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Mary Margaret McBride steered her car off the New York State Thruway onto Route 17 south heading into northern New Jersey. She had left her home in upstate New York and was heading to her new home and her new career.

Mary Margaret was 23 years old. She was of Irish catholic descent and had beautiful flame red hair, green eyes and milky white skin. She was also a virgin.

“Wait until you’re married” was the message she had heard over and over from her mother and the nuns who taught her in grammar school, high school and even in the all girls’ catholic college she attended.

She was never lacking for boyfriends and most didn’t seem to mind that she wanted to wait until she was married to have sex. But when they found out she wasn’t going to give them a blowjob or even a hand job, they lost interest in her.

She graduated college 4 months ago with a degree in advertising. She sent resumes to all the major agencies in New York City. Only one agency, Overby, Vincent, and Mathis called her for and interview. The interview went well and they said they would let her know. Three months passed and she didn’t hear a word. She was beginning to think her dream of being an advertising executive was not to be.

Then two weeks ago she received a call from the personnel director at OVB. They were offering the position of junior account executive. He also told her that the company had recently relocated from New York City to a new office complex in northern New Jersey. She was disappointed she wasn’t going to work in NYC but when he told her that the company would rent her an apartment 10 minutes from the office and pay her rent for a year as a recruitment bonus, she quickly accepted the job offer.

She followed the directions they gave her and turned into the parking lot of the apartment complex. It was beautiful. It had a swimming pool, tennis courts, and lots of trees, shrubs, and flowers. She followed the signs and found her apartment. Stepping inside she found a spacious three-room apartment that was tastefully furnished. I think I am going to like it here she thought as she hauled in her bags and began to unpack her clothes.

Mary Margaret reported for work Monday morning. She wore one of the new conservative business suits she bought last week. She was impressed as she entered the parking lot of Overby, Vincent, and Mathis. The building was six stories high and was all glass and granite.

They assigned her a cubicle on the second floor. The office manager explained that junior account executives didn’t handle accounts on their own but rather they worked with one of the senior execs on their accounts. She was assigned to work for Ron Vincent, one of the partners.

She was busy all day filling out papers and insurance forms. At break time a cart came around and served coffee, juice and bottled water. She took a 22 oz bottle of water. At lunchtime she ate in the cafeteria and had a tuna sandwich and a large soda. Around 2 o’clock a feeling of dread suddenly came over her. She had to pee.

Mary Margaret had a shy bladder. She hated using public bathrooms. She could not pee when someone else was in the room. And she had never ever defecated in a public toilet. She would rather die first. Defecate, the word made her laugh. Her mother always used it and she hated it. Why couldn’t she say shit or crap like everyone else?

She got up from her desk and went to the ladies room. There were four women in the outer lounge either combing their hair or applying makeup. She pushed open the inner door to the room with the stalls. All of the stalls were occupied, toilets were flushing and women were coming out of stalls and waiting women were entering them. She quickly left and went back to her desk. I will just have to hold it until I get home she thought.

The next two hours were agony. She squirmed anxiously in her chair until it was time to leave. She drove home as fast as she could. As soon as she cleared the door to her apartment she began raising her skirt and pulling down her panties as she ran for the bathroom. She began peeing before she hit the toilet seat. Some of her pee got on the seat and went on the floor. She let out a sigh of relief as the pee flowed out of her siirt escort and splashed in the toilet.

The rest of the week she watched her fluid intake but still had to run for the bathroom each day when she got home. She was going to have to figure something out. She spent the weekend exploring the many malls that were in the area and did some shopping, buying some silk blouses to go with her new business suits.

On Monday her boss Ron called her from Los Angeles. He told her he was emailing her a file and instructed her to copy it onto a disk and personally deliver it to the graphics department and tell them he needed them to work on it right away. She opened her email and copied the file onto a CD.

She headed for the elevator and pressed the button for the fourth floor. The floor contained cubicles like hers but all of them were occupied by geeky looking men working on oversized computer screens. They all ignored her until she mentioned Ron’s name and heads shot up. One skinny little guy with glasses stood up and said he would take care of it.

As she walked back to the elevator it occurred to her that there were no women working on this floor. Hmmm she thought, this might be the solution to my problem. The ladies room was located in the same spot on each floor. She opened the outer door and stepped inside.

It looked different than the 2nd floor bathroom. She then realized it was because it didn’t look used. There were no paper towels on the floor and the trashcans were empty. So far so good she thought.

She pushed open the inner door. The floors, walls, and ceilings were grey marble. The stall doors and walls were a gleaming polished stainless steel. The room was immaculate Her heels clicked and echoed off the marble as the walked down the line of six stalls making sure no one was inside.

