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This is the continuation of ‘The Artist and her young lover’. It will make little sense unless you have read the previous parts. For the sake of consistency it should be titled: The Artist and the Trouble-shooter, but, too many characters!

To Recap – Milly’s wife, a police officer, is killed and her friend’s daughter, Fiona, comforts Milly through her grief. The following year Fiona decides to study at university, near to Milly’s home and spends a lot of time there before they discover their love for one another despite their age difference. University is finished for Fiona and they are about to make some big changes in their lives. This part covers the next few years of their lives.

There is no tragedy in this story. There is also some mild bondage and all sexual activity is consensual. All the people involved are fictitious and are over 18.

Thank you to all of those who have taken the time to make a comment. They are very welcome.


After breakfast, we cleared the dishes, made another pot of coffee and sat together on the patio of Jess’s house. We were alone now, but the others would be back very soon.

“Can you believe it, Milly? This time tomorrow we’ll be getting ready and in what, twenty-nine hours we’ll be married, partners, you’ll be my wife. Something I’ve dreamed of for years. Are you okay?”

“I was thinking that this’ll be my third time, I’m more excited about this, more scared and there’s something that makes me think that this isn’t real. I need to ask you, and I promise that that’ll be the last time I ever ask you. Are you absolutely sure that you want to marry someone so much older than you? I’d be devastated if you said no, but I’d understand.”

Fiona fell onto her knees in front of me, “Milly, please, I’ve thought of everything, I’ve been through it so many times. I’ve talked to Jane and Victoria. I can’t help it, I love you so much, more than I did the first time we had that kiss. Living with you has been magical, wonderful; you’ve looked after and supported me so much. You make me laugh and you kiss like a, like, I don’t know, wonderfully? You’re also beautiful and sexy. I love us naked, stroking, touching, cuddling. I’m sure and have been for years.”

She came and sat on my knee, usually, it was the other way round, but this was cosy. We kissed a little and she rested her head on my shoulder.

“Okay you two, cut that out, you need to wait another day. I know that you struggle to keep your hands off of each other you randy sods!”

Fiona looked up and smiled at her sister, “Oh how lovely to see you sister, what a nice greeting. You’re just jealous that I’ve got my fantasy woman and you’re a sad lonely spinster who’s almost past her sell-by date.” Fiona got a swat on the head for that.

“Bloody cheek, but I wish Milly had a sister.”

Fiona was staying with her family and I was off to a hotel for the night. The hotel in which we’d be married the following day. I’d be pretty much on my own for a few hours. That was fine by me as I had something that I needed to do on my own before Susie and Isha arrived.

After loading my bags into the car I headed across town. I parked, took a very deep breath and almost silently said, “Courage girl.” I know what I’d told Fiona, but somehow I felt that I had to give them one last chance, maybe one last chance to insult me.

I wish I could say that I strolled up the garden path, but it was more a hesitant walk. I saw the curtain twitch as I rang the bell. My mother opened the door and I got a shock, she seemed to have shrivelled and her face was sunken. I heard my father shout from the distance, “Is that her? Tell her to leave us alone.”

“Hello, mother. I’m back in the area and decided to call to see how you both are?” My knees were knocking.

“Come into the hallway so that the neighbours don’t see the shame that you bring to this house.” I stepped inside but made sure that the door did not fully close. “What do you want?” She didn’t look friendly.

“What does she want?” My father was still not in sight until I moved slightly to my right; he was in a wheelchair and looked as ill as my mother.

“I wanted to say hello, tell you that I was still alive and to see how you are.”

“We’re as well as we can be. Are you still a sinner and deviant? A pervert?”

“I’m still a lesbian if that’s what you want to know, but I’m not a pervert or a deviant.”

“In that case go away before you bring more shame on us.” There was anger in my mother’s eyes and spittle forming at the corner of her mouth.

I turned with my head held up and walked back down the path. I saw curtains twitching in the houses on both sides and turned to wave at both. I got into my car and drove off as the anger built. I’d known that it would be like this, but at least I’d given it another try. I didn’t cry and my anger subsided, it was a waste of effort

I checked into the hotel and had just finished bahis firmaları unpacking when there was a knock at the door. “Isha, Susie how nice to see you both and how nice of you to come.”

