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Miranda led her new pet into the kitchen feeling very pleased with her progress after only a few hours of training. She had spent the past week searching the internet for ideas on how to humiliate the stuck up bitch when she accidentally came upon a pet-girl site.

She loved the idea of blackmailing the wealthy woman into this humiliating role but hadn’t believed it possible. When Geraldine capitulated so easily, Miranda decided to see how far she could push the woman. Submitting her to humiliating acts was not only entertaining, but was providing even more film to blackmail her with.

Geraldine didn’t realize the nasty actions of the past few hours were being recorded. Every humiliating act was on a miniature camera, to be edited later, making it look as though she enjoyed every moment, leaving her looking sexually depraved.

The husband would be home soon so there wasn’t enough time to break the woman completely, but the new film would be used later to blackmail her into submission.

It seemed she was a natural submissive, not exactly enjoying the rough treatment, just giving in to it easily when dominated. Every time she tried to rebel Miranda whipped her ass with the leash and when she behaved encouragement was given, just as advised on the pet-girl site.

Geraldine had controlled the woman’s orgasm and managed to change her speech too. The speech training involved making her automatically call Miranda ‘mistress’, and to respond to being called ‘pet.’ The training regime was beginning to affect her self image as expected. She was beginning to behave like a silly little pet by submitting to crawling around the floor behind her mistress on a leash.

Miranda’s pulling on the leash halted her pet. “Stay,” she ordered. She looked down at the woman who was on hands and knees waiting for the next humiliation. Clipping the end of the leash to a hook forced her new pet to wait patiently while Miranda prepared a meal. The first thought was to get this pet slave to do it, but an inspiration brought forth a better idea.

As she guessed, in a cupboard under the sink, an old stainless steel bowl had been kept after their pet had died. Miranda poured some cereal into it and placed the dog bowl on the floor before her pet.

“There you are, Susie, pet,” Miranda purred. “Eat it all up Susie, you never know when you’ll be fed and your mistress wants you strong and fit,” she smiled. It was true Geraldine would need energy and stamina to survive the next hour or so.

Geraldine was crying silently into the bowl as she dipped her face into the cereal, dribbling milk down her chin. She felt terrible, and so stupid, for giving in to this eighteen-year-old girl. This demeaning position was despicable yet there she was, a responsible mature woman, being treated like the girls pet.

“Whatever you spill will have to be licked up off the floor,” Geraldine warned the pet. She leaned against the worktop watching the woman lap up what was supposed to be an early evening meal. The muesli didn’t look very appetizing, and eaten like that it looked foul, yet it was a most suitable training exercise for the pet.

Miranda wiped the milk away from the woman’s face with an old cloth found under the sink. “What do you say, Susie?” Miranda asked, waving an end of the leash in her face.

“Thank you mistress,” Geraldine whimpered. She wanted to shout obscenities at the girl, but even after eating it felt as though all the energy had been drained from her body, leaving her too weak to fight back. She was a wealthy pampered woman with a good family background and couldn’t endure being subjected to this disgusting behavior.

The girl was from a rough family with only basic education, yet she had trapped her and taken control, while Geraldine was still in a daze from the implications of that damning film. Seeing that dreadful film had floored her, but since that moment it had all become so much worse. Geraldine kept telling herself to bide her time, to hang on to her sanity a little longer, for she could escape this torture as soon as Matthew arrived home.

On the end of the leash Geraldine crawled into the lounge looking at the soft comfortable sofa, longing to rest her sore knees. As though the girl had read her thoughts she not only denied her some comfort but rubbed in this new lowly position.

“When you’ve learned to behave like a good little pet you can climb onto the sofa, as a treat,” Miranda said, sounding patronizing.

“Thank you mistress,” Geraldine said, without a prompt from the leash.

The sound of her voice still held a tone of resentment but at least she was replying automatically.

Geraldine pulled the leash tight, forcing her pet down at her feet. “Come on pet, you must learn your place, kiss my toes,” Geraldine commanded. When the woman looked up at her with a look of scorn she whipped the leash across her ass.

“Get to it, naughty pet,” she growled.

Geraldine yelped from the stinging bahis firmaları stroke to her bottom, yet still she hesitated. Again the leash was raised but this time she flinched then quickly put her lips to the young girl’s feet. Little derisory comments with slaps to her bottom had Geraldine licking the girl’s feet that were thankfully clean.

