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“No, Ali, I didn’t give the paperwork to Janice,” Sami’s voice said over the speakerphone.

I thought that Ali was going to stroke out when we heard that bit of news, then waiting the ‘right’ amount of time for the hook to be set in our mouths, Sami followed with, “I gave it to Gina, who drove over to pick it up for Janice,” hesitating a second, then laughing.

“Gotcha’, didn’t I, girls,” Sami boastfully said to us.

“Sami, I’m going to spank your ass when we get home for almost giving me a heart attack,” Ali said, trying very hard not to chuckle at having been ‘got’.

“Promises, promises; Oh wait, that’s what you say, isn’t it?” Sami laughingly said to her.

Getting serious now, Sami went on, “Janice had to go to Baton Rouge to meet with a client, Ali, and asked if it’d be alright if her assistant, Gina, could pick up the paperwork. I told her that wouldn’t be a problem and so, the firm has the paperwork and will file it when Janice gets back from B.R., okay?”

“Okay, Sami; anything else before we hang up?” I asked her.

“Yeah, I’ve set up a meeting with a website designer, or at least I will when you tell me when you want it.”

“Handle it, girlfriend, that’s your responsibility now, okay? If you’re unsure about something, we’ll talk about it, but otherwise, ‘do your thing’ Sami-girl.” Ali answered for us.

“Got it,” she said, and wishing us a safe trip home in a couple of days, we ended the call.

“Girl scared the shit out of me when she pulled our chain like that,” Ali remarked, smiling a bit.

“I could tell; you should have seen your face,” I teased.

“It was funny, wasn’t it, the way she pushed my buttons,” Ali conceded.

“Oh yeah, more than you know,” I agreed.

“So are we going to get dressed and go play golf, or what?” She asked, stretching her arms over her head, working out the kinks from her back.

“Or what,” I stated as I kneeled before her, spreading her legs apart and lowering my head to her nookie.


Our last two days in Maui were bittersweet for the both of us. We didn’t want to leave, but we were starting to miss ‘The Big Easy’. I’d eaten plenty of fish and shrimp since I’ve been out to Maui this year, but I was starting to ‘jones’ for some crawfish; boiled, etouffee, stew, I didn’t care how, I just wanted some.

Ali said that I’ve become ‘Cajunized’ since I moved to the city and I couldn’t disagree with her.

“Want to go back a day early?” She asked as we got ready to go out to dinner that evening.

“I’d be okay with that,” I said, “assuming that we can get seats.”

Ali jumped on the phone and in a few minutes she smiled and said it was a done deal.

Gong home; to New Orleans, and not to St. Paul. Going home to sixty degree weather and not twenty below zero weather.

Yeah, it’s been a good year for Lynn Marie, I’d decided.


Sami picked us up in Ali’s big car, needing the extra room with the clubs and all. Ali and I were exhausted because of the ‘red eye’ flight from Maui; it’s a long-ass haul from there to here with a plane change at San Francisco.

“Thanks for picking us up,” I said to Sami as the three of us maneuvered clubs and bags into the car.

“Glad to be of service, and good to see you guys,” Sami smilingly said to us, adding, “But I have to tell you that you two look like crap; bad flight?”

“Nah, just a long one, babygirl,” Ali said, falling into the back seat of the car, as I rode shotgun.

“Yeah, mine was too,” Sami said, “So I’m guessing you guys are going to crash?”

“Oh yeah,” I said, “We’re too damn tired to do anything other than sleep; hope you’re not disappointed, we’ll make it up to you,” rubbing my hand on her leg as she drove us from the airport.

“Well, actually…, I mean, yeah, that’s just fine but it’s, uh…”Sami said, fumbling with the words.

“Spit it out, girl, we’re too tired to play guessing games,” Ali said from the backseat, her voice sounding really tired to my ears.

“The thing is,” Sami began, “well, the thing is I have a date tonight, sorta'”

“Really?” We both said.

“Don’t get mad, I don’t want to make ya’ll…” Ali’s voice cutting her off.

“Sami, why would we get mad, baby? We’ve never asked you to be exclusive with us,” Ali said, “Sweetie, you’re a young, pretty girl and you’re ten years younger than us, so of course you’re gong to have dates. You don’t need our permission, or our blessing, okay?”

