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I have always been mature for my age… don’t get me wrong, not mature in my thought processes, but mature when it came to my physical attributes.

At barely 18, I was rather thick and voluptuous. My 36D’s sat up nice and perky and my booty was ‘to die for’, if I may quote the generic high-school teenage male.

My natural tan, brown almond eyes, pouty lips, usually covered in shiny lip gloss, and my long luscious hair (the color varied by the month) earned me loads of attention.

And attention I liked. I craved it. Call me insecure, I don’t care. I worked hard for those looks, or rather, my parents worked hard. French manicures/pedicures, hair appointments, dance practice, personal training… comes at a price. I was young, dumb, my hormones were running wild, and thought I was hot shit.

Not only did I think I was hot shit, but so did everything male in a 5-mile radius of me. I was used to getting what I wanted. Until I met, Mr. Siegel…

First Tuesday of my senior year, Algebra 2. Definitely not my forte. At least my outfit was on point. My white flannel mini-skirt provided a nice contrast to my tan thick dancer legs (thick thighs and pretty eyes) and went well with my red wrap-around heels. Did I mention that my pedicure was on point? I was a sucker for pink. My white bare-midriff top was, admittedly, a little heavy on the cleavage, but I did not mind that at all. Some people pay to have tits like that. Plus, I had worked hard for that flat belly and wanted to show of my cute new bellybutton piercing.

My morning hadn’t gone ideal. The Starbucks barista had gotten my order completely wrong. How can you mess up on a skinny iced vanilla latte? Then I broke the French tip on my index finger while closing the car door.

Nevertheless, I walked into my first period Algebra class earlier than usual, about 15 minutes late.

And there he was… His back was turned to me writing on the chalkboard, talking about things I had no desire to fathom. Unfortunately, nobody had bothered to oil the squeaky door over the summer, so my entrance was rather obvious.

He stopped mid stroke and abruptly turned towards the door and me. At 6′ 2″ he was rather tall. Definitely towering over me at five (in heels, that is). There was nothing remarkable about him. He looked like he was in his mid-to-late 40s, thinning blonde hair, neatly-trimmed full-beard, broad shoulders, dad pouch. White dress shirt that needed to be buttoned up. Dude was obviously wanted to show off his chest-hair. Stuck in the 80s. Nice hands though, and an obvious rather large bulge protruding through his skinny jeans. He raised an eyebrow as he looked me up and down for what felt like an eternity. It looked like he had a hard time deciding whether he was pleased or displeased with what he saw. In the end, the latter won.

“And you are?” he asked pointedly and rather unpleasant.

I gave him my most pleasant smile and responded “Ashley.”

“You have a last name, Ashley?” he mumbled, while looking down at his roster.

“Ashley G,” I responded in my most pleasant tone, while running my hand through my hair. It always worked with guys.

Honestly, I was more worried about the cracked French tip on my index finger that what this math-whizz had to say. As I made my way to my desk, he kept staring. When I sat down, he was still looking at me, smirking. I am sure he did not mind my skirt riding up.

“Ms. G., would you mind explaining to me why you are late today?”

I was getting rather annoyed with his questioning and responded, “I am actually rather punctual today, Mr…”

“Siegel, Rolf Siegel. You can call me Mr Siegel. Ms G., my class starts at 07:45 not 08:10. As you can tell, most students are in their seats trying to comprehend the material I am teaching. Until you decided to grace us with your presence that is…”

‘How dare he put me on the spot like that,’ I thought.

“I am sorry Mr. Siegel, it won’t happen again.”

“I hope so,” he responded, still staring at me.

He started to turn around, then hesitated and looked at me again.

“Ms. G., I am pretty sure this school has a dress code. What I am not so sure about is, if you are dressed in accordance with it…”

I was outraged, embarrassed, and turned on at the same time. Usually, when I said jump, guys would ask ‘how high?’ Not this guy. Not ever had a man talked to me like that before. However, he did notice me and my outfit and it occupied his mind enough to comment on it. And it seemed like since I had stepped in the room, that bulge in his pants had grown in size by just a tad. I’d call that a win.

There was some muffled laughter, which directed his attention to the back of the room.

“Enough,” he shouted. “Let’s get back to Algebra,” he exclaimed as he turned back to the board and continued writing nonsense.

I couldn’t quite point my finger at it but something about this guy made my freshly Brazilian-waxed, tight little pussy tingle.

