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I struggled with the category for this one. Could have been mature, could have been incest/taboo. I chose incest/taboo because the main character was the young man’s guardian before he came of age. This is part one of two. There is no underage sex in this story.

Jack and Brian were best friends. In high school, Jack was the star quarterback and Brian was his number one receiver. In fact, ever since they could play catch, Jack was throwing passes to Brian as they pretended to win the Super Bowl with every catch.

They were friends since kindergarten and were inseparable. Their only difference was their family circumstance.

Brian had a well-off set of parents who lived in the nicest part of town. Jack’s family lived there initially, but his father left his mother when he was barely seven. She lost their house and could only afford an apartment in a seedier neighborhood.

Jack’s mother worked two jobs and relied heavily on Brian’s stay-at-home mother Joyce to babysit and provide after-school care. Joyce was happy to help her friend and did all she could to help the struggling single parent.

Brian’s father owned a real estate brokerage and worked long hours. He complained to Joyce that his personal assistant wasn’t working out and it made him work longer hours.

Joyce suggested he hire Jack’s mother to be his PA. He agreed that it was a good idea and would help the struggling family unit, so he hired her. After a few years, she was able to get into a house in a better neighborhood and life was good for all, until it wasn’t.


Joyce got a call one evening telling her that her husband was in a car accident, and she needed to get to the hospital. Jack and Brian were at her home and drove the distraught woman to the hospital. As Brian comforted Joyce waiting for news, Jack was desperately trying to get ahold of his mother to let her know what was going on.

As Jack paced the floor, worried about where his mom was, a policeman approached Joyce and Brian. Joyce shrieked and spun to look at Jack, with a sadness he never wanted to see on her lovely face again.

Joyce stood and walked over to Jack with tears streaming down her cheeks. Jack knew immediately why he couldn’t reach his mother and sobbed into Joyce’s embrace. She didn’t have to tell him what the officer said. He knew then that she was in the car with Brian’s father and didn’t make it.

It took two hours of surgery before her husband was placed in intensive care, where he lay peacefully until his body gave out to the internal injuries. In one fell swoop, all of their lives were changed forever.


Thanks to her employment with Brian’s father, Jack’s mother left him a sizable insurance claim. He was only sixteen, so Joyce took him in and helped him deal with the loss of his mother.

It helped Joyce get through the loss of her husband, having Jack and Brian to take care of. She managed through the funerals and settling of both estates, making sure Jack wanted for nothing during the heartbreaking time they were all going through. Brian and Jack grew closer than ever and both young men came through their traumas as well adjusted as they could be.

Both boys thrived at football and earned scholarships to their State University. It was a sad moment for Joyce when she watched her young men drive away to college. She felt like she cried for hours as she walked through her empty house for the first time, truly alone.


A few weeks after the boys left, she decided to clean what they left in their rooms. She knew her son was the messier of the two boys since Jack always went out of his way to show his appreciation for her taking him in. He never wanted to make her regret her decision and he helped her anyway he could.

She looked through the neat room and smiled seeing Jack made the bed before he left and dusted. It only took her a few minutes to straighten up and as she finished organizing his things in the closet, she saw a book tucked in-between some of his sweatshirts.

Curious, she took the book and realized it was a journal. She had no idea that Jack kept a journal and even though she hated invading the young man’s privacy, she was too inquisitive by nature to not snoop.

She sat on his bed and saw that it started on his eighteenth birthday. She wondered if he had a journal for each year and looked around the room. Not seeing anything obvious, she went back to the book in her hands.

April 1st

Joyce continues to tease me walking around the house barefoot in yoga pants so tight they are almost sheer. She was braless this morning, and it was all I could do to keep myself from pushing her over the kitchen table and taking her on the spot. That would be the best birthday present I could get.

“Oh, my God!” she shrieked. She couldn’t believe that Jack felt that she teased him. She thought back over her clothing choices and knew that she didn’t dress inappropriately, she merely dressed comfortably.

She continued reading.

She looked so tuzla escort hot as I watched her standing at the stove. She has no idea that I stare at her body. Her perfect handful of breasts. Her ass that would make J-Lo jealous. Her feet with the cutest toes and sleek, high arches. If she knew I was a kinky freak, she’d probably kick me out and that would kill me.

