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I hurt my back in the dumbest way possible. I spent the entire day rearranging my home office with no trouble at all, but then I sneezed too hard and got something out of whack along the lower part of my spine. I didn’t know if I slipped a disc, or pulled a muscle or what, but it hurt like a bastard. I tried over-the-counter pain relievers, but none of them did anything. After a couple of days of it hurting, I looked up back pain relief online and there were several chiropractors and massage parlors in my area. I had no idea which one to pick so I just looked at the ones with the highest review ratings. I figured I’d try a massage before I saw a chiropractor because it was bound to be cheaper.

The massage place with the most 5-star reviews was across town, so I booked an appointment for the next morning and paid for it online. The place was empty when I got there for my appointment. The receptionist showed me to a small room that had a massage table, a privacy screen, a chair, and a sink in one corner. I sat in the chair and only waited a minute before the masseuse knocked and entered the room. She was a short, white woman, with blue eyes that were nearly turquois in color, and had straight brown hair that framed her kind face. She was shorter than I was and was fairly heavy. Plump instead of fat if that makes sense. She was wearing black-framed glasses, brown Capri pants and a light blue blouse. Her big ass and boobs would’ve been noticeable in a parka, but in the outfit she was wearing, you couldn’t help but notice their size. She was curvy without looking frumpy.

She smiled and said “hi, I’m Bethany! I’ll be your masseuse for this session. Would you like to lay down?”

I said “nice to meet you, I’m David. Shirt on or off?”

She replied “whatever you’re comfortable with. I won’t be able to use any oil if you keep it on though.”

I slipped my t-shirt off and I saw her glance at my chest. I laid face-down on the massage table, my face rested in the circular part at the top of the table.

Bethany asked “was there any place in particular you’d like me to focus on today?”

I told her about how I had messed up my back by sneezing too hard. I heard her stifle a giggle and I said “it’s okay to laugh. It was the dumbest thing in the world. I could understand getting hurt lifting weights or in a fender bender or something, but sneezing? So stupid.”

She said “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t laugh. That’s just not what I was expecting. Are you ready for me to start?”

I nodded and I felt her put some warm oil on my back and start to rub all over. I let out a sigh as she did. I hadn’t ever gotten a professional massage before and it was excellent. I grimaced a little when she touched the sore spot on my back.

She said “is this the spot? You have a huge knot right here.”

I nodded again and she started focusing on that spot. Kneading and rubbing it until it loosened up. I groaned with relief as the pain lessened instantly. Bethany pushed her fingers into and around the painful area until the pain was nearly completely gone.

She said “I think you may have had a disc out of place slightly, but I think I worked it back into alignment. Are there any other bad spots, or do you just want me to do the rest like normal?”

I said “no that was the worst place. And thank you, that feels better than it has in three days.”

She said “well good. I thought that I may have lost my touch. I haven’t given a massage in years.”

Surprised, I said “oh really? I figured you did this everyday.”

She replied “I used to. I just got through a divorce and I just got back to work. When I was married, I didn’t work. But afterward, I needed to get back into the workforce. So here I am. I haven’t given a massage in nearly 20 years, so it’s nice to hear that you’re enjoying it.”

She continued for another 20 minutes or so, rubbing my back all over. When she was finished, she used a towel to wipe away the oil that was on my back. I felt like a wet noodle when I sat up and put my t-shirt back on. I was totally at ease.

I was about to stand up from where I was sitting on the massage table when she asked “would you like to give me a tip?”

Confused, I said “oh, I already did when I booked the appointment. There was a place for gratuity at checkout.”

She grinned and made a jerking off motion and said “thank you, but no, I mean a tip. I’m asking if you want a happy ending.”

I said “oh! Uh, is that allowed? I didn’t think that was something that actually happened in real life. Just in cheesy porn videos.”

She shrugged and said “when I was young, thin, and single, I used to do it all the time. And it’s allowed if I want to do it. I don’t have a boss here, I just rent the space. So how about it? I know a lot of guys get turned on from a massage. Obviously if you don’t want an ugly old fat lady touching your dick, I understand.”

I said “oh no, I’m definitely interested. Uh, how much is the tip?”

She looked pleased and said “$40 for my bonus veren siteler hands, $80 for my mouth.”