Up Miranda’s legs she worked until reaching the girls thighs. Miranda had parted her legs pushing the pet in training between them. Geraldine gritted her teeth, not daring to say anything yet obviously refusing to make further progress. With a sharp stinging clout from the leash and both ankles hooked around the pet’s neck, Miranda brought her to heel.

Miranda pulled the woman’s head down between her legs, lifted her hips and pulled her panties to the side, pushing her pussy into her pet’s face. A couple of strokes with shouted orders eventually got her going. Her pet was licking the lips of her pussy in a desultory fashion, without enthusiasm or skill.

“You’re useless! Bad pet, you’ll be punished for such disobedience,” Miranda shouted at her.

The phone rang and Miranda leaned over to pick it up, forcing her pussy into Geraldine’s face even tighter. Not wanting her pet to shout out for help she clamped her thighs tight around her pet’s head.

“Hello, sir,” Miranda said, in a loud whisper. “She’s asleep in the bedroom; do you want me to wake her? No, best not,” Miranda said, while staring intently at his wife, caught between her thighs. She grinned at the look of horror in her pet’s eyes on realizing it was her husband on the phone.

The glare in Geraldine’s eyes returned though it was overshadowed by indecision. The pet was obviously wondering whether to break free and shout for help, or keep quiet about this horrendous torture.

Miranda could see the eyes pleading, staring at the phone for help, yet doing nothing from fear of the blackmail, and all that meant to her life style. Eventually it showed in her eyes; his wife had given up. She slumped between Miranda’s legs with her mouth gagged in her mistress’s fleshy pussy.

It was funny talking to the husband while her sticky pussy juices were glistening on the wife’s face. Obviously the wife didn’t think so. “Yes, sir, I’ll tell her tomorrow. What time should I say you will be home? OK! Have a nice evening, sir,” Miranda said. She had used a polite tone of voice to the husband, sounding young and innocent.

Reverting to a harsh commanding tone she spoke to his wife who was now her pet.

“He won’t be home tonight, staying with a drinking friend from the golf club,” Miranda repeated, knowing it was a lie, for she knew where he really was. “That means we can get on with your training,” Miranda laughed, and leaned forward to pinch pet’s nipples.

Holding onto them and twisting she whispered in the woman’s ear. “Better make sure you take a piss, as a harsh punishment will be called for if little Susie wets herself on the floor.” Miranda teased.

Geraldine was ready to burst into tears, knowing there would be no rescue tonight. There was nothing she could do or say without getting a spanking, or worse. The girl was stronger than she was, as had already been proved when Miranda forced her down onto the floor.

Every time she tried to get up, the girl either kicked her legs away, or forced her down with both hands on her shoulders. Having given up she concentrated on obeying orders to avoid being whipped with the damnable leash. The blow from not having her husband home was too much to bear, but somehow she kept back the flood of tears.

Geraldine wasn’t taking much notice of what was happening to her, just following where led, only to be awoken from the living nightmare, when she was pulled outside. It was dark but the fences and hedges were low and she was naked! The neighbors could see her if they cared to look outside. She dare not shout or complain or disobey her mistress, as a noisy confrontation would attract attention.

“Piss here little pet-girl, Susie. If you let go on the furniture you’ll be severely punished,” Miranda warned her pet, in a tone of voice meant to humiliate.

Geraldine looked around frantically then decided to quickly get the ordeal over and done with. She had always stayed at the best hotels when on vacation and never having gone camping in her life she wondered what to do. She tried separating her legs, in an awkward squat, but still splashed her thighs with urine. It felt hot and sticky and smelt acrid, like ammonia.

It was disgusting but it was over with, leaving her feeling dirty and squalid, hoping her mistress would wipe her down as quickly as possible. A realization that she was bending to the repulsive role, accepting the young girl as her mistress, was shuffled away in the back of her mind.

“Here pet, you can sleep out here tonight,” Miranda said, while trying to keep a straight face.

“Mistress, please!” Geraldine desperately whispered. kaçak iddaa The dog cage, in front of her, had been brought up from the basement; placed by the pool-house when the dog died some time ago but was never disposed of. They used it a couple of times to teach the dog to behave, after it chewed up a pair of Gucci shoes and later a handbag.

