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All I could think about during the week was her. The last couple of months had been hell for us. And it was time that I did something to re-ignite some of that old passion.

I picked up Chantale from work at 6:00. She looked stunning. Her short sexy legs were accented by the black mini-skirt she wore. Her blonde hair that was pulled up when she headed off to work that morning hung loose, and barely touched her shoulders. When she got into the car her eyes seemed to only have one thing in mind. She wore a black knit shirt that revealed her shoulders. She looked more beautiful tonight than I had seen her in a long time. It was all I could do to keep from pulling into a dark parking lot, climbing into the back seat and forgetting about the reservations to Gelipse’s that I had made.

Twenty minutes later we arrived at Gelispe’s, a small jazz bar along down by the boardwalk off the Mississippi River. During Mardi Gras the place was a zoo, but as May turned to June, the crowds thinned and the bar became a haven for those who resided New Orleans. All in all it is a great setting to hang out and relax, and best of all, it would give us a chance to be together.

We walked into the dimly lit bar and I ushered Chantale to a quiet place in the back where we could listen to the music and slowly get drunk on each other, the atmosphere, and the exotic martini’s that the club was famous for. The booth I had chosen was off the beaten path of the normal bar traffic and we had direct view of the band. We both slid into the booth and ordered from the menu.

By the time the third round of drinks had come and gone, many of Chantale’s inhibitions had fallen away and she leaned forward as if to whisper in my ear, but instead, she kissed it, quickly swirling her tongue along the inside. I placed her hands beneath my shirt and let her feel my heart beating faster as my passion rose.

“You like that don’t you?” she whispered.

“Oh yea. I like that a lot.”

“I know something else you like.” She purred.

“I give up. What do I like?”

“You like to make me cum.” As she said it she handed me what felt like the remote key to a car.

I held the tiny device on top of the table. By the light of the decorative candle that sat on the table, I could make out a heart-shaped piece of plastic. It was about the size of a silver dollar and was a light shade of pink. It had several different buttons. escort bostancı One long button across the top, which I guessed was ‘on and off’ and two more beneath it.

I pressed the first and Chantale nearly jumped out of her seat. “Oh yeah, that feels good.” She gasped and I could feel her clench her legs together pinning what I now believed was a small vibrator harbored inside of her. I watch as she began to squirm and shift in the booth, whispering my name as I played with the toy. Her movements were in time with the lone sax playing on stage.

Beneath the table, my cock was rock hard. Chantale had said it herself. “I loved making her cum.”

I pressed and released one of the other buttons on the remote.

Chantale moaned. “Oh yea, that one teases my clit. It feels like a little tongue darting over my hard hood. Oh, God, press it again. Please, press it again.” I pumped the button and Chantale’s body responded. She sunk herself deeper into the booth and spread her legs.

I could tell she was close to erupting so I pushed the other button.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Chantale shouted then instantly cupped her hand over her mouth. The waitress busing the table in front of us shot a hard glance our way. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders and the waitress moved on.

“Oh, baby, that one rotates the tip of the vibrator.”

Chantale put her hands below the table and pressed her toy deeper inside what I pictured to be a very hot, swollen, pussy.

Chantale looked into my eyes and smiled. She moaned and gasped and fell back into the sexual utopia that she had created. The more she groaned the harder I became. My cock was nearly splitting my zipper as I became immersed in the idea of pleasuring my woman. I shifted back in my seat trying to find a position that was the least confining for my rigid organ.

Chantale seemed to sense my discomfort and undid my belt and buttons of my slacks allowing my raging phallus room to breath.

Chantale then reached inside the open slit in my boxers and freed my manhood. She stroked my shaft several times then massaged the pre-cum into the skin along the tip.

The feeling of my cock in her hand combined with the vibrating toy quickly brought Chantale past the point of no return. She grabbed a cloth napkin from the table and cupped it over her lips. As her body lets loose, she drenched the seat beneath her naked ümraniye escort buttocks with her sweet nectar.

When Chantale had recovered, she leaned over and stroking my cock several more times. She then kissed me deeply and tucked my shaft back inside my boxers.

