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Wake to a kiss that is long and ongoing so I am calling this a really wonderful start to the day. Then I am getting pulled out of bed, we are heading for the bathroom at least. Do need to go and I’m not the only one so I get to wait in line. Annoying but Miss Perkins was there first. Also find myself wanting to know her first name.

“Miss Perkins, what is your first name?”

“I’d say you are out of line but you do want a relationship with me. I got named Apple by my parents.”

“It is a nice name, little odd but better than some. I suppose you never want me to use it.”

“Not never, just not in public, while we are here in the throws of passion I don’t mind.”

Miss Perkins also gets up and flushes so I can go now. She is getting the shower going so I am liking this, not watching me. At least until she finishes getting the shower going then she has turned around and is looking at me. Groan and cover myself getting a giggle out of her before she exits the bathroom.

She comes back when I flush then we are both getting in the shower. Squeak because it’s a rather hot shower then Miss Perkins is adjusting it.

“How I wake up in the morning. Sorry I should have asked.” Snort and giggle.

“I brush my hair with the radio on and sing along.”

“Dance as well?” Nod and look down turning red.

“I’m not the best at singing or dancing but it’s just me in the apartment. Not sure what I will do today.”

“The same thing, I do that as well. Use my phone instead of a radio though.”

Look up then I am getting a kiss, also have her arms wrapped around me. Can’t do anything but kiss her back so do. Well I’m sure I could get away from her but fuck that, if she wants a sex shower I’m giving her one. Call it submitting to her if you want, I am going to get laid and there’s no reason to not go along with it.

Get pushed up against the wall and her hands rove over my body. She is dropping lower to suck on my neck when her finger slides inside of me. Moan because I am definitely getting laid, then realize I’m getting a hicky. Her finger is sliding in and out of me at a fast speed, then my nipple is getting pinched and pulled on, can’t help but moan.

I am getting close to orgasm and definitely a really good morning. A second finger slides inside and then they are hooking to get at that sensitive spot inside of me. Scream and practically fall down from the orgasm that comes over me. That was really fast but nobody else has touched that part of me inside before.

Miss Perkins holds me up and under the stream until my legs work again. Then she is washing my hair. Frown because I want to return the favor. Then find myself washing her hair. Fairly soon after we finish the shower and are getting out to dry off. When I try and get on my knees for her I get pulled back up, then we are brushing our hair.

“Why can’t I return the favor?”

“You will later, I am just giving you an orgasm now because you will at least once go down on me during the day.”

“Don’t forget the hicky.” Miss Perkins grins and winks.

“Call it a collar if you want. If you like being the pet then I will think about giving you a choker to be your collar.”

Ponder that while we get our hair done up nice then work on makeup. Miss Perkins has better makeup than I do, though she also makes more. The worker bee lawyers top me by five hundred a month salary, partners make at least twice what I do. Course it is funny that I make almost as much as a basic lawyer at my work, they went to college longer.

Our two receptionists have four year degrees, also make less. One was there a year longer than I have been. I was hired on when the partners decided to expand, so I came in to be their secretary. This was before the big huge office. The one they had before was only six floors, and the sixth floor was three offices and me in the middle.

Dressed is interesting, Miss Perkins gets in her usual suit. Today’s suit is a lovely dark purple, also lightens in the light a little. For me she pulls out a tiny dark red one piece dress. There are shoulders and quarter sleeves, and not much in the middle. I have cleavage in the dress, also makes me feel like a complete slut.

Especially when there is no panties to be worn. No bra either though the dress is designed to be the support. We have different sized feet so I have to wear yesterday’s shoes, which are black so not that bad of a thing. Then out to my car to drive us both to the office. No breakfast which is something of a darn.

“Do you need me to buy you shoes?”

“Nope, I have a good collection of shoes. Just don’t leave them in my trunk.”

“How many shoes do you have?” Have to ponder that one then slow down because there was an accident ahead.

“Damn we may be late. I have about forty pairs of shoes, two sets of running shoes and then an assortment of heels, three different lengths depending on how slutty I want to look.” Miss Perkins is laughing.

“Let me guess, the six inch are for going to a club.” Shake my head.

