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I went Sue’s Sports Massage Parlor today. It took some time, but when I was called in I was already stripped with my towel wrapped around my waist. I took a glance up and saw my masseuse. She was a gorgeous Latina with long black hair, and brown eyes. Beautifully tanned, and with a great spicy shape. She wore a thin silk one-piece dress with low heel shoes. Her dress made her bulge out and I wanted to lick it. She addressed me in a low soft Spanish accent.

“Hi, how you doing? My name is Sue,”

“Hi, I’m fine, and you?” I asked as I walked into her room.

“Great, lets get started shall we. Why don’t you lie down on the table there face front,”


I Lied down and closed my eyes—Trying to relax my body. The room was warm and moist. She came up to me, and sprayed some oil on my chest and then my legs to my feet. She began to touch me gently, and then began grabbing and massaging. I moaned on and on. I thought I was annoying her, but she came out and said, “So do you like that?”

“Oh yea sweetheart. Uh, just like that oh.”

“Yea, you like that huh.” She began to move lower to my stomach. She just began feeling all over my upper body. şişli escort Then she took her hand underneath my towel and grabbed my cock. She held it firmly but gently. I started moving my hand underneath her dress. She had no panties. I rubbed her pussy gently, as she rubbed my hard 8-inch dick. “Oh you’re a nasty one huh?” I said.

“Only for you babe.”

Her pussy started getting wet so I began flickering and rubbing her clit. She moaned heavily. Breathing deeper until she stuffed her faced in my cock. She had nice medium lips, and a fat ass with a medium frame. She bobbed her head on my cock without pulling it out of her mouth. She rose up after a while and licked the head of my cock one last time before she stopped. She then climbed on the table, and pulled off her one-piece dress. She revealed her small soft tits with tiny nipples. She grabbed hold of my dick and stuck it inside her cunt. She sat on top of me pounding on my cock. Her tits wiggled with her every movement. I grabbed her right one, and massaged it gently while pinching her nipples. After a while, she then laid on top of me pushing her ass up and down, sivas escort and ramming my cock inside her cunt.

“Oh yea, fuck me baby, oh yea.” She moaned out loud.

“You want that bitch, you like that.” I teased.

She began to pick up speeds, ramming me faster and harder. The sound of her ass slapping my thighs was golden, pla pla pla… Her tits kept flinging back and forth from her body onto my chest. She moved her face closer, letting out quiet screams. I moved closer to hers and began French kissing her.

Pla pla pla…

I had a feeling she was beginning to cum. She closed her eyes, and didn’t move her tongue while kissing. Her screams were getting louder, she was unable to hold it back.

Pla pla pla…

She tightens up drastically, and let out a loud screech as I felt her juices run down my length. I pulled off, and put her on her knees and elbows. I went behind her and began rubbing her pussy. She moaned backing up her fat ass. I rubbed my dick a little and softly stuck in her cunt. Her pussy began farting as I nailed her vigorously doggy style. I could see the fatness of her ass cheeks rippling after slamming my sıhhiye escort upper abdomen.

Pla pla pla…

She held on to the other side of the table—pushing herself harder inside of me. Her hair covered her face, and her tits waived back and forth in like a jabbing bag for boxing. I held tightly on her hips, slamming her into me.

Pla pla pla…

I had enough of that and pulled out. She then turned to me, and laid down sideways facing me. I took my dick and stuck it into her cunt again. I pulled up one leg a little higher for better penetration. I also grabbed with my other hand her hip and fucked her faster and harder. She burst out short loud screams. I was beginning to feel the urge to cum inside her so I grabbed her hips tighter and rammed my cock deeper and harder.

Pla pla pla…

“Oh,” I let out as I unloaded my cum inside her cunt.

“Oh yea pappy yea!” She screamed. She got off the table and began sucking my cock. Swallowing all of my juices. I grabbed her behind the head and rammed made her gag on my cock. She moaned with my dick in her mouth. She opened her eyes wide and focuses in on mine. She never stopped moaning while bobbing her head on my cock. She finished sucking me clean and got up from the ground. She turned around to go inside of the bathroom and smacked her ass cheek red when she did.

“Good job,” I said while grabbing my towel and wrapping it around my waist. She giggled and I left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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