“Hi, a free break and a party, why would we refuse?” Susie grabbed me in a big hug. Isha stood back until Susie let me go and then she grabbed me as well.

“How’re you doing? How’s Fiona?”

“I’m good, nervous, but good. Fiona’s great. Better than me and this isn’t my first rodeo. Do you realise that when I married Jenny, Fiona was one of my bridesmaids?”

“Yes, we did and we talked about it in the car. Does it matter? You two are nuts about each other. Jenny liked Fiona and Jane.” Susie smiled at me, “I knew Jenny from when we were toddlers. There was always something about her that never seemed, I don’t know, complete. After she found you that day she changed and became more withdrawn. Then that night in the pub she changed again, she came to life and when you became a couple I saw a new person, one that I liked more.”

“Susie’s right, Jenny became someone else after you got together. She loved being with you and the kids. But then her life was cut short,” Isha paused, struggling to continue. She took a deep breath, “She loved you and would want you to be happy, we all do. What you’re doing is brave.”

Isha held me tight and whispered, “You’ve been lucky to find people to love you, I live in hope that some of it might rub off on me.”

“What about you Susie, any good looking guy in your life?”

“Sleaze bags, that seems to be all I can find. Only ever after one thing. Best date I’ve had in a while is with Isha today!”

“Don’t get your hopes up, girl!”

We went to dinner together and chatted for a couple of hours. It was good to see some faces from home, or at least what had been home until a couple of weeks ago.

Later that evening Alan, my Vicar friend, appeared and sat with us. “I’m so happy that you agreed to attend Alan, it means a lot to me.”

“You mean a lot to me, Milly, it will be an honour.”

I told him about the visit to my parents and his head seemed to get heavy. “I prayed for you my girl, but I prayed for them as well. The tragedy and joy that you’ve faced would be a trial for anyone, but to know that your parents disowned you is hard to understand. God cares for people and forgives, he doesn’t preach hatred.”

I slept well and we all ate breakfast together before we went up to my room. Isha and Susie had agreed to act as bridesmaids, even though I thought that one was more than enough. Then Susie had suggested that as Jenny’s friend she could give me away and that Isha could do the more formal bridesmaid thing. I liked that idea.

One of Jess’s staff came to fix our hair and make-up and then I got dressed. This time the dress was pale grey silk with a lace overlay. It was just short of my ankles and there was a lot of material in the skirt. The sleeves were just lace, the bodice was close-fitting and it showed a modest cleavage. Nude stockings, grey silk underwear and a pair of ridiculous grey high heels. My hair was loose but held clear of my face by a narrow grey hair-band. Pearl earrings and my strand of pearls completed the outfit.

Rather than walk down the aisle separately, we met at the back of the room. Fiona wore a traditional white gown with lace and beads. It had a small train and a long lace shawl over the train. It had long sleeves with lots of pearl buttons; I silently tittered to myself as I thought that the dress might take some time to get off again later. Her hair was up, she too wore pearls and her heels must have been pretty high because she was still an inch or two taller than me. She looked stunning and I noticed Jess beaming.

Victoria was on Fiona’s right and Susie on my left. Isha and Jane followed us and by the time that we were halfway down the aisle, we were already holding hands. When we reached the front Fiona leaned towards me and whispered, “I’ve waited years for this day, I love you so much.”

The Registrar did her stuff and then invited Alan to speak. “I’ve known these two fine people for a few years now, they’re my friends, and although neither of them is churchgoers they both have faith. When I offered to bless their union they agreed without hesitation, so please stand for a moment.”

Alan offered up a prayer and a blessing that were simple and rather beautiful. It made me feel that this was all real and so right.

I turned to kiss Fiona and looked into her eyes, I saw the love and I knew deep down inside me that she meant more to me than anything or anyone. We kissed daintily and I heard Jane mutter, “For goodness sake, that has to be the chastest kiss you two have ever had.” It seems that almost everyone else heard it as well and there was muted laughter. I agreed with her and I put my hand to Fiona’s cheek and she did the same to me. We kissed; it was like that first one, the night that Pandora’s Box opened. They were kaçak iddaa both special, even if they were nothing like most of those that we usually had; but then, we were standing in front of quite a few people. Pandora’s Box was still open and I had no desire to close the lid.

