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Candy as Bait

It would behoove you to read the previous chapter before continuing reading this final episode.

I woke hearing Candy humming from the bath room. Her delightful voice singing a happy verse over and over again, “I got a feeling that today is going to be good, good day!” I think the tune was from a Black Eyed Peas song. She sounded very excited verbalizing that tune.

Coming out of the bath room naked, she saw me awake. Jumping on the bottom of the bed, she sensually crawled up to me smiling and still humming. Once she crawled on top of me, she got close to my face, looked me in the eyes, and sang the verse again. Then she gave me a deep French kiss and broke for air.

“I’m looking forward to seducing this guy Tyler darling,” she sensually said. “What time do we have to be there?”

Smiling I replied, “Service is at 10 am. We should probably be there 15 minutes early so you can sit next to him. He’ll be in the front pew.”

She giggled and answered, “Oh goodie, I have time to feel your big cock in me before we go.”

In a moment she had the covers off my naked body and began sucking on my hardening rod. As she slurped him into a harder state of erection, I couldn’t help think of the night before. This was the morning after she was paid to fuck four guys and she woke up happy and horny! After last night’s fuck feast, I thought that I would have to persuade her to have sex with Tyler. Instead she seemed excited about doing so. Only one other girl that I’ve ever dated woke up horny after a long night of sexual bliss and wanted to fuck the next day. That lovely girl was a young Mercedes. Candy being horny, even after the sexual pounding she had the night before, should have made me realize that she wasn’t as innocent as she had said. But when she sat on top of me and guided my throbbing cock into her wet cunt, my little brain took over.

Having Candy controlling the sex, allowed me to enjoy the pleasure of her body. I sat up and began sucking on her beautiful full big tits. I really loved her body and playing with her assets. It wasn’t long before my hands were on her hips pushing her up and down on my cock as she kept saying.

“That a boy Geno. You feel so big in me. Oh yeah, I love it! Give to me! Yes! Yes! Fuck me Geno! I’m so freaking horny!”

I did just that. I fucked Candy for over twenty minutes until I went to pull out to explode a gallon of semen. Instead she yelled for me to squirt it in her, just like the guys did the night before. Holding her hips tightly over my dick, I began squirting my goo into her wet cunt. She blissfully moaned feeling it exploding in her. When she jumped off me, my semen dripped over me. She giggled as she quickly went to clean up. On her return she knelt next to me and told me how much she loved me and wanted to please me. Then she asked what I wanted her to wear.

“Well Candy,” I said. “I love you too. How about you wear the new white sundress with the red cherries printed all over it, without a bra and just a G-string under it? You’ll look so amazing wearing that outfit. Do you remember when we went and took a bunch of photos at the college after you bought it? We had a lot of on lookers watching you that day.”

She smiled and gave a little naughty snicker as left to get dressed.

I got up and went to shower to get ready myself. It was going to be a long day with Candy being the bait to catch Tyler. While waiting for her to come out, I quickly texted Sam. He returned my query about being ready to pounce on Tyler’s house once he left. Then he texted back that Mercedes was with him dressed in a short red skirt, which he was having a hard time keeping his hands off her. I texted back with a smiling face. His last text was reminding me about making sure Candy wore the GPS and mic bracelet.

I quit my communication once I saw Candy walking into the room. The flowing dress landed a few inches above her knees. The top was tightly against her big breast, making her nipples slightly protruding from under the cotton material. The light behind her silhouetted her form, which gave me an instant hard on. She looked very alluring with her cork heels laced up over her ankles. As she walked showing off, she twirled a few times which made her dress rise up. I loved watching her hot 5 foot skinny frame with her big DD tits begging to be noticed modeling for me.

Giggling she said, “Do you like me in this Geno? I think it may be too risqué for church.” She continued giggling, “But I’m sure to get noticed.”

Laughing I answered, “You’re right. It isn’t really appropriate for church. What if you put on that white short jacket to hide your boobs? That way if he takes you to lunch you can take it off enticing him more.”

She snickered and went to get it. Once she put it on, she had the look of being naughty but still innocence. She again asked how she looked and I told her that she would make every guy admiring her beauty. But what I meant to say that every guy would get a hard ataşehir escort bayan on looking at her. The last item I gave her was a silver bracelet that had a small mic and GPS chip embedded in it. We needed to keep track of her and hear any conversation, although I never told her about our ease dropping.

