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Author’s Note: Humiliation, CFNM and pegging lie ahead! I’ve had this idea for a while about an adventurous married couple on the edge of opening a new chapter in their married life. I hope you enjoy reading it as much I enjoyed writing it!

On her first day in town, Debbie and I were Mindy’s only friends. The professional moving company hired by Mindy’s employer did as little as required. They placed furniture, stacked boxes labeled “Kitchen” or “Bedroom” in the correct room and left a small pyramid of unlabeled boxes stacked in the living room. Mindy raked her fingers through her long brown hair and sighed. It was a gesture I had seen her do a dozen times since the parade of boxes had begun.

“Hey, we got this,” Debbie said, giving her old college roommate a reassuring hug.

“My Sharpie went dry,” Mindy apologized as she gave the stack of boxes in the living room a frazzled look.

“It’s okay,” I said, wrapping my arm around her other shoulder and adding my own hug. Her tiny frame felt as small as a bird but I knew she wasn’t fragile. Like Debbie, Mindy had been a college athlete. She was a bundle of lean muscle and I could feel the tension in her shoulders.

“Thank you,” she said, stepping away from our dual hug and bending over to open the nearest mystery box. I admired the view as she bent at the waist and tore through the tape. Her tight workout pants hugged her tiny ass.

“Stop it,” Debbie chided, catching me staring and nudging me.

“Stop what?” Mindy asked, still bent over and looking over her shoulder.

“He’s checking out your ass,” Debbie laughed.

“That’s okay, I’ve been checking out his ass, too,” Mindy laughed and returned to rummaging inside the mystery box. She was as used to my debauchery as Debbie.

“Only mine?” I asked. It was an open joke that I always assumed there was more to Mindy and Debbie’s relationship than college athletics and being former roommates.

“Still don’t swing that way,” Mindy said without turning around.

“Make yourself useful and unpack something,” Debbie said with a playful shove.

“You already know what I want to unpack.” I grabbed Debbie’s tight butt. What I said hadn’t make much sense but Debbie still laughed.

“I heard you prefer when she’s doing the packing,” Mindy joked and it was good hearing some cheer returning to her voice.

It felt funny pawing through another person’s belongings, especially when you’re a dude and the other person is a chick. I offered to start in the kitchen. “He should be good at that,” Debbie agreed. “He’s a little sissy bitch in the kitchen.”

“You’re only saying that because I like wearing your apron,” I laughed. “And because I think I look good in pink.”

“Does he still use your Flicker razor to shave his balls?” Mindy asked Debbie.

“Actually, I use it on him. And I shave more than just his balls.”

“Wow, talk about your basic inability to keep a secret,” I groaned. Mindy’s joke about the Flicker razor dated back to college when Debbie and I were still dating. As a competitive swimmer, I kept my legs shaved. Unlike a couple of guys on the swim team, I only had to shave my legs. Terry Williams was a furry fuck of a team member who regularly had gotten his chest waxed. Had I once used Debbie’s razor to shave my legs before a meet? Yes, I had. Did I ever shave more than just my legs? It wasn’t uncommon among swimmers. Why stop? Besides, everyone knows swimmers get more girls. Swimmers are lean and muscular and women love our sexy, smooth bodies. Since college, I’ve worked hard at keeping my physique. I swim multiple laps every morning and coached two collegiate swim teams with a couple very promising, young athletes.

I organized Mindy’s kitchen, finding and unpacking her toaster, blender and food processor. Once I found her teapot, I boiled water, emptied ice trays and refilled them. Boiled water freezes faster and produces crystal clear ice cubes. I washed silverware, plates, dishes and bowls before putting them away. Debbie was right about my comfort zone in the kitchen. I once worked as a sous chef and knew my way around a kitchen.

Debbie clung close to Mindy as they set-up Mindy’s new bathroom and bedrooms. There was a constant stream of giggles that ranged from silly to naughty sounding. It sounded good and reminded me of college and overnights at our place whenever Mindy came to town. In college, I had learned when you’re dating a girl with a roommate; you’re dating her roommate, too. I still think that’s true and know women will share secrets guys would never share. I kept my distance, even offering to do a grocery store run for Mindy for staples. I bought an easy dinner I could make and loaded up with wine, too.

I returned to girls carrying empty boxes to the trash and the transformation of Mindy’s new space into something closer to a home. The small pyramid of unlabeled boxes remained stacked in the living room and would stay there until after dinner. We ate, laughed and polished off trabzon escort a bottle of wine. “He really is handy to have around, isn’t he?” Mindy noted as I opened a second bottle and topped off their glasses.