That sounded more than reasonable to me, and I said “I’ll take the $40 one please. And I don’t think you’re ugly, fat, or old. I think you’re pretty. Why would you say that about yourself?”

She went to the cabinet by the sink and got another towel and said “well, nothing will make you feel old, ugly and fat like your husband of 23 years leaving you for a skinny, fake-titted barbie doll girl young enough to be his daughter. Lay down and take your shorts down please.”

I did as she instructed and said “ouch, your ex sounds like an asshole.”

She said “he wasn’t for a long time. But things changed. Thank you for saying you think I’m pretty. I haven’t been told that for a long long time. Even if I am fat and old.”

I said “I would say rubenesque. And you’re not old, I bet you’re only a few years older than I am.”

Standing next to the table, she began to rub my semi-hard cock and said “I’m 48.”

I let out a sigh as she touched my prick and said “Okay, you’re 11 years older than me. Not old at all.”

She smiled and said “you’re sweet for saying so. You have a beautiful dick. My husband wasn’t circumcised. I always liked convertibles over hard tops.”

Bethany gently stroked my shaft and tickled my balls until I was fully hard. Her hands were warm and very soft. She still had a little oil from the massage on them which let her easily slide them up and down my cock.

She asked “would it help you if you saw my tits?”

I replied “oh god, yes please! I’d love to see your breasts.”

Grinning, she lifted her shirt over her head and then unclasped her bra. Her big pale boobs drooped down toward her stomach when they were free of her bra. They looked incredible. Her dark pink nipples were rigid and she had areolae roughly a little larger than a silver dollar coin. I wanted to squeeze them, but I figured that was against the rules, so I just enjoyed the view.

I said “your ex is an idiot. No fake tits could possibly ever look better than your real-deal ones. How big are they? If you don’t mind my asking.”

She said “thank you! They’re 42 DDD. You don’t think they’re too saggy?”

I shook my head and said “not at all. You have beautiful tits.”

I watched as she started stroking me again. Her big tits wobbled slightly as she stroked me with her right hand. Seeing her juggs turned me on even more and I felt my dick stiffen further in her hand. She was stroking me in a quick rhythm up and down the whole length of my shaft. Every so often she’d run her palm over the head of my cock on the upward stroke, then twist her hand around the shaft on the downward stroke. After a few minutes, she stroked just my head really fast to give it more stimulation. I was getting really close at that point.

She looked me in the eye and said “just let me know when you’re going to cum, honey.”

I said “I’m almost ready to now.”

She smiled and picked up the towel in her left hand, jerked me hard with her right and said “go ahead. Let me see your spunk. I want you to make my hands all sticky. Come on. Shoot it for me. I love feeling a guy’s spunk as it shoots through his shaft.”

I arched my hips some and said “unnhh, now!”

Bethany quickly moved the towel in place to catch my cum as she stroked me through my orgasm so I wouldn’t make a mess everywhere. I groaned and moaned as she pumped my cock as I felt spurt after spurt of my cum shoot onto the towel. Some dribbled down onto her fingers at the end of my orgasm.

When I was finished she said “jeez, you came a gallon. Been a while for you?”

A little embarrassed, I said “uh, yeah. I’ve been single for over 6 months and no one but me has touched my dick in that time.”

Using the towel to clean her hand and my cock, she said “well, don’t worry. You’re cute, you have nice cock, and you’re sweet. You’ll have no trouble finding a girl I’m sure.”

I sat up and pulled my shorts up and said “thank you. That was amazing. Would it be alright if I booked another appointment soon?”

Brightly, she said “of course! Repeat customers are the best customers. And if you want just the ‘extra’ part of a session, when you book it put in ‘Online20’ in the coupon code field. That’ll signal me that you just want to give me a tip.”

The whole time she was talking, I kept glancing down at her huge naked boobs. I wanted to lick and suck on her nipples so bad. But that wasn’t in the cards for the day. I said thank you one more time, and then went home. All the way home I thought about the half naked masseuse and her talented hands. Her ex-husband was a total idiot. She was hot as hell.