The irony of the horrendous situation was not lost on her. ‘Sweet revenge, Susie,’ Geraldine sighed. The dog had been punished in it, and now it looked as though she was to be placed into it, as a punishment. The thought of being uncomfortable all night, while smelling of urine was unimaginably appalling. Geraldine was confused. What had she done to deserve this ill treatment?

In the morning she would have to keep quiet in case a neighbor discovered her locked away naked like an errant pet. There was no way it could be explained away and so the news that Geraldine had been caught naked in the garden would spread like wildfire around the neighborhood.

That she had been locked in a cage could only mean one thing, she had been playing dirty sex games. Even in this exclusive wealthy area that would start tongues wagging, dropping her reputation into the cesspit.

The thought of being exposed to creatures of the night was dreadful. There would be insects, might even be bats, and there was certainly a pack of wild dogs roaming the neighborhood. She knew this for one of her committees had drawn up plans to get rid of them. The thought of a pack of dogs sniffing her naked body in that small cage was too much to withstand.

“Please mistress, I’ll be a good pet,” she whimpered.

“Would you rather sleep at the foot of the bed, at your mistress’s feet?” Miranda asked.

“Yes please, mistress, please let me sleep at your feet, mistress,” Geraldine asked with a genuine pathos on her face and in the tone of voice. “I’ll be an obedient little pet-girl, mistress,” Geraldine spoke out, trying to sound enthusiastic, only to sound more pathetic than ever.

“You promise to behave? Do you promise to do exactly as you’re told, like a good little pet-girl, Susie? Good girl, you can come back inside then, my cute little pet Susie,” Miranda said, laying it on thick with patronizing chatter. It seemed the woman was more afraid for her public reputation than being tortured in private, and that piece of information would be used against her.

In the kitchen Miranda washed her down with an old cloth, intended to rub in her lowly status. Her skin was flawless, like a model, perhaps from being on a good diet all her life. Her figure was slim as though she worked out, but the lazy bitch didn’t. She hadn’t worked a day in her life; she was just lucky with her genes.

It was pleasing the way her breasts hung down and swung when she crawled around. The pet was content just kneeling there and waiting, not being punished or humiliated for once.

“Come on, its time for me to reap the fruits of my labors,” Miranda told her pet.

Again Miranda pulled the woman’s face between her legs and pulled her knickers to the side. She was pleased to feel gentle kisses brush her thighs. “Be an obedient little pet and do a good job, Susie,” she ordered.

Reluctantly the woman worked closer and closer to her torturer’s lips. Eventually she plucked up enough courage to kiss the girls labia. She had never ever even contemplated such a disgusting thing. That it was this barbaric young girl, forcing her to kiss down there, was dreadful. She was only just holding back from retching.

Miranda looked down at the woman marveling at the turn around in their relationship. The woman had been scornful, treating her like a domestic servant, taking it for granted Miranda would do as she was told. Instead, it was this haughty woman on her knees kissing pussy, though admittedly with little skill or enthusiasm. That would come with time and training, she was sure.

Grabbing the back of the woman’s hair, Miranda scraped her face over a pair of wet pussy lips, smearing sex juices over the woman’s nose and lips.

Pushed too far, the woman pulled away, trying to stand, but her legs were unsteady from crawling around during the past few hours. Instead she crawled toward the door in a panic, intending to escape without thinking it through.

Miranda calmly stood up and stepped in front of the woman, stopping her. Reaching down, Miranda grabbed both shoulders to flip the woman over and sat on her face. She farted loudly right into the pet’s face.

“No! Please,” Geraldine wailed. It was like being back at boarding school, being tormented by a gang of schoolgirls. Just the memory of that terrible episode beat her into submission. This time there could be no frantic calls in the night to her father, to be fetched home.

Miranda too thought it was like being back at school, only hers had been a rough local school, where fighting became a talent. “Pet, Susie, listen to me. You promised to behave and kaçak bahis do as you are told. In return your mistress will give you little treats. Do you understand? Well, do as you are told,” Miranda said firmly, without whipping her this time.

Sitting on the sofa, Miranda lifted her hips. “Pull your mistress’s panties off, Susie,” she told her pet. “Kiss and lick my thighs. That’s it, Susie, pet,” she cooed at Geraldine. “Further up now, kiss my pussy. Oh! Yes! Good little pet-girl. Keep going, more, lick my pussy, deeper. Deeper, my lovely little pet-girl! Oh! That’s a good girl, Susie,” Miranda moaned.