I finished policing myself up and was completely dressed just in time to greet the waitress as she came to our table.

“You love birds want anything else?” She had a knowing smirk on her face.

In my head, I shouted. “I want to go somewhere and fuck the living day lights out of my girlfriend.” Instead I gave a Cheshire Cat grin and replied “Just the check, please.”

We left the bar, arm in arm and strolled toward the river. The night air was warm and thick. In the sky, a half moon peaked out from behind the clouds as if to catch a glimpse of what was going on below. Huge live oaks were silhouetted against the nighttime sky, the Spanish moss dripping from their branches. Our course carried us over a small hill that separated the river from the boardwalk. The hill acted as a buffer from the noise of the boardwalk and on the other side of the crest the sound of a bluegrass concert going on across the river could be heard.

We were away from crowds and my desire for Chantale was at full throttle. I stopped and pulled her to me. I kissed her lips, and probed for her tongue with mine. She put her arms around my back and together we sank to the ground.

I can smell the grass. It is wet from a gentle rain that had ended only hours before. It soaked me through my clothes and was a calming cool.

“You like your surprise?” Chantale smiled.

“I think you know what I like too well,” I laughed.

“Oh, I know exactly what you like.” A devilish look fell over her face.

Slowly, Chantale reached between my legs and undid my pants for a second time. My cock had been hard for the better part of an were once again happy to be free. My briefs parted and Chantale ran her tongue over the underside of my cock then fully engulfed it into her mouth. I could barely control my pleasure and I longed to come. Chantale sensed my excitement and bore down hard with her mouth sucking me to the verge of rapture only to pull away as I got close.

“Oh, baby,” I moaned softly, encouraging her to suck me off.

“Not yet,” she teased then flipped her hair to one side and licked my shaft and balls. The feeling kartal escort bayan was awesome but what I wanted was my cock to be inside her mouth again.

Finally, I can take no more. I want to come but it wasn’t going to be by her mouth so I pulled her lips to mine. Chantale spread her legs and the vibrator fell away leaving her sheath open to me.

An instant later my saber found a home. I could feel her wetness surround my hot flesh, hear her gasp as my thick manhood made room for itself inside her womb. I tasted her sweet mouth as she greedily sucked my lips between hers. Her pussy seamed to engulf my entire being and when the limits of my shaft were buried inside her, Chantale, rose above me.

She put one hand on my chest. The other she used to slip the thin straps of her dress from her shoulders. Wetting her fingers in my mouth, she teased and caressed her wonderful breasts. Her shiny erect nipples glistened in the moonlight.

With my hands, I massaged her thighs and legs. Chantale moaned and leaned backward exposing her swollen sex to my fingertips. “Please Lance play with me. Play with my body.”

Slow I stroked her swollen bud with my fingers tips, coaxing the sweet nectar from her blossoming petal. Her anxious body longed for my touch and as the moon dips behind the clouds Chantale her dress over her head and tosses it to the ground. I see her firm belly skin in the dim light. The shadows drench her beautiful body. The shadows drenched her soft white body giving her the appearance of a white orchid.

“Yes” Chantale moaned again. “You play me so well.” As Chantale spoke she began to sway back in forth to the silent rhythm in her mind, grinding her sex into me.

I love the feel of Chantale’s sweet pussy and I thrust my hips up, driving more of my throbbing tool deep into her dancing body. Chantale felt the surge of my cock and as if the music suddenly changed, she began to ride my hot cock in wild abandon.

I matched her fury, thrusting with my hips and pulling down with my hands. She gasped and moaned calling my name as tiny explosions of passion raged within her.

Behind us a large barge passed by going down the river. I could hear the slow rumble of the engine. But that was all. My mind was lost, driven by desire to fill her ripe womb with my juice. I grabbed Chantale hips and called out her name. My body flexed and then erupted.

The engines from the barge drowned out the call of our pleasure and we came together, screaming the others name into the night. We then lay still. The waves of the barge’s wake splashed against the stones that line the riverbank and off in the distance, a lone sax played our song.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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