We drove separately to the church, which was a non-denomination type of congregation. I parked my Harley next to her old beat up Honda. I followed her in and sat in the pew behind her. She was sitting next to an old couple and the guy smiled at her but his wife gave her a nasty look. When Tyler showed 5 minutes later, his eyes roamed her body mentally undressing her like the pervert he was. You could tell by his expression of lust that he liked what he saw. She smiled and said hi. He answered her back. Then the service started. Every time he came down from the podium, his eyes were glued on Candy.

After the service was over, Candy talked with Tyler while walking out of the church and he seemed interested. They walked over to the gathering and she stood there while he got her a cup of coffee. Then his phone rang. I quickly took my phone and stood behind him to clone it with his. I walked away to listen to his conversation. It was about Mercedes and where she was. Just before he hung up, he turned to look at Candy who was now flirting with a couple of other guys.

Then he said, “I think I have the problem of getting a girl today for Russian. How about a petite well-built blonde? (pause) Yeah I’ll have her at my place by three. You can pick her up there.”

With a small receiver in my pocket and the ear piece in my ear, I listened to Tyler as he approached Candy.

“Well Candy what do you think of our church,” he asked.

As she sipped her coffee she answered, “It’s very friendly. I would like to more information though, before I can decide to come here every Sunday.”

“How about going with me and my friends to lunch? He is also a Deacon here and we can answer any questions,” was Tyler’s response back.

She answered, “I would love too. Maybe I can get to know you better too.” She giggled with a huge flirtatious smile.

He took her hand and walked to his Audi. I followed them on my Harley. Once to this outdoor cafe, I sat across the street at a bus stop and listened to their boring conversation about the church. After lunch, the other couple left. Then their exchange turned flirtatious with Candy taking off her jacket to give Tyler a better view of her cleavage. It worked.

After giving Candy her third champagne cocktail, he moved closer finally sitting next to her. They continued chit-chatting for another 15 minutes about her needs, until Candy finished all of her drink and began to feel tipsy. I could tell in her voice as she spoke.

“Oh my Tyler,” she slurred. “I don’t what’s wrong with me. I feel so freaking strange. I never get this way from just three cocktails and they were mostly orange juice. Can we go?”

I didn’t hear anything back from Tyler. But in 5 minutes they came out with his arm around her waist and took her to his car. He opened the door, strapped her in and got in.

“Since I live real close, I’m going to drive you to my place so you can lie down,” he said.

She giggled, “Okay!”

But instead of leaving right away, I heard her scream. “What are you doing Tyler? Why are you rubbing my pussy?” I didn’t hear anything from Tyler, but after a few minutes Candy blurted, “Oh my god! That feels so good. How did you know I was becoming really horny?”

Then Tyler softly spoke almost whispers like so I could barely hear, “That’s it gorgeous. Relax and let the heat take control. I guarantee you’ll enjoy yourself, if you just let it happen! Embrace the feeling and everything will be okay.”

Then I didn’t hear anything except Candy’s moaning. Suddenly Tyler muttered, Take off your panty Candy and get those beautiful legs open wider.” There was a slight pause until Tyler uttered, “You have such a beautiful vulva Candy. I bet a lot of guys have enjoyed seeing it? Let me play with you until we get back to my place, then you will have the time of your life. Does that arouse you Candy?”

He started the car and all I heard back from Candy was moaning and her saying, “Hurry up! I’m so freaking horny right now. God I’ve never felt this hot before. I want it so freaking bad. Can you go faster?”

They sped away and I didn’t hurry to catch up. I knew where they were headed, so I texted Sam and told him that they were on their way home. He replied with all set. Instead, I rushed back into the restaurant and luckily they hadn’t cleared the table. Taking Candy’s cocktail glass, l took a small pill container and poured the few drops of cocktail and some sediment that was at the bottom into the vile. The way Candy was acting I thought he might have slipped her something. As I was leaving, Tyler phone rang. So I clicked into the conversation.

Some guy was talking, “Did you get the blonde?”

Tyler escort kadıköy answered, “Yeah, she’s in the car right now and I’m priming her.”

The other guy responded, “What! You gave her the juice!”