She was going to enter the last stall but realized it was a large handicapped accessible stall, so she went in to the next to last stall. She hiked up her skirt and pulled her panties down to her knees and sat down on the toilet.

Just was she was ready to start peeing the door to the room flew open. She heard the loud clacking of heels move quickly across the floor. They stopped in front of her stall and she could see black high heel pumps. Then they moved as the woman entered the handicapped stall and locked the door.

Damn thought Mary Margaret. Hopefully she will be quick because I have to pee so badly. She heard the rustling of clothes. She could see the women’s right high heel under the stall wall. Then she saw a small pair of black panties slip down over the woman’s leg, over her shoe and fall on the floor.

Mary Margaret heard the woman sit down on the toilet. At first she heard a small trickle that soon turned into a steady stream that seemed to get more and more forceful. The woman must have peed for over a minute.

As the last drops trickled out she heard the women give a sigh of relief. Then the woman farted loudly. Oh gross thought Mary Margaret.

Mary Margaret was pressing her thighs together. Listening to the woman peeing a river made her really have to go. She was hoping she would leave. Instead she heard the women grunt slightly as if she were straining. The she heard a whoosh, plop, and a splash in the toilet.

Oh my God she is shitting Mary Margaret cried to herself. The smell was overpowering. Mary Margaret reached into her bag and took out her handkerchief and covered her nose. The woman continued to empty her bowels for what seemed like an eternity.

Finally Mary Margaret thought she was finished. Then the woman’s leg stretched out almost as if she was lying back reclining. She heard some noises she couldn’t figure out. The woman’s leg started to shake and it sounded like she was banging her ass up and down on the toilet seat. What the hell is she doing wondered Mary Margaret?

Finally she though she heard a stifled moan and the woman’s leg relaxed. She heard her unrolling toilet paper and then flush the toilet. The woman stood up and retrieved her panties. She exited the stall without putting them back on and left the room. Mary Margaret quickly began to pee. It was not as forceful as her neighbor’s was but lasted sincan escort just as long.

She stepped into the lounge and walked to the sink to wash her hands. She looked in the mirror and saw a dark haired woman sitting on the leather couch smoking a cigarette.

The woman spoke. “Are you alright honey? You were in there a long time. Is everything OK?”

Mary Margaret nodded then said, “Yes I am fine thanks.”

The woman looked her in the eye and said, “shy bladder huh?”

Mary Margaret blushed and asked her how she knew. The woman laughed and said “honey anyone who could sit there after I stunk the joint up had to have a good reason. I must have put too much garlic in the meatballs last night. My name is Gina Petrelli by the way, I work on the 3rd floor” extending her hand.

Mary Margaret looked at her hand and hesitated. Gina laughed and said “don’t worry I washed them before you came out. Mary Margaret shook her hand and told Gina her name and that she worked on the second floor. “Oh you’re one of the new junior JMO’s” laughed Gina.

Mary Margaret asked, “What’s a JMO?”

“It stands for jerk me off because the way the big guys order you around you feel like your being jerked off. Mary Margaret didn’t completely get it.

Gina was around 35 and very pretty. Her hair was long and curly and although she wasn’t fat, she had ample breasts and a round ass. She asked Mary Margaret if she was married and Mary Margaret said no.

“I didn’t think so. There is no such thing as a shy bladder when you’re married. I can’t set foot in my bathroom at home without my husband or one of the kids barging in on me. That’s why I like to come hear for some privacy. I was surprised to see you were in here. I come in here every day at 2 PM to relieve myself and get myself off.”

“Get yourself off” Mary Margaret repeated.

Gina laughed and said, “You know like let your fingers do the walking” as she held her hand up and wiggled her fingers.

“You mean you…” Mary Margaret gasped.

“I sure do,” said Gina. “I tried to be quiet today because I didn’t know who you were. You mean you’ve never done that?”

Mary Margaret said no.

“Try it sometime honey, you will like it. I have to go back to work, nice to meet you.” With that Gina was gone leaving Mary Margaret standing there with her mouth open.

As she lay in bed that night, Mary Margaret thought about what happened today. She had never masturbated herself to orgasm. Oh she touched herself a few times and it felt good but every time she would hear her mother’s voice saying in her ear that it was a bad thing to do and she would pull her hand away.

Tonight as she thought about Gina her hand wandered down and slipped in to her pajama bottoms. She slid her fingers between her legs and felt her wetness. She quickly pulled her hand out and rolled over and tried to go to sleep.

The next day at work all she could think about was the scene from the day before. She had an idea. Around five minutes to two she went to the 4th floor ladies room. It was empty. She entered the inner room and went into the 5th stall. This time she pulled the door almost all the way closed leaving it slightly open to make it look like the stall was unoccupied. She then climbed up on the toilet and sat down on the ledge that was built into the tile above the toilet.