‘I am adiosbet yeni giriş going to turn his world upside down,’ I thought to myself as I was twirling my tongue piercing.

‘We will see who wins in the end…’

Throughout the remainder of the period, I caught him steal a glance several times as I was biting on my pencil. When the bell rang, I was not in a hurry to get out. As the room emptied, I walked up to the front of the room, splaying my hands on his desk while pushing my chest out in the process. He looked up, his eyes darting between my face and my tits, finally meeting my gaze.

“Can I help you, Ms. G?”

I lowered my eyelids and bit my lower lip before responding, “Please, call me Ashley. I am sorry about the interruption this morning. Won’t happen again.”

I couldn’t help but steal a glance at that bulge. I did not feel too bad about it since he was obviously staring at my juicy rack.

“Great,” he said as his face lightened up.

“Ashley, you can call me Rolf. Our year together should be pleasant for you as long as you don’t forget one thing,” he said, his eyes still darting.

“What’s that?” I responded in my most breathy, flirty voice.

“That I am in charge,” he declared.

There was that tingle again and I could feel my lips getting creamy.

“I am sure you will remind me if I ever do forget…” I responded with a smile.

As I turned to walk out of the room, I ‘accidentally’ dropped my pencil. I slowly bent over to pick it up, making sure he had a perfect view of my juicy booty and the pink lace thong I was wearing under my skirt. I may have stayed in the position a little longer than necessary, but the pencil was so damn slippery. As I stood back up, I looked over my shoulder and noticed that I had his full attention.

“Have a nice day,” I purred as I left the room, making sure to sway my hips, shaking that hot ass of mine.

Math seemed a lot more fun, all of the sudden.

Exam day, and I was hopelessly unprepared.

‘I should have skipped the pole-fitness class and studied.’ I thought to myself as I got out of my car.

As I walked into class at 7:40, Mr. Siegel was already sitting at his desk. I noticed him noticing me as I walked in. I relished those moments. As a matter of fact, I picked my outfits with him in mind.

My low-rise black leather pants were on the tighter end, but made my ass look great, exposing just a hint of my lacy red thong. Who am I kidding, my ass looked good no matter what. The tight button-up blouse I was wearing gave a hint of the red-lace push-up bra I was wearing underneath. I had left just enough of the buttons open to give him a nice view of my perky, voluptuous rack. I was wearing my dirty blond hair in piggy tails today. My ex had mentioned that it drove him wild when I did my hair like that.

‘Wonder if Mr. Siegel feels the same way,” I thought to myself as I applied more pink lip-gloss.

I could feel him looking at me. The sexual tensions was undeniable and it made my kitty creamy.

In the last couple of weeks, I had caught myself day-dreaming about him. I had never been a sucker for chest hair, but I often imagined raking my nails over his chest.

And that bulge…. I had never been into cock-worship, but I often wondered what his prick looked like. ‘He was German’ I thought, ‘I wonder if he is circumcised?’

Either way, when I was tickling my pearl at night, I often wondered what his prick would feel like, sliding in between my lubed up hot titties.

I had never thought of myself as having daddy issues, but the thought of him made my pussy purr.

My day-dream was suddenly interrupted when he got up from behind his desk and announced:

“Exam day and I hope you guys are prepared. Remember, this counts 30% towards your final grade in my class and can make or break you. I have adequately prepared you guys, so if you paid attention, there should be no reason to be nervous.”

I noticed that bulge as he passed my desk.

“Keep it in your pants, Ashley. God…. “

There I was, completely unprepared and likely unable to graduate if I bombed this.

‘But…’, I thought and smiled to myself.

‘I may have an idea’

I started to write a note on the empty white sheet.

Mr. Siegel,

I came entirely unprepared today. To be honest, I have a huge crush on you and often catch myself in class thinking about you and your cock. I think of how it would feel, sliding between my perky, soft tits and how I could drive you wild with my mouth. Sometimes, I need a strong hand to guide me and I am sure you could teach me a thing or two. I know you are married and much older than me. Who am I kidding, you could be my dad. But I cannot help that my panties get creamy every time I sit in your class. I left you a little surprise in your right coat pocket. Feel free to text me if you like.