Tyler answered, “You wanted her didn’t you? I had to make sure she would cooperate. So I gave her a full packet. She’ll be good for at least 6 hours and probably longer, since she’s so petite.” He laughed. “And Ramon, once I rubbed her cunt, she took to it without protest like a girl in heat. I’m sure she’ll be very agreeable to everything.”

More laughter on each end as Ramon said, “Okay see her at three.”

By the time I got to Tyler’s place and got in the van with Sam, Mercedes, and Hammer; Candy was already fucking Tyler. I looked at the monitor and grabbed some head phones. Watching Candy fucking him and verbalizing her enjoyment, was apparent that she was having fun. We watched over an hour of him pounding my beautiful Candy’s sexually charged body into a few big orgasms. He also looked pleased with himself by squirting a few loads of cum on her face and tits. When he finished his last load, they rested and he got her some water.

As Candy lay with her legs twitching like she still needed more banging, Mercedes made some comments.

“I’ve never watched anyone having sex like her before. She was very energetic and animated as he pleasured himself. I hope this doesn’t screw up your relationship with her Geno? She did look like she really enjoyed it. I loved her smiles as he squirted on her face.” It was like Mercedes was taunting me about Candy and I sensed some jealously in her comments.

Before I could say anything Hammer blurted, “Are you saving this one just for yourself Geno or are you going to share her like you did with Mercedes when those Asian’s drugged her?”

Mercedes laughed and sensually said, “Oh Geno loves sharing his girls. Now don’t you Geno?” Then like something just being turned on in her mind she cried, “You mean I had sex with all of those guys at the biker bar because someone drugged me?”

“Look guys,” I answered. “Yes Mercedes! You were given something that I was unaware of from those Asians that you were playing pool with. I know you’ll recall begging to be fucked just like Candy will be doing shortly. So what you are seeing now is not Candy’s normal sexual behavior. In her condition, she’ll do anything they want and will constantly want to be fucked. So just drop the fucking comments. Don’t forget Mercedes, this is happening to her because of you. Her innocence is being lost because of your fucking problems. So shut the fuck up!”

I guess they could tell that I wasn’t happy with my young beautiful girlfriend being used like a cheap whore and liking it.

No one said another word, but we just watched as Candy sat up. His goo was still splattered all over her naked body and face. Her legs were fidgeting like she still needed something. With her hand in-between her legs playing with her drenched pussy, Tyler began discussing a proposition. As he kept explaining the positive aspects of the deal, Candy expressions seemed to light up. As they continued chatting about going on an audition to make her a star, I could tell that Candy was very eager by the way she responded to his invite.

“You think I can be a movie star,” she enthusiastically asked.

Tyler laughed and answered, “You are very beautiful and I know men would love seeing you perform. You have such a hot sensual body and your eyes just twinkle with eagerness. I bet you’ll have a huge fan club after your first movie. Guys won’t be able to get enough of your exploits and will be rubbing their cocks watching you in sexual bliss. But first you need to go on an audition to see how you’ll act in front of a camera. If you like, I know a friend that can take you to it today. Let me call him.”

Candy seemed very thrilled about it and quickly exclaimed. “I always wanted to be a movie star. Yes! Yes! Call him.” Then she said, “Oh my Tyler. I’m getting horny again just thinking about it. My pussy is heating up for your big cock again.”

Tyler leaned over and began rubbing her pussy again. I could tell he was very pleased with how well she has responded to whatever thing he gave her. Then he gave her a dildo to play with herself, as he went to make a phone call. I listened to the conversation with Ramon. Ramon told him that he would be over in a few minutes and it was all set with the Russian for her to do a porn audition today.

Then he laughed and said, “Dude, since she’s so horny, I should fuck the slut before we go over to Alex’s place. Hopefully it will hold her, until the interview.” Tyler gave out a huge laugh from Ramon’s comment.

It wasn’t long until a white Ford transit minivan back into Tyler’s driveway. Then a short skinny Mexican dressed in a white t-shirt and baggy pants with the top of his underwear showing, stepped out. He was alone as he strolled up the porch. He went in the front door without knocking bostancı escort and we watched from the hidden cameras that Sam installed. I finally got a better look at this guy Ramon. He had tattoos all over his arms with a few gold chains around his neck. He looked like the typical Mexican gang banger.