Joyce didn’t think she could be more shocked. She set the book on her lap and looked at the picture of Jack and Brian, hugging after they won the State Championship, sitting on his dresser. She never thought of Jack as anything but her surrogate son. For the first time, she saw him as the handsome man he had become.

Both boys were popular with the girls at school. They were similar builds, being in great shape as star athletes need to be. Tall, broad-shouldered, narrow waisted–their only difference was that Jack was a sandy blonde and Brian had jet black hair.

She shook off her thoughts as she picked Jack’s private thoughts up again.

May 20th — Graduation Day.

I feel horrible today. Joyce left her bedroom door cracked open and I saw her getting dressed for the ceremony. She was wearing just her bra and panties and was sitting on her bed. I rubbed my hard dick through my shorts as I watched her slowly slide her pantyhose on her amazing legs. I was so hard and desperate for her; I almost pushed her door fully open and walked in. I know I can’t do that. It would hurt her too much and my brother Brian would kill me for disrespecting his mom.

Joyce smiled at Jack referring to Brian as his brother. She loved that her only child son had such a close friend.

Flipping forward a few pages, she found the last entry.

August 25th — Moving day.

Joyce has her obscenely tight yoga pants on today as we pack the car to leave for college. I had to take a break and jerk off twice in the bathroom to avoid her seeing me with a hard-on. Her flip flop sandals showed off her perfect feet and I wanted to drop to the floor and worship them like she deserves. My lust for that perfect woman has just about overtaken my fight, so I decided to leave this journal in an obvious place in my closet in the hope that she finds it and can read how I feel about her. JOYCE, PLEASE DON’T THINK I’M A SICK FREAK FOR WANTING YOU SO DESPERATELY. PLEASE DON’T HATE ME FOR LEAVING THIS FOR YOU. I APPRECIATE YOU TOO MUCH TO LOSE YOU, BUT I CAN’T KEEP THESE FEELINGS INSIDE ANYMORE.

Joyce dropped the journal on the bed and ran from the room. She poured herself a healthy amount of the scotch that her husband used to drink. She took a swig and coughed from the harsh liquid’s burn in her throat. As she coughed, she cried. She had no idea how to handle what she discovered.


She woke up with a one of the worst headaches she ever had. She forced herself up to go to the bathroom and relieve her sickness. After using mouthwash, she splashed water on her face and didn’t like the bloodshot eyes she was seeing in the mirror.

She walked into Jack’s bedroom and picked up the offending journal. She took a deep breath and reread the last entry, just to confirm what her foggy memory remembered, all while hoping it was a mistake. She folded the book closed and wrapped the leather strap around its cover. She sighed and pulled it into her bosom.

“Why, Jack, why?” she whispered to the empty room.

She walked to the closet, placed the journal back in-between the clothes where she found it, and hoped she could forget it. She knew it would be impossible.

She was startled by the ringing of her cell phone. She rushed into her bedroom to find it and saw it was her son calling.

“Hello, Brian,” she answered, trying to fake a good mood.

“Hi, mom. What’s wrong, you sound different?”

She sighed, “Nothing, I’m just tired. How was your first week of classes?”

“That’s why I’m calling. Jack’s here and we just wanted to give you an update.”

“Thank you, sweetie.”

“Well, the classes suck, but football’s going great. Our first game is next week at home. Will you be able to come down?”

“Of course. I’ll never miss a game I can drive to.”

“Great! Anyway, love you, ma. Here’s Jack.”

She took a deep breath. She had no idea how she could talk to the young man. She was thankful he wasn’t in the room with her. She feared she’d run.

“Hi, Joyce,” he said quietly.

“Hello, Jack. How’s everything going?” She felt like she faked her normal voice better with Jack. If he noticed anything different, he didn’t mention it.

“Good. Classes are good. Football’s great. I think we have a good chance of getting a lot of playing time this season.”

“That’s great, honey.”

She panicked at calling him honey. She wondered if he would read anything into it.

“Well, it’s good to hear your voice, Joyce. I guess I’ll get going.”