“I don’t own six inch, casino şirketleri I have five inch, three inch and one inch. One inch I wear during that time and the odd occasion Mom gets me to go to church.”

“So three inch is what you usually wear to work, yet you have five inch heels on.” Sigh and turn red.

“You noticed me in the dress Monday so I wanted to be sexier yesterday.”

“Would you be upset if I hide your shoes besides the five inch?”

“Not really, though I have to warn you the five inch are hell on my toes. Not a big deal since I sit most of the day but if you make me go out often like yesterday.”

“Oh this is true, I wear two inch and those are nice. Picks up my butt and doesn’t make it hard to stand up all day. Maybe I will take you shoe buying over the weekend and see if we can find five inch that are comfortable.”

This is funny so we are both laughing. Also finally get past the accident, the cops showed up so the rubberneckers had to move along.

“Are you upset about no panties?” Shake my head.

“I’ve gone to work commando before. I am a little surprised you don’t put me in hose.” Miss Perkins is quiet long enough we are getting off the highway and heading for the office.

“Coffee shop first. You don’t wear hose over the summer.”

“I have before, haven’t lately because my last girlfriend liked bare leg. She would run her foot up my leg while we were in a restaurant.” Park in the lot for the coffee shop and we both go inside, short line but it is early, most of the places on this street don’t open for a couple hours.

“Why did you break up with her?”

“Same reason for all of my girlfriends, wanted to stay in the closet and I already left it.” We get up to the counter and put in our orders then step to the side to wait.

“I’m unsure, do I have a closet to be in?” Snort and giggle.

“Yes and no, bi isn’t as looked down on. Fairly sure because men can score with you. They can watch two gals screw then get in on it because you want them.”

Get our coffees and muffins then back out to my car and climb in. Realize then that Miss Perkins paid, you know there is a surprising perk to being a pet secretary. Then we are at the office and it is a rather full lot. I’m surprised by this, though I did know we were interviewing today.

“Hang on, was there advertising for this before you told me?” Miss Perkins snorts and giggles.

“Absolutely, ran ads in a few places. The original plan was that we would have a meeting with you at the end of the day yesterday. Come on I get to introduce my pet secretary.” Sigh and follow her to the door.

“Where are we interviewing because we can’t on the eleventh floor.”

“We got the small conference room on eight.”

The foyer is full of women, I’m surprised by this. When I came in to interview there were a number of men, I was the only one with work experience. Most of the time when you advertise for personal assistant positions ads you get half men. Which is technically what I was hired to be, just a partner assistant so secretary fit the position better.

Not that I am going to ask about this now. As we get near to the reception desk I realize, the women are mostly young, just out of college. Then we are up to the desk and the receptionists are staring at us.

“Olivia you could have mentioned you were going to seduce her.” Sigh and look down while Miss Perkins giggles.

“She didn’t seduce me, I did the seducing in a matter of speaking. This is my pet secretary, like in the movie.”

“More sex.” The two gals are giggling pretty good at this then hand over a sheet.

“All the names and listing for the resume.” Nod and look it over fast then look up.

“Did you advertise for women only?” Miss Perkins nods and shrugs.

“There are two not straight people on those floors. Since we are standing here and together it made sense.” Nod and shrug.

“Do hope the partners are not hoping for their own pet secretary.” The younger receptionist, Sally, puts her hand up.

“I’ve been there with Mr. Scores a few times.” Sigh and shake my head.

“Honestly I think you need to raise your expectations.”

“I said the same thing, though he is good at it.”

Roll my eyes and we are all giggling then I get ushered to the elevator. Stop the doors from shutting and look at the listing then call out the first name. We get a really tall blonde riding up to the eighth floor with us. I leave her to Miss Perkins because I need to get my headset. Interviewing for more doesn’t mean I can’t handle calls as well.

Join them in the conference hall with Mr. Scores, he had been waiting for me to get my headset. Apparently he didn’t know where we would interview and his office can’t be used today, the work crew was already there.

“Ah finally, you know the job so you should handle the questions on that.” My jaw just went to China, most of the partners are in the conference room.