It wasn’t a huge party, a nice meal and some dancing, no speeches. Lots of alcohol and a few laughs. I danced with Fiona a lot of the time, we held each other, gazed into each other’s eyes with dreamy looks and I kept thinking how lucky I was.

I danced with Victoria and Jess; who were both lovely and wished me well. Fiona spent time talking to Karen, no doubt about work. Isha and Susie meanwhile tracked down every male in the area to dance with. I caught up with my sister in law near the bar, she looked sad and I dragged her up to dance. “You got rid of your sister, why so sad?”

“I’ll miss her; I’ve missed her since I went to Uni. We were together for a long time, and she got you. I always knew that was on the cards.”

“You never felt the same as she did though?”

“No, I was too slow Milly, she got there first. She got there a long time ago.”

I nodded.

“But I don’t think she really knew at first. She’s loved you for a long time.”

“Well I love you too and you’re always welcome at our home, wherever that may be, and I’ll always be there for you, anytime.”

“Thanks, Milly. I love you too, but not the way she does. She’s so in love with you it scares me. Go get her.”

After the guests had all left we headed for our room, the one that I’d left that morning as a single woman and that I now returned to as a married woman with a wife half my age. Fiona had changed me and today we’d done what a few years ago I thought was impossible.

I was right; it took quite a while to undo all of those damn buttons. Our lovemaking that evening started gently, softly and slowly. Then suddenly we changed gear and it became frenzied and urgent. It was raw, fast and very satisfying. I fell asleep in the arms of my wife and lover. I was content.


As we didn’t need to borrow any money from Jane for the house she’d decided to send us away for our honeymoon as her wedding gift. She’d booked a villa in Crete for us and it looked lovely in the pictures.

It was lovely in reality; a pool, patio, close to the beach and some great restaurants. We tried one restaurant in the evening that we arrived. It was great, but I have no memory of very much except the very beautiful woman sitting opposite me.

We went to the local shop the morning after we arrived and stocked up on food and drink. Aside from a walk on the beach, we closed the door and didn’t leave the villa for three days. The two of us were together, alone and in love. By the second day, we’d dispensed with clothes. I doubt if we were out of touching distance for more than a minute or two in those three days.

After a few days, we went for walks and swam in the sea, but we were alone.

I’d been tied, blindfold, to the bed for most of the afternoon and I knew that the door was open because I could feel the breeze. I could hear the waves gently breaking in the distance. I felt lots of things, excited, nervous, wanting, sexually ready, worked up and desperate, desperate for Fiona to come back to me. She was sitting only six feet away watching me, but of course, I didn’t know that.

She’d made me come several times when we started this game. Game? It wasn’t a game – she’d fucked me with a strap on, long and hard, then suddenly nothing, nothing, for a while. Then stroking with something, a feather perhaps? It started at my feet and covered every inch of my body and I was so wound up that it felt as if the only parts of my body touching the bed were where my hands and feet were tied. I’d agreed to this, it was something that we’d done before, many times, but this time the feelings were more intense and special, this time I’d agreed to anything that she wanted. I wanted everything, anything, something!

These restraint and teasing games were things that I’d never done with anyone else, never thought about doing with anyone else, but I loved being at Fiona’s mercy. I loved it because she loved me and she took me to places that only exist in your head. I’d played with her as well, but I wasn’t as good at it as she was. Right now I wanted something, anything.

I felt movement at my side and then she bit my nipple, not hard enough to cause damage, but it hurt and it turned me on. The surprise was what amplified its effect and when she bit the other one it wasn’t as bad, but still glorious in its effect. She held ice cubes to my nipples, they were cold, painful and she kept them in place, I screamed, it hurt and it was lovely. I thought about asking her to stop, I have no idea why because I didn’t want her to. Something hard was touching my clit and then it started to move, oh shit! It was a vibrator and that was going to be something else. Fiona kaçak bahis knew exactly what to do, how to touch me, where to touch me and for how long. I came over and over again, then she stopped and I swore at her.