“Sami, we love you in so many different casino şirketleri ways,” I said, “and we love having you as our friend, our business associate, and as our lover but we would never want you to think that you can’t be with anyone other than us, or without us there, okay?”

“That doesn’t take anything away from what the three of us share; it’s special, it’s magical, but it’s ‘ours’ and when we can be with each other, that’s a good thing. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have a life of your own, understand?” I asked her.

Nodding her head, a bit of relief showing in her misty eyes, Sami said, “You guys are the fucking best and I love the both of you so much.”

“We love you too baby,” Ali said, following with, “Now, who is this tramp whore trying to mess with our pussy?” Laughing afterwards.

The ‘tramp whore’ turned out to be Gina, Ali’s attorney’s assistant.

“You know that feeling you get when your ‘gaydar’ picks up a signal?” Sami explained, “well, when Gina came over to pick up the papers, it was after working hours and I asked if she’d like something to drink, you know, being polite and all.”

“She took me up on the offer and we went out to the patio and started talking; her eyes kept measuring me, it seemed, like she was ‘checking me out’, you know?” She continued, “And I was feeling some definite vibes from her, you know?”

Ali and I looked towards each other and just smiled.

Yeah, we knew that feeling.

“So anyway,” Sami continued, “before we knew it a couple of hours and a couple of drinks passed and neither of us had eaten, so she asked if I’d like to grab a bite with her, and I did.”

“Afterwards, when she dropped me back at the house, she said that she’d really had a great time with me and wondered if I’d like to grab a couple of drinks with her, tonight, and so, that’s what we’re going to do,” Sami said, concluding her explanation of her ‘date’.

“Well, enjoy your date, Sami-girl,” I said, “and tell us all about it in the morning, okay?”

“I will; you know I will,” Sami laughingly said, “and you guys get some rest, ya’ll look like shit!”

Looking into the hallway mirror when we got home, neither of us could disagree with that statement.


“So, do you know this Gina,” I asked Ali over coffee, the next morning.

“Only in passing; all of my business has been with Janice, who inherited her father’s law practice when he died. He was Daddy’s attorney for years and well, I’ve known Janice forever and kept the family legal crap with her, after she took over his practice,” Ali explained.

“Janice gay?” I asked.

Laughing, Ali said, “Lord no, she’s been married for years and has a passel of kids running around the house, spittin’ them out almost as fast as your sister, Jan.”

Sami tramped into the kitchen then, heading straight to the coffee pot and grabbing a mug from the cabinet.

“Mornin’,” She sleepily muttered, pouring her coffee and looking to us, asking if we needed a refill.

“Have a good time last night?” Ali asked as Sami refilled her mug, then mine.

“Oh yeah, Gina is definitely a good time,” Sami said as she sat at the counter in the kitchen, “She’s a bit submissive, liking to be controlled, sort of, but the girl is definitely a good time.”

“Where did ya’ll go for drinks?” I asked, a bit curious.

“Never left her apartment,” Sami said, “She was still getting ready when I arrived and asked me to keep her company while she got dressed, after she fixed us a drink, and well, we just sort of got into it while I watched her parading around half-naked.”

“Convenient,” I offered up.

“Very,” Sami agreed, “She’s got great boobs and a really fine ass.”

“Going to see her again?” Ali asked with a smile on her face.

“Matter of fact, yes; we’re going to try for those drinks and a bit of dinner again, tonight,” Sami answered.

“Way to go, Sami-girl,” I cheerfully said, rising from the breakfast nook and announcing that I was hitting the shower; I had an appointment for a video conference call in about an hour with Teri and a couple of people from the firm that’s buying my tech business back in the Twin Cities.

Ali and Sami rose to do the same thing so that they could head off to the Gallery where I’d meet them after my call.


Holy crap, Batman! I just made a ton of money.

The video call went very well, and we verbally agreed to the deal; I’d fly back to the St. Paul late next week to sign the papers and make casino firmaları it legal. I’d agreed to stay on as a paid consultant for six months as the customer base was seamlessly moved over to their operation. All of my part-time ‘techies’ would be retained and Teri would be a VP, in charge of acquisitions and new customer relations. Because of her percentage of ownership, Teri would come out of this very healthy, monetarily.