The next morning, I woke up with no back pain whatsoever. In addition to giving me the best handjob of my life, Bethany had fixed my sore spot completely. I went to work like normal that day, but I had trouble concentrating on anything. I couldn’t get the image of Bethany’s gloriously bedava bahis huge boobs out of my mind. I hadn’t planned on booking another appointment so soon, but when it was nearly time to leave for the day, I brought up the parlor’s website. She didn’t have anything available in the evenings, so I booked another appointment for the next morning. I used the online code she’d told me about so she’d know I didn’t need the massage part of the session.

I arrived early for my appointment. I was excited to see her again. And those tits again. The receptionist recognized me and told me to go on back when I went inside. Bethany knocked after a minute and walked in and smiled widely when she saw me.

She said “David! I was hoping it’d be you.”

That was nice to hear, I said “my back is healed. You’re magic. I thought for sure I was going to have to spend a fortune at a chiropractor.”

She said “I’m glad my skills hadn’t gotten rusty. And I’m glad you booked another appointment. When I saw the coupon code in my scheduling, I hoped it was you. Only two other guys paid for a tip since the day before yesterday.”

I said “you’re kidding, I figured every dude would want that.”

She shrugged and said “most of my clients are women. And some men just want the massage. Some are married. Some probably would be interested in tipping someone else, but not me.”

I said “do any of your women clients ever tip?”

She got a sly look and said “you’d be surprised. I only offer on the ones that seem interested though. What did you have in mind today?”

I said with a laugh “I’ve had your tits in mind for 48 hours.”

She chuckled, shook them a little in her shirt and said “these old things?”

I nodded and replied “they’re incredible. I was thinking the $80 tip today if you’re open to it.”

She smiled widely and said “I’d love to suck your dick. The other two tippers wanted handjobs too. I’m in the mood for some sucking.”

I took the cash from my wallet and handed it to her. She motioned for me to lay down on the massage table. I did and lowered my shorts. Bethany stood next to the table and stroked me slowly until I was fully hard. Then she bent over and started licking the head of my dick. My hips twitched as she swirled her tongue around the tip several times. Then she slowly lowered her head down until her lips were all the way at the base of my shaft. She deep throated me with no trouble at all. Not that i have some monster dong, but I’m not a small guy either. I was impressed. Then she raised her head back up while dragging her lips all the way along the sides of my cock. I moaned as she did.

She stood back up and said “I guess you want to see my girls again?”

I said “yes please, if that’s okay.”

She nodded and took her top off and then her black bra. Her massive pale tits looked even better the second time. I watched them hang down freely as she bent back over to suck my dick back into her mouth with a slurping sound. I also had a good view of her backside. It was huge and round and was begging to be squeezed, but I just let her work instead. She had started bobbing her head up and down as I was admiring her swinging tits and bubble butt. Her tongue was licking my shaft each time my dick plunged into her mouth.

After a few minutes she stood back up and asked “do you mind sitting in the chair? I’d be more comfortable on my knees.”

I said “not at all” and got off the table and sat down in the chair.

Bethany followed me and knelt down in front of my spread legs. She placed her hands on my thighs and lowered her face onto my cock again. Her tongue licked and moved on the underside of my prick as she deep throated me a second time. When she slid her lips back up, she started stroking my cock. Bethany moved her mouth down to my balls and started licking them gently as she stroked. I was getting close to cumming at that point. My cock was as hard as it had ever been. She licked my nuts a few more times and then took the top half of my prick into her mouth again. She used one hand to gently rub my balls as she bobbed her lips up and down more quickly. Then she raised her head up, kissed the tip of my cock, and began licking it from top to bottom. It was becoming too much for me.

I said “oh god, I’m close Bethany.”

Quickly, she moved her head back up to take the tip of my cock back into her mouth. She stroked my dick hard and fast with just the very tip in between her lips and my orgasm started. I groaned out loud and I started spurting into her mouth. Her eyes got a little wide as I shot over and over into her sucking lips. The whole time I came, she gently stroked my cock, until, at last, I was done. She sat back on her heels and opened her mouth. My thick white load was collected into the bottom of her mouth and she surprised me by swallowing it all in one big gulp. I had assumed she was going to spit my jizz into the sink.

She said “god damn, that was a massive load sweetie. Thank you. I think deneme bonus I needed that as much as you did. Did you like that?”

I laughed a little and said “are you kidding, yes! You can suck dick better than any girl I’ve ever dated.”

She grinned and said “why thank you!”