I excused myself to the restroom, where I took off my lacy, and now damp, red adiosbet giriş thong. I did not particularly cared for the smell, but I had been told that the way my pussy smelled drove men wild. Granted, the comment was made by a teenage boy, but if it worked for a teenager maybe it worked for a mid-to-late 40s male as well. Back in class, I waited till everyone had left and walked up to his desk to hand in my test. He was standing at his desk, facing me.

“Ashley, I am glad you took advantage of the full hour. I hope you came prepared.” he said as I approached him. I stopped in front of him. Even in heels, he towered over me. I looked down, biting my lower lip, before looking up at him.

“I am not sure, but I hope you grade me fairly,” I said as I placed one of my hands on his chest while I slipped my lacy thong into his right coat pocket.

With that I turned around and walked out of the room, swaying my hips for him, placing the test on his desk before leaving the room.

The rest of the day was a blur and rushed by.

Later that night as I was getting ready for bed, my phone vibrated several times in a row.

‘I don’t recognize the number’ I thought as I clicked on the notification.

The first message was a picture of the test with a big B- written on it.

The message read:


I am sure that with some private tutoring, I can teach you the skillset to get that B- to an A by the end of the year.

I was sizzling inside as my phone vibrated again. When I opened the message, I was looking at a picture. Mr. Siegel was standing in front of his bathroom mirror, wearing nothing but briefs. What drew my attention was the outline of his huge, hard prick, and shiny, swollen mushroom head protruding from the top of his briefs.

‘I am gonna earn that A’ I thought as I felt my pussy tingle.

I must have already dozed off when my phone buzzed again. Another message from Rolf:

This is short notice. My wife and kids are leaving for the weekend. I need you to be at my place tomorrow no later than 8pm. Tell your parents that you are spending the weekend with a friend. Will send the address tomorrow.

I have plans tomorrow night. It’s my best friend’s bday. We can do Saturday night.

This is not a negotiation. Tomorrow, no later than 8pm.


‘What an ass,’ I thought.

‘Definitely knows what he wants though.’

I dozed off again.

The next day was uneventful. Around 3pm, Rolf sent me the address along with the message to come dressed appropriately. I chuckled as I read it.

‘I am not gonna make it tonight. We’ll see you tomorrow

No response. I figured it was settled.

It was time to get ready for Allyson’s bday party. I was excited to show off my new backless sequin gold glitter dress. It went great with my padded lace up heels. I would be the center of attention.

As I was putting my makeup on, the dog started barking. Shortly after, I heard the doorbell ring.

‘Must be Allyson. She is early today’.

Muttered voices. A couple of minutes later, a knock on my door.

“Come in….”

My dad opened the door and walked in.

“Ashley, I just talked to your Math teacher Mr. Siegel. He said that you are failing your class and will likely not graduate if you don’t turn this around. You have a test coming up on Monday and he said that he offered to tutor you over the weekend to ensure that you pass.”


“Dad, I am going with Allyson tonight. I will meet up with Mr. Siegel tomorrow.”

“Ashley, this is your future we are talking about. Mr Siegel was kind enough to clear his schedule so he could make sure you succeed. Let’s not inconvenience him anymore than you already have!”

“Now grab your stuff and cover yourself up.”

“That won’t be necessary Mr. G. My wife is very engaged with the local church and will pester her all night about her outfit choices,” Mr. Siegel said as he strolled into my room.

‘What in the fuck,’ I thought.

“Dad, it’s Allyson’s 18th bday. We had this planned for almost a year!”

“Ashley, stop arguing with me. You will go with Mr. Siegel!”

Rolf stood behind him, looking extremely pleased with himself.

I sighed, grabbed my backpack and walked out of the room. Defeated.

“Good gurl,” I heard him murmur under his breath.

“Ashley, you can have Allyson pick you up after. I am sure Mr. Siegel will not keep you any longer than absolutely necessary.”

“I surely won’t,” Rolf said with a smile while shaking my dad’s hand.

“Thank you very much, Mr Siegel. I wish we had more teachers as engaged and concerned about students well-being as you are.”

“Thank you sir. It’s not a job, it’s a calling.”

‘You have to be fucking kidding me!’

We walked out. His Ford Mustang was parked in front of my house.

‘At least he got a nice car,’ I thought as he opened the door for me, looking pretty goddamn pleased with himself.

Not much adiosbet güvenilirmi was said during the drive. Rolf drove like an asshole. Go figure.