Win-Win, I’d have to say.

“How’d it go, baby?” Ali asked when I walked into the office at the Gallery. Closing the door behind me, for privacy, I told her.

“Damn, girl, you made out like a bandit,” Ali remarked; high praise coming from the kind of money that Ali’s family, and now Ali, had.

“Calls for a celebration, I’d say,” Ali suggested, “And you’re buying, Li’l Miss Rich Bitch,” she teasingly said.

“Commander’s Palace?” I suggested.

Want to start an argument in the city of N’awlins? Walk up to almost any crowd of locals and ask the question, “What’s the best restaurant in the city?” For me, Commander’s Palace was in the top three.

“Works for me, sugar; want to ask Sami if she and Gina would like to join us?” Ali suggested to me. “Afterwards they can go on their date, and you and I can hit a few juke joints or something.”

“Sounds like a plan,” I agreed, opening the door to ask Sami to join us in the office for just a second.


Gina and Sami met us Commander’s, and had a drink with us while we waited for our table, getting to know Gina, a bit.

She was in her mid-twenties, I’d say-she didn’t say; we didn’t ask-and about 5′ 5’ish to Sami’s 5′ 10″. Gina was no more than 110 lbs., I’d say, maybe 112 on a bloated day.

Her figure was attractive; not buxom, but attractive; A brunette with strikingly blue eyes, Paul Newman blue, you know? She was from a small town, south of the city, Cajun through and through, but without the thick Cajun accent.

She was no dummy, for damned sure, more than able to hold her own in conversations, no matter the subject matter.

“Glad you girls could change your plans to join us for dinner,” I said to them both as I stirred my after-dinner coffee.

“Oh no, Lynn, thank you for inviting us, especially to Commander’s; I just love this place,” Gina said graciously, “Sami’s told me how great you guys are, and now, I can see what she means; it was wonderful that you thought to have us as your guests.”

No, this girl was definitely no dummy.

“Best bosses in the world, and the best friends, as well,” Sami chimed in, her eyes looking between Ali and me, as she twirled her champagne flute.

“Semi-bosses; remember, you’re also now a partner in the Gallery,” Ali corrected her gently.

“Doesn’t matter,” Sami said, “I couldn’t have better mentors,” raising her glass to us, toasting us.

That was sweet of her to say.

Hugging our goodbyes as we waited for the valets to fetch our rides, we told Sami not to worry about coming in until noon since tomorrow was Saturday; Justine and Tiff would be opening, and Ali and I would be in by ten or so.

Their car came first and giving us one last goodbye hug, they drove off just as our car arrived.

“Cute girl, that Gina,” Ali said, driving off from the valet stand.

“Yeah, she is,” I agreed; “so what do you want to do, baby, for a nightcap?”

“Feel like going across the river to The Loft and see if we can get ourselves into a bit of trouble?” She answered with a devilish grin on her face.

Grabbing my cell, phone I started punching in numbers.

“What’cha doing?” Ali asked, a bit puzzled.

“I’m calling Justine to tell her that we might not be in ’til noon,” I answered her with a big devilish grin on my face.


“I think Ali and Lynn liked you, sweetie,” Sami said, shooting Gina a quick glance, then reaching over to place her hand over Gina’s breast, Sami’s hand squeezing and feeling, gently.

“I hope so,” Gina answered, her eyes straight ahead, her panties getting a bit damp from what Sami was doing to her, “I wouldn’t want to embarrass you in front of your friends.”

Sliding her hand over to Gina’s other breast, repeating her fondling to it as well, Sami said, “That’s nice, baby.”

Sami drove while she continued to fondle Gina’s breasts.

“Pull up your skirt, baby,” Sami said, “and move just a bit closer to the middle, okay?”

Gina did as she was told, her heart-beat a bit faster as she did so and her panties a bit güvenilir casino damper.

“Like this?” Gina said after she had moved to her left, spreading her legs just a tad.

“Yeah, baby, just like that,” and with that said, Sami moved her hand to between Gina’s legs, cupping Gina’s pussy in her hand as she squeezed it softly, tenderly.

