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Memorial Day Weekend

On Saturday of Memorial Day weekend I got up and went for a run. When I got back, Brandi was finishing up with breakfast for the kids and her parents were there to take the kids for the weekend to the family cabin on the lake. I grabbed a quick bite and headed to the shower after kissing the kids goodbye and wishing my in laws well. I was pretty close to finished with the shower when Brandi popped in to join me. I immediately got hard at the site of her naked sexiness. She took the soap and soaped me all over and then grabbed the razor. She quickly removed the stubble from my underarms, moved down my chest, pubes, legs and back up the back of my legs before gently shaving my ass. I love the sensual feel when she is shaving me. Not only do her hands feel sexy sliding over my smooth skin, but the act of submission is so powerful. I am in charge in so many aspects of my life that my willing acquiescence feels freeing.

As I was bent over to allow her to shave my ass crack, I noticed she had left a small tuft of hair above my cock. Too small to be a landing strip, it was more of a cute, feminine curl. This was unusual as she always shaved me fully bare, and had even commented that her bush was the only body hair in the relationship, as if to associate pubic hair with power. I was hoping she’d let me come, especially since she’d pushed two fingers inside my ass and slid them in and out a few times, as she loves to do. Nonetheless, she kicked me out, put a new cartridge in the razor and started shaving her legs.

I stood in awe, watching her and I was especially turned on when she shaved her pussy completely. On Thanksgiving weekend, she had remarked that, because she had more body hair than I did, I was to be her bitch for the weekend. I wondered for a minute if we were reversing the power dynamic for this holiday weekend. It was foolish self indulgence as I would discover before the day was over.

After the shower, Brandi was sitting on the bed applying lotion. Her smooth pussy was so inviting, I took the bold (for me) step of not waiting for an invitation and diving straight into her smooth glory with my tongue and lips. I lavished kisses on her smoothness, her lips, and her glorious clit. She began to ride me, humping my face as she neared an orgasm. As she came, I held my tongue firmly on her clit and felt the power of sınırsız escort her orgasm. I stood up and slid my cock into her without asking for permission. She was still in the throes and didn’t stop me so I pounded her as hard as I could. I grabbed her hips and pulled her tight and rotated my pelvis to grind on her clit. She came again, with a loud scream and the pulsing of her pussy brought me to an explosive climax deep inside her. (Well, for me it was deep; She often reminds me that I’m not very well endowed.)

I slowly slipped out of her and she grabbed a fitful of my hair and kissed me hard. As we broke the kiss, she never let go and pushed my head back down to her heavenly smooth pussy, which was now dripping with my cum.

“Lick me, bitch,” she commanded hoarsely.

I licked our combined juices, swirling my tongue in the slippery, sexy mess that was her pussy. My tongue scooped cum from her hole and washed her clit with the residue over and over until I sensed another orgasm building. I fingered her clit while tongue fucking her hole and her third orgasm of the morning crashed over her, releasing the last of my cum, splashing my face. She pulled me back up and kissed me, tasting both of us, and smiling.

“You are still my bitch,” she cooed, “no matter the hair.” Her comment was unsurprising but clarifying. I could expect to be put through my paces this weekend as she relished the power dynamic. I was fearful, hopeful and turned on all at the same time. I love her unconditionally and I love when she makes me serve her.

I lay on the bed, watching her get dressed. She was planning to wear a pair of tight white shorts, but she could not find a pair of panties that didn’t show thru the white material, after trying on several and checking in the full length mirror. She finally decided to go commando, even though her shorts would be pretty revealing that way. Of course, we both know that one of Brandi’s rules is that, when she isn’t wearing panties, I must be. I went over to our dresser and started looking through my collection of panties and settled on a white lace thong. Brandi shook her head disapprovingly and said, “Pink.”

There was only one pink pair in my drawer, so I pulled on a pink thong with a wide waistband of lace. She handed me a pair of white shorts with no rear pockets or lining, şırnak escort despite knowing full well that I’d have the same visible panty issues she had. I hoped it wouldn’t be too obvious, but a peek in the mirror set me straight. What Brandi wants, Brandi gets.