“Goodbye, Jack. Make sure you two keep your noses in the textbooks, not just playbooks.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She ended the call and lay back onto her bed. pendik escort Many thoughts raced through her mind, mostly reasons why she had to talk to Jack and let him down gently, but then a thought flashed in her mind of Jack in swim trunks the day before leaving for school. She didn’t pay attention then, but she saw it vividly in her mind. His muscular build was exposed by his not wearing a shirt, but worse was how his shorts clung to his body as he walked out of the pool.

She closed her eyes and saw the outline of his large manhood as the wet shorts stuck to his legs. She licked her lips and remembered the smirk he gave her. She didn’t think anything of it at the time, but she realized it was a lustful look from him as he saw her in her bathing suit.

Her mind’s eye went down to his semi-hard penis and her hand went down to her stomach, then slowly to the waistband of her leggings. The moment her finger touched her wet pussy, she shrieked and stopped herself.

“Jesus, Joyce!” She scolded herself. She couldn’t let herself think that way about Jack and she certainly couldn’t touch herself with his image in her mind.

She jumped from the bed and started the shower. She had to wash the funk from the previous day off of her hungover body and wash the thoughts of Jack out of her mind.

She sighed as the hot water rolled down her aching muscles. She lowered her head and let the water run off her scalp and fall to the floor. She opened her eyes and saw her feet below her and her mind went to Jack’s fetish. She wiggled her toes and didn’t think there was anything special about them. Sure, she took care of her feet with regular pedicures, but they were just feet and toes. Certainly, they weren’t more attractive than her breasts or butt, she thought.

After rinsing her body, she didn’t realize she had started to pay extra attention to her nipples. They were always one of her most erogenous zones and when she pinched her distended nubs, a bolt went to her already tingling pussy. She lowered a hand and ran her fingers through the fine landing strip she kept neat and trim and moaned as her middle finger touched her clit.

“Fuck,” she groaned as she leaned against the wet wall and rubbed herself to alleviate her desperation. In moments she began to tremble, and bliss washed over her like a wave.

“Oh, yes, Jack,” She moaned as her last quiver ended and her eyes flew open in shock.

“No, no, no,” she cried as she quickly turned the water off and shook from the cool air hitting her body. She forced herself to stop thinking of Jack and that only made her think of him more. She walked into her bedroom and cried herself back to sleep.


Jack walked out of the shower and found Brian back in bed, sleeping along with Ann, or Alice, or Allison laying across his body. He couldn’t remember the name of the bubbly blonde that sucked him off while Brian slammed into her from behind the night before. Once he got off, he left her and his best friend to enjoy themselves while he tried to sleep.

He felt horrible every time he had sex with someone that wasn’t Joyce. He thought it was a silly infatuation, but in his heart he felt he was cheating on the love of his life. It was the second time they’d had a threesome since starting school. It didn’t take long for the young men to realize that there was plenty of opportunities to do whatever they wanted if they found the right girl. Finding the right girl wasn’t that difficult for them with their status as football players entering a room before them.

Brian sampled every size, color, and taste. It was he that instigated the threesomes when whatever lady he brought home asked for him to include Jack in their activities. Jack was a horny young man with a sexual appetite that was insatiable. He couldn’t be celibate if he tried, so he didn’t try.

The first time a girl sucked his cock in the back seat of his car, he was hooked on sex and couldn’t do anything about it. Joyce only made it worse for him. He was desperate for her and hoped she found his diary and didn’t hate him.

He sighed as he opened a Coke, chugged it down, and poured a bowl of cereal. He thought that since Joyce hadn’t mentioned it on their weekly call, she hadn’t read his journal yet. He thought that if she had, she’d never speak to him again. He had no idea of the turmoil tearing through Joyce’s soul at that very moment.

“Hey, stud,” the blonde cooed as she sashayed into the kitchen of their apartment. “Missed you last night. I was hoping to get that weapon inside of me, but you took off.”

“Yeah, sorry. I got really tired,” he said as he rolled his eyes.

“We can give it a go this morning, if you’re…up to it,” she purred. Her attempt as seducing him did nothing but irritate him.

“No, I’ve got a ton of work to get done before class tomorrow. Then we have to hit the gym.”

She rubbed his shoulder, and said, “Mm, yeah. We need you to keep these muscles big and cut, stud.”

He wanted her away from him as quickly as aydınlı escort possible. He offered, “Do you need a ride home? Do you live far?”