“He’s my little kitchen bitch,” Debbie teased. I grabbed a handful of her short hair, playfully pulled her head backwards and planted an upside-down kiss on her lips.

“I will always be your bitch,” I said.

“I love your hair,” Mindy gushed. “How long has it been short?” Debbie had changed to a short page-boy cut last week and I was in love with the look.

“You don’t think it makes me look like a teenage boy?” Debbie asked, expressing the same concern she had shared with me the day she came home with the new do.

“Teenage boys don’t have boobs like yours.” Mindy was right. Though she remained fit and lean, Debbie had added a few pounds since college and gained extra curves. Her breasts had expanded from barely filling a c-cup to overflowing a d-cup bra. Her ass, still firm and fun, had turned into a round, bubble butt that looked great in jeans, shorts and even better in those tight fitting yoga pants so many women wore.

“I said the same thing!” I called from the kitchen space.

“Says the guy who spends his weekends getting wet with teenage boys,” Debbie cracked.

“And girls!” I reminded her. “I picked up the girls’ team for this year, too.” Debbie knew that, but I wasn’t sure Mindy did.

“Mm, I wouldn’t mind getting wet with a bunch of teenage boys,” Mindy giggled.

“Most of them are twenty or older,” I called.

“Shut up and let a girl enjoy her fantasy.” The girls laughed and carried their wine glasses into the living room to attack the remaining boxes.

Debbie insisted each box was emptied before a new box was opened. “Everything has a place. Let’s find it,” was her system. I joined them, presenting them with an unlabeled box and waiting as they moved around the apartment putting things away. “Enjoying yourself?” Debbie asked as I sat and waited before opening a new box.

“It’s a great show.” I tracked Mindy’s backside as she walked past before retrieving a new box.

“Yeah it is,” Mindy said as I bent to pick up the new box. I wiggled my ass before picking up the box. “Careful, you don’t know what I might want to do to that ass.”

I laughed and carried the box to the coffee table. After tearing back the tape, I opened the flaps and started laughing even harder. Shoved on top a pile of clothes sat a long, fat dildo. It was flesh colored with an accurately shaped head and vein lines running down the shaft. It included a ball sac, too. “Maybe you should have labeled this box,” I said, reaching inside and pulling out the toy. That’s when I noticed the rest of the surprise. It wasn’t just a dildo, it was a dildo attached to an elaborate series of straps.

“Oh fuck!” Mindy squealed, making a play for the toy. I quickly tossed it Debbie. She deftly caught it and started laughing.

“Now this is interesting,” Debbie said as she held the toy against her crotch with the fake cock jutting out from her. “And what are these?” she asked, noticing the straps.

“Looks like a strap-on,” I needlessly said.

“Steal my clothes and fuck me running,” Mindy groaned, red-faced, laughing and pushing back her long brown hair the same way she had while the movers were filling her apartment with boxes. “That goes in the bedroom.”

“Yeah, but who is it for?” Debbie asked, laughing and fiddling with the straps. She quickly figured out the strapping system, stood and stepped it as if pulling on a pair of panties. The straps fit easily over her tight workout pants and she began laughing harder as she rubbed the dildo as if she were a man jerking off.

“Oh wow,” I said before catching myself. Seeing Debbie sporting a long, fat dick sent an instant thrill through me. I quickly tried putting a safer spin on things. “Does Mindy have a girlfriend?”

“No,” she said in a flat, vaguely angry tone. “I don’t play with girls.” She gave me a sinister looking smirk and my knees suddenly felt weak.

“Hers is much bigger than yours,” Debbie crowed, still stroking and playing with the fake cock she wore. Thankfully, Debbie’s words could be taken more than one way.

“Yeah, but I’m not made of latex,” I covered, grabbing the front of my running shorts for emphasis.

“I meant the one I use on you,” she corrected, throwing me so precisely under the bus that I could feel every tire bouncing over me.

“Oh really?” Mindy asked, no longer looking pissed or embarrassed. “Do tell!”

“Go ahead, honey. Tell Mindy how you like it up the ass,” Debbie giggled.

I felt the heat in my face as I blushed. I couldn’t be angry at Debbie. She was half-drunk and giddy from too much wine. I was the one who had bought the wine, bought more than one bottle and had kept her glass full.

“Please do!” Mindy said. She leaned back on her couch and waited for the full details about how Debbie tunalı escort and I played in the bedroom.