We went to our town’s Memorial Day parade, watching all the soldiers, first responders and local marching bands. Her sister Jacqui joined us, walking up behind us and whispering in my ear, “I love your pink panties, you little slut.” She patted my ass and I hung my head wondering who else may have noticed.

After the parade we lingered in our local downtown, window shopping and enjoying the spring day. Brandi was wearing a tight pink tank top and her nipples were prominently on display. Jacqui was wearing crop top and short pink shorts. She wasn’t as overtly showing off her body as was her sister, but I was grateful that most eyes in town would be on them and hoped nobody would notice the panty lines and pink color under my shorts.

There was one storefront downtown that had never been able to host a successful business. Several different businesses had tried and failed, for whatever reason. But recently a tattoo parlor had opened there. Brandi decided, seemingly on the spur of the moment, that she needed a tattoo. We both need tattoos she added. We went into the shop and she went first, requesting a patriotic eagle. When the tattoo artist asked where she wanted it, she dropped her shorts, sat in his chair and pointed to a spot just above and to the side of her pussy, near where her hips and legs meet. The tattoo artist smiled and got to work. Jacqui and I browsed the shop designs while we waited.

When Brandi was done, we really didn’t get to see the creation because she had gauze over it. But she never put her shorts back on as we got me into place for my tattoo. Brandi wanted my tattoo on my ass, so she had me take off my shorts but leave on my thong, allowing the artist to work on my cheek.

Wow, you guys are pretty crazy,” was the only thing our artist said. I lay on the table and he went to work. I had no idea what kind of design I was getting, but I wasn’t in charge anyway. Brandi and Jacqui stood and watched, enjoying my grimaces and obvious humiliation.

Bo, the tattoo artist was getting more talkative as he worked. “So, what’s the deal with you guys taksim escort anyway? How does she get you to do what she wants?”

Jacqui jumped in and said, “because he is a sissy cocksucker who likes to be fucked in his ass. Seriously, I have a video of him saying it.” To my horror, she pulled up a video of our adventures in Brandi’s Turn Pt 2 where she made me beg her to fuck me with her strap on cock after losing a bet. She played the video for Bo and I heard myself say,

“I’m a sissy cocksucker who likes to be fucked in his panty wearing ass.”

“That’s it.” Jacqui is heard responding in the video, “Now beg me to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.”

“Please, Please Jacqui. Fuck me hard. Please fuck me like the sissy I am.”

Bo let out a long sigh, “Damn, dude. You willing to do anything they tell you?”

I was so humiliated, but I could feel my cock throbbing below me as I lay on the table. “Yes,” I whispered.

“I didn’t hear you man,” he pressed. “Are you willing to do anything they tell you?”

I looked at Brandi; she was clearly expecting an answer, standing with her arms crossed, still not wearing any pants. “Yes,” I said definitively and clearly. “Anything. Any. Thing.”

“That is fucking crazy,” Bo said. “Damn. So if they told you to suck a cock, you’d do it?”

“Yes sir,” I replied meekly but out loud.

There was a palpable tension in the air.

“I really want to see him suck a cock,” Jacqui broke the silence.

Bo stood up and dropped his pants as he walked to the top of the table. His large black cock was inches from my face and I looked at Brandi who nodded and silently gestured for me to start sucking. I took a hold of his cock and kissed the head, slowly swirled my tongue up and down the shaft before letting it slide inside my mouth. Brandi and Jacqui shouted encouragement as I picked up the pace and Bo began fucking my mouth. My own cock was having trouble being contained by my pink panties and Bo’s cock grew larger. Brandi and Jacqui had moved closer and were stroking his back and ass and he finally let out a yell and exploded what seemed like a gallon of cum in my mouth. I swallowed what I could but wound up spilling a bunch onto my face. Jacqui took a finger and wiped the cum all over my face. They made me walk home with the cum drying on my cheeks and even in my hair.

The next morning I removed the bandage from my ass and saw the words “Brandi’s Bitch” in script tattooed on my right butt cheek. I was applying the antibacterial ointment when I heard Brandi call out, “I invited Bo over for a cookout today. You don’t mind do you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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