I asked her tentatively “uh, this is probably a stupid question, but do you want to go out some time?”

She thought about it for a second and said “I’ve never dated a client before. Knowing what I sometimes do with guys in here wouldn’t bother you?”

I shrugged and said “no, and if you’re willing, I’d love get to know you. And not just because you just gave me the best blowjob of my life.”

She smiled and said “okay, I haven’t been on a date in over two decades, so I’m probably bad at them now. But here’s my personal phone number.”

I put her number in my phone and texted her mine and said “I’ll text you and we can set up something. Sound good?”

Genuinely pleased, she said “yes. I have another appointment in a few minutes. You need to get dressed. I need to get dressed too because my last client was a pervert and wanted to see my boobies.”

I laughed and said “he sounds like a real creep. I’ll text or call you after 5, okay?”

She put her bra and top back on and walked me to the door and said “okay, thanks again honey.”

I couldn’t believe my luck! Maybe sneezing my back out would wind up being a good thing. I went to work and was preoccupied with thoughts of Bethany all day. I droned through my day until it was finally time to go home. When I got home, I sent Bethany a text message.

David: Hey Bethany, I just got off work. Are you finished working?

Bethany: Yup I just got home. Thinking about fixing dinner, but that sounds like a drag.

David: Total drag. Skip cooking and have dinner with me.

Bethany: Okay! Where do you want to go?

David: Do you like Mexican food?

Bethany: Duh, who doesn’t?

David: Good point. Want to meet somewhere?

Bethany: Can you pick me up?

David: Sure, what’s your address?

Bethany: Great! Give me 30 minutes to get ready.

She sent me her address and I started to get ready too. I hadn’t been on a first date in months, but I wasn’t nervous. Handjobs and blowjobs are a great ice breaker, I guess. I ran a brush through my hair, used some mouthwash, and changed my clothes. Once I felt reasonably presentable, I left to pick her up. Bethany lived a few miles from my place in a nicely maintained two-story house. I got there right about the time she had asked me to pick her up.

I knocked on the door and after a few seconds Bethany opened the door. She was wearing a light green dress, a thin white sweater, and matching shoes. The dress had a plunging v-neck that her cleavage was nearly falling out of. My eyes glued themselves to her tits until she cleared her throat. I looked up at her face and she was grinning.

She said “like my dress?”

I said “holy hell, you look so sexy.”

She blushed a little and said “thank you. It’s been a very long time since anyone called me sexy. Ready to go? I’m starving.”

I nodded and we walked back to my car. I opened the door for her and then got in on the driver’s side. I started driving toward my favorite Mexican food restaurant.

She quickly said “please forgive me if I’m weird tonight. I’m nervous and I haven’t been on a first date since I was in my 20s. Especially not since my divorce. It’s been a year since my husband left me for that bimbo and I’ve spent most of that time getting fatter and feeling sorry for myself. You surprised me when you asked me out. I couldn’t believe a handsome young guy would be interested in someone like me.”

I reached for her left hand, held it and said “relax, please try not be nervous.”

She squeezed my hand and said “sorry, I ramble when I get nervous.”

I returned her squeeze and said “you don’t need to apologize. But I promise I won’t think you’re weird this evening.”

She chuckled and said “thanks.”

We got to the restaurant and were seated. She ordered a margarita and I ordered a beer. We placed our orders and munched on chips and salsa. A few minutes later, the server brought our drinks.

I asked “so why are so nervous? I figured after this morning, you’d be comfortable.”

She replied “well, that’s just business, y’know? Fun business that I really enjoyed, but before you asked me out, I figured I’d only see you when you got horny. Finding out you might actually be interested in me, that’s scary for a recent divorcé.”

I nodded and said “I guess that makes sense. Just let me know if there’s anything I can do to make you more comfortable.”

She drank more of her margarita and said “this helps!”

I chuckled and said “more booze, check. I’m sorry your ex-husband was an asshole, but I’m happy for the chance to get to know you.”

She said “thanks. It hurt when I found out about the affair. I wound up with the house, but no alimony. Which is why I went back to being a masseuse. It’s what I did in college and I always liked it. I hadn’t planned on asking for tips like I did when I was young, but I was pretty horny rubbing you down. So I decided to see if you were interested in the ‘extra’ part of sessions.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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