“Ha-ha,” I said without humor. Debbie had let go of the toy and was swinging her hips back and forth. The big, heavy dong swayed from side-to-side. It was hypnotic and I forced my eyes from Debbie to Mindy. I had to get back on top of this situation before it got out of hand. I tried turning it back around on the skinny girl with the great ass. “I’d rather hear about why you own such an impressive toy.”

“Are you sure you want to know?” she asked. Her sly smile and the thinly veiled threat in her tone worried and excited me. Debbie and I had our bedroom secrets; at least, I thought they were secrets. Was I giving too much away by staring at Mindy’s toy while Debbie gyrated her hips? I couldn’t help it. Did it show that I was trying to avert my eyes? Debbie was having too much fun wearing the big toy.

“We should get a big one like this,” she said. She worked her hips until the toy swung in a lazy circle and looked proudly at her accomplishment. “Check it out!” Debbie giggled and I realized she might be more than half-drunk. “And I like these extra straps, too. Mine only has one set of straps.”

“You mean his, don’t you?” Mindy asked with raised eyebrows and a happy smirk on her face. I groaned and began wishing I had worn something more substantial than running shorts. The tight fitting Lycra and Spandex shorts hugged my body too tightly. If the change in the front of my shorts continued, I wouldn’t be able to hide it.

Debbie pointed the toy at me. She was back to caressing its length. “Blow me,” she giggled.

“You’re drunk,” I said.

“I still want a blowjob,” she replied. “Don’t you want to give it a try?” I shook my head and rolled my eyes. “Aw, come on. Show Mindy how good you suck rubber dick.”

“Cooks, cleans AND sucks rubber dick?” Mindy laughed. “Now I can see why you married him!”

“Don’t be fooled by that swimmer’s body, he’s still my little bitch,” Debbie laughed. “If you had some lube, I’d prove it to you.”

“Should be some in the box,” Mindy said.

“You’re not helping.” No way was I poking around inside another of Mindy’s cardboard boxes. I tried a different approach with my wife. “Why don’t you give the toy back to your friend and we can finish helping her unpack.”

“I want to do some packing of my own,” Debbie said and howled with laughter. Mindy laughed, too. I might have laughed, except it was my ass on the line. Literally. I will admit that I squirmed.

“Problem?” Mindy asked, clearly enjoying my predicament. It wasn’t as if we were hiding anything from her, despite my attempts to keep it on the down low.

“He’s probably getting excited,” drunken Debbie snorted. “And hungry.” She waved the toy at me. “Is my strong little sissy hungry for some tube steak?” It would have been so different if we were doing this in the privacy of our home, alone.

Debbie had moved in with me after graduation and had found a dildo in my drawer. She had asked whose it was; convinced I had a girlfriend on the side. My only defense had been telling the truth. She didn’t believe me until I gave her a demonstration. Our dildo play had grown since that day and I always assumed my love for being humiliated and pegged had been our secret.

“Tell me you’ve gotten some good use out of this,” Debbie asked her friend.

“Not yet,” Mindy sighed. “I bought it after . . . well, you know.” Debbie nodded that she did. “But I haven’t found the right guy yet.” I quickly realized the part Mindy had left out included Debbie telling her about our play.

“You told?” I asked, more shocked than angry.

“Why not? It’s fun and you love it so much, don’t you?” Debbie turned back to her friend. “So you still haven’t used it on anyone?”

“I’ve shown it off a couple times but I haven’t used it. All the guys I know are afraid of it.”

“You’re not afraid of it, are you?” Debbie asked me, moving around the coffee table in my direction.

“Stop it,” I said as my heart raced and I fought against popping a boner in front of Debbie and her friend. I couldn’t stop staring at the jumbo sized love toy strapped around my wife’s waist. Couldn’t she guess what this was doing to me? She knew how excited I got seeing her wearing our toy. Sometimes, I would come home from work and I’d find her walking around the house wearing our toy. She’d tease me with it and I always knew my place. Without a word, I would get naked so Debbie could see how excited I was. It was all part of our game, our foreplay before I would kneel buns up on our bed and Debbie would ream my ass with our toy.

She stood next to me, rubbing the toy as if jerking off. She gave my ass a squeeze. “Lick it,” she told me without a hint of drunkenness or play in her voice. I looked into her deep blue eyes, searching them for a hint of a smile and knew I wasn’t going to find one. Debbie’s blue eyes turned deep blue whenever she was horny tunceli escort or angry. I looked at her set jaw and quickly knew which she would be if I didn’t do as I was told.

“Please, baby,” I begged.

“Do it, sissy,” she snapped before grabbing a handful of my hair and pulling me to the big toy hanging from her waist.