“Did you look at her resume?” Everybody nods besides her. “Did they give you a run down of what casino firmaları the job entails?” She nods.

“Sounds easier than my classes showed it to be.”

“It is, until there is a call. We get calls from celebs and you can’t fawn over them because you love their movies, music, or are dying to fuck them. They get that every day and want us to treat them like a person to be awed by. At least that was what I was told and I do that, apparently they scream back at the celebs which I am jealous about.” The partners are laughing.

“Half the time they are calmer when you forward the call to us. The other half we yell at them for a couple minutes and they remember why they called.” She is giggling now.

“My uncle is a producer so I have seen that side of it a little.” Well you know there is a question to ask.

“So are you applying for this job to build up a nest egg to produce movies with?” She shakes her head though the partners are flabbergasted.

“If I wanted to do that I would have gone to work with my uncle. I like people and want to get a job where I talk to them but want to actually make enough to live on.” Snort and giggle.

“Trust me, the first time I shut off my headset and let you take calls you will hate this job. Still besides being unsure on if you can handle the calls I got no problems with hiring.” Look over the partners and point to him.

“I think you should have her.”

“Why me?”

“Her uncle does production so she has an in to all of the actors and a fair number of the musicians. Will make it easier for you to get those prenuptials done. Also gets you an invite to the parties where you can hand out cards.” Everybody nods so we get a fist pump out of her.

“Olivia what about the calls?”

“You have all gotten the irate nutcase high on things and screaming. Just take her elsewhere and see how she handles it.”

A few of the partners leave with her to do that so call down to get the next name to come up. Also go and open the door and have a call so I am stuck handling that for a bit. Ends up being a law matter and we have a gal sitting in here to interview so simply turn to the criminal partners and say criminal case.

Miss Perkins puts her hand up so I forward the call to her and see about the interview. She is sounding pretty good until it is mentioned she has not graduated college yet. Well this is a puzzling occurrence and it definitely bears a question.

“If you have not gotten the degree why are you applying?”

“I ran out of money, only got a year left.”

Frown and check the resume to find she is going for a four year degree. So go over the course she has completed already, this is good enough. Signal to him to follow me and we step out in the hallway.

“She is shorter than I am and you like us short chicks.”

“She doesn’t have the degree though.”

“What she is going for is a receptionist degree. It’s more indepth than what I got. My degree is covered in what she has done already.”

“What is the extra classes for then?”

“The degree she is getting is for an assistant, the version of them that you see in big business, able to do everything. I know how to do paperwork and work the phone system, she already got that.”

“What if she leaves to finish her degree?” Snort and giggle.

“Unless you try and force her into doing what I am for Miss Perkins I don’t think she will stop working here.” That gets me a frown.

“What are you doing for her?”

“I find her beyond sexy so I am happy with it. What I’m doing is serving her. Trial period at the moment but I’ve never done it before so why not. So far I am very happy and getting to experience things I haven’t done before.”

“Like what?” Sigh and turn red.

“I got the clothes she bought for me yesterday out of my trunk nude last night. Friday we are going to a BDSM club she likes and I will get to try being given away for sex to try submitting to someone I don’t lust heavily for. Also planning on trying a blowjob.” That gets me a grin.

“If you like can I demand a blowjob now and then?” Sigh and toss up my hands.

“You are terrible, still if I do not hate blowjobs I’ll do it once just to get you to shut up.”

He snorts and chuckles then we go in and he does hire her. Get the next one to come up and do the interview and something about her doesn’t sit right. One after is the same thing, we are waiting on the third one when Miss Perkins puts a hand on my shoulder.

“Olivia we are going out again.” Groan because I’m the one doing the interviews then remember the receptionists.

“Give me a minute, calling for a receptionist to handle the interviewing.”

Call them up and they argue over who comes to interview until I whistle at them. Do get one coming right up and we get our applicant in. Handle the interview for a couple questions then we get the receptionist in so go look for our two new assistants. Give the headset to the blonde because we can’t find the other one.

We could but I’m not going into his office, fairly sure güvenilir casino he wanted to get blown at least. If she is doing that for him then good for him, and her. Hopefully she is enjoying and doesn’t think it is to keep her job. Assuming they are doing that, for all I know she needed to use the bathroom and he wanted to show her his office or he is also leaving and took her along.