Mercedes then blurted, “Oh know not Ramon. Geno he is a real brute and has no respect for women. You don’t want him anywhere near Candy. He treated me like a sex slave and used me as a cheap whore. He made me have sex with so many Hispanic and black men and they were just like him. I’ve never felt so humiliated and mistreated.”

Hammer started to leave the van to get Candy. I stopped him and said, “Not yet Hammer! Let’s see what happens. Even if we save Candy now, she still will want to fuck and it will ruin the plan of taking down Tyler first and then Ramon. With him being here we can get both of them. But we still don’t know the location of his operation. I have already sacrificed Candy and leaving her there a little longer, won’t hurt. We can get it all over with today.”

When Ramon walked into the bedroom, he interrupted Tyler’s continual sells pitch. Candy tried to cover up her nakedness, but Tyler pulled the sheet away. Then he introduced Ramon as the person that was going to take her to the audition later. But the first, he wanted to interview her to see if she would be the right girl. I could tell by Candy’s expression that she wasn’t pleased by Ramon’s looks. His appearance has never been a turn on for her.

“Open up your gorgeous legs bitch, so I can get a good look at your cunt,” Ramon ordered.

Candy looked at Tyler and meekly asked about what type of movies she was going to make. Tyler pushed her legs apart exposing her glistening pussy hot to have sex again. Once he touched her vulva to spread her pussy lips apart, Candy moaned in pleasure. The sexual feeling just took control and overwhelmed her.

Then Tyler loudly replied, “We’re going to make you a porn star. What did you think a beautiful slut like you would be starring in?” They both laughed without any reply from Candy.

As Ramon barked a few more orders, Candy did as asked. She finished her modeling for Ramon by being on all fours and leaning down on her arms with her ass raised in the air. Ramon walked over to her and began finger her vulva with one hand and slapping her ass a few times with the other. She yelped as his last slap was really hard leaving a red hand print on it. When he pushed three fingers up her drenched pussy, he loudly uttered.

“Yeah you’ll do just fine Candy. I knew you would like a little pain, when feeling you pussy played with. I’m sure you’ll make a very good porn star. But first, I’ll need to see how you’ll fuck. Right now your cunt is so fucking hot and wet. I know you want me to fuck you hard. Now don’t you puta?”

Candy didn’t say anything but sensually moan enjoying his fingering. He quickly pulled down his pants and out popped his small skinny cock. We all laughed about its size. Pulling Candy to him, he pushed her legs farther apart and in one thrust pushed it into her wanting wet hole.

Candy immediately sighed, “Oh that feels so good. Oh yes I want it hard. Fuck me hard. I want to be a star really bad.”

Ramon laughed and told her that she would make a very hot porn star. He kept ramming her as deep as he could go. After some time, he took her blonde hair and pulled her up on her hands. Slapping her ass again, he told her to fuck him as he quit moving. She began moving back and forth while moaning with such pleasure that she had another orgasm. Then he pulled her hair again making her move back to him. His cock fell out when she did. Then he slapped her ass very hard and told her to get his cock back in her. She took her hand under her, found his small dick and pushed it back in. When she did, he leaned over her. Then he reached around her waist until he grabbed her left tit. Roughly he yanked on her nipple making her yelp again.

“You like that don’t you puta?” he barked. “You’ll going to have so much fun later making a lot of my homie’s very happy fucking such a pretty little puta. By the time the night ends, you’ll going to be well fucked and become my new whore. I can tell by how much you are enjoying me fucking you.”

It seemed like Candy wasn’t paying any attention to his verbiage because she just kept fucking him like a rabbit in heat. Finally, he pulled out and shot a load of semen on her ass. She looked back with a big smile and sensually said, “Oh that felt so wonderful. I love it when a guy cums on me. Thanks.”

He just laughed and told her that she passed the test and needs to clean up. Her audition was next and she’s required to be fresh for it. She left and did what was asked. Then Ramon told Tyler that he would get a big bonus for bringing this girl to him. Tyler was happy about that. Fortunately, we had all of their conversations and action on tape.

After Candy came out dressed in her white sundress, they left. She seemed happy humming that tune from this morning again. After we saw Ramon slip Candy in the back doors of his vehicle, we exited Sam’s van. Sam then took off to follow Ramon, leaving us to enter Tyler’s abode for some face time with him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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