“Holy fuck!” Mindy laughed.

The situation had changed. What had started out as accidentally finding an embarrassing sex toy while helping Mindy unpack had transformed into something different, something new. Debbie had pulled my hair before, but not like this. I could blame the wine, except that didn’t feel right. Hell, when we were alone in our home, I liked when she commanded me to suck her toy. Calling me a “sissy” was an open joke between us that sometimes slipped out in public, like earlier when she had referred to me as her “little kitchen bitch.” Debbie enjoyed teasing and humiliating me before fucking my tiny, tight ass. Putting on a show for Mindy made it different.

“At least kiss the tip,” Debbie said in a kinder, more reasonable voice. Everything about her tone suggested that she would let go of my hair and stop showing off for her friend if I did as she asked. Mindy’s toy dangled and drooped from its weight. I was right next to it. Debbie wiggled her hips, the toy lightly tapped my face and both girls giggled while Debbie gently urged me, “Just the tip, okay?”

Why shouldn’t I, you know? It wasn’t as if we were still hiding my secret, right? I cradled the dong in my hand, raised it to my lips and gave its lifelike head a single kiss.

“See? That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Debbie asked as if I had been unreasonable with my public resistance. Her handful of hair turned into a gentle caress behind my head until I tried pulling away and then her hand became steel as she refused allowing me to stand. “I think you can do better than that,” she said in that same sugary-sweet, be-reasonable tone. Could Mindy tell she was still holding me bent over? Wrestling away felt wrong but what was my other choice? Doing it again?

“Like this?” I asked. I pulled the toy’s cockhead back to my lips for another kiss.

“Lick it,” Debbie whispered. “You know you want to.”

“Baby, please,” I groaned.

“Just once, around the head, that’s all.” Her voice was still filled with kindness, except I knew better. We both knew better. I tried pulling away and only gained a couple inches before she stopped me. I wasn’t getting away from her grip unless I used my strength and wrestled myself away. How bad would that look? She held the toy and rubbed it across my lips. “Did you want to suck the head instead?” in a voice as innocent as asking if I wanted another cookie or sip from her glass.


“Sure you do,” she giggled. “Show Mindy how you’re my good little sissy and suck it. You want to see that, don’t you, Mindy?”

“Sure I do,” Mindy sang in a delighted voice.

“See? She wants you to do it. I do, too. Just the tip,” Debbie said with a downward nudge on the back of my head. The toy was already against my lips. All I had to do was open my mouth, that’s it. Part my lips and I would be doing it. I would look like a cock-starved sissy sucking fake cock in front of my wife and her best friend. I tried turning my head away. When Debbie wouldn’t allow it, I opened my mouth, the cock of Mindy’s toy flexed and landed against my tongue. Debbie’s demeanor changed quickly as my mouth was filled.

“Do it, bitch,” Debbie growled in the stern, commanding voice formerly reserved for the privacy of our home. She held my head with both hands, rocked her hips and fed the toy deeply inside my wet, eager mouth. “Suck it, sissy. Show Mindy how much you love that fake cock!” Debbie pushed hard and her friend’s fatter, longer toy hit the back of my mouth. I gagged and Debbie laughed. “That’s it, bitch! Choke on it. Choke on that fat cock!”

“Damn,” Mindy purred. I couldn’t see her but it sounded as if she was enjoying the show. “That’s hot as hell.”

“Told you he liked it,” Debbie said, still rocking her hips back and forth. “Get on your knees,” she told me. “Do it right.”

The taste and feel of latex against my tongue shot through me and destroyed my resistance. My head spun and I felt my face blushing deep red with embarrassment. Even worse, I was growing hard. Shit, that’s not true. I wasn’t growing hard, I was hard! My hard-on had started before that first kiss. I had lost control over my manhood when I first kissed that damn toy. I dropped to my knees, wrapped one hand around the fuck-stick Debbie wore and began sucking it like a crack whore in need of a fix.

“I think someone is hard,” Mindy laughed.

“Aw, does this make the sissy-bitch hard?” Debbie asked with a delighted song in her voice. “Let me see, too.” When I didn’t move, Debbie put a foot on my chest and pushed me backwards. I caught myself with my hands behind my back and wound up kneeling in a yoga-like position with my pelvis pointing up and outwards. I glanced down at the embarrassing shame of my hard cock trapped beneath a layer of Lycra and Spandex. My condition could only be more obvious if someone drew a fluorescent orange circle around the telltale bulge and shown a spotlight on it. Or, if I was naked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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