Get in my car and Miss Perkins handles the address for me. This is fairly nice, though she knew the address so she must end up going there often.

“Where are we going?”

“Another precinct. I’m not real sure what happened so we are both interviewing the police.”

“Why did you not ask for my keys?”

“Would you give me your keys?” Think about it and shake my head.

“I know I’m supposed to be your submissive and everything but still not sure on it. Besides it’s a brand new car and the insurance won’t fully cover someone else driving.”

“I like going about with you anyway.” Smile because that is nice to know.

“I do as well though we will want time apart eventually.”

“We will have separate offices. I will also let you do your games at night, I like watching TV.”

“Can we go get my shoes and laptop on the way back to the office?”

“Sure, what did you tell Francis by the way?” Look over at Miss Perkins a couple times. “He gave me an odd look before hiring her.”

“Oh, I told him I’m your pet secretary and what we are planning on doing Friday. He asked if he could demand blowjobs if I like doing it.” Miss Perkins snorts and giggles.

“What did you tell him?”

“I said if it’s not horrible I’ll give him one to shut him up.”

That has Miss Perkins laughing, also no more talking on the drive to the precinct. This precinct building is quite nice, and the neighborhood is really nice as well. Not an area where celebs live with their huge I’m important and you are not houses. Not to call these houses bad, they are big with big yards.

Houses here are where the people who actually do high paying things that do not involve in front of a camera live. Sometimes a celeb does as well, when they can’t manage their money well. My whole apartment would probably fit in the living room of any of these houses.

“Miss Perkins, can we get one of these to live in?” She actually stops at the door of the precinct to laugh.

“I know what you mean but sadly these are all a million to three. Besides you are still not sure you like being my pet.” This is true but still.

“I know but I think I could stand most anything if it got me a house here.”

That has her laughing then we are going inside. She shares the conversation with the desk officer turning me a thousand shades of red. He finds it funny and agrees with me then we are going into the back to talk to the detective. This time we have a very attractive woman detective who ushers us into the observation room.

“Ask your questions because I need you to get him to calm down.” I like her voice, firm but feminine.

“I didn’t understand what he needed so I want to ask why you arrested him.”

“Honestly we arrested him because he was disorderly. Outside of his house in boxers yelling about something and waving his arms. The officers that arrived first tried to talk to him and didn’t get a comprehensible answer.”

“Damn, not again, did they search the house?” She nods and shrugs.

“They went looking for people or dead things. Found neither, as near as we can tell he had a manic breakdown. Calmed down enough in the patrol car that we didn’t send him to the hospital.” I get a thought so wave my hand.

“If he gets gas at his house call the gas company up to go check for leaks. Minor cases will get a manic type response.”

“Will do that anyway, he was talking about a stalker.” She pulls out her phone and walks away a little so poke Miss Perkins.

“Could we ask if she wants to do a threesome?” Miss Perkins giggles and shakes her head.

“Technically it would be interfering with an investigation. She is also straight, I’ve asked.”

Well darn, she is gorgeous and great body. Bigger breasts than me though that isn’t what I like about her. She has a great face and her body is lovely, curvy and toned, she has short sleeves on. Also taller than I am, in my five inch heels. Yes silly but it’s nice to be the little woman, she is also rather commanding and maybe that is why she said straight to Miss Perkins.

I mean maybe she wants to be in charge as well. Also a police detective so it is sort of a requirement. Not that I am going to ask, like Miss Perkins said it’s not really legal to screw her. At least I assume not but she is the lawyer so if she says then it must be true.

“Sending CSU up to go over his house. Gas is sending an inspector along and both have the sensors. If he was gassed it will show up, if something was added they will find that as well. Taking samples of everything.” Miss Perkins nods and smiles.

“Probably help, he will hear that we are looking for the stalker. Odd though that there is a stalker that nobody sees.”

“Not really, his backyard is empty land for a couple miles. Entirely possible there is a small town set up out there to spy on him. Not that I think that but it’s a big enough undeveloped area.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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