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Maggie had never really given any serious thought to why she often felt the beginnings of arousal in the presence of a beautiful woman. She would either tell herself that it was natural and everyone felt that way or she would ignore it completely. As she grew older her feelings grew stronger and harder to ignore. After five years of marriage she felt her sexual frustration growing. When she thought about being with someone other than her husband her thoughts always turned to woman.

She had not acted on her feelings and she had resigned herself to never fulfilling her desire. She was 40, a member of the PTA and her husband’s country club. The women she met, while attractive, seemed to her to be far too conservative to ever entertain the idea’s that swam through her head almost daily. There never seemed to be away to bring the subject up safely and so, as time past, Maggie put the idea into a dark corner in her mind and tried to forget it.

In an attempt to relieve boredom she enrolled in the local community college and signed up for a course in Modern American Literature. She worked had in the class and soon it became obvious to her classmates that Maggie was ahead of them and had a firm grasp of the material.

As the midterm approached Maggie could feel the near panic of some of the students as they struggled to catch up. One day, as she was leaving class, a young woman named Paula approached her.

“Excuse me Maggie,” Paula said softy, “may I ask you something.”

“Of course you can.” Maggie said smiling at the young women. Maggie immediately noticed the loose fitting blouse that Paula wore. It was light blue and made of light fabric, which covered her firm breasts only minimally. Paula had tied the blouse off at the midriff and she stood now before Maggie, bare bellied and with what Maggie could only imagine were the prettiest breasts she had ever seen.

“Maggie,” Paula said casino şirketleri shyly, “I need help with Faulkner. Do you, is it possible, maybe, that we study together.”

Maggie paused only briefly before answering, “yes.”

They made plans to meet at Paula’s apartment that night. When Maggie arrived that first night Paula answered the door wearing only a robe. Her short jet-black hair was still wet and she had pulled it back off her face. Paula reassured her that she was quite comfortable, and that she did not want to waste time getting dressed.

The settled in and worked till around midnight. All the while Maggie fought the impulse to touch he young friend. Each time Paula moved Maggie would catch a glimpse of her leg, or her cleavage. Paula seemed unconcerned that she had exposed much of her body to Maggie by the end of the night. They agreed to meet again the following night.

When Maggie arrived home her husband was asleep. During her drive she was unable to get the image of Paula out of her mind. She found wondering what she would look like naked and the thought excited her.

Within minutes she was in the shower. The warm water washing over her body as she lathered herself and dreamed of Paula. Her hands traversed across her belly to the top of her mound. She did not hear the first sigh she made. She touched her wet lips and opened herself with her index finger. Her right left index finger circled her clit and she was soon focused completely on the pleasure she was feeling. Her mind imagined Paula’s finger inside her, and her mouth sucking on her clit, and suddenly she was moaning, “oh god, yes Paula, god make me come.”

The force of her orgasm made her legs week and she slumped in the shower. She began to cry, her sobs muffled by the shower. In her heart she held no hope of ever being with Paula in the way she had just imagined. She felt trapped and alone.

The casino firmaları next night she arrived at the appointed time. Paula again was wearing a robe but this one was shorter and even more revealing than the night before. Maggie ignored this as best she could. They began to study but Maggie had no energy for the task. She had hardly smiled through the first hour she was there and the progress they made was slow and uneven.

“Maggie, What is bothering you tonight, ” Paula asked in a conciliatory tone. “Did you have a fight with your husband?”

Maggie thought long and hard about what to say. She realized that this might be her first and last opportunity to be honest about her feelings. Before she could think her way out of it she said,” Paula, I can’t seem to get you out of my mind. I don’t know what to do about it.”

“You must think I am blind,” Paula answered with an evil grin. “You want to fuck me don’t you?”

Maggie was stunned but Paula’s question. It had never occurred to her that she could send out that signal and “fucking her” was not how she would put it. “Good god,” Maggie protested, “I can’t believe you think that.”

“It is so plainly written on your face,” Maggie said as she stood and came around the table to where Maggie sat. She leaned over and began to kiss Maggie. Maggie at first resisted responding to the kiss, but she did not push Paula away, and soon her mouth opened to receive Paula’s tongue. It was soft and wet on her and she felt her pulse racing as there lips lingered together.

Paula broke the kiss. She smiled at Maggie and said, ” lets make this easy on you Maggie. I am going to my room and I am going to take off this robe. If you want to join me come to me. If you do not I will sleep and you can go home and there will be no hard feelings.”

Before she could answer Paula was padding down the hall, dropping her robe as she went. Maggie looked longingly güvenilir casino at her lovely ass. Her palms where sweating and her heart raced. Paula closed the door to her bedroom behind her.

Maggie stood in stunned silence. Her mind raced. Finally, she made her decision. She took off her cloths quickly and nearly ran down the hall. It was as if she took too long she might change her mind. She opened the bedroom door to see her young friend lying on her bed, wide legged, with three fingers probing her already soaked pussy, and her thumb playing over her clit. “Ohhhh., she sighed, “thank god you came,”

Maggie stepped toward the bed and was about to sit next to Paula when Paula stopped her. Paula guided her so that she was kneeling over her face. Maggie gripped the headboard and Paula’s sweet mouth covered her pussy. She licked her along the length of her lips and then back down stopping halfway to probe deep within her.

“Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh your sweet mouth,” Maggie purred as Paula’s educated mouth licked and lapped at her. Paula reached up to caress Maggie’s full breasts. Her fingers pulling and tugging at her nipples as her mouth covered Maggie’s clit. She sucked hard on it. Maggie’s body shuddered as her orgasm built.

“You like that don’t you Maggie? You love my mouth fucking you don’t you. Tell me you love it. Tell me,” Paula demanded.

“Oh god I love your mouth, please fuck me with your mouth, make me come for you. God you are so beautiful”

Paula attacked Maggie’s soaked pussy with more vigor now. Her mouth concentrated on her lover’s clit as her fingers probed deeply into her pussy. Maggie felt a finger begin to probe her anal opening and she fought off coming with that touch.

“Please baby, please baby fill me up,” Maggie screamed.

As Paula’s finger entered Maggie’s ass she came screaming, “like never, god like never.”

From his vantage point in Paula’s closet Roger had watched the whole scene unfold. He stroked his hard cock slowly, trying not to come too soon. He had a part to play in this play and he needed to remember his lines and be patient. He waited for his cue to enter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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