At 2 o’clock she heard Gina’s heels clicking across the floor. This time she went straight to the handicapped stall and locked the door. Once again she unleashed a torrent of pee that lasted over a minute. Mary Margaret had hoped Gina didn’t have to shit today but alas Gina was very regular and the sounds of her bowel movement began.

When she finished Mary Margaret heard her moan softly, almost like a baby. Her moans grew loader and stronger. Mary Margaret looked down and noticed Gina’s leg shaking and heard her thrashing up and down on the toilet.

Then she let out a huge scream as her orgasm ripped through her. Mary Margaret held her breath. She didn’t want to be discovered. Gina recovered from her orgasm, wiped herself, flushed the toilet and left the room.

Mary Margaret climbed off the shelf. She sat sinop escort down to pee and placed her hand between her legs. She was soaking wet and she hadn’t even peed yet. She pulled her hand away and peed quickly and left.

The next two days she repeated the scene listening to Gina’s screams of ecstasy. On Friday when she slipped into the ladies room, Gina was sitting on the couch smoking a cigarette.

Mary Margaret looked at Gina startled. All she could think to say was “you’re not supposed to smoke in here.”

Gina laughed. “What are you going to do, report me to your boss? Then I would have to tell him his junior JMO is a little pervert who likes to hide in bathroom stalls and spy on people. I have a sixth sense. I had a feeling someone was in here. So I hid in the empty office across the hall and watched you leave yesterday.”

She started to cry. She was so embarrassed. Gina came over and put her arm around her. “Honey I was kidding I won’t report you. Come with me and I’ll let you see what you’ve been listening to.”

Mary Margaret protested weakly but allowed Gina to lead her into the big handicapped stall. Gina removed her own sweater and skirt. She then unhooked her bra releasing her large breasts. Lastly she removed her thong and stood naked before Mary Margaret.

She sat back on the toilet and spread her legs. Mary Margaret looked down expecting to see a hairy bush like her own but Gina was totally shaved. Gina reached out and took Mary Margaret’s hand and guided it to her clit. It was very wet.

With her own hands Gina spread her pussy lips open and while Mary Margaret rubbed her clit. She began to pee forcefully into the toilet. When she was finished peeing she raised herself slightly off the toilet. With Mary Margaret still fingering her, her anus opened and a long brown log emerged and dropped in the toilet.

Gina was moaning loudly now. She moved Mary Margaret’s hand away and replaced it with her own. She began to buck and trash wildly as she let out a primeval scream. She collapsed back on the toilet. Mary Margaret could not believe what she had witnessed and participated in. Gina looked up at her and said “your turn.”

Mary Margaret protested” no way, uh uh, I can’t.”

“Sure you can honey,” said Gina,” sure you can.” She removed Mary Margaret’s blouse and skirt. She laughed at the old-fashioned white bra and big cotton panties Mary Margaret wore. She wasn’t laughing when she removed them.

Mary Margaret had great tits and a thick mat of fiery red hair covering her bush. Gina said “wow don’t you trim that thing? I’ll have to show you how someday.”

She pushed Mary Margaret down on the toilet. Gina then placed her hand on Mary Margaret’s clit. It was all juiced up. Mary Margaret jumped when she touched it.

“OK just like me you go ahead and pee while I stroke your clitty. Mary Margaret tried but couldn’t pee. Gina took her other hand and gently pressed on Mary Margaret’s bladder rubbing it slowly. A small trickle emerged which turned into a steady stream cascading into the toilet. Gina continued to finger her.

Mary Margaret was delirious. All of a sudden she felt a strange sensation. Her anus began to expand and contract and she felt something begin to slide out. “Oh no I am shitting” she cried.

Gina said, “Let it go baby you will feel better.” It continued to slide out until it was almost 18″ long and then crashed into the toilet water with a splash. “Wow” was all Gina could say.

She replaced Gina’s fingers with her own and stroked furiously. Soon she was rising up a good foot above the toilet and crashing back down. As her orgasm began she fell back down on the toilet. Only this time Gina had two fingers extended and they slipped into Mary Margaret’s pussy. This caused her to have another violent orgasm. Gina withdrew her fingers as Mary Margaret lay back against the wall and closed her eyes. She felt like she was passing out.

She opened her eyes to see Gina dressed and handing her some toilet paper. “Here honey clean up I’ll wait outside.”

She wiped herself, flushed, and got her clothes back on. When she came out Gina was sitting on the couch. Still weak in the knees, Mary Margaret sat down with a thud.

Gina took out 2 cigarettes and lit them. She handed one to Mary Margaret. She didn’t smoke but took it anyway and stuck it between her lips. She felt Gina caress her hair and say “wait till next Friday; I will have another surprise for you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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