“Can we go back to my place Sami?” Gina breathed, “I really need to be with you now, I’ll do whatever you want, can we, please?”

“You bet we can, sweetie,” Sami answered, her foot pressing down the accelerator, her finger teasing Gina’s clit, under her wet panties.

“Take off your clothes, Gina; then, I want you to take mine off,” Sami told her, a bit of an adrenalin rush from being in ‘control’?

Gina did as she was told, her eyes the whole time on Sami’s eyes, seeking somehow, her approval of her body as it was revealed with the loss of garments.

There, she saw it, Gina thought, her heart beating faster now as her panties slid to the floor from her ankles.

Walking up to Sami, she started unbuttoning Sami’s top as Sami’s hands roamed freely over her body, caressing her breasts, pinching her hard nipples; Gina thought she might come as Sami played with her. Pulling down Sami’s panties was the last bit of clothing to remove; she did so, letting her head be guided into Sami’s pussy, the scent making her even hornier.

Without being asked to, or being told to, Gina started kissing Sami’s nookie, running her tongue all around Sami’s swollen clit, the taste making her own pussy tingle.

Sami placed her hands on the back of Gina’s head, pulling Gina hard against her pussy, loving the feel of Gina’s tongue on her clit.

“Let’s go to your bedroom, Gina, I have some ‘work’ for you to do,” Sami said, her breath coming in short pants from her arousal.

Following Sami as she walked to her own bedroom, Gina’s heart was a-flutter at the sight of Sami’s tight, toned ass.

Climbing onto Gina’s bed, Sami sat with her back against the headboard, pulling Gina into bed with her, and pulling Gina until their faces were almost touching. Placing her hands on both sides of Gina’s head, Sami kissed her lustfully, her tongue diving into Gina’s open mouth.

They kissed for what seemed like hours, both of them breathing hard, heavy; their breasts were smashed against each other’s, and Sami’s leg was rubbing between Gina’s legs.

Gina kissed her way to Sami’s breasts, smaller than her own, but a tasteful mouthful, nevertheless. Sucking each one in turn, Gina played her tongue around Sami’s hard nipples, sucking on them hard which made Sami’s leg rub against her pussy even harder.

Gina liked that feeling; she liked it a lot.

With Sami’s hands urging her downward, Gina was soon between Sami’s legs, kissing, sucking, and licking her pussy. Sami’s moans were getting louder, Gina thought; Sami liked what she was doing, she thought.

Without warning, Sami bucked her hips upward, thrusting her pussy hard against Gina’s mouth which was slick with Sami’s juices. Sami’s voice was almost crying her moans of delightful orgasmic bliss.

Damn, Sami thought, as she rode down from the mountaintop that her climax had just brought her to, but this damn girl knows how to eat pussy.

“Oooh, but that was heavenly, baby,” Sami cooed as she pulled Gina up so that she could embrace her, “That was outstanding, sweets.”

“I’m so glad, Sami; I really wanted to please you,” Gina replied as she snuggled into the crook of Sami’s arm, pressing her body tightly against Sami.

“Let me rest a bit, baby, and I’ll return the favor,” Sami said softly as she kissed the top of Gina’s head.

“Sami?” Gina said after a few minutes.

“Yeah, baby, what is it?” Sami dreamingly replied.

“Right next to you, in the nightstand drawer, there’s a little blue ‘toy’; would you get it, please?” Gina asked.

“Sure baby,” Sami replied as she retrieved the six-inch, slender vibrator, blue indeed.

“When you’re ready to ‘do’ me?” Gina asked, “Would you fuck me in the ass with that first, please, pretty please,” she continued, as she moved onto her stomach, her legs spreading as she did so, the wetness of her pussy trailing across the bed sheet.

Smiling, Sami moved to kneel behind Gina, her hand reaching between Gina’s legs and her fingers finding Gina’s pussy, slipping two of them into her.

“Sure baby, I can do that,” Sami said as she positioned the toy between Gina’s very fine ass-cheeks.

You like this, don’t you, Sami-girl; you like having this power.

Yeah, I guess I do, don’t I?

Reminds you of your cousin, Charlene, don’t it, Sami-girl?

Smiling to herself, Sami slipped the dildo into Gina’s submissive ass…

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