I felt her close to the side of my head and heard her ask, “You okay?” I nodded. “Want to stop?” I shook my head. “Are you sure because this might get intense?” How much more intense could it get? I might go out of my mind. I nodded. I wanted whatever she was going to do. I felt her move and nothing, again! I yelled at her. Nothing.

I could hear her moving, nothing else and then something soft touched the middle of my belly and I jumped. She stroked me all over, softly, slowly, with her hands, but not with her hands. It took me a while to work out that her hands were covered in stockings or something that felt like that. It was driving me up the wall. I wanted more; I wanted her touching my lower lips. Nothing. Then she kissed me and lay on top of me. I was in heaven but wanted to hold her so badly, I couldn’t and I knew it. The desire, the need to hold her built and built, knowing that I couldn’t sent me spiralling off. I simply wanted to hold her, nothing else and it was driving me out of my mind, not that my mind was in a normal state anyway right at that moment.

She stopped kissing me and moved. Then she started kissing me again between my legs, she stopped before I came. Nothing.

Something on my belly, liquid, sticky, then something else. Something metal and when she touched it against my lips I realised that it was a spoon, I opened my lips, a strawberry and chocolate. I chewed, she’d spread sauce and strawberries on my stomach. A very warm feeling started to rise inside of me and I started to quiver. She fed me more strawberries. The feeling inside of me built and Fiona knew it, she touched the back of the spoon against my clit and I came, I came so hard I knew that I’d hurt one of my wrists as I’d snatched at the rope. I yelped.

She was there quickly. “Are you okay? Something hurt you; I could tell from the sound you made, what is it?”

I could barely speak and gasped, “My wrist, I jerked it, please don’t stop, please don’t stop, it’s fine, please don’t stop.” I was crying because I thought that she’d stop. She checked again and I muttered, “More, I love you.”

She cleaned my belly with her tongue. I loved being licked and this was so nice, so erotic. She touched me with the spoon again and I came again. I felt her hair on the inside of my thigh and I felt her close her teeth. A love bite, I hate love bites, so tacky. Oh, how wonderful that she was biting me and it was so good. It was going to be a good one.

Fiona knew that I didn’t like them and came up to my ear, “You know what I just did?” I nodded. “Right at the top of your thigh, a big one. You hate them don’t you?” I nodded. “I could give you another one on the other thigh.” I nodded again.

She bit the other thigh, same place, same pain, so good. She stopped and asked, “You okay?”

“More, please.”

“More what?” she sounded puzzled.

“More of everything; more bites, more kisses, more touching, anything, just more.” I was lost, I just wanted her.

She bit my thigh, lower down and then the other one. I was disgusted with myself and I wanted more. She bit the side of my left breast and then she stopped again.

I felt her release my ankle and then the other one and she rolled me onto my stomach. My arms were taut as they were now the wrong way round, she swapped them over and tied them off close to the headboard. She tied the rope that had been around my ankle around the knee and then the other one. She then tied those ropes to the headboard so that my legs were under me and my backside was sticking up and my lower lips exposed.

She kissed between my legs and teased my ass with her tongue and then she stopped again. I was puzzled and knew that I wanted something, pain or pleasure, but nothing was killing me.

I felt her move on the bed and she rubbed my lips, lube? What did she need that for I was dripping?

Then I felt it, oh lord, the strap on again. She moved slowly and I felt it filling me, stretching me making me strain and whimper. Oh no, oh no, I couldn’t stand this, but I shoved myself backwards with all the force that I could muster, it filled me and I knew that it was all inside me. It felt good.

Fiona leant over and whispered, “Are you okay?”

“Are you going to fuck me with that?”

“Yes. Okay?”

“Well get on with it and make a good job of it. I need it, now!”

She fucked me! I have no idea how long for or how many times we came and I didn’t care. It was so very good.

Fiona woke me up with gentle kisses. “Milly, are you okay? Do you need a drink, the loo, anything?”

I was free and there was a light cover over me. “A kiss, please.”

She lay down beside me and kissed me. My eyes were still closed, but I felt her stroke me, so gentle. I purred. “Are you okay, did I hurt you?”

“No, it was lovely; can we do it again, soon?”


“Yes, but not today.”

“All of it?”

“All of it, just the same, maybe more. I love you.”

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