We pulled into the garage of a rambler in a fairly upscale neighborhood. He garage door buzzed closed behind us. He opened the door and gestured me to walk in. We walked into a roomy living room. The fireplace was burning, lights dimmed with some classical low-key music playing. There were two roomy leather couches on opposite ends of the room and comfy looking fur-blankets spread on the ground in between the couches.

I felt him behind me, staring. He came closer. I could feel him right behind me. One of his hands grabbed the back of my hair, while the other one grabbed my hips and pulled me in. I could feel his rock-hard cock grinding against my thick ass.

“You feel that, you little hussy? You think you can waltz into my classroom with your tits and ass hanging out and drive me wild? Give me blue-balls for weeks and then ditch me. I could feel his tongue licking up the side of my neck until his mouth was right next to my ear. His hips were circling, grinding his hard dick up and down between my tight booty.

My tight pussy was on fire as I felt the cream between my lips. I couldn’t help but moan in pleasure.

“You like that you little cock-tease, don’t ya?” he growled in my ear.

“Mmmmh, I can smell your juicy, tight pussy. Bet you’ve never had a real man take care of you.”

“I am gonna slip into something more comfortable and get us a drink. Take that dress off. Leave on the heels. I love the way they make your legs look. I wanted to fuck you right there in your room. You have no idea how wild you drive me,” he hissed into my ear.

I cried out with pleasure. I was confused. I should’ve felt violated but I loved the way he took charge and imposed his will. Not like the immature little boys I was used to dating. My skin was on fire, longing for his saliva and his hard prick. He briefly left the room and returned shortly after wearing a black bathrobe. He was carrying a bottle of whine in one, and two glasses in the other hand.

“I told you to take the dress off,” he growled at me. His eyes staring at me like a lion looking at his prey.

I slipped out of my dress under his watchful stare. I could hear him breathe out heavily as my let the dress slip to the floor, now only wearing the heels laced up my calves and a tiny gold sequin thong. He made me feel hot. Like a hot-blooded woman. I was getting into this.

He sat down in a leather chair, facing me, sipping on his whine. He smelled the whine, swirling it, all the while looking at me.

“Louis Jadot Beaujolais,” he murmured. “The right whine for the occasion.

“Make yourself comfortable” he said, pointing towards the couch across from him.

“I want you to see you touch your hot little body. Drive me wild. You surely know how to do that.”

I turned and walked towards the couch, swaying my hips, shaking my hot tight ass. I sat down on the edge of the couch across from him, running my hands through my hair, giving him a hot moan.

“Yessss! Good gurl. You will earn that A!”

I gave him a hot look as I squeezed my soft, perky tits together, while biting my lower lip. Sweet juices were flowing out of my tight, freshly-waxed pussy, soaking my tiny thong. Raking my nails through my hair, I closed my eyes and leaned back catching myself with my other hand. As I opened my eyes to look back at him he had opened his robe. His prick was huge and looked so tasty. I wanted to taste his cream. He was playing with his tip, rubbing his foreskin up and down with a corkscrew like motion exposing the shiny mushroom-like head.

I licked my lips, sucking one finger into my mouth. He grabbed something behind him and tossed it to me. I barely caught it. Baby oil.

“Squirt that on your tits,” he growled.

I cried out in pleasure as I could feel the warm oil squirting on my chest. I spread my fingers running my nails slowly down my chest, feeling every hot curve of my luscious, hot young body.

“Yesss, lube up those titties for me,” he gasped.

Spreading my legs as my nails were driving over my thick, juicy thighs, I squeezed my shiny tit with my left hand as my right drove down towards my steaming hot pussy. I pulled my tiny thong to the side as I brought my nipple to my mouth and started sucking on it. It felt like my body was on fire as pulses of heat were running through my crotch. I was cumming hard and it was like nothing I had ever felt before. I cried out in pleasure as my index finger was rubbing over my pulsing clit, covering it with a mix of my sweet cream and the warm oil, running down my hot, young body.

“Mmmmh, yeah. You hot little bitch! You know exactly what you are doing,” he growled as he was jerking his hard pulsing cock.

“Come here, and earn your grade, my naughty, little slut.”

I let my back slide down the couch and got on all fours, approaching him like a cougar. I could see his hand sliding up and down on his rock-hard, veiny prick, covered with his cream. I licked my shiny, luscious lips as I was getting closer, my eyes dialed in on that cock I had fantasized so much about. I was ready for him to have his way with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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