The once haughty woman seemed to have abandoned all restraint to enthusiastically suck and lick her mistress’s pussy. No doubt she had decided to get the ordeal over with as quickly as possible, and so worked on Miranda with gusto, wanting to give the disgusting girl a climax as soon as possible.

Miranda opened her legs wide wanting more, wanting it deeper, letting the woman work on her with a tantalizing, wriggling tongue. It seemed to be teasing more than pleasuring, yet an orgasm crept upon her, leaving Miranda yelping and moaning in ecstatic pleasure.

She rested her legs over the woman’s shoulders, smiling at her. Her pet looked down then away from the naked pussy, looking ashamed over what she had done. Miranda felt clean from sticky juices, for her pet had licked her spotless.

“Hand me my panties, Susie,” she told her pet. It was time to give her orders that could easily be obeyed, so the little pet could get used to unthinkingly following them, and therefore become a fully trained pet-girl. Miranda hoped that she would soon have her in such a state, that the pet dare not do anything, without an order from her mistress.

“I’d like a drink, what’s in the drinks cabinet?” Miranda asked. She watched her pet crawl across the floor with a delightful wiggle of her ass. “No, nothing like that, any beer?” she asked.

Geraldine dutifully padded out to the kitchen to look and report back what was available. “I guess a coffee will have to do,” Miranda said. “Is there any cream?” she added to the retreating wiggling bottom.

Geraldine squatted at her mistress’s feet looking down in the subservient pose as taught. Miranda patted her head in a demeaning way, adding another small message as to her lowly status.

“That was good Susie. As a reward pet can get up onto the sofa. Here nuzzle your mistress, Susie,” Miranda told her. The gentle tone of voice was meant to contrast with the harshness used when pet disobeyed an order. Miranda arranged Geraldine on the sofa, with the woman’s head in her lap, by pulling on the leash.

She stroked her little obedient pet’s hair, with the other hand massaging the naked flesh of her legs, breasts and bottom. “Such a lovely, cute, little pet-girl I have. Such a beautiful body for mistress to play with,” she whispered gently. She could feel the woman relaxing, thinking she had pleased her mistress, thereby avoiding a punishment.

“When Susie is a fully trained pet-girl, obeying mistress’s every command, your mistress will be all the more pleased with Susie,” Miranda said. She felt her pet flinching at the words as they sank in. She tensed up then slowly relaxed, face down in Miranda’s lap, either accepting her place or resigned to it, for the moment.

“If your husband finds out about me I’ll show him the film. Stop, Susie! Wait till I tell my pet the rest of it,” she told the woman, who was promising never to tell. “I’ll then put on a show for him, demonstrating how debauched his little pathetic wife has become. The two of us playing with each other, cavorting on the bed, licking and sucking, do you think he would like such a show?” she asked, but Geraldine couldn’t answer.

“I could offer him a choice, fuck little pathetic wife or me. Who do you think he would choose, Susie? Would he choose a young nubile pussy or wife’s pussy, a pussy he’s had so many times before?” Miranda teased.

“Please don’t tell him,” Geraldine said, sounding concerned, yet wanting to spit in the girls face. If she had the strength she would have strangled the girl. Miranda was waving a miniature camera in her face with a big smile plastered across hers. Slowly it sank in. All this sickening behavior had been captured to blackmail her with.

“Alright, I’ll try and do what you want,” Geraldine sighed, in resignation. “I’ll be your, pet–girl, just give me a chance,” Geraldine said, while trying to hide the venom in her thoughts.

“Say it properly then, show me you can be my obedient little pet-girl, my Susie” Miranda demanded.

Geraldine took a deep breath. However undignified it was she had no choice but give in to the despicable girl. “Susie will obey mistress, Susie promises, anything mistress wants Susie will do, honest, mistress,” Geraldine whimpered from the humiliation of it. In a gush of words she attempted to convince Miranda of her sincerity to avoid anyone finding out the dreadful secret.

Geraldine pushed Miranda’s legs apart to lick at her pussy, while looking up at her mistress, hoping for approval. “Alright you silly little thing, go on, pleasure your mistress,” Miranda smiled.

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