“No, I’m just a couple blocks over. Come to think of it, I should be getting home. I need to get cleaned up before my husband gets back in town.”

Jack jumped up, “You’re married? Why the fuck didn’t you say that last night? You’re not wearing any rings.”

She laughed, “If I wore rings, I’d have less chance to score with a couple of studs like you and Brian.”

She kissed his shocked cheek and bounced out of the apartment, leaving Jack contemplating what happened to him. He hated cheaters, being the victim of his first girlfriend cheating on him with one of the guys on the basketball team.

Brian stumbled into the kitchen, “Jesus, she was hot last night, huh?” he asked as he poured his cereal.

“She was fucking married, Brian.”

Brian looked up with a mouthful of Cocoa Puffs. “Sorry, bruh. She didn’t tell me. She was at Johnny’s party when I walked in. Hell, I wasn’t there ten minutes before she was on me like a heat seeking missile.”

Jack shook his head and went to his bedroom. Visions of Joyce were dancing through his mind. He wondered how she would react if she found out what he and Brian were up to at school.


The weeks moved on towards Thanksgiving, and not a day went by where Joyce didn’t think of Jack and his diary. She didn’t know if he was thinking of her, but she silently hoped he was doing as she did. She gave in to her lustful thoughts of Jack and used him as her fantasy man in her self-love sessions. She gave up trying to fight it, but she took solace in knowing that she would never do anything with him outside of her fantasies. She believed she was strong enough to fantasize about him, yet not let that creep into their real lives. As Thanksgiving neared, she worried about that more and more.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving arrived, and her boys were due to be home in the afternoon. She’d seen them a few times after their football games and was ashamed each time she saw Jack. He was getting more muscular and leaner. His face thinned out just enough to give him more of a chiseled jawline which made her shiver the first time she saw him since they left for school.

She cleaned most of the house and was standing in the last room to dust, Jack’s room. She stared at the closet and the diary called to her like the tell-tale heart in Poe’s classic. She slowly walked towards the shelf and pulled the offending journal from its hiding place.

She hugged it to her heart as she made the most fearful decision of her life. She turned and walked into her bedroom and set the diary on her nightstand. She knew Jack would know she found it. She needed him to know so she could explain to him that she wasn’t mad, but he had to give up his foolish fantasy of having her. She was too old for him. She was twice his age at thirty-seven. Although that was still young, she knew that it was too much of a gap for her no matter how Jack felt. She knew she had to let him down gently and hoped it didn’t destroy their relationship.

She cried softly as she stared at the log of Jack’s feelings and desires.


Brian was driving as Jack stared out the window lost in his thoughts. He thought about Joyce but not sexually. He remembered a conversation he had with her husband and how he met her. Jack frowned at the memory of the story of Brian’s father flirting with the adorable checkout cashier at the grocery store near his home. He was a thirty-eight-year-old real estate broker who had an eye for young girls. He told him how one day he came across a car with a flat tire and a young girl struggling to get the lug nuts off in the rain.

He told Jack that he smiled when he walked up to the girl to help and saw that it was the cute girl he flirted with at the store. After changing the tire, he took her to dinner, and they began to see each other. Jack remembered the look on his face as he told him about Joyce crying when she found out she was pregnant at eighteen. It was a look of pride. He hated the man after that. How could he be so proud of taking advantage of a naïve young girl. It disgusted him. He felt Joyce deserved better.

“What’s on your mind, man? You’ve been quiet for an hour,” Brian asked snapping Jack out of his thoughts.

“Nothing. Just thinking about the game Saturday.”

They exchanged thoughts about the upcoming game plan and defensive tendencies of their upcoming opponent. Jack was still distracted by Joyce for the rest of the ride.


Joyce stood in the window watching for her boys to arrive. She smiled when Brian’s truck appeared in front of the house and turned into their long circular driveway. She opened the door and walked out with a fake smile to greet the young men. All the time her stomach was in knots over the conversation she knew she had to have with Jack.

“Hi, mom,” Brian called out as he grabbed his bag of laundry from the truck’s bed.

Jack was watching from the car, not having the courage to open the door. He stared at Joyce’s face and knew something was wrong. He knew her normal happy smile and that was not it. He frowned, as he wondered what was the matter.

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