for her own food. “Thanks Aimee,” Brooklyn said softly. “But I couldn’t do it unless I had a way to pay for school at least. I’m a right pauper at the moment,” not wanting Aimee to feel bad for her situation, Brooklyn quickly asked, “What about Madison, is she not coming back then?”

Aimee shrugged, “She’s a maybe. She’s back in California and was thinking about going to University closer to home, but when I talked with her last week she was rowing with her parents and was reconsidering.”

Brooklyn nodded and then looked to her friend, “Thanks for offering, though,” she said, touched that Aimee had still wanted to include her.

“I figured you’d probably want to stay with your girlfriend. The way you two look at each other, you’ll probably end up married soon anyway, so you might as well get used to living with her now I suppose.”

“Aimee!” Brooklyn gasped in shock. “I can’t believe you said that. That’s the absolute last thing on my mind.”

“I know,” Aimee snickered, “but it’s fun to have a go at you.”

“You’re unbelievable sometimes, you know that, right?” Brooklyn sighed, palming her face.

“Yes, but that’s why you love me—just not as much as you apparently love my sister,” Aimee teased.

“You’re so bad,” Brooklyn’s head shook slowly from side to side.

“But I’m not wrong, am I?” Aimee said, her tone slightly more serious.


“You love my sister, don’t you?”

Slowly Brooklyn nodded her head, “Yeah, I do.”

“Good,” Aimee said, her voice barley audible. “Just know that if you ever need a place to stay, my room’s always available.”


Sitting down for dinner on their second night, Brooklyn moved from her usual spot at the table to sit next to Jennifer. As she looked around the room she was struck by the thought that she as the youngest in the room, having barely turned 18 a few months past. And she was dating the oldest sibling in the room. She looked over at her girlfriend as the meal began. Jennifer was beautiful, strikingly so. She was a woman in every sense of the word. At times, Brooklyn still thought of herself as an immature teenager, and it surprised her that Jennifer would pay any attention to her at all, let alone want to continue an intimate relationship with her.

The experience on the sofa the night before came to Brooklyn’s mind. The things Jennifer had whispered into her esenyurt escort ear still made her core blossom with warmth. Yes, Jennifer had gotten to know Brooklyn’s body, those intimate places that made her skin flush. But the reverse was also true. She had come to know Jennifer’s body, too. Brooklyn knew her girlfriend’s taste, her overwhelming aroma that made Brooklyn’s desire flare to light.

As dinner progressed, Jennifer received a text message and checked her phone. She put the mobile away before Brooklyn could read the screen, but she could tell something had upset her girlfriend. She desperately wanted to know what was wrong, but she knew she wasn’t going to get any answers until later.

When dinner was over and everyone was leaving the table, Brooklyn made to follow Jennifer upstairs to their room, but Mrs. Brodie’s voice paused her.

“Brooklyn, would you be a dear and help with the washing up?” she asked kindly.

“Find me after,” Jennifer whispered in Brooklyn’s ear.

Brooklyn nodded, turned, and then picked up empty dishes from the table. For several minutes the two women worked in silence, clearing away and washing the dishes and putting leftovers into plastic container.

“Brooklyn,” Mrs. Brodie finally spoke. “I wanted to speak with you about school tuition. James and I have been discussing it, and we should be able to cover the first term at University for you. By then, there’s a good chance that this pandemic will have subsided enough for businesses to open up and for you to find part time work. We’ll have to take this one step at a time, but you should be able to apply for tuition fee funding. If you’re working part time, I’m sure we can work it out.”

Brooklyn stood still for a long moment, words failing her completely. She had thought to apply for student loans, but with no prospects for work, she knew she wouldn’t be able to service the loan. It was possible to borrow even more money and use the excess to pay the monthly fee, but that amount of debt terrified her.

“Mrs.—mum,” she quickly corrected. “I can’t take that money from you. I’m just a stray you’ve been nice enough to take in. I couldn’t—,”

“Brooklyn Ryan!” Mrs. Brodie said sharply. “Did you understand nothing last night? You are not some stray.” Being several inches taller, Mrs. Brodie looked down at Brooklyn, her expression deadly serious. “Understand this child. You are one of ours now, just as much as Jennifer, Stephen, Scott, Jared, and Aimee.” Mrs. Brodie’ tone was forceful, and Brooklyn understood why Aimee always respected, if not feared a bit, her mum. This woman was a force of nature. “Brooklyn, like it or not, you’re my daughter now.”

Mrs. Brodie pulled Brooklyn in for a powerful, bear crushing hug. After a long moment she finally released the younger woman. A tear streaked down Brooklyn’s face, making it halfway down her cheek before she could swipe it away. Mrs. Brodie’s eyes were misting quickly.

“Thanks mum,” she said, whipping at her eyes. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Just do me one favor please?” Mrs. Brodie said, when Brooklyn nodded, she asked, “Watch out for Jennifer the best you can? She’s always been my most headstrong child, and I worry about her.”


Climbing the stairs, Brooklyn’s heart felt ready to burst. Never in her life had she felt love as she did right now for this family. Opening the door to Jennifer’s childhood bedroom, she stepped inside and found her girlfriend sitting at the small desk.

“Everything alright with mum?” Jennifer asked.

Brooklyn nodded and related what had happened in the kitchen.

Jennifer sighed and sat back in her chair, “Mum and dad really are amazing. My family is the only reason I didn’t die in a gutter back in the bad days… I hate disappointing them, but it seems to come natural for me.”

“Maybe I can help you with that,” Brooklyn said with a smile.

Jennifer laughed and a smile finally broke out on her worried face, “I’d like that, but I’m not sure you hold the high ground here. I heard about all those stunts you did in school. How many times were you almost expelled, three, four?”

“Six,” Brooklyn admitted, looking out the window to not hold Jennifer’s gaze. “But those days are past. Now I’m new Brooklyn.”

“Yes, lesbian Brooklyn,” Jennifer said, making the younger woman blush. “Lesbian Brooklyn is much more responsible. Letting an older woman take her virginity and shacking up with her girlfriend. You’re walking the narrow path of righteousness now, yeah.”

Brooklyn sagged slightly, “When you put it like that…”

Jennifer’s smile broadened, “I wouldn’t have you any other way,” she said, standing and coming over to the dark-haired girl. “I like that my girlfriend has a needy little cunt.”

Brooklyn shivered, “It sounds to naughty when you say that word.”

“What, cunt?” Jennifer asked.

Brooklyn nodded.

“I’ll make sure to say it more often then,” Jennifer cooed lightly into Brooklyn’s ear. “I’m so happy you’ll be able to go to University. I know it’s what you really wanted.”

“It is thanks.”

“And you’ll stay with me, right? The bus ride is short,” Jennifer said, putting her arms around Brooklyn’s shoulders.

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